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Frog and Toad Forever

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Frog invited Toad to his house for dinner. He cooked fly pie. He poured two glasses of slug wine. He set a candle in the middle of the table.

"This dinner is very elegant," said Toad. "Is today a special day?"

"Yes," said Frog. "Today is the day I tell you something important."

"Oh," said Toad. "That does sound special."

Toad sipped his wine. He waited to hear what Frog had to tell him.

Frog cleared his throat. "Toad," he said. "I have started to see you in a new light."

Toad looked at the table. "Is it the light of the candle?" he asked.

"No," said Frog. "It is not the light of the candle."

Toad peered out the window. "Is it the light of the full moon?" he asked.

"No," said Frog. "It is not the light of the full moon."

Toad chewed his fly pie thoughtfully. He tried to think of other kinds of light.

Frog watched him think. Their eyes met over the candle flame. Toad felt an unexpected spark.

"Frog," said Toad. "I think I know what kind of light it is."

"You do?" said Frog.

"I think so," said Toad. "Is it the kind of light where you'd like us to touch hands?"

"Sometimes," said Frog.

"And gaze into each other's eyes?" said Toad.

"Sometimes," said Frog.

"And fall asleep holding each other?" said Toad.

"Sometimes," said Frog. "How did you know?"

Toad looked at Frog across the candlelit table. "Because just now," Toad said. "I am starting to see you in that same light."

"Well," said Frog. "That is very lucky for both of us."

"Yes," said Toad. "It is."

Frog reached across the table and touched Toad's hand. They sat there for a long time and watched each other in the new light.