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Good Vibration, Sweet Sensation

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There's only a few things in life that would make someone feel like every little piece of day-to-day bullshit is fading away, even if it's only for a moment. Some people go to the gym, others travel or spend time with loved ones, even something as simple as driving around would do the trick. Well, Derek Hale does all of these things but the one thing that truly makes him achieve that feeling of escape is being in his loft, alone...with his toys.

Other people might think it was strange that a guy like Derek—amazingly built and smart as a whip—would have as extensive a collection of sex toys as he does, but other people wouldn't understand. It's not about sex, because he gets plenty of that, it's that he doesn't have to do anything, doesn't have to say anything, doesn't have to woo, wine or dine. He just has to go home, throw down his books, find the right toy to suit the cravings his day has built up, lay in bed and...


Or at least, it was.

Lately, school has been getting completely in the way: all the books to read, assignments to complete, class projects to supervise because any time he's grouped with someone he always ends up doing the brunt of the work. Between that and his weekly visits with his family, Derek barely has time to himself anymore. As a senior double majoring in History and Linguistics, he does not have time to waste. Yet, he often finds himself in front of the drawer he had custom built into his bedframe specifically to hold his toys just staring at the different colours, shapes, and sizes until he plucks one out and puts it to work.

Halfway through the first semester and he's already dreaming of summer when he doesn't have to worry about schoolwork or showing up on time for classes and meetings. When he can spend the day in bed with toy after toy, working himself open or teasing his cock for hours until he's hot and sticky with his own cum. The only reason he'd have to leave that bliss was if one of his friends call to hang out, and he would never pass that up in a million years.

--- ---

Boyd and Isaac are out of sight; probably somewhere refusing advances because Boyd has his girlfriend of going on ten years at home waiting for him or getting plastered because Isaac needs some way to deal with still having to live with his dad.

Derek is at the bar watching bodies sway to the music when he feels something poke him between the shoulder blades.

He finds the flirty bartender placing a glass of something he didn't order in front of him.

"Ginger ale for the designated driver," He smiles and leans over the bar so his lips are against Derek's ear. "On the house."

Derek watches him move back with his elbows perched on the edge of the bar and smiles.

"Thank you."

"So," The bartender's eyes glance over what of Derek he can see. "What's the plan for tonight?"

Derek palms the glass but doesn't put the straw to his lips. "Whatever comes my way, I guess."

"Shouldn't be too hard." He shrugs.

"I dunno, pickins look a little slim."

An order is yelled from somewhere down the bar but the guy ignores it.

"Don't you worry," He says. "I'm sure anybody in here would be willing to come for you tonight."

Derek smiles, "You mean come to me."

“Sure." He moves away to go tend whoever was yelling for him a second ago.

Derek sips his drink as he watches the bartender walk away.

Someone else walks up to stand next to him and flags down the other bartender to order a jack and coke. She smells like cocoa butter and lilac and she pulls his attention. He doesn't look away when she turns to face him.

She smiles then looks him up and down. "See something you like, handsome?"

He arches his brow. "Do you?"

She giggles.

"You wanna dance?" Derek asks.

She nods but waits until the other bartender brings her drink then grabs it with one hand and Derek's hand with the other to pull him onto the dance floor.

Her name is Kate and she's studying Political Science because she wants to become a lawyer like her dad. She speaks fluent French and she knows how to use a gun, which Derek wasn't aware turns him on until she said it. Kate likes to rub up against him while they dance and she can't seem to decide whether she likes it better facing away from or toward him. By the end of the third song, they're pressed together, face-to-face with her arms locked around his neck, long-empty drink cup still clutched in her hand, and lips on Derek's while his hands are held tight on her ass, pressing them impossibly closer.

"We should go somewhere," He says against her mouth.

She chuckles. "Why?"

"Because," He says, sliding his leg between her thighs to hike her pretty green dress up even further. "I want you."

"And what makes you think I'm gonna let you have me just like that?" Kate smiles. "Maybe I wanna make you work for it."

"You would do that to me?" Derek nips at her bottom lip and feels her hump his leg in response.

"You wouldn't believe the things I wanna do to you."

