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Dream of Life- Escapism

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The plan was set. Shockwave would drop Jazz off in the morning on the roof the apartment building. He'd then proceed on with Prowl to Tremorwave's while Jazz infiltrated Megatron's apartment to get Thundercracker out.

Jazz had returned to his quarters after their planning meeting and short visit with Ironfist. Lying on his back on his berth, he held up the little toy Ironfist gave him and squeezed it. An invisibility cloak enveloped him. This was definitely going to make his mission easier. He released his grip and re-materialized.

Sighing, he wished he could have spent the night before going on such a dangerous mission with Soundwave. Nothing relaxed him more than a good 'face, plus he felt out of sorts being all alone again. Soundwave wanted to stay and look after the cassettes, continuing to acclimate them to idea of no longer adhering to their faction, though. Jazz understood it on an intellectual level, but at the same time it felt like a kick to gut to be second to them.

Not wanting to dwell on upsetting thoughts, he rifled through memory files. He found one particularly intense interface he'd had with Soundwave and set it up to re-play. He placed the invisibility cloak device on the berthside table and settled in as he let the memory file run.

Soundwave had been sitting at his desk typing away and reviewing various video feeds from around the city. Jazz was bored and in the mood to play, so he'd gone over and sat down on Soundwave's lap facing him.

As the memory played, Jazz moved his hands down his own frame, pausing to finger a headlight with one hand while the other slipped between his legs.

Soundwave had tried to scold Jazz at the time, but all he had to do was grind his hips against his larger lover to derail him. His mask retracted and they'd kissed deeply as Soundwave's hands roamed over his body.

Jazz whined a little when the memory file got to the part where Soundwave's spike emerged and he'd used both hands to massage it until it leaked slightly from the head.

The soft click of his his own array cover opening in response to the memory echoed in the room, and Jazz sank three fingers into his valve at the same time as the memory played the part where he'd straddled Soundwave's lap and sank down over his massive girth. It hurt but felt good all at once as the mesh of his valve stretched to accommodate Soundwave.

He mirrored with his hands what happened in the memory as best he could, trying to get himself off. Maybe then he'd be able to recharge… The slow charge of overload began to build in his array and he slowed the memory down, replaying sections as he tried to reach a climax.

A loud knock at the door broke the spell.

Startled by the unexpected sound, he jerked and his visor went from dim to overly bright. He stilled, fingers still buried inside his valve as he scowled at the door. "Who the frag could that be?" he hissed angrily.

The mech outside knocked again, just as loud and this time faster.

With an exasperated sigh, he pulled his fingers free and snapped the cover shut. It was never pleasant to stop with a charge lingering in his array but what could he do? He got up and opened the door ready to yell at whoever it was, but his anger dissipated when Soundwave stepped into his room and pulled Jazz into a hug.

"Sounders?" Jazz was confused. "I thought you wanted to stay with your little pains in the aft," he said as he returned the hug and dimmed his visor.

"I settled them in. They are fine without me for the remainder of the night. Seeing you before tomorrow is now the current priority," Soundwave replied.

Jazz smiled, pressing his face into the warmth of Soundwave's chest. "Missed me, huh?"

"Very much," Soundwave replied.

"It's only been two days, but it feels like eons," Jazz murmured.

"I agree," Soundwave intoned, petting Jazz's back, then retracting his mask to kiss a helm horn.

Jazz shivered in response. "I was just tryin' to self service to a hot memory of you and me but now that I've got the real thing..." He mouthed Soundwave's chest. "I want you so bad."

Soundwave smiled down at him. "Which memory?"

"Sitting on you when you were at the computer console," Jazz replied with a seductive growl to his voice. "But what I really want is to be under you. Feel you all around and inside me."

Leaning down, Soundwave flicked his glossa out and swirled it over Jazz's helm horn. "I enjoy when you state what you prefer."

Jazz snorted and laughed. "You like my dirty talk, huh?"

Soundwave smiled and nodded. "Come here," he commanded as he slid both hands under Jazz's aft.

Knowing what he wanted, Jazz grasped his shoulders and parted his legs as he was hoisted up in Soundwave's grasp. Clinging to his lover, Jazz was carted to the berth and Soundwave bent over. Letting go, Jazz was eased down onto the berth on his back and then scooted to the middle. He parted his legs and reopened his interface cover, immediately sliding his fingers back into his still slick valve.

Soundwave watched intently while crawling onto the end of the berth on all fours.

"This is where I left off," Jazz explained, pumping his fingers in and out. "Trying to pretend I had your huge spike between my legs."

