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The Hardest Heart

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"Infomercial, infomercial, home makeover show, rap videos, black and white movie, damn TV sucks ass," Dean shook his head and threw the remote onto the couch beside him, turning his head to look at his little brother. "Shouldn't you be doing homework or something? Dad said I was supposed to make sure you stayed on top of it," Dean smirked. It never failed to amuse him, pestering his brother. Especially since Sam had officially reached that age where he got annoyed by the littlest things and sometimes all Dean had to do was open his mouth and Sam was rolling his eyes.

"I did my homework over two hours ago and I told you that I'd done it." Sam kicked out at his brother with one socked foot from where he was lying on the floor. "Jackass," he mumbled under his breath. Sam was convinced that the worst part about being fourteen was having a brother who figured the sun shone out of his own ass.

Dean blew out a low breath, "I'm so tellin' Dad what a foul mouth you have." His face split into a wide grin a moment before he jumped off the couch and fell heavily into his brother, fingers working in quick strokes against his side to hit his most ticklish spots. "Should wash it out with soap!" He laughed loudly, pinning Sam down hard into the floor as he continued his pursuit.

Trying hard not to laugh Sam ended up making a really embarrassing squeaking sound. Flushing from chest to cheeks Sam groaned and threw his arms around Dean trying to flip him. Unfortunately, Sam's limbs were far outgrowing his control over them and he wasn't quite able to get a good grip on his brother. "Stop it... ass..." Sam sputtered out shoving at Dean's chest and laughing.

"Ugh Sammy that mouth!" Dean spat and easily caught Sam's arms, pinning them down and straddling his hips in one quick moment. He sat up in victory, Sam's hands flattened beneath his knees, staring down into Sam's flushed face. "Seriously dude. I'm gonna get the soap. Youngins shouldn't be sayin' such filthy shit," he smirked and leaned forward to ruffle Sam's hair roughly under his palm, releasing his hold on Sam's arms before he could hurt him too bad.

And this was exactly why Sam had learned to detest his brother. Not only was he being tickled and forced to make embarrassing noises, but Dean was straddling him, his dick. And Dean was rubbing his ass against Sam's crotch and he was already half hard, Jesus he was fourteen - he was perpetually half hard and thinking about sex once every seven minutes. He learned that at school. Once every seven minutes. Apparently, seven minutes had passed and Sam was trying to get Dean off his lap before he figured out that he was hard. Slamming his hands into his older brother's chest, Sam pushed as hard as he could and only succeeded and sliding Dean's ass back across his trapped dick. "Fuck, Dean get offa me," he growled, twisting to the side.

Eyes widening slightly, Dean shook his head, "Jesus you don't learn do you?" He laughed and pressed his hips down harder into Sam to keep him rooted to the spot. Then he realized exactly why his brother was sounding so panicky and his eyes widened past the point of impossible. "Sammy... you're..." he pursed his lips, telling himself that it was just the stimulation and the fact that Sam was going through the last stages of puberty which translated to getting hard at awkward moments. He couldn't resist the little jab, "Like me on your hips Sam?" He growled and the words came out a lot huskier then he imagined, along with the gentle rock of his ass back down into the tight pressure building in Sam's crotch.

Sam squeezed his eyes shut as Dean spoke feeling the heat well up from his crotch and race up his chest. "Shut-up," he groaned. He was so pissed off; he didn't know what to do first. A yell built up in his throat and he let it go pushing up hard with his legs and flipping his brother off to the side and clambering on Dean's hips. Panting, hair in his eyes, Sam leaned his weight forward pressing Dean's chest down with his hands. "Shut up," he hissed, "or I'll make you shut up." His hands were shaking and his lip curled into a snarl only made worse by the amused sparkle in his brother's eyes.

Biting back his surprise, Dean painted over it with a smirk and shook his head. "You could try Sammy but I don't think you'll be able too," he chuckled and pushed up into his brother, testing his weight to find the appropriate place to flip him over at.

