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The Runaround

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Derek sat on the porch enjoying the fireworks when Stiles came out of the house and sat down next to him. “Here,” Stiles handed over a chocolate covered banana on a stick.

“Thanks,” Derek thanked him absentmindedly, attention diverted elsewhere. Jackson and Scott were aiming their rocket launchers at each other in a particularly spiteful way. Allison twirled in circles, hands full of sparklers. Danny was cackling with glee as he lit another, rather large, rocket. The only one who was doing anything safe looking was Lydia, who had a handful of unlit cherry bombs.

“This is nice,” Stiles said around a mouth full after it became apparent Lydia had control of the situation, ordering the two beta to aim elsewhere and not set anyone of fire. “I’m glad you let us do this here.”

Derek snorted. “It was here or somewhere you all would get arrested for. At least this is private property and you couldn’t do any worse damage than already done.” He indicated the house, still partially in its decrepit state. At least he didn’t live here any longer, the ghost haunting the hallways put to rest.

“Still, considering its Allison’s party and your history with her family…”

Derek felt uncomfortable with what Stiles was implying. Like he was being nice or something, on purpose. “Look, Scott’s pack, and if he’s depressingly attached to the girl like everyone says then I have a feeling I’m going to have to get use to her.”

“That,” Stiles patted the older teen on the back. “Is surprisingly mature of you.”

“Stop touching me.” Derek growled and Stiles moved his hand away quickly.

“Moody, but mature.” Stiles took an obscene bite out of his banana.

Derek blinked at him.

Pulling his mouth off with a ‘pop’, Stiles licked his lips. “Heh, moody. Like Professor Moody, from Harry Potter. Get it?”

Derek shook himself out of his stupor. Had he just…

“You know Allison asked for a Ravenclaw scarf for her birthday?”

“No.” Derek hated to admit it but he was actually familiar about the Harry Potter franchise. At least it wasn’t Twilight. Laura had made him watch that first movie and he about clawed his face off so he’d have an excuse to leave the room and successfully brain himself to get rid of the memory of it. There were some tortures that even werewolves weren’t immune to and sparkling vampires seemed to be that thin red line. At least Harry Potter had action, duels, and characters with more than half a brain to know stalking was not good. He had always been partial to Hermione, she was a good friend to Harry Potter and he personally thought Ron didn’t deserve her. 

“I didn’t even know she was a fan until she said something. This Halloween we made a pact to dress up as Ravenclaw students and go trick-r-treating. Scott got all upset because he’s a Gryffindor and doesn’t think it’s fair that me and Allison are in the same house.”

“Stiles, you aren’t really a wizard.” Derek deadpanned.

“Hey I could be. You never know, I mean, there’s werewolves out there so why can’t there be wizards?”

“As much as I believe mentally you haven’t matured past the age of 11, physically you have. So unless your Hogwarts acceptance letter was misplaced, I think we can safely say you are not a wizard.” Derek reminded him, leaning forward with his hands between his knees, still holding the banana on a stick. He wondered why he even had it, he didn’t even like bananas that much.

Stiles pouted at him, lips shiny with spit from when he was licking his own banana. Derek’s brain seemed to stuttered at the sight. 

“Boo, dream wreaker. I have the wand and everything so don’t go dashing my hopes.” Stiles ate the last of his treat, licking the stick for extra chocolate. Derek only looked away when there was a loud crack, looking up at the sky as it bloomed pink and green.

“Wow, that’s awesome.” Stiles said breathless, Derek nodded in agreement. Although Stiles could see it the way the werewolf could, the colors were especially luminescent in the dark sky above the tree line. The noise was bit overwhelming, but the sight was more than worth a few moments of ringing eardrums.

“You going to eat that?” Stiles asked after the last twinkling bits of the firework faded away, pointing at the banana still in Derek’s hand.

“Hmm? Oh, no, you can have it.” Derek looked away from where Jackson and Danny were unloaded more rockets from the back of Danny truck.

“Really?” Stiles seemed surprised, gathering the trash from the birthday cake and all the empty plates. Derek had half a mind to growl at the others for leaving them to clean up after them. Derek sometimes felt like he was taking care of a pack of unruly puppies, and somehow Stiles had become their maid. The younger teen took care of and cleaned up after Scott and his friends more than most kids his age. He wondered if it was just something Stiles was use to, taking care of his dad and all.

Derek offered the banana to him but Stiles looked pointedly at his full hands. Leaning back, Derek held it between his legs again so he didn’t knock it against anything in the smaller teen’s arms. He’d hold it until Stiles threw the trash away.

Then Stiles got a mischievous glint in his eyes, and before Derek could say anything the teen leaned over and magically swallowed the banana whole. With his mouth. Meaning not using his hands at all. To the banana between Derek’s legs. Just leaning over like he was…

He was pretty sure his vision whited out.

“Hah! I got a picture of that Stiles!” Lydia squealed, waving the camera in the air. Derek was sure he looked dumbstruck, because his brain didn’t reboot until long after Stiles had plucked the empty stick from his rigid hand and gone inside.

Scott scowled at him from halfway across the yard.

Derek tried not to let his jaw drop but was sure he failed in that endeavor. He was having some kind of late reaction, and had Stiles just put his mouth near his crotch? Had Stiles just deep throated a banana between his legs?

