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Jurassic Lesbians and Raptor-killing Park

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The raptors are scraping at the other side of the door. Meisa can hear them; five minutes, maybe less, and they'll get through the glass - the compound wasn't made to withstand bullets or loose animals.

"Listen," she says, grabbing for Becky's arm and wrapping her fingers around the other woman's bicep. "I need you to get out of here."

"What are you talking about?" Becky asks. There are tear-stains on her cheeks, but she's standing tall - more than Meisa can say about those two douchebags who were on the dinosaur tour with them. Last time she'd seen them, they were cowering behind the cardboard Brontosaurus cut-outs in the entryway, near the banner.

There are screeches on the other side of the wall; they are getting closer.

"If we can't both make it, then it needs to be you," Meisa continues.

Becky pulls her arm away from Meisa's hold. "I'm not leaving here without you!"

"Unless you do, you won't be leaving here in one piece!" Meisa snaps. "This isn't open to negotiation."

Becky glares at her for a long moment, and then grabs both of Meisa's lapels and drags the other woman in for a searing, demanding kiss. Meisa can still hear the raptors on the other side of the glass - out of the corner of her eye, she can see them, too, scratching at the surface until the cracks start to form. Seeing them while Becky's tongue is lapping along her mouth just makes the whole thing that much hotter.

When the other woman pulls away, they are both breathing hard; Becky's lips are swollen and pink. Meisa wants to kiss her again - instead, she reaches underneath the computer into the shelves, grabbing another round of ammunition for the rifle.

"Well," she says, and pops the safety off, "then I guess we're doing this the hard way."

The raptors break through the glass with a burst of shattered shards and screams that sound like crosses between dolphins and Hollywood vampires. Meisa aims and takes one out immediately - it falls and crashes into the computer. They won't be accessing the system files anytime soon. She hits another in the shoulder, a bad aim that grazes enough to at least send it off-balance. Becky grabs the handgun from the holster on Meisa's hip and starts shooting at the last one still rushing towards them. It's either luck or good aim that helps the bullet hit it square in the eye.

The injured one is on the floor, hurt but not getting up anytime soon. Meisa would rather use her bullets on something actively chasing them.

The door at the back of the office finally unlocks with a click, and it slides open.

"Come on!" Jeff Goldblum yells, gesturing wildly. "Christ, get out of there!"

Meisa pushes Becky out first, keeping an eye on the last raptor struggling to get back on its feet. "Is the helicopter here?"

"It's on its way, we radio-ed in from the emergency shed," Jeff answers. He pulls the door shut behind him and types in the access code to lock it once more. That might hold the last raptor - but Meisa doesn't know where the others are. She's thankful she grabbed the extra rounds from the storage shelves.

"And the T-Rex?" she asks. Jeff leads them over the cliff that the complex was built into the side of, pointing off into the distance - the lights on the tops of the fences aren't on, but they haven't been on for at least 24 hours. With that much time, the rex could get anywhere.

Becky's fingernails dig into Meisa's wrist. "Do you hear that?" she whispers, and all three settle into silence.

Vibrations in the ground: footsteps. Large footsteps.

Meisa cocks the gun once more. "Move! Run!"

The three of them take off towards the forest; without a count on the rest of the raptors, Meisa isn't entirely sure the trees are safe, but at least within the leaf cover, they can hide from the rex. The raptors may alert its presence more than human bodies will. Jeff stops them at the trunk of a particularly large tree, and then motions upwards. "Climb!" he demands.

They are halfway up the tree when Meisa hears the roar of a gas-powered jeep and turns to see the vehicle racing through the brush blasting Kanye West.

"Idiots," Jeff Goldblum sighs.

Behind Jin and Pi in the jeep is the T-Rex, stomping along and racing after it. At least while it's fixated on the jeep, the three of them can get out of sight and to the helicopter landing pad without worrying about it. Meisa is glad at least one of the dinosaurs chasing them stomps loud enough to always be noticed.

Then there is the sound of a roaring engine. "That's the chopper," Jeff says, and starts to run down the trunk. Meisa says a quick prayer before following him - she hopes the rest of the raptors have been contained or distracted by something else. She helps Becky down off the last branch and they follow Jeff through the leafy underbrush until they reach the side of the pad.

The lights at the top of the fence are still out, but Meisa doesn't want to take any chances. At least there's an opening in the wire.

Tegoshi pops his head out of the side. "Get in the chopper!" he yells, barely audible over the whirl and hum of the blades.

"Do you think they'll be okay here without us?" Becky asks as she climbs inside the cabin, sounding worried - Meisa assumes she's talking about the retards in the jeep with the bad taste in American Hip-Hop.

"Who knows," Meisa replies. She grabs for the seatbelt. "Let's just get the hell outta here."