"So why don't you sho—" The sight of a hand coming down on Kate's shoulder stops Derek's sentence in its tracks.

Kate immediately turns toward the dark-haired girl standing behind her, looking too young to have been allowed in this club.

"We have to go," She says. "Dad's outside. He tracked my phone."

Kate releases Derek and tugs her dress down. "I told you to turn the GPS off. Did you?"

The girl shakes her head and Kate tsks.

She turns to Derek again. "Looks like I've gotta go." Then leans up to kiss him again before taking the girl's hand and walking away.

Derek sighs at the loss as he watches her walk away then goes in search of his friends.

He spots Boyd across the floor on one of the couches, smiling at his phone. Isaac is a couple seats over tongue-deep in the mouth of some guy Derek has never seen before.

Someone taps him on the shoulder and he turns around to lock eyes with the flirty bartender.

"Did your girl ditch you?" He asks.

Derek laughs softly then shakes his head. "She wasn't my girl."

"Coulda fooled me with the way you two were dry-humping out here."

Derek moves closer to him. "You were watching us?"

"Well, I wasn't watching her." He looks Derek up and down like he did before then looks over his shoulder and Derek follows his gaze to the glowing signs above the bathroom doors. His teeth are worrying at his bottom lip when he turns back to Derek. "Whaduya say?"

Derek raises his eyebrows. "You don't waste time, do you?"

"Can't," He says, slipping two of his fingers into the waist of Derek's jeans. "What if someone else comes by and snatches you right out from under my nose again?"

Derek smacks his lips. "You've got a point."

--- ---

"You're not even gonna ask me my name?" Derek inquires, pulling his jeans back up and staring at the back of the guy's head as he reapplies lip gloss in the mirror.

He glances at Derek in the reflection. "Do you know mine?"

Derek gulps, fastens his button, then squints at...

"Paul?...Patrick?... it's not Peter is it?"

He scoffs and rolls his eyes as he turns to Derek again. "Exactly."

"It does start with a 'P' though, right?"

"I bet you don't know the names of half the people you take home every week."

Derek doesn't correct that he's in fact not there every week or question how the guy knew about his comings and goings. He does smirk though.

"I know all of them actually."

He checks his nails. "Take down their numbers too?"

Derek nods. "Yup."

He reaches back to grasp the edge of the sink with both hands. "And do you call 'em back after you fuck 'em?"

Derek holds his gaze for a moment then drops it and the guy chuckles, repeating,


Derek sighs and wipes a hand down his face. "Well I hope you're satisfied."

He starts toward the door and hears—Preston maybe?—say "Very," before the door shuts behind him.

Derek finds Boyd and Isaac in the same place he left them, except now Boyd is staring at Isaac's body splayed out on the couch with a lopsided smile on his face.

"What's up with him?" Derek asks as he takes a seat between them.

Boyd shrugs. "That guy he was making out with probably roofied him."

"No!" Isaac shouts, sitting up. "No, Scott would never do that. You don't know him."

"And you do?" Boyd snorts. "What's his last name?"

Isaac grins, "Lahey."

Derek and Boyd share a laugh until Boyd lightly hits Derek on the shoulder.

"Did I see you go into the bathroom with Parrish?"

"Parrish!" Derek exclaims and snaps his fingers. "I knew it started with a 'P'."

Boyd shakes his head. "I thought you were gonna make it with that girl in the green dress."

"I don't think that's gonna happen." He shakes his head. "C'mon let's get him home."

They grab Isaac and Derek ends up putting the drunken mess over his shoulder to carry him out.

He gets home not long after that and decides to play around with one of his vibes.

Derek lies in bed and fiddles with the dial, teases himself before ramping it up to the highest setting and coming untouched.

--- ---

"Sorry, I'm late!" He calls as he walks into the house.

His mother walks out of the kitchen and sets a big bowl of mashed potatoes on the table before smiling up at him.

"You're right on time," She says with open arms.

"Mom," He whines as he hugs her. "You're killing me with these mashed potatoes." They pull away and he gestures at the bowl. "How many pounds of butter are in there?"

"Fifteen, at least." She runs her fingers through his hair. "Go get your sisters."