Sam would never be sure where it came from, hell, his mind was all over the place. Puberty had basically destroyed Sam's ability to think. But his body was in motion before he really had a chance to realize what he was doing. He dropped his hands to the floor beside Dean's head and bent his elbows, dropping down and crashing his mouth into his brother's. Sam had never kissed anyone but he knew how it worked - or at least - it seemed parts of him did. He almost missed his brother's mouth completely but after leaning slightly he managed to get his lips slanted over Dean's. The heat shot further through his body the instant his lips were moving on his brother's and he moaned softly as his dick swelled painfully where it was trapped between their bodies. Sitting back, he wiped at his lips with the back of his hand and stared down at his brother's glistening lips.

This time Dean wasn't able to hide the shock on his face. His lips tingled, little darts of pleasure shooting through him from the too brief contact. Dean's eyes flickered over Sam's face in confusion for a moment, waiting for the punch line, until he felt the hard throbbing pressure of Sam pressing through his denims. "Sam," he whispered and curled his fingers around Sam's arms to push him off. Only he didn't push him off so much as he dragged him back down and crashed their lips together, mouth slanting easily over Sam, tongue instantly snaking forward to seek permission inside tight heat.

Sam's lips parted, half in surprise and half in curiosity and when Dean's tongue slid into his mouth he moaned again almost collapsing against his brother's body. He didn't know what to do with his lips, or his tongue or anything and he ended up desperately sucking on his brother's tongue trying to get more of the heated feeling that was flooding through his veins. Kissing his brother. Kissing his brother. Sam's body reeled back slamming into the coffee table as he crawled backwards. He cried out in pain as the corner of the table jammed into his shoulder blade and sat there panting, flushed, eyes glassy and wide as he stared down at Dean.

Pushing up, Dean blinked rapidly at Sam before shoving up off the ground and taking off down the hall. He slammed the bathroom door hard behind him, panting heavily as his head fell back against the wooden surface. "Jesus Christ," he hissed, lifting his head and letting it fall over and over into the wood until it actually started to hurt. He couldn't believe he'd just done that. "Fucking fuck," he spat and stumbled forward, hands curling tightly around the bathroom counter.

Shoulder aching, lips burning, and his dick still harder than hell, Sam pushed up off the floor and darted down the hallway almost falling over as his socked feet slipped out from under him just outside their bedroom door. He rounded the corner and slammed the door shut behind him throwing himself face down on the bed. Obviously, there was something really wrong with him. No one kissed their brother; no one kissed their brother and got hard. And now, Dean would either hate him or tease him for the rest of his life. Or worse, tell their Father how messed up in the head Sam was. He fought back the tears he could feel burning behind his eyes and swore softly into his pillow.

After splashing some water on his face and calming himself down, Dean turned slowly and pulled open the bathroom door. He had heard the bedroom door slam and guilt tore through him. He was supposed to be the older brother, the wiser one, the more mature one. Doing something like... Dean sighed heavily and rested his hand on the door for a moment before turning the knob and pushing it open. "Sam?" He asked quietly, stepping into the room and closing the door behind him, eyes fixing on Sam's body on the bed.

Every muscle in Sam's body tightened. "Leave me alone," the pillow almost absorbed his words and he shifted closer to the wall. He was sick and messed up and ... yeah. That was it. He should just chuck himself off a bridge or something.

"Sam..." Dean tried again and crossed the room, dropping down onto the edge of the bed and reaching out to lay his hand on the small of Sam's back. "I'm sorry okay? I shouldn't have... done that. I know you were messing around and I took it too far. So I'm sorry," he withdrew his hand after a moment when heat coursed up his arm from the touch.

Sam turned his face to the wall so he could breathe without have to look at Dean. "Am I sick or somethin'?" He voice wasn't as steady as he would have liked but he was already deep in it so what difference could it make now. For once, Dean didn't sound like he was going to tease Sam within an inch of punching him.

Dean frowned and shifted closer to Sam, spreading out on the bed and rolling on his side to face his turned away body. "Sick? Why?" He laid a hand on top of Sam's shoulder and squeezed softly. "Because... you liked it?" He watched Sam pull in on himself and he sighed, shifting forward to say softly into the back of his neck. "Then I must be sick too. If that's what you think you are."

Sam swallowed and took a few deep breaths. His eyes trailed up the wood grain on the wall watching all the lines flow in and out of one another. He was trying really hard to make sense of what Dean was telling him. "You..." Sam shifted a little, shoulder rising up unconsciously as Dean's breath moved across his skin. "I don't get it..."

