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Chakotay paused on his way towards the door and Kathryn could tell her had something he wanted to say, by the tension in his jaw.

“Spit it out, Commander.”  She smiled, undercutting the terseness of her words, “You obviously have something you’re itching to say.”

“I’m not sure I should.  I suspect you would find it inappropriate, Captain.” He hesitated on the word inappropriate and Kathryn was intrigued.

“Perhaps. I can’t really tell you, since I don’t know what it is.” She pointed out.

Furrowing his brow in concentration, he pressed his lips tightly together.  Kathryn realized she was staring at his mouth and dragged her gaze up.

“It has to do with our earlier conversation about people pairing off.” He finally said, looking a little embarrassed.

So he does have a lover, probably someone from his old crew. She wondered why he was acting so strangely about it; after all, she had told him that she certainly wasn't expecting him to join her in her celibacy.

“If this is the part where you tell me about how you are already involved with someone, I’ll remind you of what I said earlier.” She replied with what she hoped was a warm smile.

“That’s not what I was going to say at all.  I actually wanted to talk about you and your plan to stay…” He paused, clearly looking for a delicate way to put it.

“Well, this is starting to sound quite-” She didn’t have a chance to say inappropriate before he cut her off.

“I’m actually hoping that you and I can come to an arrangement.”  His words were a little rushed, like he thought he might not get them out if he delayed.

Kathryn was sure the shock showed on her face, as what he seemed to be suggesting hit her.

“An… arrangement?” She made no effort to conceal her incredulity from her voice.  Surely he couldn’t really be proposing what it sounded like.

“I know you don’t think it would be appropriate fraternize with the crew and I understand why.  I’m aware that you have a fiance back home as well… It is a very long way home, though, and you are beautiful woman, a woman who surely has human needs.”

She found herself flushing at the way he looked at her when he said the word beautiful.

“Commander…” She started, then stopped. “Chakotay, I’m not so sure-”

“Hear me out.” He insisted. “I’m not suggesting we mate for life or anything.  We are both going to end up seeking release somewhere, though.  I’m certainly attracted to you and, from the way you have a habit of looking at my lips, I suspect you are to me.  Consider it two friends helping each other out, or if you want to think of it as your first officer doing his duty by attending to his captain’s needs…”

She couldn’t help chuckling in response to that last suggestion, which she suspected was his intention.  She had to admit that she found Chakotay extremely attractive and his logic made a certain sort of sense.  Still… Mark was hopefully waiting for her.  She was still the captain.  One couldn’t go around breaking one’s principles just because one’s first officer happened to have a smile like a starburst and be built like a character from some bodice ripper holonovel romance.

“Are you suggesting this for my benefit or yours?” She asked as idly as she could manage.

“Both. I hope.” He replied. “But I am happy for it just to be yours, if something reciprocal seems too intimate.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” She asked, taken aback.

“It means, I’d rather we satisfy each other, but I am perfectly willing to just attend to your needs.” He said with an inclination of his head downwards, glancing below her hips.

She should have told him that he was completely out of line.  She ought to have reprimanded him, told him to strike this from his mind, and that if he ever brought it up again she would brig him. She probably should have brigged him right then and there.  Instead she walked towards him.

“You’ve taken me by surprise.” She told him, placing a hand on his chest lightly.

“I’m sorry if I’ve offended you.” She felt him inhale sharply.

“Give me some time to consider your proposal.” She found herself saying, dropping her hand from him.

“All the time you need.” Her replied, turning from her with a wink clearly intended to lighten the mood, as he headed to the door.

“And Chakotay.” She added. “Obviously, this stays off the record and between us.”

She couldn’t believe she was even considering this and yet she obviously was.  She knew that Chakotay could have had his pick of the women on the ship, and yet he was coming to her, in spite of the potential consequences. Kathryn knew that there was some natural chemistry between them, something that made her trust him despite the circumstances they’d met under.

Of course, there was Mark to consider, but she knew Chakotay was right about that as well.  She wasn’t going to be able to hold out forever and better she have a friendly understanding with her first officer than be seeking out romance with passing members of unknown species they might encounter.

The real challenge would be keeping it within reasonable parameters, she thought, realizing she’d already made up her mind.  She might require sexual fulfillment but she couldn’t afford to have a torrid love affair with her first officer if she was going to get them all home. No.  This had to stay friendly.  There couldn’t be any romance about it.

She tapped her comm badge. “Janeway to Chakotay.”

“Chakotay here.” She could hear the tension in his voice.

“Report to my quarters at nineteen hundred hours to conclude our earlier discussion.” Kathryn stated as neutrally as she could.

“See you then, Captain.” He replied, and she couldn’t help smiling a little.

Chakotay arrived promptly, searching her face for a hint as to what her decision was and evidently finding no answers.  She considered keeping him in suspense, but decided that was mean and small spirited to no purpose.

“We are going to need to set up some clear parameters.” She told him simply, and watched him realize the implication of her statement.

“Understood.” He smiled, his whole demeanor relaxing.

“Obviously, this stays between us and off duty.” She started. “And we need to be clear about this being and remaining a friendly release: no pet names, no declarations…”

“Naturally.” He nodded.

“If either of us wants out, for any reason, no questions asked: no harm no foul.”

He gave her a look that implied he didn’t think that was a plausible scenario.  Once you’re fucking me you will never want to stop, his eyes seemed to say.

“Anything else?” He asked.

“Only the suggestion that we move this somewhere a little more comfortable.” She smirked.

“Now?” He questioned, clearly having expected her to draw up some complex calendar beforehand.