Derek leans down to press a kiss to her cheek before he steps away.

He finds Cora laying the wrong way on her bed, tapping away at her phone screen and humming softly. He knocks the doorframe and she cranes her neck to look at him.

"Dinner's ready," He says. "Where's Laura?"

"Right here," comes the answer from behind him. "Potty break."

Out of the corner of his eyes, he can see Cora climbing out of bed as he looks down the hallway to see Laura closing the bathroom door.

"Dinner's ready," He repeats as he reaches out to place a hand on her rounded belly when she steps closer.

"I heard." She sets her hand over his and moves it to the other side. "He's kicking."

"He?" Derek asks as Cora lays a hand on Laura's belly over the same spot. "I thought mom said the sex of the baby should be a surprise."

"And it will be...for her." Laura grins. "Let's go, I'm starving."

She takes his hand as they go down the steps because he made her promise that if she insisted on wearing high heels during pregnancy that someone would escort her up and down the stairs.

She still, however, won't let anyone help her sit, so they have to wait, watch until her stubborn ass finds the seat before they can start eating.

The weekly Hale family dinners are always the same: Laura takes longer and longer to sit the farther along she gets in her pregnancy. Talia serves something unhealthy and watches her children gobble it up as she regales them with stories about the ever-stressful days that come with being a hospital's chief of staff. Laura, helping herself to seconds, rubs her belly as she recaps the conversations from her nightly Skype calls with her husband, Deucalion while he's away being in Doctors Without Borders. Derek expresses his heightening levels of senioritis and his need to just be done so he can have time to spend with them, his friends, and especially with himself.  Cora, on her phone the whole way through, tells clipped stories about what crazy things happened at the high school this week, punctuating them with the occasional roll of the eyes. They finish up, then Laura moves to the living room to watch TV until she’s ready to go home, Talia goes upstairs to check in at the hospital, and Derek and Cora take care of the dishes.  Hale family dinners are always the same except for the times their mother decides to throw her favourite wrench into this well-oiled machine.

“Y’know, one day we’re going to sit down and, Derek honey, you’re gonna say to me, ‘Mom, I found the one.’”

Derek lets his eyes fall closed. “Mom, please."

"What? You're the only one of my children who hasn't found someone and honestly, I'm getting a little worried."

"Wh—" His eyes travel to his younger sister. "You've got a girlfriend?"

"Workin' on it," She answers without looking up.

"Is that who you've been texting?" Derek asks, leaning over to see her phone screen.

"Leave her alone," Their mother chides. "You're much older than Laura was when she got married to Deuc."

Laura grumbles, "Yeah now he's out where the action is and I'm knocked up," under their mother's voice,

"Derek honey, don't you think it's time to find a nice young lady to settle down with and have a whole mess of my grandchildren?"

"Describing children as 'a whole mess' isn't helping your case, mom." Derek laughs, "And besides, you already have a grandson"—Laura clears her throat violently—"or granddaughter on the way."

"That's true," Talia smiles at her eldest. "But I've always wanted a big family, you know that. Your father, bless his soul, and I couldn't manage and Laura won't be having another."

"Nope," She agrees before stowing a piece of meatloaf in her mouth.

"You're my only hope," Talia adds, pouting.

Derek looks at Cora again who is trying to hide a smirk. He groans and hangs his head.

Any other time, he would have let his mother's words leave his mind as soon as he left the dinner table. After all, he had been ignoring this urgency to quote unquote, “settle down and procreate” for over a year now, but this time burrowed under his skin and not even his favourite hobby can get it off his mind.

The Hales have a history of falling in love and marrying young. Laura, the prodigal daughter, had known Deucalion Alpine a month before they got engaged and married during a tour in Iraq. Their uncle Peter married his first wife whom he had met the summer before going to college then divorced her and married his second wife two years later. His mother shattered every familial record when she went on a high school graduation trip to Las Vegas with her friends over the weekend and came back with a husband: a young man so impressed with her that he took her last name. It goes back like that for generations. At 23 years old, Derek is quite possibly the first Hale in centuries to go this long without a mate.

His conversation with Parrish floats back to his mind when he’s lying in bed and he scowls.