Sliding back, Dean shook his head and pushed up. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't even... I shouldn't push this. You're young and confused and I would be taking advant..." Dean huffed and looked away, reaching out and petting Sam's side for a moment before pulling away. "It's okay Sam. It won't happen again, I promise to leave you alone."

"I'm not young," Sam muttered, "I'm fourteen now." Sam rolled over not realizing how close Dean was and ended up inches away from him. "Push what? What would you be pushing?" Sam could feel Dean's breath on his lips and he licked them almost as though he expected to be able to taste the air.

Eyes fixing on Sam's mouth for a long moment, Dean's voice came out much deeper and laced with arousal as he thought about how Sam's lips seemed to burn against his. "Push... this. Us. The more than us?" He swallowed thickly and leaned forward to brush his lips against Sam's. "That."

Sam's chest tightened with the heat that shot down his body from the touch. "I ..." his lips pressed into a tight line. "I'm not... I'm not fucked up?" His heart felt like it was in his throat and his body jolted when the tips of his fingers accidentally brushed against the cotton of his brother's shirt.

Shaking his head and shifting his body forward, Dean whispered, "No. You're not fucked up," he hovered his lips centimetres from Sam’s, eyes blurring from trying to peer down at his brother's lips. "And don't use the f-word. Seriously, I'll have to wash your mouth out with... something," Dean chuckled and let his hand settle on Sam's hips. "You gonna kiss me again Sammy?"

"I... I should?" Sam's fingers straightened out, the tips grazing across the warmth of Dean's stomach under his shirt. "I've never kissed before." Sam blinked a few times and reached his arm out further to rub the backs of his fingers against Dean's abs. His brother had started working out a few months ago and his body was already different, so much different than Sam's.

"I'd say you did pretty good before," Dean said softly, body moving up into the gentle touch of Sam's fingers. "Think of it kind of like when we train. Counter act my actions you know? So when my tongue is in your mouth, give me room to explore, drawback, and then your tongue can come into my mouth," Dean chuckled and shook his head slightly. "Really, I have this feeling you'll get the hang of it pretty quickly. You're a quick learner." Dean slid his fingers under Sam's shirt, pressing down into the flesh and working small circles.

Sam's breath hitched in his chest and he reached out his hand to slide over Dean's hip. He could feel Dean's firm skin just under the denim and his fingers curled into him. Parting his lips Sam dipped his head down and brushed his lips against Dean's softly. His fingers curled tight over Dean's hip and he tilted his head to the side just enough to move his open mouth against his brothers and slip his tongue out shyly. Pulling back Sam licked his lips and peered at Dean from under his bangs. "Like that?"

"Like that," Dean agreed and slid forward to seal his lips over Sam's once more. There was something almost sinfully delicious about Sam's sheer level of innocence. It made him feel perverted and wrong but so fucking good it was almost impossible to ignore. Moaning into the kiss he snaked his tongue swiftly into Sam's mouth, circling in slow swirls as he flattened his hand against Sam's flesh, bringing his fingers round to the front of his body and shoving up under his brother's shirt. Another moan fell into the kiss as his finger brushed along Sam's nipples, tweaking softly in time with his tongue's thrust forward and draw back.

Sam's body was thrumming under his brother's hand. No one had touched him like that before and it felt so good; he could feel his dick swelling again, full and hot in his jeans. He waited until Dean's tongue pulled back and chased it with his own, moaning softly when he slipped into wet heat. His heart started to flutter in his chest, his hand slipped up along Dean's side as his mouth opened wider. He wanted more. The taste of his brother was familiar and different and hot all at the same time. Something in Sam's mind gave in, gave up and he shifted closer suddenly needing to be pressed up against Dean's body. Frantic hands moved over Dean's back, clawing, moving, nails scratching down the fabric of his brother's shirt. The kisses were wet and messy, hot and firm and Sam could barely breathe.

