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Pete and Patrick Meet at Yoga

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Patrick realizes when he's halfway to his car that he left his hoodie in the studio. He lets out a resigned sigh and turns back to get it.

He stops before he goes in, because Gabe and Victoria are still there. He can see them through the window, standing close together, smiling softly at each other, Victoria looking up and Gabe looking down like puzzle pieces that haven't yet been hooked together. They're not even doing anything, and yet it's so intimate that Patrick still feels like he's intruding on something deeply private. Their lips are just meeting as he turns away and nearly walks right into Pete.

Pete's looking past him, watching Gabe and Victoria, with a look on his face that Patrick can only describe as wistful.

"They're the real thing," he murmurs. "They'll be kissing like that when they're eighty and they have a world full of grandkids." Pete shifts his attention to Patrick and smiles at him a little sadly. "See you next week." And then he walks away without propositioning him.

Patrick watches him go with an uncomfortable twinge of warmth spreading through him.