Red visor darkening, Soundwave trailed his fingers down the insides of Jazz's thighs.

Heat flared through Jazz's frame at the touches, and he whimpered. "I'm so addicted to you."

Soundwave added one of his fingers along side Jazz's, stretching him to a similar point of pain and pleasure. He panted, his systems heated and array now on fire with a strong charge.

"First overload–" Soundwave said, canting his head and sliding yet another finger alongside Jazz's. "Will be now. I would like to watch your body contort in bliss."

"Wanna... show, huh?" Jazz asked between little pants of air. He spread his legs wider, and pumped their fingers faster. Keening, he shuddered and involuntarily closed his legs partly, trapping all those fingers buried in his valve. He gasped as an overload crested through his array, valve clenching in spasms while pleasure overtook his senses. It felt really good. Not as good as a spike but with Soundwave watching, his engine was revved enough to give him a very satisfying release.

Body going lax as it faded, Jazz let his legs fall wide open again. "Frag."

Slowly pulling his fingers out along with Soundwave's, Jazz hissed a little. He grasped the large blue hand and moved to sit up. He licked Soundwave's fingertips, seductively swirling his glossa around the slicked fingers.

"You are so beautiful," Soundwave intoned.

“And you’re a sexy slagger,” Jazz replied with a big grin.

Soundwave moved in closer, and kissed him sweetly. “Lay back again,” he said, gently pressing Jazz by a shoulder.

Obeying, Jazz laid back, expecting Soundwave to get right to it. So when his lover began to kiss his way down his frame, he frowned with confusion. Reaching his spike, Soundwave placed little butterfly kisses in a line up the shaft, drawing a small gasp from Jazz.

All their frenzied interfacing had never included Jazz’s spike for anything. He assumed it was related to Soundwave’s trauma at Megatron’s hands, so he never pushed him about it, making the sudden attention completely unexpected.

Wrapping his lips around the head, Soundwave slid down, taking in his entire spike. Jazz moaned and both his hands grasped at the berth. “Sou-Sounders. What cha’ doin’?” he breathed.

Pulling off, Soundwave licked his lips. “Is this not enjoyable?”

“Frag yeah it is. I just. I dunno. Didn’t think you’d be into it,” Jazz replied, stumbling with his words. It wasn’t easy to delicately dance around something that would kill both their libidos in one fail swoop.  

“I am ‘into it’ as you call it,” Soundwave replied.

Jazz’s spike disappeared into his mouth again, and he gave up trying to make sure everything was alright. It felt too good to stop. His spike surged into the heat of Soundwave’s mouth. The way his glossa snaked around to hit all the sensitive nodes along with the little hard sucks he performed as he pulled back before sinking down again were quickly driving Jazz toward another overload.

“Holy frag…” Jazz groaned as he rocked his hips slightly up. “Gonna...if you don’t wanna a mouthful...ah!” He shivered as his spike exploded moments later, sending a stream of fluid down Soundwave’s intake, which was swallowed without any visible protest. It had been a good long while since he’d overloaded this way, and his whole array was left tingling and throbbing.

Sagging against the berth and dimly relighting his optics behind his visor, he was treated to the sight and feeling of Soundwave carefully cleaning his spent spike with his glossa.

“You tryin’ to wear me out?” Jazz asked, cracking a half-smile.

Soundwave lifted his gaze up and smiled in return. “Making up for two days apart.”

Jazz laughed a little at that. “I see. Maybe we should be apart for these kinda reunions more often,” he teased.

Soundwave crawled forward and planted his hands on either side of Jazz’s helm. He then leaned down and initiated a heated kiss. Glossae tangled together between their linked mouths, and Jazz moaned into the kiss, tasting himself.

Breaking the deep kiss, Soundwave pulled back and his visor grew a deep shade of red as the distinctive sound of his panel retracting echoed in the room. Jazz’s valve actually tightened with anticipation from the sound.

The next thing Jazz knew, his valve was slowly being stretched and filled as Soundwave pistoned his hips. Jazz’s fingers dug into Soundwave’s sides as he groaned. It wasn’t an exaggeration when he said he was addicted to this mech. His processor felt like it was swimming with the same sort of wonderful dizziness as being drunk on a really good quality high-grade.

Starting slowly, Soundwave only moved a little to allow Jazz’s body to adjust for him. He kissed a helm horn and then nuzzled it as he rocked gently with his spike buried in Jazz.

