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Past life

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Ethan and I had been friends for nearly our whole lives; he was just so much fun to be around. We had come close to sleeping together a few times, when we were drunk and single at the same time but we never quite got anywhere. We were having a childish day, being silly, it was nice. We stopped in front of that house, it was eerie, the architecture was old, didn't match one house on the street it stood out, I always got a strange vibe from that house, Ethan poked my side, I giggled even though I wasn't ticklish.
"I dare you to go in"
"No problem"
I always put up this front of being so brave but I was a bit frightened I had to admit; I shivered as I approached the door. I looked back at Ethan, who gave me a knowing smile, he knew I was petrified, but he knew I could take it. You wouldn't believe we were in our 30s the way we were acting but it was fun with the right amount of danger, thrilling yet nothing death defying. I pushed the old door back, it creaked so loud it reverberated throughout the house, I flinched half expecting something to be awakened, I pretend I don't believe in ghosts or monsters but moments like these I am not so sure. I had heard the rumors about the man who once lived here, some say he went mad from grief, others say evil got the best of a good soul but he dined with his victims corpses, he spoke to them. I was so glad at this moment that they were bullshit stories, made up to put people like me on edge, I kept trying to steal my nerves as I walked through the house. There wasn't much to see, the living room was bare, most of the rooms where dust covered and empty, and then I spied one final door.
I opened it praying it wasn't a cellar, just my luck it was, I was going to kick Ethan's ass for this, then my own for being so easily goaded into coming in here, I walked down what felt like more than a usual amount of stairs to a cellar, a few minutes seemed to pass as I descended, maybe this was a stupid idea, I should turn back. Instead I put on my mobile torch to push back the darkness which seemed heavier down here, like the air was thick with something, I couldn't put my finger on it, I saw a light switch, I flicked the switch. I was shocked by what I saw, it was like a house but underground, the rooms decorated in what looked like 15th century decor, it was lovely yet strange, why did this part of the house look lived in?, no one lived here, did they?. I began to question myself and began to wonder if the stories were true, my breathing became shallow and I gulped at the thought, now I had to leave. I turned back to the lengthy staircase, a man was blocking my exit, it wasn't Ethan, my heart began to pound in my chest, I tried to hide my alarm.
"I am sorry I didn't know anyone lived here, I will get off your property"
I went to walk passed, he blocked my exit, which forced me to look up at a serious but handsome twisted pale face, gentle, dark eyes, that gave away nothing, shoulder length brown hair, unusual clothes that seemed to be as old as the Furniture, he was tall, nice build. I had never seen this man before, I had grown up around here, I would remember such a unusual face. I did feel frightened now, why wasn't he speaking or letting me pass?, he was staring at me, I couldn't decipher the look, I again apologized.
He finally spoke in husky voice, he questioned "do you have a death wish?"
His words threw me into full panic mode, was he threatening me, I couldn't stop shaking, why did he ask me that?
He repeated the question while moving toward me, I began to back away slowly, until I bumped into a table, he was pressed against me, I was forced by his body weight on to the table "you have heard the stories of this place and yet you dare to enter, so I can only conclude, you are either brave, but considering the speed of your heart beat I can only conclude that your either foolish or you have a death wish, a beautiful woman walking in to my home, alone, so I again must ask you, do you have a death wish?"
He whispered softly into my ear. I could feel his breath on my neck, I finally found my voice, I leaned away from his looming frame, but that only drew him closer, he was almost on top of me, I could feel his weight pressing on me "I do not have a death wish, I thought this house was empty and I thought those stories were just that, stories"
My voice sounded much more confident that I felt, he laughed, and for a split second I thought it was OK, just a misunderstanding, but as his laughter died away, the serious look returned. He leaned in, I tried to pull further away that only served to place me pinned to the table, I propped myself up on my elbows to try and pull back up, I felt his arm snake around my waist pressed me against him, I didn't know what to do or say, I felt frozen in place, like a dear in the headlights I braced myself, closing my eyes tightly, I again could feel his breath on my neck, I jolted when his lips pressed to my neck, he traced his tongue down to my collarbone “mmm” he moaned quietly, he stopped. I felt him he picked me up off the table placing me upright, I opened my eyes cautiously, he backed off enough to give me room "next time you enter my house be invited" he laughed wickedly.
I mumbled an apology before dashing up the stairs out into Ethan's arms.