The hell…?

Stiles came out of the house smirking, chewing on the banana in his mouth. His face was lightly flushed and for all the embarrassment of being caught doing what he did, he looked rather pleased with himself. Derek could only stare up at him in shock. Stiles barely glanced at him.

“Allison ready to open presents?” Stiles asked, clapping his hands together in excitement as everyone gawked at them.

Everyone unfroze except Derek, rushing towards the porch where the presents waited.

“I think someone already got their present,” Lydia’s mouth curled up as she eyed the alpha.

Stiles finally looked at Derek and raised an eyebrow. “Well it’s not his birthday, so he only got a piece of it…for now.”

“A piece of what?” Danny asked. He had been too far away to see anything in the dark. “What did I miss?”

Lydia eyed Stiles in a whole new light, like she couldn’t believe she had never seen what a wonderful human being he was. “Nothing darling, just mommy getting one over on daddy.”

Jackson looked confused, he hadn’t seen much either. “Who’s daddy? Better yet, who’s mommy?”

Danny shrugged, elbowing his way to the bench with the presents. “Whatever, here Allison, open this one first.”

Scott stopped glaring at Derek to yell at Danny. “No fair, I’m her boyfriend. She has to open mine first.”

“No way McCall,” Jackson ganged up on Scott, creating a wall between him and the presents. “She has to open them in a certain order, remember?” Allison just smiled happily at them and took the present from Danny hands. She delicately opened the purple wrapping paper, setting the sparkly bow on the table beside her.

There was an outbreak of cheering as Allison screamed in excitement, hugging a box to her chest.

“You okay?” Stiles nudged Derek’s leg with his foot.

Derek looked at the foot in question. Was the foot going to molest him also? He had never thought of the perverted things someone could do to you with their foot before, but now he was.

He narrowed his eyes at it.  

“Oh my gawd, Derek thank you!” Allison cried out, pushing through the small crowd around her to hug him. Derek was too busy staring at Stiles errant body part to push her off him. He glanced up at Stiles and saw the teen smiling gently down at him.

He patted Allison on the back with one hand reluctantly.

Stiles bit him bottom lip, his smile more affectionate. 

Lydia looked between them, calculations running through her mind.

Allison pulled herself away, wiping tears from her eyes. The smell of salt so close to him seemed to drag Derek out of whatever confounded shock he’d been in. Shaking himself, he stood up, helping Allison into Scott’s arms.

“It--” Derek had to clear his throat for a second, something had lodged there. “It wasn’t just me. That’s a gift from Stiles and I.”

Wow, now did that sound suggestive. Derek felt his face heat up as the others looked at him with wide eyes. Stiles beaming at the others with no concern what so ever, just happy to make Allison happy. Derek wanted to run a hand through his hair but thought that would make him seem nervous.

“I picked it out, he paid for it.” Stiles pointed at Derek before Allison threw her arms around him also. Stiles made a grunt as the wind was knocked out of him and Derek put a hand on his back to steady him.

“Oh my gosh that had to be so expensive,” Allison looked at them both with watery eyes. Derek moved his hand away as if burned, noticing Lydia’s pointed look.

 Derek just shrugged, looking out at the woods.

“Well he didn’t pay for all of it.” Stiles admitted.

“You paid shipping and handling,” Derek reminded him. Not by choice though, Stiles had been adamant about paying half, but while he was distracted Derek had ordered and paid for it before the younger teen noticed. Stiles had thrown a hissy fit and Derek had only relented on the S&H because he couldn’t take Stiles pouting at him anymore.

Stiles whirled on him, ready for a fight. “You--”

“Okay guys, save the domestic for later.” Lydia butted in, leading Allison back to her chair and setting a present in her lap.

Jackson looked at Derek suspiciously. Derek felt rather affronted that everyone was giving him these looks.  He wasn’t the one eating bananas out of another dudes lap.

Derek shifted on his feet, getting a reign of his emotions. He didn’t need to wolf out over something that Stiles did to him.

But seriously, what the hell had that been all about?


Derek paused suddenly as he stepped out on the porch. He had originally wanted to talk to Stiles alone as the younger teen headed to his jeep, but Lydia beat him to it. Weaving her arms through Stiles, the red-head leaned close.

“Drive me home?”

“Uh,” Stiles glanced back at the house unsure. He was only leaving so early because his dad wanted him home. The others were still inside, helping Allison set up her IPad. “Sure…I guess.”

“I’m tired, and I told Jackson I was headed out with you.” Lydia reassured him.

“Okay?” Stiles still looked confused. Derek didn’t blame him, until today, Lydia didn’t seem to care much about Stiles as a friend in any sense. Only tolerating him because he was part of the pack, this change in attitude was discerning.

“Beside, I’m sure we have loads to talk about.” Lydia hopped into the passenger side of the blue jeep, pulling down the mirror and fixing her makeup. Stiles stopped half way around the car before glancing back once more at the house.

This time he spotted Derek standing there watching them in the shadows. Grinning, Stiles waved.

Derek waved back, leaning against a post. Stiles was grinning manically as he got in and started the jeep, griping at Lydia to buckle-up.   

Well, there could always be later. Not like Derek was going to forget the incident anytime soon.

Derek stood outside for a while, long after the tail lights disappeared into the distance.