Whining, Jazz lifted his knees up to hook over Soundwave’s hips. “Not gonna hurt me,” he breathed. “Go ahead.”

Obeying, Soundwave thrust with more earnest, sending waves of heat and pleasure singing through Jazz’s array. He whimpered and moaned, clinging to Soundwave. It wasn’t just his interface array that was reacting, though. With each thrust, his spark swelled and fluttered. His whole body was at Soundwave’s mercy and he trusted him like he hadn’t trusted anyone before.

Lost in a heady haze of pleasure, Jazz moaned his approval and squeezed his legs around Soundwave. “S’close…”

Soundwave then thrust harder, jarring his body as he almost slid to the hilt. After a few more deep strokes, Jazz came completely undone, crying out as his entire frame shuddered with an intense release of pleasure that came with overloading. Soundwave didn’t pause his pace, thrusting through Jazz’s climax to chase down his own.

Jazz’s body went slack as the sensation passed, legs falling wide as they slid off Soundwave’s hips. He could feel the spike impaling him was throbbing and hard, right on the edge. Jazz half-smiled and pushed his hands up Soundwave’s chest. “Fill me up. Come on. You know you wanna make a mess of me,” he said, clenching his valve in time with Soundwave’s rhythm.

Suddenly Soundwave pushed as deep as he could while roaring as he overloaded, spike pumping into Jazz with an unrelenting hot stream.

“Frag,” Jazz moaned, his valve tightening around the hardness inside him.

Finishing, Soundwave sagged over Jazz. Surrounded by his weight and heat, Jazz dimmed his optics behind his visor. He loved how this felt, too. Trapped under Soundwave’s frame like this, he felt safe and protected.

They stayed linked with Soundwave curled over top of Jazz for a good long while. He was in no hurry to move, wanting this closeness last. While Jazz was confident in his abilities, there was no guarantee he would survive tomorrow, so he wanted the here and now to feel wonderful like this for as long as possible.

Soundwave eventually moved. Shifting his hips, he rolled his larger frame to lie beside Jazz on his back.

Rolling over, Jazz made himself comfortable against Soundwave’s side and contentedly sighed. “Just what I needed.”

Smiling, Soundwave gently swept the backs of his fingers down Jazz’s cheek.

Jazz had been mulling over the idea that this was love between them ever since Prowl mentioned it. The more he thought about it, the more he believed that's exactly what this was. A part of him desperately wanted to say it out loud, but he’d uttered that phrase to Bluestreak with such horrible consequences... He sighed and resigned himself to being a coward when it came to this kind of thing. Toss him in the field with enemies to fight and he had no fear whatsoever. Put him in an emotionally compromising position and he was ready to run away.

“Jazz, I am concerned about tomorrow,” Soundwave admitted, smile fading.

“I know. But I promise I’ll be fine. I’m quick on my feet,” Jazz replied.

Soundwave gently tugged Jazz. Recognizing the unspoken request, Jazz climbed up to lay front-first over top of Soundwave. He folded his arms and rested his chin on the back of his hand.

Soundwave resumed lightly tracing his fingers over Jazz’s face and helm. “I would like to tell you something. But–” he paused, his lips pursing slightly.

“But what?” Jazz prompted, curious what Soundwave could possibly have to say other than ‘don’t go’.

To Jazz’s surprise, Soundwave reached up and pressed his fingertips to his red visor, disengaging it. Jazz lifted his head, staring with bright optics behind his own visor as Soundwave revealed a pair of dazzling gold optics.


“I want you to know before tomorrow how much you mean to me. You have restored something in me I believed I had lost forever.” Soundwave set his visor aside and lifted his head up, to kiss Jazz sweetly, before relaxing back again. “I love you very much.”

At a complete loss, Jazz froze. His spark was pulsing wildly in his chest as he stared at all of Soundwave’s face. He was so handsome. “I–ah–” He frowned and bit at his lower lip.

“Reciprocation is not necessary,” Soundwave intoned.

Jazz tapped the release for his own visor and tossed it aside before dipping down and capturing Soundwave’s lips in a searing kiss. As it broke he gazed deeply into dazed golden optics. “I love you so much. I feel drunk around you. That’s how good you make me feel. And I promise I’ll come back to you.”

Soundwave wrapped both large arms around Jazz, hugging him and smiling. “I look forward to your return already.”

Jazz’s spark pulsed so hard he was sure Soundwave could feel it. He felt exposed and vulnerable, yet safe and protected all at once. He sank into the hug, and snuggled close. “Me too,” he quietly murmured. He’d never had someone to live for before. Not like this. It was truly terrifying and also incredibly amazing all at once.

