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An Unconventional Relationship

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Even though Dean was fairly certain that his brother was gone for the night, he couldn’t help exhaling in relief when they pulled up to the motel and the light was still off. A hand gripped his thigh and squeezed and Dean turned to him, a smile tugging on his lips. “Thought my partner might be in, maybe he’s gettin’ lucky too.” Dean wanted to laugh at that. Not likely. Sam had said he would steer clear; he was probably browsing Borders or whatever the fuck the local bookstore was.

“Your partner?” The man of the evening, who’s name Dean was 99.9% confident was Matt, tilted his head slightly and laughed. “What kind of partner?”

“Oh it’s not- nah, it’s a business thing. Don’t worry, you’re not about to find yourself caught in the middle of lover’s squabble or whatever.” Dean pushed the door open and climbed out of the car, shoving the door shut behind him. It was all about actions now; stretch his arms the right way, roll his shoulders back, little actions to keep his future conquest interested. After all, there was still time to say no until he could further distract him into not changing his mind.

Maybe a dry spell wasn’t so good for Dean’s confidence.

“Good. Really the last thing I need.” Matt grinned and slid a hand up through his dark hair. He was strikingly good looking, like more than anyone had been in awhile. Well, mostly anyone. If the curve of his body and the way he slid his hand through his hair was similar to anyone else he happened to know, that was simply happenstance. Definitely.

“You want a beer or something?” Dean offered as he pushed the motel door open. It was easier with guys at the same time it was more complicated. Easier to pretend this Matt guy was something he could never have, and truthfully, it had been too long since Dean was interested in women. He might have some issues.

“You’re kind of a million miles away.” Matt came up to his side and slid an arm around his middle, pressing in and gently pressing his lips to Dean’s neck. “You gonna be with me tonight?”

Usually this wasn’t the type of behavior Dean put up with. Too clingy, too touchy-feely, too feminine or something. Tonight though, he was going to put up with whatever this Matt guy wanted because it had been almost six months without anything, all because he kept almost getting there then picturing his brother. Not so awesome. If only for the reason it turned him on, to a level he couldn’t handle.

“Should I go?” Matt slid around his body until their chests were touching and frowned slightly. But he didn’t step away and Dean wrapped his arm around the man’s waist before he could consider it.

“No. Stay. I was just- it’s all good.” Dean gave Matt his most charming smile and let it linger until Matt was smiling back. Then he was moving forward, capturing the man’s lips against his own and pressing harder into the kiss.

Matt tasted like beer and something salty, likely whatever he’d eaten for dinner, and Dean had to force himself to stop thinking before he began considering if Matt’s lips were as full as Sam’s or not. Not that he would know. Not that he actively spent hours thinking about his brother like that.

Jesus Christ.

Growling into the kiss Dean shoved Matt back and shrugged out of his jacket, kicking off his boots and pulling up his shirt. Matt seemed to get the idea pretty quickly. He was fumbling out of his own clothes and by the time Dean had the zipper of his jeans down Matt was naked and standing in front of the bed. Admittedly, the complete and utter gorgeousness of the man was definitely making it a little harder to think about Sam at all. That was the plan. So far, so good.

“That’s a pretty sweet tattoo.” Matt murmured and stepped closer, reaching out to run his finger down the inked circle on his chest. “Got some special meaning?”

“It’s a love tattoo.” Dean smirked and reached out to curl his fingers around Matt’s hipbone and squeezing. “Better if you don’t ask.”

“I’ve got a feeling that rule applies to most things about you.” Matt murmured and dipped down, running his parted lips along Dean’s neck. “I think less talking is probably good for you huh?”

Pulling back a little, Dean smirked at the green-eyed man and dug his thumb into Matt’s hip. “You might be a little like a dream guy or something. The muscles and the clear lack of caring who I am.” Dean snorted and shook his head. “It’s better if I don’t talk.”

“I think so.” Matt laughed and pulled Dean close, kissing him roughly once more.

They fumbled together, arms tangling around each other, bodies stumbling back onto the bed and rolling together on the mattress. Matt was all muscles and smooth skin, rippling under Dean’s fingers as he spread him out over the blanket. Matt made the most delicious noises, Dean let that continue to distract him because when he wasn’t looking at the man’s face this body could have been Sam’s.

Growling in annoyance, Dean rocked his body forward, curling his fingers around Matt’s cock and stroking slowly up. He didn’t know how the man worked out but he was clearly flexible, arching up into Dean’s touch like his body was already loose and relaxed. Dean even slightly envied the way it seemed like he had nothing holding him back, like he was completely lost in this moment now. He only wished he could.

“M’gonna fuck you,” Dean groaned against Matt’s ear, pressing his knee along the man’s thigh to spread Matt’s legs even further apart.

Matt moaned and arched his body up into Dean’s once more, lips parted and slick from the drag of his tongue. “God yes. Want you.”

Dean shuddered and finally, finally, started to feel like he wasn’t imagining Sam here in all these moments. After all, he couldn’t think of his brother like this, while he was about to fuck some random guy he’d just picked up in a bar a half hour ago.

“Hey, stick with me here.” Matt touched Dean’s cheek and grinned. “Come on, whoever it is, he can’t be worth not getting fucked for.”

“Well,” Dean laughed and shook his head. “You’re a little creepy.”

“All the good looking ones are.” Matt smirked and spread his legs even wider, digging his heels into the mattress.

“Fair enough.” Dean laughed and climbed across the bed, tugging the drawer open and pulling out a bottle of lube and a condom. “Please say you do this all the time and I don’t have to be careful with you.”

“What? No. I’m a virgin.” Matt pushed up onto his elbows and stared solemnly at Dean, just long enough to have Dean thinking he was serious. “I’m kidding. Don’t worry, I’m about as close to a slut as you can be when you live in a small town.”

“Fuck. So you’re drop dead gorgeous, easy to get in bed, and funny. I’m just gonna keep you tied up in the back seat of my car for practical usage, sound fair?” Dean smirked and flipped the cap open on the bottle of lube, kneeling between Matt’s spread legs.

“Promise to feed me? And let me take baths every now and then?” Matt smirked and tucked his hands under his head, watching Dean with half lidded eyes.

“Yeah, you’ll have to put up with my... Sam. He’s taller than you. Bigger too.” Dean blinked up at him and just subtly shook his head. “We should stick with your not talking rule.”

“We really should.” Matt agreed with a faint laugh.

