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Gay 4 Pay

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Zach was in a bit of a tough spot with money. He had college loans to pay off, rent, and a ridiculous amount of debt to Cody, his roommate, who had helped him stay on his feet for the last couple months. Zach had promised that he would get a job and pay his portion of the rent. But things weren't looking too good for him. No job. No money.

Zach Rance was desperate, but his lousy economics degree wasn't impressing any firms. He had spent all week with rejection after rejection pouring in, and Zach knew that Cody couldn't spot him any longer. If he couldn't produce at least 1K by this afternoon then he would be out on the streets of LA with his suitcase and his fucking degree stuffed inside. This sucked.

So what did he do? Zach went to a fucking bar, like a loser, and planned to spend the evening getting wasted. There was no better way to deal with your problems then by ignoring them. Right? Maybe he could even get laid for once because the only thing that had touched Zach in the last couple months was his right hand. Who was he kidding? He hadn't gotten laid in a year.

Zach walked into the first bar he saw and headed straight for the alcohol. He sat down next to a man with pink hair who was having an animated conversation with the man besides him. Zach ordered his first shot and couldn't help but overhear their conversation.

"...And then he walked right out! And the shoot starts early tomorrow morning! Like, how am I supposed to earn a respectable name for myself in the porn industry if I have my fucking actors cancelling without much notice? You'd think that we were all professionals...So now I need a boy for the porn we're shooting, but none of the guys we have look right for the part. Fuck, I wanted this to be perfect. Where am I going to find someone for this role on such a short notice? I'm willing to shell out fucking 5k for just two shoots!"

Zach choked on his shot, and he gasped for air. The pink haired man turned around and started to pound him on the back. Zach, flustered, wiped his mouth.

"D-did you say 5K? As in five thousand dollars? What do you have to do for this, uh, role?"

The man gave him a once over, taking in his khaki pants and his polo shirt, and raised his eyebrow, "Well, sweetie, you need to be gay for this role. To be don't seem to make the queer cut."

"For 5k? I could be gay. Hell, I would be gay for far less. A lot less. If you wouldn't suck cock for a couple G's then you're fucking stupid," Zach bragged, and he couldn't help checking out this pink haired man. He had big eyes, clear skin, and sharp cheekbones that made him look like a model. Zach definitely wouldn't mind having sex with someone this hot.

"Mhhmmm....but that's not all the role requires. It's not just cock sucking and masturbating. There's also rimming and fingering and some spanking. Nothing horribly kinky- this isn't any BDSM sort of role- but you'd need to be prepared to have your hair pulled. Oh, and there might be a couple boys cumming on that pretty face of yours. How does that sound?," the man said it casually as though they were having a chat about the state of the economy. Zach felt his mouth go dry, and he didn't want to admit that he had no idea what the fuck 'rimming' was. But he really needed this money.

"I've experimented in college. Kissed a couple dudes. Strange shit happens in fraternities, you know?"

"Oh, I'm so impressed, Mr. Frat Boy Extraordinaire. You kissed a boy and you liked it? Wow, that's quite the resume you have there...what's your name by the way? Mine's Frankie."

"Zach. Zach Rance. But my porn name would be, um, The Sledgehammer. I could fuck any dude you asked me to."


"Fuck yeah! No problem. I can make anyone -girl or guy- cum in less than five minutes with my mouth alone," Zach bragged, and he watched as Frankie laughed in his face and rolled his eyes. Zach crossed his arms.

"Well, Sledgehammer, how about we go to the bathroom right now and you show me how you suck cock? If you can make me cum in under five minutes, which I highly doubt, then I'll write you a check for 2.5K right here and now and give you the role and the rest of the money later," Frankie smirked like he didn't expect for Zach to take him up on his offer. But Zach was really desperate. Plus, Frankie had injured his ego, and Zach felt like he needed to prove himself. So he ordered another shot, downed it for courage, and grabbed Frankie by the wrist.

"Woah! Calm down there, Sledgehammer. I have to put the timer on my phone. But I have to warn you that I've once stayed hard for an hour so you'll have to do more than bat those long lashes to make me cum."

"I got this," Zach dragged them into the bathroom and locked the door. He awkwardly bent down to his knees and stared at Frankie's zipper. He licked his lips and decided he would just pretend that it was a...a Popsicle! Nothing gay about sucking a Popsicle. Especially not when there was a potential 5K on the line.

"By all means, take your time. Since I'm feeling generous, I won't even start timing you until you put your mouth on my cock. Assuming you actually do put those pretty lips of yours to good use. But I have a feeling boys like you say things they don't really mean," Frankie teased, and he tilted his head as he stared down at Zach.