"Shit, honey you’re shaking, are you ok?"
I didn't answer straight away, I just buried myself into him, the warmth, and safety was so comforting, he pulled my face away from his chest so he could look me in the eye "are you ok?, what happened?"
I nodded "I am ok, just a bit of a wuss I guess"
"What was it like?"
"Dark and creepy, not much to it, empty old house"
Why didn't I tell Ethan about the man in the house?, I am not sure, we told each other everything but this I kept to myself, as we slowly began to walk back to Ethan's car I looked back toward the house, wondering who on earth that man was and why was I keeping his existence a secret?
Ethan pulled up to my house, it was getting dark, instead of jumping out, I sat there for a few minutes staring into space "wow that place really shook you up?"
"A bit"
I took a deep breath, I turned to face Ethan for a goodbye hug but somehow we ended up in a very intense passionate lip lock, I felt him lean in to me, I groaned into his mouth, he was a much better kisser than I remembered, I felt his fingers slowly glide up my thigh, under my skirt, his fingers hooked around my underwear, he slowly began to tease it down my legs so expertly given how awkward the position was, I could feel that familiar throbbing between my legs, we had got so close a few times, one if us always backed off, but this time neither of us showed any signs of backing down, he pulled away from the kiss breathlessly he said "do you want this?"
His visible bulge told me all I needed to know, he wanted it and so did I, I had always found him more than attractive, he had a smoldering charisma, that I always ignored because I thought of us as friends, we needed each other and wanted each other, I pulled my top over my head "ah fuck I have wanted to get my hands on those for years"
He eyed my breasts, my cheeks flushed, I slid my hand over his bulge he moaned, I began unbuttoning his trousers, pulling both his underwear and pants down to his ankles, oh my god it was a glorious cock, hard and begging for attention, I grasped the base with one hand slowly moving my hand up and down his shaft, tickling the head with my tongue, "oh god" he gasped, I took the head into my mouth, and began to lightly suck, I felt his body stiffen, he arched up pushing his length further into my mouth. I worked both hand and mouth, he began to thrust as much as we had room in his car, I quickened my pace to meet his building desire, I could feel him getting harder, growing stiff in mouth, he came loud and hard, I swallowed his warmth, licking any residue up with my tongue, I sat back up.
"oh fuck that was amazing, now we need to get into that back seat so I can return the favor and then some"
We awkwardly shifted over the seats into the back, he spread my legs as far as he could before disappearing between my thighs, I felt his tongue play with my clit, then he slowly pushed his tongue deep inside of me, I gasped with the unexpected pleasure, he worked me quickly into a frenzy, I was loud, screaming “oh yes, don't stop, oh my god yes, harder, oh god!” I came quickly as I was already so turned on, waves of pleasure slowly subsiding as he sat back upright next to me, he saw me reach for my top grabbing my arm mid way and stating " oh no you don't, I need to get my hands on those succulent breasts"
My cheeks flushed red, he quickly removed my bra with ease, cupping one breast in each hand, he began to grope them softly, then more harshly, he leaned in kissing around each nipple, licking over the nipple then sucking, oh my god this was amazing, why did we hold off for so long, it's like he knew my body better than I did, he kissed his way up to my neck then we kissed passionately for so long my jaw began to hurt, pulling away we leaned on each other catching our breath, he lay down on the back seat I draped over him, so comfortable, I just began to wonder how he would feel inside of me. The sun was blinding my eyes, we must have dozed off, thankful for it being a Sunday, I dozed back asleep in his arms, awoke again hours later, he smiled as I lazily opened my eyes, he slid his fingers around my ear, brushing at my hair softly, mmm that was nice, "I guess we should go into your house it being a meter or two away" he laughed, rubbing his neck, we both struggled to put out clothes on knowing it was a waste of time they would be on the floor soon enough, he gave me a wry smile as we stepped up to my door, I unlocked it, stepped inside, not long after closing the door we were kissing again, we were naked in seconds, barely making it to the bed room, he threw me on the bed, grabbing a condom from his pocket he pulled it open, placed it over his straining hard on, barely holding his length, climbing on top, he pushed himself inside me slowly, moaning in delight "fuck your tight"
As he built up a rhythm, I found myself biting my lip I was so turned on " he slowed down and looked at me and said "I will stop if you keep biting your lip, I want to hear you come, you sounded so sexy last night I want to hear it again"
I stopped biting my lip immediately, he slowly built up his rhythm thrusting hard and deep into me, I was so wet I was almost dripping, we came together with a thunderous chorus of groans and moans, he collapsed next to me a sweaty sexy mess, he turned and kissed my forehead, stretching out his arm to pull me into that comfy nook under his arm.
"fuck why didn't we do that before, that was amazing, and your body's more amazing in reality than my fantasies"
"Oh yeah your definitely in the wank bank, ooo if you only knew the wicked things we have been up to you would blush"
“Really, what have we been doing?”
“well my favorite fantasy, we get a little drunk come back to mine, you give me a lap dance, and then a strip tease, you tell me watch as you pleasure yourself, your moaning as you put a finger inside yourself, you let me suck your finger, I cant keep my hands to myself, I reach out you say no, you strip me, ride me fully in control of when we cum. You shouldn't of asked, fuck, we have to do that one”
I giggled at the thought, but also felt aroused and flattered that he had been thinking of me while he pleasured himself, mmmm, i liked that thought
"ah come on I know you must have thought of me at one time". I nodded.
I had so many times imagined him fucking me, and for once the fantasy and the reality were amazing, we spent the rest of that Sunday fucking like rabbits in every room of my house, we fell into a deep sleep.
A rude awaking of an annoying alarm, his not mine, I worked in the afternoon, he jolted up, kissed me, showered and got ready for work like he lived here, it was nice, I went to get up and he said "woah hold on I will make you breakfast, stay right there, he came back up with toast tea and scrambled egg, it was delicious and salty, mmm that reminded me of something, mmmm yes his cock in my mouth, never had I felt so alive with sexual energy, each touch has been electric, every kiss was so passionate, what a weekend, as he left, he looked back and me and smiled, a big grin, he waved, but took his time leaving the room, I didn't want him to go he looked so good, even in his night before messy clothes, I sunk under the covers, delighting in the memory of the weekend, when the man in that house flashed into my mind uninvited, sending a chill down my spine, I tried to shake off that feeling and tried recalling the amazing part of my weekend but I couldn't get his face out of my mind, slowly the face from the weekend morphed from Ethan to that handsome stranger, fucking me hard against the wall, what was I doing, Ethan had surpassed my wildest fantasies, why was I now replacing such a thrilling memory with this strange man, I shook my head.

I got through the working day, until I was driving home, I found myself stopping outside his house, as if in a daydream I walked in and knocked at the basement door, in a flash he answered, how did he climb those stairs that fast?, he smiled wickedly as if he had expected me to return "hello again, what do I owe the pleasure?"
He was being so polite and charming it caught me off guard, "I am not sure"
Not the answer I had been hoping to give but he seemed amused at my daze "won't you come in"
Guiding me down the stairs, the lights were on and his table was set for two "oh you have company I will go"
I went to leave, he steered me back toward the table and said "no it's for us"