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Safe and Sound

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"Kiss me," Calleigh said as she wrapped her arms around Speed's waist and rested her head on his chest. She was oblivious to the soot that clung to his clothes, it didn't matter to her. She was just glad he was alive and she could hear his heart beating.

"Calleigh?" Speed questioned, as she pressed herself against him. This wasn't like her. She'd never reacted this way before. Not with him or any of the others when they had come through a dangerous situation. She was always the calm and collected one. The only one besides H they could count on to keep their cool and do the job. Why was this time different?

"I knew you were here. When Eric called in the fire. I got scared," she tried to explain but from the look on his face, she either wasn't making sense of he wasn't getting the answer he was looking for. Taking a deep breath and coughing from the smoke that clung to his clothes, Calleigh tried again. "You're my friend. I care about you and wanted, needed, proof you were okay," she admitted hoping he wouldn't read between the lines at what she'd said. She'd kept her feelings for him hidden and didn't want this to be pursued. Keeping his friendship was more important than acknowledging the feelings she had for him and risking have them rebuffed.

Even though she hadn't said it in so many words, Speed got the answer he wanted. The one he hoped for when Calleigh first wrapped her arms around him and told him to kiss her. He didn't answer, rather, he didn't answer in words. Instead, he tightened his hold on her, breathing in the fresh scent of her hair and relishing it over the smoke that filled his every breath. Tilting up her chin, he obliged her request for a kiss. He watched as her eyes grew wide as he lowered his head and she realized what he was about to do. Gently touching his lips to hers, he felt as much as heard her soft sigh. He took advantage of her open mouth and traced her lips, daring her to further open to him, and when she did he deepened the kiss, holding her tight against him.

Someone clearing his voice behind them had them pulling apart like teenagers caught necking by the principal. Their 'principal', however, turned out to be their boss, Horatio Cane. "I need you both back to work," Horatio said with a slight smile playing on his lips.

Speed gave Calleigh a soft smile and brushed her hair away from her face, whispering, "We'll continue this later." When he saw her smile, he left her with Horatio and headed back toward the burned out night club. Calleigh watched him go then looked over to where Horatio still stood. "Sorry, Horatio," she told him.

Horatio held up his hand to keep her from continuing. He knew by the passion he witnessed she wasn't really sorry. Not for the kiss anyway. For getting caught, maybe. "I understand. I was glad to see he and Eric were safe and sound too," he told her, letting her know her display of emotion was unsurprising. He'd watched the two of them dance around their feelings for one another for a while now, claiming a teasing friendship instead of what they all knew lay underneath. For some people it took drastic measures for them to admit to their feelings and apparently Speed and Calleigh fit into that category. He was just glad that it turned out the way it did, the situation could have been much worse.