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Maybe… just maybe, Gerard finally remembered how he died. Though… that was highly unlikely. The reoccurring sounds of car doors slamming shut, the sharp pain to his head, and the cold sensation he got when trying to remember didn't give him any help either.

It was frustrating, and he wished he'd find out after all this time.

The noirette extended his wings, looking at each of them. He let out a soft sigh before sinking down into Frank's bed, where he was sitting at. He shook his head and began to work on his drawing again, on the wall beside Frank's bed.

When he came back, Frank would be expecting his drawings.

Gerard wasn't one to disappoint.


It felt weird, coming back into his room and automatically telling two things to Gerard. One, he knew how he died, and two, he was going to cut his hair.

Gerard wasn't too thrilled about one of those things.

The black-head had to try and pull Frank away from the doorway, away from the bathroom, where he would be getting the haircut, to show him what he had drawn when he was away. Frank tried to explain to him that he would see them after the haircut, but Gerard wouldn't listen.

"Don't you wanna know how you died?"

After that, Gerard dragged himself into the bathroom, head down. "Why are you cutting my hair anyway?" he mumbled.

Frank frowned a bit as he closed the door behind him. "If you go out in public with me again, Mikey'll recognize you." He touched the long black locks before reaching out a hand to take the scissors. "So, I'm cutting your hair."

He walked over to the other, standing on his tip toes. And as he extended a lock of hair, cutting it with his tongue between his lips, he started to tell Gerard the story of how he died.


Once the tale and the haircut were finished, Frank took a step back, arms crossed over his chest. Nobody moved or said anything for a few seconds until Gerard slowly raised up a hand, touching his hair.

Frank smiled a bit before putting his hands on Gerard's shoulders, preventing him from turning to look at himself. "First… does any of that make sense? The… dying thing?"

Gerard slowly nodded before looking down. "Everything I remember matches up with that." He tapped his bottom lip in thought. He nodded again. "Yeah."

Frank nodded in return and curled his fingers into the other's shoulders, tightening his grip slightly. "Okay… well, now, you can see your hair. And in all honesty, I like it." He lifted up his hands, giving Gerard the freedom to turn around, and he took the chance.

Gerard's hair was now short and shaggy. It came down to the middle of his ear, and it seemed that it suck up in random places. He slowly raised up a hand, touching his hair again. Frank bit his lip nervously. "Do you like it?"

The other turned around, facing the brunette. He, then, grew a smile on his face before he extended his arms, wrapping them around Frank's middle, lifting him up off the ground.

Gerard stretched out his wings as he wrapped them around the both of them, protecting them. Frank looked at the black-head with wide eyes as he leaned his forehead against his.

"I love it."


It was nearing one o'clock in the morning when Frank had checked what time it was. It was strange that time seemed to quickly pass while he and Gerard only laid around his room, not saying a word.

Frank was staring at the drawings Gerard had left for him. He had to admire the other's devotion to their word.

Some of the drawings were of other winged creatures, but Gerard didn't do any details to their bodies—just their wings. But he had made them beautiful, nevertheless. Frank also noticed that Gerard had even drawn him in there. Unlike most of the other pictures, the noirette had included details on his body in this one… and it seemed like Frank was crying. There was a lone feather at his feet.

Frank didn't understand it, but he liked it all the same.

Without realizing it, Gerard had entered the room with a coffee mug filled with hot chocolate. Frank watched him with narrowed eyes, but quickly shook it off. His new haircut made him look even more innocent than before.

Gerard sat down in his usual spot on the floor as he blew on the steamy drink. Frank slid off the bed, going over to sit in front of the other. He gestured to the cup. "I see you've taken a liking to hot chocolate." Gerard gave him a small smile before taking a sip. Frank bit back a smile. "You're like me with my coffee." The other scrunched up their face, making Frank laugh.

He lowered his gaze to rest on the floor as he chewed on his lip. "Do you want to talk?" he asked quietly, raising up his head. Gerard's eyes widened as he lifted up a hand, tapping his lips. Frank shook his head. "I know you think talking's stupid, but can you at least try to?" He wet his lips nervously. "I want to know more about you… the dead and alive you."

Gerard seemed to consider this as he lowered the mug from his lips to rest on his thigh. He looked down before nodding once. "Okay."

Frank smiled softly as he crawled over to the side of his bed, leaning against it. He looked over at the other before patting the space beside him. Gerard stood up on his knees as he went over to the spot Frank had showed him. He plopped down, leaning against the bed, attempting to stretch out his wings.

Frank took a deep breath and looked ahead at the floor. He heard Gerard take a sip of hot chocolate. "Do you really think you fell because you were interested in… guys?"

He didn't turn his head to see Gerard blush and close his eyes. "Not guys, no. More like… just one guy… you."

The brunette bit his lip. "But why me?" His mind drifted to all of the times he and Gerard had met eyes in the hallways. He softly smiled.

Gerard tucked in his wings slightly as he shifted around. "You were just some guy I saw in the hallways at school… that I thought was pretty attractive." He stretched out his wings; Frank could feel the feathers ruffle against him. "I always wanted to talk to you, but… I was just too scared to." He turned his head to look at Frank. "You know?"

He nodded, scooting closer to Gerard. He wanted to feel the wings.

Gerard continued, "Since I never got the courage to talk to you, school ended, I graduated, and we never actually met. A couple weeks later… I died." He wrinkled up his nose, looking down. "And, strange enough, when I fell… I fell right on you." He laughed slightly but Frank only narrowed his eyes. Gerard cleared his throat, shaking his head. "So, I have two things in mind."

Frank looked at the other, slowly nodding. "I'm listening."

Gerard glanced at him before curling his fingers into his cup. "God must be a faggot-hater and made me fall on top of the guy I was interested in"—Frank frowned—"or he sympathized with me and made me fall on top of the guy I was interested in… binding me to him, and… giving us the opportunity to actually meet."

Frank smiled and raised up a hand, scratching the back of his neck. He was about to say that he preferred the second one over the first, but he realized what Gerard had actually said.

"You're bound to me?" He looked at Gerard, brow furrowed.

He blinked, nodding. "If you tell me to leave, I will."

Frank nodded himself, wanting to take Gerard's word on it. He didn't want to know what happened if he did tell him to.

The smaller leaned into the other's side, feeling their wing bend against his shoulder, as if it was an arm. He rested his head on Gerard's shoulder, burying his face into his neck.

Frank lost himself in the softness of his feathers and the smell of hot chocolate.