Zach had a hand on Frankie's zipper, and he made the mistake of looking up. Fuck, Frankie looked kind of hot, with a smirk and a glint in his eyes, as he watched Zach pull down his shorts. Worse, there was a challenge in Frankie's eyes as Zach lightly touched him through his undies. Zach couldn't stop his fingers from shaking as he caressed him.

"Never touched a boys cock before. Thought about it before though...what it would look like. What it would feel like. Yours is bigger then mine by a little, and I have a feeling it's not circumcised...Sometimes- sometimes when I watch porn I find myself watching the boy and admiring his abs and then admiring his cock and then- then I wonder what it would be like to put my hand around it. Touch it. Have him touch mine and- Oh, that feels really, really nice," Zach shivered as Frankie's hand started stroking his hair. He had been rambling out of nervousness.

Zach felt his cheeks heat up as Frankie got aroused right before his eyes. Zach had done that. He had made another man hard just by lightly touching him and talking.

"Come on, Frat Boy Extraordinaire. I'm not paying thousands of dollars to hear about all your queer fantasies. If you don't shut the fuck up and suck me off in the next minute then the deal is off," Frankie ordered and pulled his hair. Hard. Zach felt his dick twitch in interest, and- oh, oh fuck. Zach was semi. Frankie had just told him to shut up and pulled at his hair, and Zach had gotten aroused like he was a teenage boy.

Zach's cheeks were warm, but he was feeling much more brave. So, before he could think himself out of it, Zach pulled down Frankie's undies. Like he had predicted, Frankie was uncircumcised, and he was pretty big. Zach took the cock in his hands and rolled the foreskin down. He wasn't sure how to start so he kissed the tip, and he had never felt so unsure and embarrassed. He looked up to Frankie for help, but Frankie only raised his eyebrows again.

"Timer has started. If you want to waste your time kissing my dick then go right ahead, Sledgehammer. But I can assure you that not much will, uh, cum from that," Frankie was still running his hands through Zach's hair. And, oh god, Zach liked that way too much. He had watched enough hetero porn to have an idea of how this was done. He started to lick Frankie and stroked the base of his cock. Easy.

"I can tell you've never done this before, Zach. This is amateur hour right here. Bet you can't even stretch those lips and fit the whole thing. You've never- woah!" Zach's eyes watered as he wrapped his mouth around Frankie's dick and tried to deep throat him. He got pretty far, but his gag reflex was shit. He almost choked. He stared up at Frankie, tears in his eyes as he rocked back and forth with his mouth still on him, and Zach was trying so hard to be good. Frankie even groaned a little, which was the most reaction Zach had gotten.

Zach pulled back and panted, "Can you pull my hair a little?"

"Fuck, yeah, Zach. On second thought, you're not even doing half bad for your first time...with a little more practice you'll be a pro. Mhhh, that's nice. You look good with a dick in your mouth- probably  best thing you've done with those lips all evening," Frankie pulled at his hair.

Zach couldn't believe that he was actually moaning around another man's cock. Like, he was genuinely enjoying this. Frankie was making these nice, little whimpering noises, and Zach liked the way it felt in his mouth. He didn't have to think as his hands rubbed the base. In. Out. In. Out. Lick. Suck the tip. Then there was Frankie dirty talking above him, and Zach was straining in his boxers.

"You're doing so good, Zach. So good. How much would it cost to buy your mouth full time and fuck you any time I wanted? Mhm, I have a feeling you would give me a discount, you little slut. All I need to do is threaten your precious ego, pull your hair a little, and you're hard. Oh yes, don't- fuck, don't give me that confused, watery stare. I can see your cock straining in your pants. You've been hard this whole time. You have, mhm, two minutes to go, Zach. But I've enjoyed this free blowjob. Not every day you get a closeted, frat boy to suck your dick. Don't worry- I won't tell anybody if you come before me."

Zach pulled back, and he was panting hard. His cheeks were red, and he could barely breathe. He was dizzy. Frankie's smirk told Zach that he wasn't cumming anytime soon.

If Zach wasn't going to win this dumb deal then he might as well get something out of it: "Can- can I touch myself? Please, please, Frankie? Need to touch myself so badly. You're right- I've been hard this whole time."

As he begged, Zach felt Frankie involuntarily thrust forward into his hand, and his eyes seemed a little more glazed then a second before.

Zach had an idea. He was pretty close to Frankie, and, slowly, he started to rub himself against Frankie's leg. It was pretty fucking humiliating, and his cheeks were red as he went back to sucking Frankie's dick. But it felt nice. Frankie was stroking his hair and calling him a good slut, and Zach rubbed himself against Frankie's leg desperate for some friction. It was working- Frankie's words became more and more irregular and his breathing was ragged and his fingers were painfully tight in his hair.