Dean attempted to salvage his, whatever, by thoroughly distracting Matt from his inability to have a normal conversation without insulting someone. In one swift movement he shoved two fingers hard up in Matt, causing the man to groan and nearly bend completely off the mattress. “Now I know how to shut you up,” he whispered, pushing forward to seal his lips over Matt’s.

Their bodies rocked together once more, Dean’s cock pressed against Matt’s hip and he moaned into the kiss. His tongue thrust forward swiftly in time with the spread of his fingers, twisting in a slow circle. He swallowed up the noises Matt was making and moaned in return, working his fingers deeper within the man. He was tight and burning and Dean couldn’t wait to bury himself deep within him. This was going to work wonders to clear his mind of the whole Sam thing.


Sam had no luck at the local Library finding a new case, and no luck down at the diner finding something to eat that didn't taste like grease and salt. He'd settled for a beer and some cherry pie; more Dean's thing than his but maybe his brother was rubbing off on him. The walk back to the Motel hadn't done much to improve his mood. Sam had ducked his head down as he passed some prostitutes but he’d managed to attract attention anyway; the last thing he wanted.

Bitchy and tired, Sam shoved his key in the door and shoved it open. Darting inside he slammed the door shut and flipped the light on. The slightest sound behind him had him whirling and widening his stance. There were only a few moments in Sam's life when he wished that he could turn back the clock, take a different road and this was certainly one of them.

Two naked bodies, muscular, sweat glistening in the overhead light - so bold and stark. Dean. Dean was fucking ... a guy - a remarkably good-looking, muscular guy. Sam's mouth went dry, eyes moving down the tensed muscle in Dean's arm to his fingers, buried in the guy's ass.

"Jesus," Sam hissed. Reaching behind him he fumbled for the light switch and turned it off, hand sliding along the door. Dean. His Dean - his brother - the guy he tried so fucking hard not to fantasize about was lying there, fucking a guy and Sam’s head was about ready to blow up.

“Fuck Sam.” Dean groaned as he pulled back from Matt, blinking in the sudden darkness after the flash of light. “God this is-”

“Bad timing?” Matt suggested with a faint laugh. “This is uh, the Sam?”

Dean knew Matt was trying to whisper the word and not let Sam hear but he was completely unaware of the fact that Sam was a trained hunter and could hear a fucking pen drop in a crowded room. Or, Dean had high opinions of his brother but it was probably just his mind trying to hide away from the fact that his brother just walked in on him with, well, Matt. “Sam? Are uh- you’re conscious right?”

Fuck. His. Life.

“I’d rather not be,” Sam said softly. “I’m sorry. I -” Heat flooded his face. The silhouettes of the men’s bodies were tantalizingly lacking in detail. “I should...” What Sam should do was move but he felt a little like his legs were stuck, feet cemented to the floor. Why did he have to have such a clear image of Dean’s ass, the subtle curve of his waist? Jesus.

“Hey it’s okay.” Matt laughed and rolled off the bed, Dean was not prepared to lose the heat of his body and he blinked a few times, confused. “Sam was it? I’m Matt.” Dean sat up, rubbing at his face and considering calling out before Matt could say more. “You, you could stick around if you want. I don’t mind. I’m sure Dean doesn’t either.”

Dean was a little relieved the light was off because he could imagine the look on his face was a dead giveaway. Fuck.

Sam's eyes widened in the dark - searching for the stranger's features as he drew closer. "Y-yeah, m'Sam. I should probably. I mean- Dean won't want me around." God stay? Yes, please and maybe while he was at it this - Matt - could make them magically not brothers so Sam wouldn't seem as messed up. Sam's hand moved again, searching for the door knob behind him and Matt stepped into his body.

Sucking in a breath Sam let his head thump back against the door. "Matt. I -" He swallowed, eyes searching for and finding his brother where he was sitting on the end of the bed.

“I’m not hearing any protests.” Matt laughed softly and reached up to grip Sam’s shoulder, squeezing roughly. “Just come sit down for a second, we’re all adults, we can discuss this.”

“Matt, it’s, there’s,” Dean fumbled over an explanation which was ridiculous because it should be logical. It should be, all Dean should have to say is Sam is my brother and that should end the argument. Instead he was standing up, still naked, still hard, and taking a step forward. “Sam probably doesn’t want to be here.”

“Cute, you’re making excusing for each other. Have you been together long?” Matt asked quietly, grabbing Sam’s forearm and pulling him toward Dean.

Sam's lashes fluttered for a moment; he wasn't sure if Dean was going to punch him or shove him or kiss him. The expression on his brother's face was a mixture of things that Sam was pretty sure he hadn't seen before. Their eyes met and Sam had to drop his gaze from the intensity he found in Dean's stare.

"Together?" Sam's voice was ragged, his breathing a little faster than it should be. "We've been. It's been years. Not like this though." Frowning slightly Sam twisted his arm in Matt's grasp and let his eyes trail up the man's arm. He was muscular, skin sun-brown and soft.

Dean was distinctly aware of the fact that he and Matt were still very naked and Sam wasn’t. But he wasn’t leaving either. So, that could mean a lot of things. For maybe the first time in his life he wasn’t sure he had any idea at all what his brother was thinking and that was a little scary, actually.

“So, it’s a deep repressed thing with you two huh?” Matt chuckled quietly and stepped toward Dean, arm sliding around his waist, lips pressing beneath his ear. “I think, and I’m just guessing here, but I’m pretty sure he’d kiss you back if you kissed him.”

Dean stared at Sam until his brother met his stare again. His gaze was completely adjusted to the low light of the room now and he could see Sam swallow. “I don’t think he wants that,” Dean whispered, eyes still locked on Sam because looking away felt impossible.

Sam's lips pursed, his eyebrows dipping together as he tried to protest but the words just didn't come. This time Sam's lashes fell closed and he moaned softly and licked his lips. He should be saying no, turning and walking away, stopping everything. But he wasn't. Finally blinking his eyes open again he drew in a deep breath and swayed closer, the heat of Dean's chest radiating off of the man. "I ... I think I want-" Shaking his head slowly Sam glanced over at Matt, wide-eyed and a little lost.

“Do it,” Matt said quiet and spread his fingers on the small of Dean’s back, pushing him forward the last few steps.

Of course Matt had no idea who they were, that they were related and this was wrong, so he couldn’t be held at fault. And really, Dean didn’t think he would have been strong enough to take that final step if the man hadn’t been pushing him. Years he’d been dreaming of this and trying to avoid it and it was only ever getting worse. Then suddenly, here was Sam and Dean was naked and still slightly flushed and panting.

