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Christmas Drabbles- Ryan O'Reily/Miguel Alvarez(Oz)

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It started when Miguel mentioned that his sister had made some gingerbread men one Christmas and how good they were. It was just idle talk to pass the time. Ryan took it seriously, though. He adored Miguel, now that Cyril was gone. He decided he wanted to give Miguel gingerbread men. He found a recipe online and found that they had all the ingredients in the kitchen. He enlisted the help of Sister Pete to convince McManus that baking gingerbread men would be a good activity. He also convinced her to pick up some gumdrops and red hots for decorations. He was able to make icing and food coloring himself. McManus apparently had no objection because he was able to make them and get them decorated, even though some of the gingerbread men were pretty scary, sporting wounds, angry faces and the like. He shuddered to imagine the kind of cookie Adebisi would have created were he still alive.
When he served the cookies with dinner, he made sure to give Miguel three and wrapped some up to take back to the pod.
“So, “ he asked, trying to seem casual. “How did you like the cookies?”
A light dawned on Miguel's face as he realized all that Ryan had plotted for his sake. He wrapped Ryan in a tight hug and whispered in his ear, “Te amo, Ryan. And I loved the cookies, too.”