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Barney Remixes 2

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I'm an old fool,
Or so they say,
We save the girls every day.
They're made Julien
And I and now Uno their tools,
Boy I wish they'd of stayed in school.

Just you wait,
Rand you'll see,
I'm your biggest enemy.
You think I'm you friend
But you'll catch on too late,
At my hands you will meet your fate.

I see you.
'bove your head
Visions float like the undead.
Extra ones for warders,
And Aes Sedai too.
But what I see I'll only tell you.

I love Rand,
Yes I do.
I hate to share with the other two.
I can channel some
But I'd rather fight like you
But the wise ones tell me what to do.

Berelain to Perrin
I want you,
I don't care,
That you have a wife, I'll share.
I'm the first of Mayene
I help rule Cairhien too.
Won't you say you love me too?

I love Faile,
Yes I do,
Her jealousy makes me blue.
With bloody gold eyes
Changing the pattern of the Wheel
Why is being a Lord such a big deal?

Bloody Dice,
In my head,
My thoughts are from men long dead.
With the Dark one's luck
I always win when gambling
I have to give Tuon a ring.

That I am
My keeper is Sheriham.
I am still young, but
I'm no puppet or stand-in
I just hope that my side wins.