The way Sam was practically trying to crawl into his skin was driving Dean insane; literally, he was going to end up coming from the frantic rub of their hips together. It hit him suddenly that he didn't want their first time to be over quite so fast. Pulling back from the kiss with a gasp, Dean slid his fingers down and curled them into the hem of Sam's t-shirt, tugging up and over his head, tossing it to the side. "Tell me to stop and I will," Dean murmured as he dropped his head and began spreading kisses along Sam's neck, sliding to his collar bone and sucking roughly. Dean trailed his hand down, along Sam's waist band, fingers ghosting over the silky smooth flesh.

As his arms pulled out of his t-shirt Sam let them fall down over Dean’s shoulders drawing his brother's mouth closer, harder. "Dean..." it was almost a question but then Sam's thoughts were entirely focused on the heat of his brother's mouth as it moved along his shoulders, then, the touch along the sensitive skin of his stomach. His muscles rippled and drew away as he sucked in a harsh breath. Sam slid his palms down his brother's back bunching up the material of his shirt and tugging at it. His entire body shook; his hips were twisting forward, rutting desperately against Dean's thigh.

"Relax," Dean soothed, hand coming around Sam's waist to rest on the small of his back, gliding down over his ass and squeezing firmly. He pulled back for a moment and tugged his own shirt over his head, tossing it to the side. After a moment to gaze down at the wiry frame of his brother, Dean's lips quirked up in a smile before he fell forward once more, sliding their chests together to seal his lips over Sam's again. He let his leg fall between Sam's, rubbing his thigh into Sam's crotch as his tongue thrust forward into Sam's mouth.

Struggling to calm his breathing Sam's mouth moved against Dean's slowly at first, shyly. He loved the feel of Dean's lips, smoother, softer than he had expected. His older brother was all hard; muscle and strength but here, this, was softer and Sam knew how to respond almost on instinct. His mouth slanted, opening wide and drawing Dean's tongue deep inside. Moving his tongue over Dean's he moaned into the kiss, thrilling at the feel of his brother's gentle shudder when he heard the sound. His hands had settled on the warm skin of Dean's back, smooth, damp with sweat; gentle swells of muscle, he'd never felt the way Dean's muscles rippled and rolled under his palms and it was hot. Everything was hot. Sam was pretty much stuck in the spot where his brother was suddenly about the sexiest thing he'd ever encountered. "Please... Dean," Sam didn't even know what he was asking for but his fingers tightened their grip on his brother's flesh, nails biting into the skin.

"I got you Sammy," Dean blew out a quick puff of air and slid along his brother's body once more. His lips worked along his chest, sucking at random patches of skin, drawing Sam's nipple into his mouth and grazing his teeth over the sensitive skin. Slipping his hand between them, he rubbed his palm down into the hard line of Sam's arousal, working the heat under his fingers in steady drags of pressure.

Sam's spine arched the instant Dean's hand moved over his swollen dick, his hips launching forwards toward his brother. Sam moved restless hands down over his brother's back to settle on Dean's ass, firm and muscular under his jeans. Heaving a long hard breath into his lungs Sam rocked his hips slower, trembling as heat welled in his belly. "Dean..." he murmured, "c..can't.." It was too much, the touch, the wet heat of his brother's mouth, blood was surging through his veins and Sam's hips jolted forward. One hand slipping just under his brother's jeans the other moving up to wrap over Dean's soft hair, Sam moaned as his hips rolled forward a handful of times; the muscles in his abs tightened, his balls squeezing tighter and he came. Sam's voice was tight, he cried out curling into Dean's body as his dick throbbed and pulsed and wave after wave of pleasure barrelled over him.

"Jesus," Dean grunted, rearing back to watch his brother come apart beneath him. His face was flushed red, slightly damp with sweat, outrageously gorgeous in its blissed state. "So sexy," he mumbled and smirked as he dipped down to brush kisses along Sam's lips. He never thought he'd consider his little, geeky, long limbed brother sexy but like this, he was exactly that. Rolling over to the side and dropping his hands down to work quickly at his button and fly. Shimming his pants off his hips, Dean let out a relieved stream of air as his fingers wrapped around his cock and dragged up in steady strokes, desperate for the relief.