--- ---

"Okay wait, what happened to 'I don't think that's gonna happen'?" Boyd asks, brows raised as he takes a swig of his beer.

Derek shrugs and types the name 'Kate’ into the University Facebook group. "I changed my mind."

"Since when?"

"Since I realized I haven’t had a meaningful relationship in a while and besides,” Derek sighs as he scrolls through the abundance of girls named Kate on campus. “It’s not like either of you are exactly making being single any easier.”

"How is this our fault?” Isaac asks without looking up from one of Derek's sports magazines.

"Well, for instance Boyd and Erica have been together for as long as we all can remember and now you and Scott are practically joined at the hip." He mutters, “It’s made me realize how lonely I am.”

"So,” Isaac flips a page. “You're gonna ask this girl out just so you can fit in. Isn't that a little disingenuous?"

They both turn to give Isaac a look and, without looking back at them, he says,

"Derek's not the only one who can use big words."

"He's got a point." Boyd chuckles, "Also, it's been a week, how do you know she hasn't forgotten all about you?"

Derek shakes his head, thinking that he’s found her but this Kate is a freshman. "She wouldn't forget me."

Isaac scoffs.

Derek flings a pillow from the couch that hits Isaac in the face then lands on the magazine while he's disoriented.

He clicks on another picture and laughs softly before saying, "I just think, maybe Kate and I might be able to get somewhere." Derek leans back into the couch as the profile loads. He smiles when he sees her. "I could see myself being with her for a long time."

"So like, you think she's endgame?" Boyd asks.

Derek nods. "She could be."

“Dude.” Isaac picks up the pillow. “Boyd and Erica are endgame, you and Kate? Not a chance.”

"Is it too much to ask that you back me up on this?" Derek scoffs.

Isaac answers, "Yes," then launches the pillow through the air but Derek catches it and places it as his back. Isaac scowls. "I thought you asked us here to vote, not to agree."

"You're just bitter because I caught the pillow," Derek sneers right back.

Boyd shifts so he's blocking their line of sight to each other. "You really think this could go somewhere?"

"Yes," Derek answers truthfully.

"Alright then.” He scoots over to see Derek’s computer screen where Kate’s Facebook profile is pulled up.  “Is that her?”

Derek nods.

“And you’re planning on dating this girl, not just hooking up right?”


“Send her message if you’re gonna friend request her. Ask her out right away too, make sure she knows you don’t play games.”

Derek stares at Boyd when he leans back. “And what makes you the dating expert? You’ve been with the same girl for ten years.”

Boyd smirks, “Yeah, I’ve been with the same girl for ten years. I know what I’m doing.”

--- ---

“So, how’d you get my Facebook?” Kate asks as soon as she sits down across from him at the little café table. “I didn’t tell you my last name.”

Derek purses his lips. “Yeah, you did.”

She shakes her head. “I don’t remember doing that.”

“Well,” He shrugs. “To be fair, you were…a little drunk.”

She laughs. “Okay, okay I’ll give you that, maybe I did tell you my name but,” She leans over the table. “For the future, everything’ll be much easier if you don’t lie to me.”

Derek blinks. “The future?”

She smirks as she leans back into the seat. “What, you don’t think we could have a future together?”

“As long as I don’t lie, right?”

She clicks her tongue. “Now you’re gettin’ it.”

He nods. “I looked you up on the school’s Facebook group.”

“Now, was that so bad?”

“Alright, since we’re asking questions. Why’d you agree to come out with me?”

She shrugs one shoulder and bites her lip. “I like you."

He arches an eyebrow.

“But um,” She reaches across the table and strokes her fingers over the back of his hand. “Maybe we go catch a movie instead? I’m not really that hungry.”


They rise from their seats and Derek leaves five dollars on the table before they start heading down the sidewalk.

“Anything in particular you’d like to see?” He asks.

She sighs and loops her arm around his. “Hmm, maybe something…”

“Romantic?” He supplies.

"God no.” Kate shakes her head. “I hate romantic movies. Let's watch something with a little action."

Movie action was the only action Derek saw that day. There were a few instances where Kate would shift in her seat or reach over and touch his arm when he thought she was going to make use of the darkened room but the most he got was a kiss when they walked out of the theatre.

