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Neverending Summer

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"It was the brother." Brennan decided as she, Cam and Vincent stared intently at the bones in front of them. Cam and Vincent immediately turned their heads to look at Brennan, waiting for the evidence that would close the case. "The brother was a tailor. Here you can see," she pointed at the wound, "that the wound was inflicted by two blades held together by a screw."

"Like the Newcomb case?" Vincent asked. He remembered that case well, mostly because it was, frankly, rather scary. "The one with the foaming bones and the monkey?"

"Yes, exactly, Mr. Nigel-Murray," Brennan replied, then looked to Cam. "I'll go tell Booth, then I'll go with him to make the arrest."

"Dr. Brennan, we do have another case to work on," Cam said, pointing to the corpse on the other gurney; it was covered with decomposing flesh, and made Cam, who had been a pathologist for nearly sixteen years now, feel a little nauseous. It smelt horrible. Though this, of course, didn't bother Brennan or Vincent in the least.

"The arrest won't take us too long," Brennan said, already taking off her latex gloves and readying to leave, "Mr. Nigel-Murray, would you assist Dr. Saroyan with de-fleshing?"

"Well, I was hoping…" Vincent started to say, but Brennan took ignored him and left. He sighed.

"What were you hoping, Mr. Nigel-Murray?" Cam asked the exasperated Vincent.

"Oh, just if I could… leave early because… uh…" Vincent had no idea of how he could explain his situation to her. "Family business. Important."

Cam sighed. If Vincent, who loved working there so very much, needed to leave early, there must've been a good reason, right? "Alright. Go." Vincent smiled widely, and almost ran from the platform, forgetting to take off his gloves until after he was half way out the door.

"Thank you, Dr. Saroyan!" He shouted as he left, leaving Cam alone to de-flesh the body.




"Vincent, what's wrong? You're talking really quickly, I can hardly understand you." Sweets said into his cell-phone, hoping Vincent would just calm the heck down. His English accent became even stronger than usual when he was panicky. "Oh. Is Abby alright?"

Cam walked back onto the Forensics platform, surprised to see Sweets there, talking on his phone. She heard something about Vincent, and something about a girl called Abby. Who was that? Maybe a girlfriend? Cam hadn't heard Vincent mention having a girlfriend, and she did imagine him to be the kind of person to be like: "Hey, this is my girlfriend…" and "You know I have a girlfriend?". Though, Vincent could be a very confusing human being, so Cam wasn't too sure.

"Dr. Saroyan?" Sweets said. Cam looked around; he was off the phone now.

"Yes, Dr. Sweets?"

"Could you come with me to Vincent's house?"



"Dr. Sweets, could you please explain to me why we're going to Vincent's house?" Cam asked. Sweets hadn't told her why he, so urgently, had asked for her to come with her to Vincent's house.

"Well, you know that other case you had? The Menzini one?" Sweets started, sounding panicked, "The mafia one?"

"Yeah…" Cam said, wondering what any of this had to do with Vincent.

"The press got in on it. They interviewed Vincent and it was on the news." Sweets continued, trying not to take his eyes off the road, "That guy was a big shot in the mafia. I'm thinking he was killed by a rival gang, because Vincent got a death threat."

"What? Really?" Cam gasped. Why would anyone threaten Vincent? He was just a sweet, harmless, little weirdo.

"Yeah, and Vincent's really worried about—" Sweets stopped himself. "He's just really worried."

After a few minutes of stunned silence, they pulled up at Vincent's house. Cam was surprised by how nice it was; he was just a Squintern. She guessed it was possible that he had a stinking rich family.

"So, Sweets, why did you ask me specifically to come with you?" Cam asked as she and Sweets approached Vincent's door.

"Well, Agent Booth wasn't answering his phone… and you kinda kick ass." Sweets added the last part after a bit of a dirty look from Cam. It was true, but he didn't think it was that appropriate at first. He felt a bit better when Cam smiled.

Sweets knocked on the door, and after a few seconds, the door was unlocked and opened.

"LANCE!" A small girl jumped up and hugged Sweets tightly. He smiled and picked the girl up and placed her feet back on the floor.

Cam looked at the girl. She had long, red hair, though she looked rather familiar. She had bright cobalt eyes, and she looked like… Vincent? And, even though, she'd only heard her say one word, she had an obvious English accent.

"Dr. Sweets… who's this?" Cam asked, looking again at the little girl, thinking she must be hallucinating or something.

"This is Abigail… she's Vincent's daughter."





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