Sucking his bottom lip into his mouth Sam trailed his eyes along his brother's jaw line, down his chest and to the line of his shaft. It was bigger than Sam's, fuller, longer, the skin dark red against Dean's pale belly. He watched his brother's hand move over himself, twisting, grasping, smooth movements. Shifting closer, tongue darting out to wet his lips, Sam's fingers slid up over the warm skin of his brother's hip, settling on the jut of bone, fingers stretching forward to brush the side of Dean's rigid flesh. Sam's eyes darted up to his brother's face as a small moan left Dean's lips; he was gorgeous, flushed skin under his freckles, eyes almost black half-lidded and glassy. Sam's free hand moved to brush across his brother's lips, full, red and wet.

After swallowing hard a few times Dean managed to get his vision to lose the blur as he stared into his brother's face, mouth parted slightly, tongue flicking out across his lips and over Sam's fingers. Dean continued to drag his fist over himself, gasping in quick moans as he alternated between squeezing his fingers and twisting his wrists Every time Sam's fingers just barely ghosted across his flesh little sparks of pleasure shot through him. "Sammy," he moaned softly, shifting forward to brush their lips together. "You can touch me, if you want too," he whispered into Sam's mouth.

Sam's palm slid across the downy skin below Dean's hip as his lips moved on his brother's mouth. Lapping at the side of Dean's mouth, Sam tasted his sweat and the sweet warmth of his mouth. His fingers moved to curled around the bottom of his brother's dick, squeezing gently his thumb sweeping up and down slowly.

With a low groan Dean thrust up into Sam's touch and turned to catch Sam's tongue in his mouth, sucking it into his mouth greedily. He let go of himself, giving Sam room to touch and explore and letting his hand come up to cup around Sam's neck. Dean could feel his orgasm, pulling at him, so close he knew it was only a matter of minutes. "God Sam," he gasped as he pulled his lips back. "So close, c'mon..." he groaned as he jerked his hips forward.

Sam moved his hand up his brother's hard-on, marvelling at the weight of it before he started to move his fingers quickly. He moved the way he liked it when he jerked off, slight pressure, towards the head sweeping his thumb over the slick head. He watched Dean's face, seeing the emotions change as they flitted across his face; Sam curled over Dean's body slightly, brushing his nose across Dean's cheek then sucking the skin just under his jaw. Drawing the skin up hard Sam could feel the blood warming his mouth as it marked Dean and Sam couldn't help smiling as he let go. Dean would kill him later. Dean let out a moan that drew Sam's attention like a whip crack and his eyes snapped down to his brother's dick watching Dean's hips rocked up into his own palm.

Dean could feel the pull and tug at his senses, balls tightening as his orgasm built up in him and shoved him over the edge. "Fuck Sam," he moaned loudly as his hips stuttered up into Sam's hand, shooting white hot jets of come onto his brother's hand, across his abs. His shoulder shook slightly as he worked through his release, another long moan falling from his lips before he collapsed back on the bed. "Damn," he blew out in a slow breath.

"You're..." Sam's jaw slammed shut before he said anything else. He didn't want Dean to make fun of him for thinking his brother was gorgeous ... but he was. Sam blinked a few times and took a deep breath letting his fingers slide up through his brother's come, he rubbed it across Dean's stomach then glanced up at his brother and slipped his fingers quickly into his mouth. It didn't taste like he expected, saltier, earthy. Cheeks flushing Sam sucked on his fingers and stared into Dean's eyes.

Eyelids fluttering, Dean's eyes fixed on the fingers in Sam's mouth and he groaned, "Fuck Sam that's just..." Shaking his head a few times, Dean chuckled before he rolled off the side of the bed and snatched at his shirt on the floor, using it to wipe himself off. After he was clean and tucked back into his jeans, he rolled back to face his brother. "This... are you okay?" Reaching out, Dean let his fingers slide along the curve of Sam's jaw, thumb dragging over his chin.

Wrinkling his nose Sam pressed his lips together and tugged at the front of his jeans, "feel kinda gross," he smiled shyly. Scooting forward Sam ducked his head down to suck Dean's bottom lip into his mouth and set about licking his way along it. His leg slid over top of Dean's and his hand moved over his brother's chest. "S'good," he murmured against Dean's lips.

"Yeah," Dean murmured, tilting up into the kiss with a small smile on his lips.