Sunstreaker woke to fingers digging into his arm. He glanced over, cycling his optics to get them to focus on a terrified-looking Prowl practically clawing him. “Prowl?” he asked, confused.

Shame flickered over Prowl’s face. “I forgot about the inhibitor.”

Still confused, Sunstreaker frowned as he tried to make sense of Prowl’s apparent panic. “Inhibitor?–Oh frag.” Remembering the purpose of the inhibitor to keep his brother still, he pushed to sit up. A wave of dizziness slammed his processor, causing him to wince. That stupid poison was still running through his body. He did his best to fight off the effects and was about to shove his brother away from Prowl when he saw what Sideswipe was actually doing.

“Please, Sunny,” Prowl whispered with urgency.

“He’s just humping you while he’s in recharge,” Sunstreaker replied. “He always does that.”

Prowl still looked like he was on the verge of full-out panic attack, though. Sunstreaker leaned over and batted at his brother. “Wake up you moron. Stop humping Prowl. It’s upsetting him.”

Sideswipe whined in response, his grasp loosening enough that Prowl was able to scramble away. To Sunstreaker’s surprise, he had a lap full of Praxian a moment later.

Prowl hugged close to Sunstreaker, optics fixated on the bleary-opticked mech he’d just escaped. Sideswipe sighed and slipped back into a light recharge.

“You act like you’ve never woken up with him like that before,” Sunstreaker replied, raising an optic ridge.

“I’ve never recharged in his presence without the inhibitor,” Prowl quietly replied. “Except that very first time. When he gravely injured me.”

“Oh.” He half-smiled as he gazed at Prowl. “He’s got a libido like no one else I’ve ever been with. I woke up with his spike against my aft more times than I can even count. That’s what he’s really like. Not the mech that hurt you.”

Clearly more awake now, Prowl’s expression returned to it’s usual outward calm. “Thank you. And I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry,” Sunstreaker replied. “He must’ve really hurt you bad before to scare you like that.”

Prowl relaxed in his hold and nodded. “You are both very powerful mechs.”

“That’s a frontliner for you,” Sunstreaker replied as he gently swept his fingertips down the side of Prowl’s face. Leaning into the affectionate touch, Prowl fondly gazed at Sunstreaker. Unable to resist the urge, Sunstreaker leaned in and ghosted his lips against Prowl’s. “Wanna kiss you again,” he breathed.

“Then kiss me,” Prowl replied, optics darkening.

Frag, Prowl really was a gorgeous mech. Sunstreaker did just that, lips meeting in a wonderful soft-mouthed kiss. A whine from Sideswipe drew their attentions after a long moment, and the kiss ended.

They looked over at him staring up at them. “That was really hot to watch.”

“You’re a glitch,” Sunstreaker replied as he tweaked a helm horn.

“What did I do?” Sideswipe asked, swatting his brother’s hand away.

“Scared Prowl with your recharge humping,” Sunstreaker replied.

Suddenly, Sideswipe’s hand shot up to his neck where the inhibitor should be. “Slaggit, the inhibitor.”

“We fell into a recharge after chatting late last night,” Prowl said with a small shrug. “No harm done.”

“I’m sorry I scared you, though.” Sideswipe sat up and scooted closer, stealing a kiss of his own from Prowl.

Sunstreaker expected to feel jealous as per usual when he was forced to watch them be affectionate, but instead he felt a definite stir in his interface array. He tentatively let his hands move over Prowl’s frame, following the angles and curves of his beautiful Praxian form. When Prowl didn’t protest and the kiss deepened between him and his brother, Sunstreaker rimmed a headlight with his thumb, earning a sharp gasp that abruptly put an end to the long kiss.

Prowl looked at him and dimmed his optics.

“Sorry, too much?” Sunstreaker asked, unsure if he’d crossed a line or not.

“Not at all. I quite liked it.” Prowl kissed the tip of Sunstreaker’s nose. “Tell me, how are you feeling? Is the poison still making you weak?”

“That’s Prowl code for ‘you wanna ‘face’?” Sideswipe asked, shifting in closer to Sunstreaker with lust-filled optics.

Insecurity rippled through Sunstreaker.

Sideswipe nuzzled his helmfin, and Prowl watched him carefully.

“If you’re not up to it, you can say no,” Prowl said in a softened voice.

Sunstreaker dimmed his optics when Sideswipe mouthed the slats of his helmfin. “I want to.” And he did, even if he was still feeling unsure of himself. “But the poison is still making me not feel a hundred percent.”