"Oh, god, Zach. I can't believe, fuck, I've never had someone fucking my leg while they sucked my dick and begged for me to pull- oh! so good-their hair. Did you come out of some sort of sub fantasy? D-did you just cum inside your shorts? Oh my god, oh- oh- oh-"

"Ca-can you come on my face? Please?," Zach asked because he had heard a girl say it in porno before. The cheesy line seemed to work on Frankie though who came all over his mouth with a groan, the cum dripping down Zach's chin and neck, as the timer went off. Zach licked his lips out of curiosity. Salty.

Frankie grinned down at him, "Wow. Wow...Who the hell are you, Zach Rance? That was perfect. Perfect. We should have had a camera to capture that because I know a lot of my friends who would be interested in seeing a twenty-year-old-frat-boy suck dick, moan like a little bitch, and hump another man's leg."

"Hey," Zach wiped his mouth before he was tempted to lick it all off, "I do not moan like a little bitch! You were the one saying all those weird things about wanting to, um, buy my mouth and whatever. I just noticed you liked it when I was all submissive and shit. Need that money."

"Money? Oh, yeah. I forget while I was watching you beg to get your hair pulled and to touch yourself that this was bet. You know- you looked really into it for a straight boy. It was hot, Zach. I'm digging the whole repressed homosexual thing you have going on- makes me want to hold you down and fuck you."

"Whatever. Like I said- I need the money. So where and when do I arrive on set for the role?" Zach stood up and made the mistake of looking in the mirror.

He looked fucked with his cheeks red, forehead sweaty, hair messy, and cum on his shorts. Zach also realized that he was disgustingly sober. He had never performed a sexual act without at least being too drunk to slur his name. Feeled ashamed of himself, Zach tried to pull his shirt down to cover the cum strain on his pants. Frankie, who took in Zach's appearance, attempted to smooth down Zach's hair and then told him to splash some water on his face.

"Wait here, Zach. I'll got get you the check, address, and some spare change of undies," Frankie left. Zach was alone for a minute, but he was too afraid to look in the mirror. His eyes betrayed him, and Zach noticed that despite his flustered appearance he seemed sexually sated. He had liked sucking Frankie's cock, but he didn't like the idea that he had liked it. Afterall, he was straight. He loved women. Tits. Vagina. And yet...there was something about exciting about gay sex. Especially with Frankie.

"Thanks, Frankie. Um, can you, like, turn around while I change?"

"No need for modesty, Zach. Not in this buisness," Frankie teased but turned around as Zach took off his cum stained boxers and changed into the clean ones that Frankie had given him. He pocketed the check, put the adress of the studio into his phone, and then asked for Frankie's number. Frankie typed in his information and handed it back to Zach.

"W-wait! Your full name is Frankie Grande? Grande as in-"

"Yes, Grande Sex Toys for Adults. The largest manufacturer of sex toys in North America. But that's my sister's business...well, she's the one that gave me the loan to start my own porn website. I'm still trying to make a name for myself and step out of her shadow."

"But you're both insanely rich!" Zach gasped at the millionaire whose dick he had just unknowingly sucked.

Frankie only shrugged: "Come early tomorrow. We have to do a quick interview, you need sign some papers, and then start the shoot. Oh, here's some lube- I'll need you to look up how to properly finger yourself if you haven't already tried it."

Zach was secretly hoping for a thank-you-kiss, but Frankie had gone from condescending to professional all in the span of five minutes. Zach was afraid to ask, but as Frankie turned to leave the bathroom, he grabbed him by the arm and kissed him lightly on the cheek. Frankie opened his mouth and closed it. Zach thought that his cheeks looked a little pink, which would be strange since Zach had already given him head.   

"Can I ask you something, Frankie?," Zach felt unsure of why he had grabbed Frankie, but Zach didn't want to be alone. He also wanted this gorgeous, wealthy man to like him.


"Do you mind giving me a lift? I, um, I don't have a car, and my apartment is kind of far away."

"Of course. Is that all?"

"This is kind of a weird question...But do you mind showing me how to finger myself? I would feel better if you were there."

"It's not really professional for me to have sex with my actors. And I've just paid you money so that  would set a bad example," Frankie tried to tug his hand away, but Zach only took a step closer.

"No, I don't want sex. I just want you to supervise. I would feel better if you were watching me and could give me advice- please. Please, Frankie, will you help?" Zach begged, and Frankie inhaled sharply.

"Ye-yes. Of course. Sure. But I'll just watch," Frankie led him to his car, which was a fucking mercedez, and Zach felt like he had won a lot more than a couple thousand dollars that night when Frankie opened the car door for him. Zach hadn't payed for his drinks and he was just about to say so when he realized that Frankie must have footed the bill.

Zach's chest felt tight.