It wasn't like Sam had intended to start making out with Dean and it certainly wasn't like he'd expected to ever rub up against him and end up leaving the room with his boxers sticky and wet and his cheeks rosy underneath his tousled hair. But it had happened and in Sam's mind, seeing as the world hadn't ended it was okay. Dean was eighteen, he knew more and he certainly didn't seem to be freaking out. Sam couldn't wipe the grin off his face for the next few hours. It developed into a problem quickly. The thing was, Sam had to look at Dean all the time. They shared a bedroom, the trained together; they were usually sprawled over each other in the living room watching TV well into the night. Suddenly there was an undercurrent to everything they did; sexual tension, want. Where fingers brushed before, playful, teasing they now left goose flesh in their wake; pupils darkened, jeans tightened uncomfortably across hips. It didn't suck, Sam wouldn't change it - it was just different.

If their father noticed anything different, he didn't say a word. John was gone hunting so much he rarely seemed to have much of an idea what his boys were up to. He knew that Dean was fully capable and would never let anything happen to his younger brother; therefore, he didn't worry. He might have noticed them falling asleep with their limbs tangled together, might have noticed the quiet whispers and murmurs through the bedroom wall but if he did he wrote it off to one more oddity of their family unit.

As much Dean enjoyed most sexual things, Sam was going through that puberty stage where everything was about the idea of getting off. Sam had this tendency to capture Dean in little situations that he was mostly unprepared for, which threw Dean off his usual stability. Like the time almost a month after the first time when Sam caught him coming out of the bathroom, pinned him up against the wall and dragged his body the full length of him. Dean's eyes had widened - their dad was just down the hall in his room - and then Sam was gone and throwing a smirk over his shoulder. Clearly Sam was learning from the master.

When John wasn't home Dean would let their lips drag together on the couch, kissing in the dark in only the glow of the TV. Sam was constantly pressing against him, rubbing for friction and release. Or shoving his hand down Dean's pants to work at his flesh. Any time Sam tried to crawl into his bed at night and push things further, Dean had to gently shove him back. There were some lines he just couldn't cross. Not while Sam was still just fourteen years old and so innocent. Dean already felt guilty as it was for taking things this far.

Three months of putting up with Sam constantly rubbing all over him was beginning to wear on him and at this point Dean could barely manage to finish making the macaroni and cheese on the stove. Sam was practically glued to his body, mouthing kisses along his neck, rocking his hips along his upper thigh and almost over his ass. "Sam, I swear I will tie you to the chair for the rest of the night if you don't stop," Dean detangled himself once more, placing his hands on Sam's shoulder and forcing him to take a step back. "Calm yourself."

"C'mon, Dean, I know that you like it," Sam walked around to the other side of his brother and slid forward, hand moving over the front of Dean's zipper. He fingers curled around the hard line in the front of his brother's jeans. "See?" he moaned softly licking the shell of Dean's ear and rolling his crotch against his brother's hip. "It's been a couple of days Dean ... we can eat dinner later." He nipped at his brother's ear lobe and sucked on it.

Dean groaned in frustration and flicked off the stove, growling low in his throat and tightening his hand on Sam's arm. Without a word he led him from the house, slamming the door behind him and shoving him toward the car. "Get in," he snapped, pressing his palm into his crotch to adjust the denim against the tight and uncomfortable heat.

Sam stumbled forward and grabbed the door handle, yanking the passenger door open. As he slid into the seat he looked over at his brother's stony face. "Dean?" He fidgeted not sure if this was a good thing or a decidedly bad thing. Dean's face was a mask and Sam had no idea what was on his mind.

Shoving the key roughly into the ignition, Dean only barely glanced at Sam as the engine roared to life. He slipped the car into drive and spun the tires as he pulled out of the driveway. He needed to clear his head, get them out of the confines of the house where something so secret and private could easily spiral out of control. He took random turns, heading for the outskirts of the town they were in.

Tugging at the front of his jeans Sam shifted a little on the leather seat. "Dean? Where are we going?" He looked out the wind shield watching the trees fly past the car. "You pissed at me?" Sam reached out to touch Dean's thigh softly, fingers barely resting across the denim.