“Sam,” he whispered, hands curling around his brother’s hips before he could even realize it. “You- is this...” He needed Sam to tell him no otherwise it was going to happen and he wouldn’t be in control of what followed.

Smiling slightly, Sam looked down at his brother's lips then back up to the man's eyes. Nodding slightly he wet his lips and leaned forward to let his cheek rub just against Dean's. "I want it," he whispered. "Just this once." Once and he could try and move on - forget the fact that Dean was so off limits it was crazy to even be standing there.

Sam’s arm twisted again in Matt’s grasp until he could brush the pads of his fingers across the man’s abs.

“Not sure I’ll be able to-” Dean cut himself off because he didn’t want to say anything and ruin it. If Sam was giving him once then fuck he was taking it. His hands curved along Sam’s jaw and brought him the rest of the way forward. And then their lips were touching, sliding just barely together until Dean couldn’t stand it and he was pressing deeper. Sam’s lips were so much softer, they tasted sweet and like his brother in a way he couldn’t describe. Almost instantly he was moaning and stepping closer, pressing against Sam and sliding his tongue forward.

“Oh god, you two are fuckin’ hot.” Matt muttered and Dean could feel the shifting of Sam’s shirt. Matt’s hands were sliding under his clothing, working between them and fingering at the buttons. Dean dug his fingers into Sam’s hair to press Sam harder against him because he had always wanted this.

A shudder wracked Sam's body and his knees buckled slightly. The scent of Dean was all around him, Matt's hands sliding on his chest as Sam's shirt was pulled off. But the mouth - his brother's mouth moving against his - sucking and crushing against his own lips was making Sam's heart flutter and his stomach twist.

When Matt pushed hard at his shirt Sam let his arms fall to his sides and shook the shirt off. There was no way he would be the one to pull back from the kiss. Pushing his tongue forward, he slid it along the swell of Dean's bottom lip and shivered with excitement.

In the back of his mind Dean could hear the swoosh of fabric and when he slid his hand down he felt the bare skin along Sam’s hipbone. Naked. “Fuck.” Dean tore back from the kiss, panting roughly. His eyes slid down Sam’s body, drinking in the miles of skin.

“So, this looks like a party.” Matt grinned at the both of them, arms sliding around both their waists and pulling them close.

Dean watched as Matt leaned toward Sam and his hand moved out instinctively, fingers pressing into Matt’s collar bone. When the man looked at him with wide eyes Dean shook his head. “No. Sorry. I mean, this- yes. This can happen but kissing is a no. You don’t get to kiss him.” He couldn’t help that flare of protectiveness, and possessiveness if he was at all honest. He didn’t want Sam’s lips touching another’s.

“If that’s all right with Sam. I feel like he should speak for himself.” Matt looked toward Sam with a soft smile, wetting his lips.

"I always - I always do what he tells me." Sam's lips twitched into a slight smile and one hand smoothed over the scarred skin of Dean's hip as his other hand slid to the small of Matt's back. "We can do ... other things."

Sam only wanted to kiss Dean - if this once he was going to get to crush those full lips under his - he wasn't sharing them. Leaning his hip against Matt's Sam smiled, feeling his dimples blossom as he blushed. Completely out of his depth he shifted nervously, breath short and fast.

“All right, you two are pretty hot kissing, I can deal. I’m assuming it applies for you as well?” Matt smiled over at Dean and Dean had to admit he was pretty impressed with the man. Clearly this wasn’t the first time he’d done this.

“Yeah.” Dean nodded and leaned forward, kissing Sam again. Honestly he had no idea where to begin, or what to do with two guys, one of which was Sam. “What- how does this-” He laughed softly then kissed Sam again, it was a little distracting.

All the breath whooshed out of Sam's lungs as Dean's tongue darted into his mouth quickly before pulling back. Knees buckling again Sam laughed nervously. "Bed - good start before I..." He shrugged and rubbed at his burning cheeks. God Dean was gorgeous. Sam had grown up with that - knowing that Dean was the pretty one - but this was a whole new level of hot.

Dean's skin was flushed pink under his freckles - just barely visible in the dim light of the moon. Eyes wide and dark, the green almost completely gone - Sam couldn't stop staring at him even as Matt's hands were on him again - guiding them all toward the bed.

“I’ve got this hunch you two are going to be a little possessive of each other.” Matt murmured as he dropped back on the bed and slid back, hands propped up behind him. “And I’m assuming, Dean, you’re not going to want me to fuck Sam.”

That was enough to pull Dean’s gaze from Sam and he looked at Matt, rolling his shoulders in a shrug. “Who says Sam is even a bottom?” Dean pointed out with a smirk and kneeled on the bed, pulling Sam with him. In the light of the room he could make out Sam’s hard cock and his chest suddenly felt a little tight. Dean was a little too tempted so he gave in, reaching out to brush the back of his fingers along the swollen flesh. God, how many years had he imagined this? Of course Matt was never part of the equation but still.

“Dean could fuck me.” Matt slid up to his knees beside them, laying his hand over Dean’s and guiding it until it curved around Sam’s cock and slowly stroked. “I could suck Sam off and you two will still be able to touch as much as you’d like.” Matt pressed his lips to Sam’s shoulder, parting them to slide along his skin.

"Fuck," Sam whispered. Dean's hand on his cock - Matt's mouth working at his collar bone and his heart threatening to explode in his chest. The times he'd thought of it - let himself think for a few precious guilt-free moments about his brother - it was never as good as this. Nodding slowly Sam curled his fingers in Matt's long dark hair, silky soft between his fingers and encouraged him to keep moving his lips.

Closing his eyes, Sam let his head fall back slightly and his hips rocked forward to slide the weight of his cock through his brother's grip. "Dean," he whispered.

“I know,” Dean murmured and pressed half against Matt’s body so his lips could meet Sam’s again. His fingers spread and Matt’s slid between, causing a larger spread of flesh to slide tight along Sam’s cock. His free hand slid down Matt’s back, curving along his ass and pressing forward.

The man was still slick inside, Dean’s fingers easily parted the muscle and pressed deeply forward. He could hear Matt moan against Sam’s skin and he pulled back a little, watching as Matt sucked along Sam’s neck. “God,” Matt whispered and leaned heavily against Sam, making their hands sliding along Sam’s cock pick up speed.

Sam's arm slid under Matt's and held him up, letting the man fall against his body. If he strained his neck forward he could reach Dean's face, lips moving restlessly along his brother's jaw. The day’s growth of stubble rasped at Sam's lips and he moaned, biting down on the line of Dean's jaw.