“Then lay back, and let me and Prowl take care of you,” Sideswipe replied.

Turning his head slightly, Sunstreaker looked into his brother’s optics. He was too weak to resist. “Okay.”

Sideswipe grinned and gently pushed Sunstreaker to lie back against the berth, pinning him there with a lovely, deep kiss. Sunstreaker submitted, happily returning it. At the same time, Prowl slid off him and pushed his hand down the length of Sunstreaker’s body, over his thigh and then between his legs, which he parted as he whined into the kiss. He felt so undeserving of their attention, but he was tired of fighting his desire.

Prowl’s fingers drew little circles over his closed panel as Sideswipe broke the kiss, only to keep mouthing his way down over Sunstreaker’s throat. He shivered and dimmed his optics, enjoying how good it felt to be touched for mutual pleasure instead of entertainment.

He relaxed as a light charge buzzed over his sensory net. When he felt a mouth against his heated interface panel, his optics brightened and he looked down to see Prowl had settled between his legs.

Sideswipe grinned and then nipped at a helmfin. “Open up for him,” he purred into Sunstreaker’s audio.

Doing as his brother directed, the panel snapped open and Prowl didn’t waste a moment, licking up his onlined spike.

“Frag,” Sunstreaker breathed as he watched. Prowl was their leader here. Seeing him wrap his mouth over his spike felt dirty on about hundred different levels, and yet it was possibly the hottest thing he’d ever experienced.

Sideswipe’s panel retracted, and he rubbed his spike against Sunstreaker’s hip as he also focused on Prowl. “Hot as molten slag, isn’t he?”   

“Yeah,” Sunstreaker agreed, spike surging into the heat of Prowl’s mouth.

Prowl smiled around it, then sank down almost to the hilt. Sunstreaker felt the head tap his intake and groaned in response. Prowl suckled and swirled his glossa over Sunstreaker’s spike, moving up and down it at a good pace. Sideswipe mouthed and kissed down Sunstreaker’s jawline as he rocked his hips against him with his ever-hardening spike.

He felt utterly spoiled, reaping all the benefits of their combined efforts. He lifted his hips slightly into Prowl’s amazing mouth, brought up to the brink of overload in practically no time.

“Please swallow,” Sunstreaker whined, his pleasure still edged with bad memories of fluid used to mark him or Smokescreen like pieces of property.

Prowl did just that, mouth wrapping tightly over his spike as he overloaded with a hot, sharp sensation of pleasure taking over his entire frame. Sunstreaker whimpered and shuddered, spike unloading right down the intake it was pressed against. He dimly lit his optics, not even remembering them going off. He was greeted with the sight of Prowl slowly pulling off his spike, swirling his glossa over the head to make sure he got every drop.

“My turn,” Sideswipe said excitedly.

Dazed, Sunstreaker furrowed his brow at his brother. Prowl moved to lie against Sunstreaker’s side and gently placed a kiss to his lips as he felt his brother lift his legs up and part them. Their sweet kiss broke when Sunstreaker gasped at a pair of fingers sinking into his valve.

His brother pumped his fingers in and out for a few moments. “You’re so wet already,” Sideswipe said with definite approval in his tone.

“You two have me at your mercy,” Sunstreaker replied.

Prowl mouthed his other helm fin while his brother positioned himself and slid the head of his spike just past the rim of his valve.

“It’s been too long.” Sideswipe slowly pushed forward, sinking into Sunstreaker and curling overtop of him at the same time. Face-to-face, they shared another kiss.

Way too long,” Sunstreaker breathed.

Sideswipe began to thrust, slow and gentle at first. “Lemmie know if I get too carried away?”

“You better ‘face me until I’m incoherent.” Sunstreaker grinned, wrapping his legs around Sideswipe’s hips.

Sideswipe nipped at his lower lip. “Whatever you want…”

Soon the world fell away, and for the first time in eons Sunstreaker had what he’d wanted for so long; his brother burying himself over and over, connecting them into one. The way it should be. The way he’d replayed in his memories countless times. Sideswipe nuzzled at Sunstreaker’s jaw as his thrusts picked up in pace and force. Each time he was filled, he felt his spark flutter and spin faster. He’d missed him so much and he knew he needed him more than he could ever say with words.

Pleasure pulsed between his legs as his valve grasped at his brother’s spike. He rolled his head back and Sideswipe’s mouth wrapped over the place his collar had once been. His fingers dug into red plating and he shivered as another overload claimed him. “Sides!” he cried out, body overwhelmed with intense pleasure, causing him to shudder.