Jerking the car off the side of the road, Dean guided them down a dirt path, car bouncing over rocks and potholes as they moved. Finally he spun the car into a secluded area in the middle of nowhere he'd found a few months ago on one of his random nightly drives. Turning the key and pulling it out of the ignition, he turned in his seat and fixed his eyes on Sam. "Get out."

Sam's head snapped to the side, "What?" He stared at his brother. "You... you're kiddin' me." His eyes moved over Dean's face looking for some kind of sign that Dean wasn't about to leave him in the middle of nowhere. "Right? Dean?" It wasn't like walking back from here would kill him of anything but, seriously.

"Sam," Dean narrowed his eyes, lips pursing. "Does it look like I'm kidding?"

Sam huffed, eyes widening. He opened his mouth to say something, shook his head and yanked on the door handle and pushed the door open. "You suck." He climbed out of the car and slammed the door walking a few steps away and giving Dean his back as he folded his arms right across his chest.

With a small smirk Dean pushed the door open, watching Sam's shoulders stiffen at the creak of the car door. Slamming it shut a minute later; Dean crossed silently to him and wrapped a hand around his arm. In one quick motion he spun Sam around to the car, pressing his back into the passenger door, hands tugging sharply at Sam's waist band and dragging him slightly up off the ground. "You're such a fuckin' tease Sam," he growled, sliding his lips over Sam's jaw line.

The protest died in Sam's mouth when he realized that Dean wasn't so much angry as ... turned on. Hands scrabbling at the car Sam let his head fall back against the warm metal as Dean's lips moved over his jaw, his neck, sucking and biting. "M'not," he murmured as one leg wrapped around Dean's, rubbing down the full length of his brother's jeans.

"Fuckin' are," Dean growled and slipped the button of Sam's jeans out of the fasten. Pulling the zipper down roughly he spun them around and dragged Sam around, shoving a hand roughly under Sam's boxers, sliding down. "Jesus Sammy," he needed them both to be horizontal right now. Reaching forward he tugged at the back door and practically dove into the back seat.

Sam stood there for a few moments, leaning against the roof of the car, panting, trying to catch his breath. Kneeling on the back seat Sam crawled up his brother's body, elbow banging into the back of the front seat. He swore softly under his breath and tugged at his brother's belt getting it undone as quickly as possible; Sam's fingers were clumsy, nervous, and it took him a bit longer to get the button and zipper undone. He tugged on the denim, fingers grabbing up the material of Dean's boxers and jeans as he pulled it all over his brother's hard-on, dragging the material down to Dean's hips. "Shit..." he whispered.

"You're tellin' me," Dean mumbled, shoving once more at Sam's jeans and boxers. It took a fair bit of negotiating, to get his leg spread out and Sam's pants down enough, but it was worth it when he could drag Sam down and crush their lips together, cocks sliding together in a flash of burning pleasure. Dean moaned loudly into the kiss, tightening his arms around Sam as his tongue thrust forward.

Sam slid an arm under his brother's neck gripping tightly, hips already rocking forward and back against Dean. The slick heat of his brother's dick was perfect; it set off something inside of Sam, something crazy. It was so different, the way their cocks slid together, Sam being on top, controlling the pressure and able to watch Dean's face and the way he moaned. Sam's cock jumped, twitching full and thick against Dean's. He moaned out his brother's name and tried to hold himself up, give Dean some room to move - room to thrust back up against him. Crashing his mouth into his brother's swollen lips Sam moaned again, louder, suddenly realizing he didn’t have to be quiet.

Rocking up as hard as he could, Dean's hands clung to Sam's back, pulling him to deepen their kiss. He pulled his legs up further, giving Sam as much room as possible. There was something intoxicating about the way Sam moaned, the way he moved over Dean so sure of himself while at the same time seemingly waiting for Dean's guidance. "So good Sam," Dean gasped as his head fell back onto the seat, body arching up into Sam's for more pressure.