Sam could feel Matt’s cock hard against his thigh - the man was caught between the brothers - pressed there, held up by Sam’s arms.

When Dean’s third finger slid forward easily he was nearly relieved. He couldn’t really wait any longer; this whole thing was too fucking hot to stand. He pulled his fingers free and caught Sam’s lips for another extended kiss before falling to the side again.

Once he was certain Sam had hold of Matt - the man seemed to be a little lust thrown at the moment - Dean moved to the side to grab the condom and lube once more. He situated a couple pillows in place before joining the pair again. Matt was still mouthing along Sam’s neck and stroking his cock slowly and Dean watched for a few moments before crawling forward.

“Sam,” he murmured and pressed the condom and lube bottle into his brother’s hand. Yeah, he wanted his brother to touch his cock and this was completely an excuse but god how was he supposed to resist?

The heat that was racing around in Sam's body ignited again as his eyes met Dean's. Letting Matt slide down his chest Sam felt the man's lips on his abs, his hips and then Matt's breath was hot and moist on Sam's cock. Shuddering Sam leaned over the man's back and ran his own shaking hand down Dean's chest to his cock. His long fingers wrapped around his brother's girth, the swollen flesh heavy against his palm.

Moaning softly, Sam's lashes fluttered as Matt's tongue lapped at the underside of his cock. Somehow - he got the condom package open and rolled it down Dean's cock then slicked up the outside. Their mouths collided again and Sam moaned loudly into his brother's mouth as the wet heat of Matt's mouth encompassed his hard flesh.

Dean’s hips moved up into Sam’s touch, lips pressing and rocking hard along his brother’s as their skin met and collided. Feeling the shudder of pleasure from Sam was a little surreal because he knew what Matt was doing, knew that the man was tasting his skin. Even with the pinch of jealousy Dean thought it was hot.

Pulling back from the kiss he growled softly and sucked along Sam’s neck, pulling hard enough along the skin to leave a bruise. “Fuckin’ need more.” He groaned and tugged at Matt, nearly shoving him across the bed and down onto the pillows on his back.

As Matt moved around to get comfortable Dean snagged Sam and pulled him close, kissing him deeply once more and thrusting his tongue forward. He bit down on Sam’s lip and pulled it out, hands fluttering along Sam’s skin. Kissing over to his ear, Dean caught along the lobe and murmured softly. “I’ve always wanted you.” His hands curved down Sam’s body, squeezed his ass and pulled back a little to meet his eyes.

Sam's tongue flicked out, chasing the taste of his brother still on his lips. God, Dean's mouth, his body, the heat of him. Sam's fingers slid down under his brother's ass and pressed at the sensitive skin just behind his balls. Hot. The muscles across Dean's chest rippled and he fell toward Sam again, lips crushing against his brother's.

Matt's leg slid along Sam's and the man moaned softly, obviously still watching them. Obviously, turned on. Sam let his arm fall down, fingers dancing along the inside of Matt's thigh. The man's muscles shifted and clenched beneath Sam's touch and Sam couldn't help sliding his tongue forward into his brother's mouth.

The only reason Dean eventually broke the kiss was because he might forget all about Matt if he didn’t. Part of him wanted to simply take Sam because, what if this was their only time? His eyes slid across Sam’s face for a long moment before he turned back to the man on the bed.

He thought about saying something but no words came to mind so he simply climbed between the man’s legs, smirking slightly when they spread wider for him. Dean pressed kisses along Matt’s chest, making sure he was still just as hot and worked up as before. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Sam shifting up to his side and he watched Matt’s hand curl around his brother’s cock once more, slowly stroking up.

Dean pulled up a little, watching the touch and licking his swollen lips. Then he was gathering Matt’s legs up and shoving forward in one swift, hard thrust. There wasn’t going to be any slow from this point on, he was far too worked up for that. He sucked in a shaky breath and closed his eyes for a moment, swaying forward.

Sam's back arched as a moan ripped out of Matt's throat. The man was writhing slowly, hips twisting as he adjusted to Dean's cock. "Jesus Christ," Sam hissed. Matt's fingers curled around Sam's cock again, stroking shakily in time with Dean's thrusts.

Dean's face was tight, his eyes squeezed shut as he thrust forward and Sam had to get his hands on his brother's chest, his jaw. Anywhere he could touch Dean's body he did - and it was just like he expected; hard muscle, smooth flesh in between the battle scars. Each breath Sam sucked in took effort, his chest tight with emotion.

Reaching up Sam curled his hand around the back of Dean’s neck and pulled him down. “Fuck him hard,” he whispered. Heat flooded his cheeks again because he might have fantasies but God saying them out loud. What Sam wanted, what he really wanted was Dean fucking him.

“Jesus Sammy,” Dean growled, eyes locking on Sam’s as he pulled out and thrust hard forward into Matt’s body. It kind of made his mind spin, heart clenching, stomach flipping and twisting. He wanted to know if Sam would be tighter, hotter, more mind blowing. Dean had a feeling he would and he fucked harder into Matt just thinking about it.

“Shit you- you two,” Matt sucked in a shaky breath and his hand slid quicker along Sam’s cock. He struggled to push up to his elbows but lost the battle, dropping back on the mattress. “Totally, eye fucking.”

Dean huffed out a slightly surprised laugh and dropped his hand, curling it around Matt’s cock and stroking in time with his thrusts. His head rolled forward, pleasure rippling down his spine and he forced his eyes back to his brother. “Kiss me,” he moaned softly, panting heavily.

The words went straight to Sam's stomach, knotting and twisting deep in his gut. Kissing his brother, Jesus. Leaning hard on Matt's thigh Sam crashed his mouth into his brother's, tongue sliding forward into the slick heat. Sweeping his tongue around Dean's mouth Sam memorized the curves, the smooth surface of his teeth - the taste - the fuckingtaste of Dean.

Matt's hand moved faster, an uneven rhythm as Dean fucked into him hard. Each thrust of Dean's hips was sharp and fast, slamming against Matt's ass and Sam swallowed every moan, every sweet sound that came from deep inside his brother's throat. Sam’s hips rocked forward into the touch, snapping forward in the same rhythm as his brother’s.

When Sam sucked on his tongue Dean literally thought he might pass out. It was Sam and there was heat surrounding him and the absolute only way this could be any better was if Sam was there beneath him. Only all of this was so fucking hot and the way Matt was moaning like seeing them together was just as hot made Dean shudder with pleasure.

