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Snowy Night

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Tommy sat on the damp, cold worn wood of the bench in the center of a silent and mostly abandoned park. He was sitting sideways and watching Adam as the snow fell in heavy flakes around them, blanketing the already covered ground. It was entirely too cold for his California blood to deal with-- even bundled the way he was, there was a steady shiver coursing through him. Adam should have felt the effects just as badly but instead he seemed fascinated.

The last time he’d checked his phone, it was pushing 3AM and that was probably the wrong time for either of them to be in the middle of a strange city on their own. The longer he thought about it, the more convinced that Tommy was he should probably call some sort of security just in case...but he couldn’t bring himself to disrupt the private moment. Not very often did he get the opportunity to have such a quiet, solitary moment with just Adam.

Adam was sitting with his head rested on the back of the bench, long legs stretched out in front of him. He had on a coat that was more style than functional but an over-sized scarf protected his throat. The snow collected along the chiseled features of the singer’s face-- his lashes, his cheeks, his midnight hair. The flakes were falling fast enough that they lingered, not melting the instant they landed on Adam’s skin. He was breathtakingly beautiful, looking like some sort of sleeping winter angel. Tommy didn’t want to break the spell so he was using every damn ounce of will power he possessed to hold himself back, dying to lean forward and licksuckkiss every single bit of snow from Adam’s full lips.
“You know, I can feel you staring at me.”

Tommy blinked out of his daze. “What? Sorry, I’m trying to tell myself not to pounce you while you’re enjoying your winter wonderland. Seriously, how are you not freezing? I’m about two minutes from being a popsicle.”

Adam turned his head to face Tommy, blinking heavily through the moisture and giving the bassist a smile. “It’s not so bad. I think it’s beautiful out here, could stay out here all night.”

“I think you’re beautiful.”

The smile on Adam’s face grew til it was brighter than the street lamps casting a golden glow around them. “You’re such a cheeseball.”

Only humming in reply, Tommy came forward. He slid his gloved hand under the folds of Adam’s scarf to grasp the back of his neck and pull him into a kiss. He couldn’t resist any longer. But it didn’t last long. “Jesus baby, you’re like an icicle and shivering like crazy. Come on, we should go back to the hotel. If you get sick, Lane is going to kick my ass for letting you out like this.”

Tommy started to get to his feet, but Adam caught him by the hand. “Just a little while longer, please? It’s going to be ages before we get the chance to see snow like this again. Let’s enjoy it a bit more.”

Sighing, Tommy settled back in next to Adam. “Ok but come here.” He pulled the scarf up around Adam’s face a little more, tucked the singer’s hands between his own and breathing over them to try to get them warm.

The whole time, Adam watched the way that Tommy fussed over him. It made his heart swell with affection. “I love you.”

Tommy kept his lips pressed against their fingers, shifting his brown eyes up to Adam’s face. “Now who’s being the cheeseball.”

“Yeah but I’m the dramatic rock star so I’m allowed. You know if you really want to warm me up, you should get back to kissing me.”
Tommy rolled his eyes but shifted to catch Adam in a kiss. Tomorrow they were both going to end up with hoarse voices and achy to the bone but it would be worth it for a night like tonight. The bassist didn’t pull away until they were both breathless. “Alright seriously, we are going back to hotel. We’re lucky it’s cold enough that even the creeps aren’t out lurking otherwise we’d be in trouble. I know you like it out here but I’ll make it up to you with some nice warm-up sex when we get to your room. We can watch it snow more from the balcony if you want... so we can have blankets and a fire and liquor and all sorts of things to keep us warm.”

Adam let Tommy pull him to his feet as they headed down the path towards the park’s entrance. The footprints they’d left on their arrival were already covered over with a fresh layer of snow. “Can I keep my hands in your pockets on the way.”

“If you can manage to keep yourself from going frisky.”

“Tommy, you know me well enough to know I’d never promise something like that.”