Sam's body moved like a wave with each burst of pleasure from the way they ground together. Hips rocking against his brother, spine arching then curling toward Dean, shoulders thrown back as his head drifted to the side. Sam's eyes were locked on his brother's face when his mouth wasn't crushed against those crazy-full lips. He thrust, tentatively at first, sliding their cocks together watching Dean's eyes, feeling the way his brother's tongue thrust into Sam's mouth with each movement of their hips. Arms giving out, Sam fell heavily on Dean's chest, tugging his own shirt up, wanting more contact, more heated flesh against him. Pushing up ever-so-slightly with his knees Sam worked his hips into a rhythm, rolling his hips and lower back against his brother moaning with each slide and thrust. Finally, his eyes slipped closed.

"Want you too..." Dean breathed and rocked his hips up, rolling them along his flesh. He could feel his orgasm already building; pretty much constantly building any time Sam started his teasing actions. It was Dean's fault; he seemed to bring out Sam's teasing nature. "Come for me Sammy," he growled into Sam's ear, turning his head to suck Sam's ear lobe into his mouth, dragging his teeth along the flesh. "I'll come with you, then we can both taste our come mixed together," he blew a breath out along Sam's ear and pressed his fingers harder into Sam's back with another quick slide up.

Sam managed to moan out half his brother's name and a string of wordless sounds as Dean's words turned him inside out. His hips snapped forwards, fingers curling hard into the back of his brother's neck. His heart skittered around in his chest and Sam felt his orgasm shoot up through his body from his crotch. He felt it everywhere, his balls, his thighs; it rippled over his abs and up his chest. His rhythm faltered as he thrust twice more against his brother's heat, "gonna," he moaned. White heat shot through his body, and his come shot hard and fast, pulsing against his brother and sliding between them.

True to his words, Dean was coming right along with Sam, feeling the burn of his body, the way it stuttered and jerked against his. "Sammy," he moaned, body arching up off the car seat and into Sam as his release pulled through him, snapping his eyes shut. As he ebbed down from the sensations his hips fell down onto the seat once more, hand sliding between them once more to swipe at the pool of still warm come - his own and his brother's - gathering it onto his fingers and bringing it up to rest against Sam's lips. "Taste."

Sam reached up and curled his long fingers around his brother's wrist then sucked the fingers into his mouth. His tongue swirled around the digits, teeth grazing along the skin as he sucked the taste of them both deep into his mouth. His hips rolled once more against his brother's as the musky taste filled his mouth and he breathed in the scent of sex and sweat so strong in the car. Pulling back a little he let Dean's fingers pop out of his mouth and smiled as his hand snaked down between them, fingers running through the slick mess on his brother's belly. Pulling his hand back up he pressed two fingers against his brother's lips, thumb brushing the thick bottom lip, "now you..." Sam bit down hard on the side of his mouth. Watching.

Dean's lips quirked up in a smirk and he pulled the fingers into his mouth, sweeping his tongue along the flesh to taste their mixed juices. Moaning softly, he worked the musky taste off his brother's fingers, locking his eyes with Sam's. After a few minutes he pulled away, the fingers from his mouth and let his head drop back onto the leather seat, sighing. "You gotta stop drivin' me crazy like that Sammy."

Swallowing, Sam took a few moments to find his voice as he settled his head against his brother's chest; he listened to the dull, steady thud of Dean's heart. "'Cause.. this was my punishment?" His hand ran in circles over the smooth, sweat-damp skin of his brother's chest. He sighed, "I'll ... I'll try," his voice was quiet. All Sam could hear was the beating of Dean's heart and the rustle of the tall grass in the wind. "You're just so ... " he could feel himself starting to blush, "sexy..." he nuzzled against his brother's chest, inhaling the familiar scent of him. "And stuff..." he added sleepily.

"Well, there's no denying that," Dean nodded and chuckled, wrapping his arms tighter around Sam once more as he settled back in the seat. "We just have to be careful," he said softly and ran his hands up and down Sam's back slowly. "This is our secret you know?"

"Secret," Sam echoed. His eyes were heavy with sleep and his lips moved lazily against his brother's flesh. "Will be ... careful." Sam would never let anything come in between them; there was no reason to believe anything ever would. "Shhhh," Sam pressed his fingers to his brother's lips, "wanted me quiet and calm... am now." Smiling, Sam could feel himself drifting off peacefully.

Dean grinned for a few minutes, letting his eyes drift close and arms tighten around Sam's back.