Dean pulled back from the kiss just barely and breathed his brother’s exhale for a moment before tilting back to Matt. He hooked the man’s legs over his shoulders and bent his body, pounding hard down into him until he hit the man’s prostate, causing him to arch up into him. Dean watched Matt’s hand moving on Sam’s cock, matching the movement as he stroked Matt’s cock in return.

Swaying toward his brother slightly, Dean tried to kiss every inch of his skin as he could between the sharp thrusts of his hips. He could feel his orgasm rising up in him, the muscles around him tightening. Then slick heat was smearing along his skin and Matt was coming, moaning low in his throat, Dean looked over to watch the flush of heat coloring Matt’s cheeks. “Fuckin’ hot,” Dean moaned, forcing his gaze to Sam because he wanted to see him come.

Matt's hand gripped tight around Sam's cock and it made his mind spin. The heat in his chest flared and his eyes drifted up to Dean's as pleasure slammed into him and spiraled out of control. Hips snapping forward one last time into Matt's grasp Sam came. His come splashed hot across his own belly, Matt's thigh and Dean's hand. Jesus, the sight of it - his come on Dean's hand nearly made Sam pass out.

It was a combination of everything that had Dean losing control. He fucked hard a few more times into Matt then his orgasm hit, pulling him over the edge. Dean had released Matt’s cock and he grabbed Sam now, pulling him in close and crushing their lips together as his release coursed through his system. God he’d never come so hard in his life and the taste of Sam’s mouth was only adding to the pleasure.

Dean knew his body was moments from giving out and he pulled out of Matt, nudging the man to the side and dropped down, tugging Sam with him. The three of them were really too big for the queen sized bed but Sam was half on top of him and Matt rolled onto his side to scoot just as close. Dean blinked between them, still panting roughly.

Matt reached across Dean and slid a hand through Sam’s damp hair, brushing it back from his brow. “You two should be illegal.”

Turning into the touch Sam smiled over his brother's shoulder. His heart was thudding firm and hard against Dean and he rested his cheek against his brother's chest. "Dean's bad ass," Sam teased. His voice was sex-rough, and he blinked up at his brother's jaw line. "Dean? Y'alive?"

“Possibly not.” Dean muttered and snorted slightly, shaking his head. This was too ridiculously good; enough to make him wonder if they might have something like this again. That would get complicated though.

“You boys want me to shove off?” Matt asked quietly, still idly stroking through Sam’s hair, settling his head onto the other side of Dean’s chest until Dean had no choice but to wrap his arms around the both of them.

“I like him,” Sam murmured against Dean’s chest. His lips moved against the salty skin and he smiled, mouth curving up slightly.

“Me too.” Dean admitted with a soft chuckle, stroking hands down Sam and Matt’s backs. “What do you think Sam? Should we let him stick around for awhile? He did push us together after all. And well, we probably never would have gotten there otherwise.”

“No? Why not?” Matt asked quietly, smiling at Sam and snagging his hand, threading their fingers together on Dean’s chest.

Propping his chin up on Dean’s chest, Sam sighed. “S’complicated.” Together, is that what they were now? Brow furrowing slightly Sam closed his eyes and tightened his hold on Matt’s hand. “Stay for a while,” he whispered. When Matt left - they’d have to talk about it - make real what they’d just done.

“Okay.” Matt slowly nodded and hooked his leg over Dean’s, tilting his head up. “Never would have pegged you for a cuddler.”

“I don’t think we have much a choice if we’re all on this bed.” Dean laughed and tilted his head, pressing his lips to Sam’s head then Matt’s. It was weird, he felt oddly very protective over both of them at the moment.

Tugging Matt's hand up Sam pressed his lips to the man's finger tips, one after the other. Together. The world kept ringing through his mind; there was no way this could happen. It was a onetime thing - Dean would wake up in the morning, realize what they'd done and revert to his big brother role. Brothers. No matter what passed between them they were brothers. Sam shivered and nuzzled against Dean's chest.

“What do you two cute boys do anyway? Dean mentioned partners?” Matt mumbled softly, watching Sam. His eyes were already half closed and Dean could hear the sleep in his voice.

“We’re Batman and Robin,” Dean muttered with a faint laugh and tightened his arm around Sam.

“Oh yeah? Awesome. Maybe you can save me.” Matt muttered, closing his eyes. “Can I sleep here?”

Sam nodded slowly, shifting further across Dean’s body. One night - he could do that. Breathing in the hot scent of his brother’s body, Sam sighed, eyes heavy with sleep.

For a few moments Dean wondered if he could really sleep with two men passed out on his chest. Then he realized it was actually going to be a little amazing. After all, it was Sam, after everything they’d just had, and he’d waited for so long for it. Matt was breathing deeply, already passed out, and Dean smiled slightly. “Sam? Still up?”

Sam hesitated a moment, lingering in that peaceful place where he could just pretend he didn’t know what had happened and what the full impact would be. “Yeah, m’up.” Sam kept his voice low, thumb moving slowly over the back of Matt’s hand.

“We’re okay,” Dean said quietly and slid his hand through Sam’s hair, down to his jaw to tilt his gaze up. He wanted to kiss him but it was kind of impossible with Matt on his chest there too. “Yeah?”

Sam's brows drew together for a moment as his blinked his eyes open. Dean's eyes glinted in the moonlight. "We gotta be," Sam whispered. Fear sparked up in him for a few moments and he forced a slight smile.

“Right,” Dean said quietly, staring at Sam for a long moment. He didn’t like the look on Sam’s face; he’d seen it before, mostly when he was trying to pretend to feel something he wasn’t. For some reason he’d just automatically figured since Sam felt the same that he wanted this, wanted them. It made his heart clench and he nodded, looking away. “Night then.” He said quietly and shifted around; supporting Matt’s body to make sure he didn’t roll off the bed.

Sighing softly, Sam pressed a kiss to Dean’s chest.


The moment Sam’s eyes blinked open Matt grinned and held his finger over his lips, keeping him quiet. They had somehow still both managed to stay on Dean’s chest during the night and Matt dropped his hand, reaching out to slide his hand through Sam’s hair. “C’mere,” he whispered, wetting his lips and lifting his head to inch closer to Sam.