Sideswipe gasped. “Sunny…” He thrust off tempo and desperately for a moment longer before he pushed deep and roared as he also overloaded. Heat flooded Sunstreaker’s valve and he felt a small secondary overload chase it, sending a final shudder through him.

Spent, Sideswipe sagged over top of him, and they both softly panted.

The light touch of white fingers to his helm fin, drew this attention back to the world around him. He’d almost forgotten about Prowl.

Prowl smiled down at them. “You two are very beautiful together.”

Sideswipe looked up at Prowl and grinned. “Oh, I’m not done yet. Come here, you.” He pushed off of Sunstreaker and grabbed Prowl around the middle, rolling to his back. A somewhat startled-looking Prowl was suddenly overtop of his brother. “Your turn now,” he said, wrapping his legs around Prowl’s hips.

Sunstreaker shook his head. His brother was insatiable as ever.

Prowl quickly adjusted, and raised an optic ridge at Sideswipe. “You’re incorrigible.”

“I know,” Sideswipe replied, just as adorable as he ever. Sunstreaker warmly smiled, seeing his brother be his usual self. Almost as if he’d never suffered at Wildrider’s hands...

Prowl traded soft-mouthed kisses with his brother, then his panel opened and Sunstreaker lifted his head, curious to see what Prowl’s spike looked like. He only caught a glimpse before he thrust forward sharply. He did see it was black with a white tip. Very pretty, and very Praxian to be colored like that, not just plain silver like his and his brother’s.

Sideswipe whined and squeezed Prowl tight against his chest.

Pistoning his hips, Prowl turned his brother in a molten heap in no time. Glancing at Sunstreaker, Prowl’s optics darkened. “Would you… my…?” his words were lost to his efforts, but with the flare of his doorwings Sunstreaker understood the request. He rolled to his side and reached up to run his hand over the spanse of the closer doorwing.

Prowl moaned in response.

Staring at him with bright optics, Sunstreaker found himself enthralled with the image of Prowl as a lover. He could see how much his brother adored him, and better understood why.

Sunstreaker sat himself back up, and winced again at the pain that momentarily hit him. As it mostly passed, he scooted over to better grope Prowl’s bouncing doorwings. He fingered the hinges, which he knew were extra sensitive from all his experience with Smokescreen. Prowl whimpered in response and thrust harder, his toes digging at the berth for purchase.

“Frag!” Sideswipe cried out. “Whatever you’re doing to him...keep it up,” his brother groaned.

Sunstreaker smiled at that, continuing to pet Prowl’s doorwings.

“I can’t–I’m gonna…” Sideswipe gasped and whined, writhing beneath Prowl as he overloaded.

Prowl slowed, watching Sideswipe as he rode it out. As soon as his brother went slack, Prowl resumed, just as fast and hard.

Sunstreaker got up onto his knees and leaned down flicking his glossa out to slide over one of the hinges as Prowl’s body shifted under it, which earned him a delightful sounding cry in response.

Sideswipe chuckled. “Sunny always knows just what to do.”

Prowl sounded like he was trying reply, but it lacked any coherence as he thrust deep as he could, crying out sharply and finally overloading. Sunstreaker sat back, watching Prowl’s body strain and shiver as he moaned with the obvious pleasure of his release.

“Frag,” Sideswipe groaned.

With a sigh, Prowl draped over Sideswipe in a strutless pile. He dimly lit his optics and glanced at back Sunstreaker. “That was lovely. Thank you.”

Sideswipe hugged Prowl tightly to his chest. “You’re too much, you know that?”

Sunstreaker carefully laid back down. His head was throbbing, but it was worth the pain to see Sideswipe and Prowl looking so happy. He wasn’t quite sure where he fit in with them, but he was feeling less like an outsider and more like he did belong with them both now. It was clear his brother loved Prowl very much, and he could see why as his own spark fluttered at the compliment and warm gaze Prowl gave him.

Prowl pushed to sit up, then reached over and pressed his hand to Sunstreaker’s cheek. “You’re very warm.”

“Autorepair,” Sunstreaker replied with a shrug.

“I’ll get you some energon.” Prowl leaned down and kissed his cheek, then slid off the berth and padded to the front room to fill a glass for him.

Sideswipe rolled over and pressed against Sunstreaker’s side. “You okay?”

“I’m fighting off poison,” Sunstreaker replied.