--- ---

There are so many different shapes, sizes, and types that Derek almost regrets collecting so many. Ten minutes ago, just the thought alone of getting home had him barely about to make it through the door before he’s opening his jeans and kicking them off. Now he’s kneeling by his bed letting his eyes sweep over everything.

His first toy: a little red vibrating plug that Paige, his high school girlfriend, gave him as a Christmas present sits in the centremost pocket. A black, ribbed one that stretches him wider than any of the others. The beads that he used only once and decided he wasn't a fan of but elected to keep. A purple one with the knot that he almost didn’t buy from the store because of the look he got from the cashier. She gave him the very same look a couple weeks later when he bought the Fleshlight with fangs. There are the curved dildos, the vibrators, the double-ended flesh-coloured one, the cockrings. So many choices. His eyes move to the blue one he bought online that vibrates in a way that makes him cum the second he turns it on. He grabs it and a pair of batteries from the box in the corner of his chest then kicks it back underneath the bed.

Derek cleans it meticulously before dropping backwards onto the bed with his head against the pillows. He reaches into his bedside table and picks up the jar of lube then dips his fingers inside for a generous amount to coat the fake cock and his fingers, which he presses into himself.

He takes his time and slowly works himself open for the toy. When he finally slides the head of the cock into his lube-slick hole, he bucks back onto the toy and arches his back, moaning as he stretches. He groans as he watches himself pull it out then back in deeper. He pounds the cock into him into himself so hard, his erection bounces against his abdomen and smears pre-cum onto his skin.

The best thing about this loft is the solitude. He can be as loud as he wants without disturbing any neighbours and Derek is moaning obscenely loud as he fucks the toy in and out as fast as he can before reaching between his legs to flip the tab at the bottom that brings the toy to life. He spreads his legs wider and moves his hips in tight little motions until he cries out, coming untouched, hole clenching around the toy where it’s still buzzing inside him.

Derek shivers as he slowly pulls the toy out and switches it off. He reaches between his thighs and presses two fingers into his abused hole for a second then sighs deeply and lets his body settle into the covers.

--- ---

He doesn’t even get surprised anymore when the loft door suddenly grinds open and Kate steps through it.

"Hey babe!" She calls as she closes the door again.

"Hey," Derek answers as he closes the Amazon tab and switches to the school’s website.

She walks over and falls onto the couch next to him then runs her fingers through his hair. “What’re you doing?"

"Looking for classes. I enroll in a couple days."

“Oh.” She pulls gently at his hair, urging his attention away from the computer and toward her so she can give him a kiss.

"Wacha got?" She asks then leans her chin on his shoulder and wraps her arms around his chest.

He sighs, "All my required classes are filled in but I still need three more credits."

Kate hums, "What about Calculus? It’s open," and points at the screen. “And it’s only once a week.”

“It’s three hours long.”

“There’ll be a break in-between.”

He shakes his head. "I don't need to take Calculus."

"Why not?” She shakes him gently. “You’re definitely smart enough to ace it without even trying and besides you have all your other sissy classes out of the way."

He scoffs, "Sissy?"

"I don't mean any harm by it, I'm just saying it doesn’t seem like your major’s exactly y'know...challenging." She brushes something off his shoulder. "I mean, what are you even gonna do when you graduate?”

Derek shrugs. "I'll figure something out."

She mutters, "Exactly."

He shoots her a glare and she returns a sweet smile before leaning in and kissing his cheek.

"Just try it out. You could always switch if you don't like it."

Derek snorts. "Like you would let me?"

Kate grins.

"What's in it for me?"

"A good grad school."

Derek laughs softly and turns to her. "You know what I mean."

He leans forward to capture her lips then keeps moving so she has to lean until she's on her back. She runs her fingers through his hair and starts pulling him away when he moves from her lips down to her neck.

"C'mon, not now." She tsks and shoves at his shoulders until he gets back up into a sitting position. "We barely know each other," She says as she climbs onto his lap.

Derek doesn't complain that it's been three weeks of them doing nothing but getting to know each other. Instead, he rests his hands on her waist.

