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Merry Christmas from the Silver Fox?

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To: Multiple Recipients

Subject: Merry Christmas from the Silver Fox?

Yesterday, when I dropped in on Sherlock and John, Mrs. Huudson asked when I was sending out my own card. I explained that I never have time to find a proper card. She thought these would suit. Do they?

May the new year be full of adventure and completely lacking in paperwork.


To: Multiple Recipients.

Subject: Re: Merry Christmas from the silver fox?

They couldn’t be more perfect.

Well done Mrs. H.

I should have asked you to pick out my card.

Good tidings,
Molly Hooper

To: Multiple Recipients

Subject: The Silver Fox

I’m glad you used them, dear. I do so love finding the perfect card for people. I have a whole file full of cards I’ve picked for other people. I thought of you as soon as I saw these.

Well, I do have one that is slightly more perfect, but I couldn’t possibly… no… not without a few drinks.

This is Mrs. Hudson, by the way.


Subject: Proper Lubrication.

That can be arranged.

Mycroft Holmes