Eye lids heavy with sleep, Sam blinked slowly and leaned forward. Matt's fingers tightened in his hair, and Sam's breath quickened slightly. Their noses bumped together and Matt's hand rested gently on Dean's chest as his lips pressed softly to Sam's. A thrill ran down the back of Sam's neck, curling through his chest and his next exhale was shaky and slow. Matt's lips were soft, his mouth wide and pliant against Sam's and the heat of Dean's body radiated up under them, his chest rising and falling with each breath.

Dean slowly opened his eyes when he heard the faintest moan and felt the pressure on his chest. When he stared at the sight in front of him, he had to blink a few times, not sure if he was still sleeping or not. The sharpest pinch of jealousy rocked through his chest but he simply swallowed, watching. He could see Matt’s tongue sliding forward into Sam’s mouth and the look on his brother’s face was clearly pleasure, how could he interrupt that? So he simply watched instead.

Losing himself a little in the heat of the kiss, Sam moaned softly. He sucked hard on Matt's tongue, drawing him in and Sam's fingers curled unconsciously against Dean's chest. Lips curving into a slightly smile, Sam sucked on Matt's bottom lip and reached over to cup the man's jaw then slide his thumb down the front of his neck.

“You guys mind letting me up?” Dean finally spoke up, looking between the two of them. It was pretty hot he had to admit but the level of jealousy was also making him a little tempted to shove Matt off the bed and he really didn’t want to do that because he liked Matt a lot and the kid didn’t deserve it.

Pulling back swiftly, Sam felt his cheeks color as he rolled to the side. Dropping his feet to the floor he stood quickly, scratching at his chest as he padded across the room to head to the bathroom. Jesus.

The night flooded back into his mind, Matt's mouth on his cock, Dean's lips - watching his brother fuck the guy they barely knew. Shivering slightly he turned, sweeping his hair out of his eyes and smiled at Dean then slipped into the bathroom.

“What?” Matt blinked a few times and rubbed at his eyes, looking from the bathroom door to Dean. “Did I miss something?”

“It’s all very complicated.” Dean muttered and shrugged, sitting up slowly and running a hand through his hair. “You uh- want, breakfast or something?”

Matt laughed uncertainly and shook his head. “I’ve got, things and stuff. Thanks though, for offering and for, last night.” He smiled over at Dean and stood, crossing the room to the bathroom door and taping on the wood. “Sam? I’m taking off, you can come out now.”

Yanking the door open Sam smiled nervously as he wrapped a towel round his waist. “Was just...” He gestured over his shoulder. “You leavin’?”

“Once I dress yeah.” Matt nodded and stepped a little closer, reaching out to touch Sam’s towel and smiling softly. “It’s uh- I mean, I don’t know what’s going on but, it’s okay yeah? You two aren’t gonna, freak out at each other if I leave right?”

Sam smiled crookedly. “Freak out? Nah. We’re fine. Right Dean?” Sam peered over Matt’s shoulder at his brother. He liked the subtle scent of Matt’s hair, something flowery, soft and turned into it slightly.

“Yup.” Dean nodded and rolled off the mattress, pushing up to his feet and grabbing his jeans. “Just fine.”

“Alright.” Matt nodded and turned, heading over to his clothes to pull them up and slip into them. “Well, I’d give you boys my number but I’m not gonna be around much longer.” Matt laughed weakly and rubbed a hand up through his hair. “It was fun though.” Matt held his arms out to Sam with a grin.

Stepping forward Sam curled one arm around Matt’s neck and one around his waist then pulled him in close. “You movin’ or something?” He pressed a shy kiss to Matt’s cheek, conscious of his brother’s gaze on them.

“Not really.” Matt sighed and turned to kiss Sam, pulling him close and holding him there for a long moment for the extended kiss. When he pulled back he smiled softly. “Completely worth him giving me a death glare.”

Somehow this had seemed to all flip around on him and Dean wasn’t quite sure what to make of that. Last night he’d picked up Matt, he’d thought Matt was interested in him now it seemed a lot like Matt had taken to Sam. He couldn’t really blame him. “I don’t give death glares,” he muttered and pulled on his shirt.

Grinning, Sam tousled Matt’s hair. “Yeah, you do, Dean.” But something about it - the way that Dean’s shoulders were tensed made Sam feel a little better.

“I hardly know him and I know he does.” Matt laughed and hugged Sam again, squeezing him tightly and gently kissing him once more. “Have a good- you know- well.” He shrugged and stepped back, running a hand through his hair once more.

Dean turned and smiled softly when Matt came up to squeeze his arm, leaning in to gently kiss the edge of his mouth. “We’ll look you up if we’re in town again.”

“You, it’s probably better if you- never mind.” Matt waved dismissively and laughed, stepping back to head for the door. “See- well, later.”

When the door closed behind him Dean looked at Sam and frowned slightly. “Was that weird?”

“You think he...” Sam ran a hand through his hair and moved out further into the room. “Did we freak him out or something?”

“I don’t think so? I mean, I didn’t say anything that indicated we’re brothers. And he was still kissing and hugging you. Was it me?” Dean blinked and laughed, shaking his head. “Wow, that was gay of me.”

The lopsided grin made its way back onto Sam’s face and he headed over to his duffel bag to pull some clean clothes out. Tugging a t-shirt down over his head he hesitated a moment then loosened the towel so he could step into his boxers. Brothers. The word kind of hit Sam in the chest - a delayed reaction maybe. “You hungry?”

“Could eat. Last night was a little, well.” Dean laughed softly and headed across the room, stopping in front of Sam. “I know, you’re gonna want to talk later and, yeah, probably important. I just, I meant what I said and did with you last night okay?” He curled his fingers over Sam’s hipbone, squeezing softly.

Dropping his gaze Sam smiled. Heat flared in him instantly, the moment Dean’s fingers were on him. “I know,” he said softly. And he did. There was no way they could have faked the way they acted the night before, the kisses, the way Sam’s body was just drawn toward his brother’s body. “We don’t have to talk if you don’t want to.”

“Nah Sam, we need to talk about it,” Dean said quietly and leaned forward, tentatively pressing his lips to Sam’s. It was weirdly different without Matt there to encourage them and Dean wasn’t sure if this was still okay. “I want this. And it won’t work unless we’re on the same page. And, that’s- there’s things about it yeah? But we’re generally on the same page with the wanting to be together thing?”

“Together,” Sam echoed. That word kept coming up, and each time Sam felt a little less like he knew what it meant. “We’re always together, Dean.” Smiling, Sam reached up to squeeze his brother’s arm and turned to pick up his jeans.