"If we have sex now, it won't mean anything," She says with her lips against his. "Don't you want it to mean something?"

"Of course I do, b—" He breaks off into a soft moan when she presses down and starts moving her hips.

"Sex is always better when it means something, right baby?"

He nods.

"Mhm, maybe we should have a little get-together y'know, meet each other’s friends and families."

He pulls away, "What?" but she grabs him back with one hand as the other moved his hand to her ass.

"Wouldn't that be nice?" She breathes, pressing down on him harder, making him gasp. "I wanna meet your mom and sisters, don't you wanna meet my brother and my dad?"

“Y-yeah I want that.” Derek groans softly, gripping her tight and tugging her tighter.

"Bet you wanna cum too huh?" She asks, nipping at his bottom lip. "You wanna cum for me, baby?"

He nods and licks her lips. Kate smiles as she circles her hips, rubbing herself over his crotch. Derek pushes his hips up to meet her thrusts as he erupts and leans up for a kiss that she breaks too fast for his liking.

"Get back to work." She pats his shoulders as she rises from his lap. "I'll call you later."

"Wait..." He reaches out for her but she was already grabbing her bag.

"I gotta go, I have class in a half hour." She starts moving for the door. "Bye!"

He huffs as he falls backward into the couch then sighs at the wet stain forming in the front of his jeans. That's the second ruined pair this week.

--- ---

Derek has spent the last half hour of his and Kate’s one-month anniversary night gritting his teeth and forcing smiles as Kate's friends scream a barrage of questions at him over the loud music beating against the walls. Somewhere off in the middle of the crowd he knows Boyd, Erica, and Isaac are having the time of their lives and probably a few laughs at his expense while they're at it.

"So," One of Kate's friends—oh God he should probably learn their names—starts, "Are you the type of guy that gets off on looking at himself in the mirror while you do it or what?"

"E-Excuse me?"

"I dunno, you just seem like the type." She turns to the other one. "Doesn't he seem like the type?"

When the other one starts nodding, Derek decides to go find out what's taking Kate so long in the bathroom.

He catches her just as she's stepping through the door and pulls her in by the waist, burying his face in her hair.

"Can we get outta here?"

She rubs her hand down his back. "Why, what's wrong? My girls giving you trouble?"

He sighs. "Something like that."

Kate giggles. "Won't your friends be upset about you ditching them?"

He shrugs. "They'll manage."

“Alright just…let me say goodbye and we can go, okay?"

Derek nods and drops his arms from around her. He watches her hips sway as she walks over to her friends.

--- ---

"I uh...I met a girl, I’m…seeing this girl."

Their mother squeals, Laura chokes on her food, and Cora stops looking at her phone.

“Aw baby, I’m so happy!” Talia cries as she gets up from her seat and goes around the table to hug her son. "What's her name?" She gasps.


“Kate what, honey?”


“Is she French?” Laura asks.

“What?” Derek is grinning as he turns to his sister.

“Her last name is Argent.” Laura stabs at her chicken alfredo and repeats, “Is she French?”

“She speaks French.”

Talia holds his face and brings his gaze back to her. “Do you love her?"

"Yeah, I think…I do…I love her." Derek purses his lips, smiling softly.

He watches his mother’s eyes fill with tears. “When do we get to meet her?”

--- ---

“Oh my God!” Kate exclaims as she opens the door to her old bedroom. “I haven’t been in this room in years.”

Derek looks around at the overwhelming amount of pink as she pulls him in by the hand. The light of the afternoon sun coming in through the light pink curtains casted on the few white surfaces make everything look even pinker.

“Who sleeps in here now?” He asks.

“No one.” She shrugs. “My dad kept all my stuff the way it always was.”

“All of this is yours?”

“Mhm.” She turns and sits on the bed. “What?”

“Nothing,” He chuckles.

She giggles, “C’mere,” and pulls him down on top of her and wraps her legs around his back.

“Kate!” a voice booms from downstairs.

She gasps and pushes Derek away. “Jeez how long have we been up here?”

“Like two minutes,” He breathes as he finds her lips again.

“Wait, wait, we gotta go,” She whispers.

Derek sighs and lets her drag him out of the room.