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10 Days to Valentine's

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Nathan blinked as he registered the blinking digits on the clock on the right side of his desk.

‘Wow, it’s almost lunchtime,’ he noted.

After the meeting, he had went looking for Carter (if not for a vent of finally letting his tongue form the words that he’d wanted to spew at the idiot who called himself ‘doctor’ in a tirade that the blond would probably be better off not knowing most of what was being said, then because Nathan had found that Jack could take the edge off his anger with a good insult or twelve) but to no avail. Having returned to his office, he had decided to take out his anger on reports and other things that had the unfortunate attention of the single minded scientist.

In fact, he was so single minded that he hadn’t actually noticed how much time had passed.

Stretching, he stood and walked around his office a few times to get some circulation back into his lower extremities. Nathan decided to head on down to the cafeteria for a late breakfast/ early lunch instead of Café Diem because of yet some more paperwork that needed his signature and he wanted to get to them as quickly as possible.

“Another day at GD,” he muttered to himself as he locked up and went down to the cafeteria to pick some suitable food. “Only thing that would make it a normal day is if something blew up.”

Entering the cafeteria area, he noted that there wasn’t actually a lot of people and that actually made his day a little better since there were no people trying to give him a bigger headache than he already had and that also meant a shorter line.


He turned to see Allison sitting with Henry Deacon and the formerly missing Sheriff. Signaling to wait a few minutes, he got through the line quickly and sat down next to Henry and across from Allison with Jack next to her and across from Henry.

“Henry, Allison, Sheriff,” he nodded as well as his suddenly pounding headache would allow.

“Nathan,” Henry and Allison smiled as Jack put his head down on the table.

“Something wrong, Sheriff?” Nathan couldn’t help but study the other man with hidden concern. Henry chuckled.

“You have the vanilla pudding,” Allison grinned with a slanted glance at her blond friend.

“What does that have to do with anything?” Nathan frowned as he looked at his pudding. Usually, he would get the chocolate, but there was none left to speak of.

“Don’t,” Jack mumbled as he kept his head down. He rolled his head from side to side. “Just don’t.”

Nathan narrowed his eyes at his blond as he continued eating, while Allie and Henry kept up a background noise of things that only they seemed to know about.

When he went back up an hour later, it was to find another gift and note.

“Time for a nap.”

Nathan stared at the pillow in disbelief. ‘Are you kidding?’

Sighing, he picked up the light green pillow and studied it. It seemed to be a feather pillow with its own case, which was a light green background and had a very soothing pattern of swirls of blue embroidered in a complicated design that actually sort of reminded him of an atom structure.

“Well, that was thoughtful,” he intoned, setting the pillow back down and settling behind his desk for some more work.


Allison was flipping through the paperwork on her desk when she noticed the time. ‘Nathan was supposed to be here an hour ago,’ she frowned. ‘Being late is just not like him.’

After calling his office with no result, she sighed and got up. “Guess I’ll just have to go up and talk to him.”

Walking down the hall toward his office, she nodded to all the employees that she passed, including the doctor responsible for Carter’s current dislike of vanilla pudding. She couldn’t help but giggle as she remembered the mess that she had walked into late yesterday.

Still smiling, she walked into her ex-husband’s office. “Hey, Nathan…”

Allison trailed off as her eyes adjusted to the dimmed lighting and took in the sight of the missing scientist on the couch, head on his new pillow, out like a light.


AN: 6/10 is finished.

Have a happy rest of the day and remember, no one is too old for a nap.


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