“I don’t really mean, well, you know.” Dean shrugged and stepped back. It was probably a whole hell of a lot easier not to define anything anyway. “So, I’ve never done the three way thing before. That was... very interesting. Do you wish you’d have the chance to do more with Matt? You seemed to enjoy kissing him.” Dean turned to head for his shoes across the room, hoping his question sounded as casual as he was trying to make it.

"He's a good kisser. Listen, Dean. We don't have to make a big deal out of this - I mean - it was one of those things right?" Sam's teeth caught his bottom lip and he bit down hard. He'd watched his brother for years, knew what Dean was like. Dean didn't stick around for second dates or phone numbers - names were optional and Sam didn't want to be that guy.

“One of those things?” Dean looked over at Sam, frowning slightly. “What? The you and me thing? One of what things?” He bent over and tugged on his shoes, slipping into the boots and doing up the laces.

“Spur of the moment. Like, I mean...” Sam ran his hands through his hair and stretched, trying to look far more casual than he felt. “Like how you pick people up all the time, and just - disappear. It was like that. Right?” Wandering a little closer to his brother, Sam lifted his hand then let it fall without touching Dean.

“Oh.” Dean hadn’t thought that, and he’d been a little sure that the together thing made that clear but then he kept assuming Sam wanted more and as far as he’d heard up to this point, Sam didn’t seem to want that. So. “Uh, alright. I- okay.” He nodded and pushed up to his feet, brushing past Sam to grab his coat. “So breakfast, any luck on finding a hunt?” He could do normal again, definitely.

Smiling sadly, Sam stuffed his hands in his pockets. "Didn't find anything at the Library. Dean? Are we okay?" Sam took a few steps toward his brother rubbing at the back of his neck. Everything felt off, like somehow they’d fallen out of sync with each other.

“You said it earlier right? We’re fine.” Dean shrugged and pulled at his keys, glancing over at Sam. “You ready? I’m starving.”

Sam's chest ached a little, his stomach knotting. "Yeah, sure."

“Okay.” Dean nodded and headed for the door, stopping when his hand curled around the knob. Glancing over his shoulder he blinked, a little surprised that Sam had been following him and was now kind of, right there. “Sam, I-” He sighed and shook his head, pulling the door open. “Guess we should head out after then if there’s nothing in the area.” He kind of wished he’d known that the thing between them would be written off before it had happened, then he would have taken more advantage of the one night he had with Sam.

Sam’s hand was halfway to Dean’s hip when his brother turned and headed outside. Cool fingers of regret ghosted down Sam’s spine and he followed Dean out into the morning light.

Without stopping Dean climbed in the front seat and gripped the wheel, laying his head for just a moment on the top of his hands. “Fuck,” he whispered before the door could open again.

Last night his entire plan had been to pick some guy up that looked a reasonable amount like his brother in attempts to get over years worth of unrequited feelings. Now he felt painfully raw and exposed.

When the passenger door did open he forced himself upright and slid his sunglasses on, sliding the key in the ignition. “You shoulda got Matt’s number, he was clearly into you.” Dean wasn’t sure if he hated the question or the way his voice sounded so bitter more.

"That what you want? Me with someone else?" Sam's voice was soft, his hands twisted together in his lap.

“I don’t care who you do Sam, but it’s obviously not going to be me because-” Dean cut himself off and shook his head. “Forget I said anything. The diner then?”

"You don't care?" Sam swallowed. That was a little bit harsher than he'd expected. Huffing out a small laugh he turned to look out the window. "Whatever."

“Don’t. You don’t get to be all, fuckin’, ‘whatever’. I said I wanted- and you don’t-” Dean groaned and shifted the car into reverse, shaking his head as he backed out of the lot. He was kind of glad Sam sounded upset, at least then he’d know how it hurt Dean to think Sam wasn’t nursing the same years of repressed love and desire for his brother. “I do care who you’re with, which is why I said anything at all. If you like him then, I was just, you know if it was what you wanted.”

Sam was still stung by Dean's words. He knew that Dean was trying to make it better but somehow, he couldn't convince himself to just let it go. "He's a nice guy, he's hot, he's also gone. Can we stop talkin' about it now?" Sam folded his arms across his chest and shifted a little closer to the door. Matt had brought them together - and for a few moments Sam had let himself believe it might actually be real - then it was all fucked up.

“Fine.” Dean said quietly and kept his gaze fixed out the window. Everything was off between them, which he supposed made sense considering what they’d just done and the disastrous way this conversation had turned out. He could have sworn just a few minutes before he was kissing Sam and talking about them being together, how did it get to this anyway?

When the pulled up at the diner Dean didn’t wait, just climbed out of the car and headed inside. This wasn’t like any other disagreements they had; he didn’t even know where to begin to fix things. So he just stayed quiet instead.

Swearing softly, Sam shoved at his door and followed slowly behind Dean. By the time Sam got inside the diner Dean was already settled in a booth. Slipping across the opposite bench Sam smiled nervously.

“You hungry?” He’d already asked his brother that. Frowning, he pushed at the cutlery on the table and stretched his legs out bumping against Dean’s.

“Yeah, hasn’t changed.” Dean noted dryly and sighed, staring down at his menu. “So what random direction? I’m voting east, west coast is turning out to be dangerous.” Dean held his breath for a moment to savor Sam’s touch before shifting his legs appropriately far enough back.

“Did you hate it?” Sam’s voice was quiet and he flicked his fork back and forth with his finger.

“What?” Dean asked quietly, catching the waitress’s eye over Sam’s shoulder and pointing to their mugs. “Hate what? Last night? Because that’s, completely insane.”

“You liked him, huh. Matt?” Sam looked down at the table, watching the fork spin slowly. “Where’d you meet him?”

“A bar, and of course I liked him, but. God, Sam. Do you think I made that up earlier?” Dean forced himself to whisper, not wanting to make a scene. “I said I wasn’t faking anything and I wasn’t lying about the, the together thing okay? I’m respecting your wishes now ‘cause of all Matt said, the way he checked to see-” Dean groaned and shook his head. “I thought we weren’t talking about it.”

“What did he check to see?” Sam’s eyes snapped up to Dean’s and the fork skittered across the table before Sam snatched it back. Lowering his voice Sam leaned across the table. “You weren’t talking ‘bout it. We aren’t. I was just asking ... making conversation. I didn’t think you were faking anything. I’m not an idiot.” Sam could feel his cheeks flushing the more frustrated he got.