“No, I mean, okay with me and Prowl?” Sideswipe clarified.

Sunstreaker smiled at his brother. “Yeah. I’m getting there.”

“You know I love you, right?” Sideswipe asked, nuzzling a helmfin.

“I know. And I know you love Prowl, too,” Sunstreaker quietly replied. “And I think this will work, as long as you guys are patient with me.”

“Of course we will be,” Sideswipe assured him with a kiss to his cheek.

Prowl reappeared with a glass of fuel in hand. He sat down on the berth and offered it to Sunstreaker. With some help from Sideswipe, he sat partway up and huffed as the pain in his processor throbbed harder. He took the glass and quickly gulped down the contents, contentedly sighing at the hum of approval from his fuel tank.

The backs of white fingers pressed to his cheek again. “You need to rest more,” Prowl said, concern lacing his voice. “Perhaps interfacing before you were a little more recovered was a bad idea.”

“Totally worth it,” Sunstreaker replied with a grin.

Sideswipe snerked and laughed. “I’m glad you think so. But Prowl is right. Get some recharge. I’ll stay here with you, okay?”

Nodding, Sunstreaker handed the empty glass back to Prowl and settled back. “You leaving?” he asked Prowl as Sideswipe snuggled up against his side.

“Yes, I have a mission to prepare for. But I will be sure to come check in on you both when I return.” Prowl bent down and kissed each of them.

“You better,” Sunstreaker replied.

Prowl smiled at that. “I promise I will.”

Exhausted and dented, Thundercracker floated in and out of a light recharge. He and his trine had been holed up in Megatron’s suite with no hope for release. Soundwave’s sudden disappearance had only soured Megatron’s mood, and he’d gotten even more possessive of them.

A hand moved over Thundercracker’s frame slowly. He lit his optics and glanced at Starscream who was the one currently groping him.

“Now that you’ve all rested, how about a little show?” Megatron asked.

Turning his head, Thundercracker saw their leader seated in a large plush chair at the foot of the berth, watching them with dark red optics in the dimly lit room.

“Of course, my lord,” Starscream replied in a seductive tone. Bending down, he captured Thundercracker’s lips in a heated kiss, while his hand continued to roam his frame.

Skywarp rolled over and began to rub his exposed spike against Thundercracker’s hipplate. “I wanna get sucked off this time.”

The kiss broke, and Starscream gazed into Thundercracker’s optics. “No, ‘Warp. He’s all mine this time around.”

There was a rumble of approval from Megatron.

“Aww,” Skywarp whined. “But what about me?”

“Come here,” Megatron replied. Skywarp slid off the berth and Megatron pulled him into his lap. “We’ll watch, hm? And you’ll self-service as they perform for us.”

Skywarp shifted a little, settling into a comfortable position before palming his spike. “Whatever you want, my lord.”

Starscream’s expression darkened as he mouthed Thundercracker’s helm vents.

Thundercracker was so tired. His body needed time to recover from the brutal interfacing he’d been subjected to earlier at Megatron’s hands.

“Get on all fours,” Starscream commanded as he pulled away.

Thundercracker pushed to sit up, then got onto his hands and knees. Starscream swatted his aft hard, then pushed a hand between his legs, groping his flaccid spike, then sinking his fingers into his inflamed valve. Wincing from the pain of his Air Commander’s ministrations inside his valve, Thundercracker fought to stay still.

“Sore, hm?” Starscream withdrew his fingers and Thundercracker internally sighed. He glanced over his shoulder when he heard Starscream riffling through the drawer in the small stand beside the berth. “Where is it? We didn’t use it all up, did we?”

“I believe there’s more in the cabinet,” Megatron replied.

More? More what? Thundercracker frowned as he watched Starscream get up and check the cabinet.

“Ah, there we are.” Starscream returned to the berth with a tube of something in hand. “This will help.” He undid the cap, and pressed the end into Thundercracker’s valve, squeezing some of the contents inside him.

It felt cool and tingly against his aching valve. Starscream then pressed his fingers inside, carefully smearing the lubricant around. It was a much welcome relief, and Thundercracker sighed, while dimming his optics. This might not be as painful as he thought after all–

His thought derailed when he felt one of the rubberized false spikes shoved into his valve. He winced and bit back the urge to whine in pain. The false spike Starscream chose was large, just like Megatron’s spike. Starscream worked it slowly, adding more of the cooling lubricant and continuing. Thundercracker’s faceplates heated with his humiliation. That was the point, though. That was what got Megatron off, seeing his officers treated like playthings. Removing their dignity in his presence to help bolster his own self-importance.

