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    Jotunheim sends Prince Byleistr to Asgard. Sequel to K_dAzrael's 'Malleable', which is a sequel to 'Morass.' Read those first.

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    The Casket needed to be blessed before it was carried into battle, according to Byleistr. Hogun watched as he stripped naked and spent a few hours with his head bowed, murmuring words no one else could hear to the Casket.

    “It will acquiesce to being used as a weapon now,” he said, handing it to Thor and looking pleased with himself. “I could bless you hammer too, if you liked. We are almost brothers, are we not?”

    ”Aye, shaman, we are,” agreed the Thunderer. “But Mjolnir is eager enough for battle as it is. I would not have her overeager.”

    “I want to be God of Bees,” Byleistr said to Hogun as the warriors made ready for war.


    “I had never heard of them, but there was a woman in the market selling honey from dozens of hives. And I conferred with… with one or two friends, and we decided that bees were far more appropriate than mushrooms. Mushrooms are lumpy, often poisonous and grow on dead things. Bees are tenacious, hard-working and ferocious if attacked. Make us Gods of Bees. Or make me the God of Bees, at least.”

    “I will need to speak to the scholars. Balder will have to make a special request. It could be done. He has more clout these days, now that Odin has named him heir.”

    “Excellent. Excellent. No, that’s a stupid idea.”

    “Sorry, was that for me?”

    “No, no, someone else. Come, funny little Asgardian, I wish to show you my new hive collection.”

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