“I don’t know why you’re having an issue. You’re the one who just wants it to be a thing, a onetime thing. Like it doesn’t matter that last night was the best thing I’ve ever felt, or how much I always want to kiss you, how do you think I feel?” Dean shrugged and gestured to the table. “So fine, we’re not talking about it.”

Dean’s words settled in Sam’s gut like a lead weight. He blinked and tilted his head to the side - staring at Dean as though somehow that would make him magically say it again. “You. The best thing?” This time it was always that stuck in Sam’s mind.

“God Sam, how did you not know? Didn’t you believe me last night when I told you I’ve always wanted this? Why do you think you haven’t seen me pick anyone up in months? It’s because no one would- no one- there’s just not anyone like you.” Dean sighed and looked up in half relief, half annoyance when the waitress approached to fill their coffee and take their orders.

Sam muttered something to the waitress about toast and hash browns, eyes still riveted on his brother’s. As soon as she was gone he pushed his coffee aside and leaned closer, leg resting harder against Dean’s. “How would I... I mean, why would I think that this - it’s wrong, you know that.” Sam’s voice was quiet, Dean’s heat burning right through his jeans.

“Yeah, I know. Which is why I never said anything.” Dean shrugged and leaned forward to meet Sam’s movement. His elbows dug hard into the table and he sighed rubbing absently along his neck. “I know everything about you, I watched you grow up, I’ve seen all the good and bad moments, Sam. With our life? It almost makes sense for us to be together. It’s not- no one else would be enough you know?” Dean had already had years to dance around the wrong issue so the arguments came almost easily.

Realizing his mouth was still open Sam shut it quickly. It was like realizing he hadn’t woken up from a dream; surreal, all the things he’d wondered if he could possibly believe. His brows drew together, a small V forming in the middle of his forehead and he stretched his arms out across the table. His fingers brushed the backs of Dean’s hands quickly. “You’re enough.”

“Do you even feel the same, Sam? Because, I keep telling you all these things and you just-” Dean waved his hand toward Sam, unprepared for the way he felt so unsure and well, emotional. Sam of course pulled out all the monogamous parts of him, made Dean actually care about having a relationship with him.

Lips twitching up, Sam smiled, lifting his eyes to meet Dean’s gaze. “Of course I do, you jerk.” He could feel that flush creeping up his neck as he said it - as he watched his brother’s expression soften.

“So then we just, it’s more than one night right? Because I don’t want that.” Dean reached out to grab Sam’s hand, squeezing roughly. “I want more than one night. If you do.” He held his breath, trying not to let it show.

A little startled, Sam’s eyes widened. Dean’s grip was strong, maybe a little desperate. “Hey, yeah. Dean, it’s okay.”

“Yeah. Sorry.” Dean released Sam’s hand and forced a smile, nodding and turning his gaze down. He was more than a little relieved this time when the waitress returned with their food, this was a good time for a distraction.

Pushing his plate aside Sam glanced around them quickly then reached over for Dean’s wrist. “What I mean by ‘it’s okay’. I mean, yeah. I want it - more. Again. Or somethin’.” Sam shrugged, suddenly feeling a little unsure.

“Yeah, okay.” Dean nodded once more and stabbed at his eggs until no more could fit on his fork. “Well you know I do, so, it’s, I guess whatever happens?” Dean half shrugged and shoved the eggs into his mouth. He already knew nothing would compare to Sam again and he’d barely had his brother. Looking up, Dean half smirked and leaned closer. “‘Sides, didn’t really have you, huh? Not at all like I want.”

Heat flooded up Sam’s chest and neck and he pressed his lips together. “I. Yeah. No. I mean. Jesus.” The very idea of what his brother’s words meant had Sam shifting restlessly on the bench.

“God, how am I supposed to eat now?” Dean muttered and looked up just to see the disbelief in Sam’s eyes. His brother knew him too well, probably knew just how hard it was to choose between sex and food. “Guess we need our energy, huh?”

Nodding, Sam laughed softly and subtly slid his hand down to adjust the front of his jeans. Tugging his plate back over Sam looked down to see what he’d actually ordered. “I have toast,” he muttered and looked over at Dean’s food.

Swallowing a laugh Dean lifted his plate and scraped half the eggs onto the side of Sam’s plate, nudging off one of his sausage pieces. “This is why you should just always order the big breakfast combo. Toast is not good.” Dean grabbed for his coffee, slight smirk still on his lips.

“I had other things on my mind.” Sam grinned and speared the sausage with his fork. Biting the end off he chewed thoughtfully. “Matt was pretty cool, huh?” Stretching his legs back out Sam caught Dean’s ankles between them.

“Yeah, definitely cool. A little different. Something more to him I’m sure but, who knows. He shouldn’t have run off so fast. I mean, we needed to talk but we could have gotten his number.” Dean shrugged and picked at his bacon. “You uh, ever think you might want to do that again?”

“Later. I mean,” Sam shrugged. “I want to ...” Half smiling he gazed across at Dean from under his lashes.

“I get it.” Dean nodded and let his leg slide along Sam’s under the table. “I want to, also.” He chuckled softly and wet his lips. “Matt though, last night with you two, well. It was...” Dean shrugged because saying nice didn’t feel like enough.

“Hot,” Sam provided quickly.

“Definitely that. It was, the after, I liked that,” Dean muttered and laughed. “Was good.”

“The cuddling?” Sam tried to hide his grin.

“Shut up Sam.” Dean threw a piece of bacon at his brother but grinned down at his hands.

Snatching up the bacon Sam popped it in his mouth. “You’re a closet cuddler.” For some reason - that was the thing that surprised him the most. That was pretty crazy.

“Shut the fuck up, Sam.” Dean groaned and shook his head roughly. But he really was grinning a little too goofily and that felt good. “You were the one making out with him over my chest this morning.” It was a bad argument.

“Never said I didn’t like it. Was hopin’ you would get-” Sam’s mouth snapped shut. “We gotta find a hunt. Something to keep us busy.” Rubbing at his mouth, Sam closed his eyes for a few moments.

“Were you going to say jealous? Because if you were, I was. Really, horribly, jealous. Matt was lucky not to end up on the floor on his ass.” Dean snorted and flicked a piece of egg off his plate and at his brother. “Nothing around here at all then, huh?”

This time it was a gentle warmth that blossomed in Sam’s chest. Not that he wanted Matt on his ass but the idea that Dean would do that was kind of remarkable. “Nothing, but I’m sure something will find us - it always does.”

“Too true.” Dean agreed and wet his lips, watching Sam over his coffee once more. This was definitely a good thing.