Curling his fingers into the berth, Thundercracker couldn’t hold back from whining in pain. Of course the noise only encouraged Starscream, who then jabbed the false spike in with more force.

Megatron shoved Skywarp off his lap and walked over the cabinet. He returned with a different tube of lubricant. Thundercracker only saw that this one was purple not blue, and he had no idea what the contents were meant to do. “Let me,” Megatron said with a low rumble to his voice.

Starscream removed the false spike and once again something was squeezed into his valve. Unlike the cool-tingling from other kind, this one made the valve mesh ripple and heat. It was actually stimulating his valve, and he shivered when large fingers worked the lubricant into it.

“Better, hm?” Megatron asked, pinching Thundercracker’s chin with the thumb and forefinger of his free hand and forcing him to look up.

Megatron began to finger him, and Thundercracker’s faceplates heated when he felt a rush of pleasure from it. “Yes, my lord.”

A dark smile curled Megatron’s lips and he stepped back, taking a seat again. Skywarp sat down in his lap again without prompting, and Megatron pressed his dirtied fingers to his lips. Without hesitation, Skywarp lapped and licked them clean.

Suddenly, Thundercracker felt a spike poking at the rim of his valve. He looked away from Megatron, and waited for the inevitable.

Starscream sighed as he pulled Thundercracker’s hips back to sheath his spike. “So perfect,” he crooned. “Now, frag yourself on me.”

Great. Thundercracker began to rock on all fours, impaling himself with Starscream’s spike over and over. Starscream’s hands roamed over his back and aft as he moaned his approval.

If Mirage ever found out what he’d done here, Thundercracker was sure he’d be outright rejected. Sadness curled around his spark as he thought of Mirage. He missed him so much, and this was all so unfair. A glimpse of something so wonderful felt cruel now. Tears welled on his optics despite his best efforts to not give into despair.

It was about then that Starscream took over, fingers digging into his hips as he controlled their movement and began to thrust hard and fast. It didn’t feel good, it just felt like he was a hole to have things stuck into. He glanced at Skywarp in Megatron’s lap, pumping his spike in his hand at the same pace as Starscream was ‘facing him. He imagined for a moment Skywarp using Mirage in a similar way to how he was being used now and his spark felt like it was going to break in two at the thought. No one deserved this.

Starscream grabbed him and pulled him back over his spike hard as he cried out at a high pitch, and Thundercracker felt the sickening heat of fluid fill him.

“Skywarp, why don’t you use him, too?” Megatron gently nudged him off his lap and Skywarp happily bounded over, practically shoving Starscream as he positioned himself behind Thundercracker and slid himself in.

“Frag, TC! Your valve is like… I dunno. Perfect!” Skywarp wasted no time, pounding him harder than Starscream had. Luckily his stamina was shorter lived. After only a few moments, Skywarp groaned and overloaded, too.

Thundercracker felt heated liquid trickle down his inner thighs, and he leaned forward, pressing his forehelm against the berth. He heard Megatron get up and tears flowed as he felt a large spike slowly push into him. With his face hidden, he allowed himself to cry a little as he was used yet again.

It wasn’t as if he hadn’t ever been in this position with them before. He had on many occasions during the war. What upset him was the fact that he’d falsely believed that he was free of their torment for good. He’d foolishly allowed himself to fall for Mirage and now he unworthy of ever being with him again, having been reminded he was worthless with each thrust. Put back in his place as nothing more than a thing to be used as Megatron’s leisure. Mirage deserved someone who hadn’t betrayed their noble upbringing by being used this way.

Megatron finished with a guttural grunt as he pushed to the hilt, adding to his trinemate’s earlier ‘deposits’. He then slapped Thundercracker’s aft and pulled out.

Thundercracker quickly wiped his face of his tears as he sank down and curled up in a ball on the berth. Skywarp flopped on his back next to him, and Starscream curled up against his back between his wings.

They all watched Megatron snap his interface cover closed as he got off the berth. “All of you recharge. I have some business to tend to.”

“What business? Should I come with?” Starscream asked, peering over Thundercracker’s shoulder.

“Nothing to worry your pretty little head about,” Megatron replied. “I just want to review some of Soundwave’s work.”  

Starscream scoffed at that. “That traitor will pay once we catch him.”

“He most certainly will.” Megatron’s tone grew dark and foreboding.

Thundercracker dimmed his optics. If they only knew the half of it… Primus help him, hopefully they never would.