“Unless you have other plans.” She raised her eyebrow playfully, but her teasing was cut short as he closed the distance between them, pressing those gorgeous lips of his against hers and wrapping one arm around her to pull her close.

Kathryn found she was glad he’d skipped the preamble, saving them from the awkward negotiation of how best to begin.  She wrapped one hand behind his head, fingers running through his hair as she pulled him deeper into the kiss.  His lips felt every bit as good as they looked. She thought about his earlier offer to simply pleasure her orally if she wasn’t comfortable sleeping with him, and felt her arousal increase at the thought of it.

Pressing her hips against his, she felt the beginnings of a sizeable erection against her through both of their uniforms. She ran her hand over the fabric and thought about how much she was going to enjoy riding him until she came so hard on his big cock she passed out.  Reaching for her own uniform, she pulled off the jacket and Chakotay followed suit with his own. The turtlenecks were next to go and then they were down to their undershirts.  

Chakotay leaned in and kissed her neck, sending waves of desire through her. She ran her hands up under his shirt, enjoying the feeling of the solid muscle beneath. His mouth lowered across her collarbone and Kathryn noted that he was clearly the kind of man who liked to explore a woman’s whole body, not “just the highlights”, something she was sure to enjoy.

“Let’s go to the bedroom.” She suggested, stepping away and grinning back at him over her shoulder as she pulled her tank over her head on her way in that direction.

His expression was hungry and Kathryn enjoyed it and the way he eagerly followed her. She moved her hands down to unfasten her uniform pants and felt him come up behind her, pressing his hands over her hips.

“Let me.” Chakotay suggested against her ear, and she let him replace her hands with his, caressing her skin as he undid and slid her pants down her legs. His lips brushed their way down her spine and sent shivers through her as he bent to finish taking them off, along with her boots.   

She turned around and met his lips with hers, as she returned the favor.  For a moment they stood there, contemplating the sight of one another in only undergarments, and then he pressed her against the wall, running his hands down her body.  She pressed her hand over the bulge of his erection and felt him strain against the material.

He dropped down in front of her and hooked his fingers under the sides of her underwear, looking up at her for approval as he ran his lips along her thigh.  She nodded and he pulled them down, eye clearly noting the damp patch of the cloth and smiling as he moved his eyes to her in front of him and then ran his tongue over her glistening folds.  The soft touch of his tongue sense a shiver of enjoyment through her that only intensified as he reached her clit and circled around it.  It had been a while and, as he closed those wonderful lips of his over her clit, she let out a groan of enjoyment, realizing just how tightly wound she had become. And oh… he definitely knew what he was doing with that lovely mouth.

Kathryn let herself collapse against the wall and enjoy as Chakotay swiped his tongue against her clit before sucking on it lightly.  She felt her heart rate increase with every passing moment and trusted with absolutely certainty that he was going to get her off this way and relatively soon.  He licked her faster and she felt her legs start to tremble as she cried out at the suddenly intense jolts of stimulation.  He sucked harder and she shook and clenched in an orgasm far more satisfying than she’d been able to provide for herself.

She reached for his shoulders and pulled him to his feet, guiding him backwards towards the bed until the back of his legs hit it, and pulling down his underwear to reveal him at last.  He reached around her and unclasped her bra, bringing his hands to her breasts. She arched into the contact, running her hand along his erection, feeling his size and how hard he was.   He groaned and ran his thumbs over her nipples.  

She pushed him down onto the bed and straddled him, rubbing his cock against her dripping opening, as her hand continued to run over the underside.  He cupped her breasts firmly, his lips finding hers and she circled her thumb over the tip of his cock, feeling him moan into her mouth as she did into his.  She shifted her hips so that the head of his cock was pressed up against her entrance and lowered herself down onto him, moaning loudly as he filled her.

Circling her hips, she enjoyed the feeling of him pressing inside her in all the right ways and felt something inside of her let go.  She moved her hands to his shoulders and started to work herself on top of him, enjoying the way he was rubbing his hands across her nipples with each thrust of her hips against him.  

Yes.  This was exactly what she needed, even though it wasn’t something she’d been willing to admit to herself.  Thankfully, Chakotay was almost eerily good at anticipating her needs, something that was useful as hell in a first officer. And completely invaluable in a sexual partner, she added, as he shifted the angle of his hips in such a way that her clit brushed against him with every movement she made.

She sped up slightly, working herself closer to orgasm as Chakotay used his mouth on the area just below the edge of where her undershirt would end when she put her uniform back on.  The touch of his mouth was light. He doesn’t know how easily I might bruise, she realized. Either way, the contact was divine, but she appreciated the thoughtfulness.

Then he moved his mouth down to her breast and captured one of her nipples between his lips and she gave up thinking at all as her head rolled back on her shoulders and she brought herself down on him harder and faster, a series of moans escaping her lips until she came with a cry.

Shifting her angle slightly, she noticed the way his breath caught when she circled her hips.  She put her hands down on his chest and repeated the motion, enjoying the way his breathing sped up and he tensed, until finally he arched up and climaxed, spilling into her with a strangled groan.

As she climbed off of him, she smiled contentedly.

“You were right.” She smirked. “I do feel better.”

“Better doesn’t begin to cover it.” He exhaled, collapsing back onto the bed.

“Should we set up a schedule or just…”

“As needed?” He suggested, and she suspected that was going to be quite frequently now that they’d opened the door to it.

She was enjoying the sight of him lying there spent on her bed, but she also knew that if they spent too much time basking in the afterglow it was going to test their newly established parameters in no time at all.

“I don’t know about you, but I am famished.” She commented, standing up and grabbing a robe to cover herself with.

“Sounds good to me.” He agreed, following her lead and getting up to search for his clothes.