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Selfish Favors

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The first time Fuhrer Grumman filed a transfer for one Riza Hawkeye, Roy almost burned the man's office. It was a decidedly unpleasant and embarrassing showdown between the General and his commanding officer, but thankfully, no one had dared come in the room to witness it. Grumman knew he had requested a transfer for personal reasons, and so when his top General came in to dispute it, he knew it was also for personal reasons.

Military fraternization law didn't allow for officers and their subordinates to be married.

Grumman had decided to solve that problem.

Mustang was infuriated.

His initial outburst into the office was met with a calm look, which served to raise the hackles of Roy even further. He was doing this purposefully.

"You have no right to transfer my adjutant to another commanding officer-" He said, voice raising with each word.

Grumman raised a hand calmly, "-On the contrary General, as Fuhrer of this nation, I have every right to request transfers as I see fit."

"With all due respect sir, I see no need-"

"-And as her Grandfather, I wish to see my only remaining blood happy. Quite simply, General, I want grandchildren. I would like a family as much as the next man, and as I am getting older, I thought about speeding things up a little."

Mustang's hands tightened into fists. "-I fail to see how her transfer would produce this effect, Sir."

"Don't be ridiculous Mustang. Get married. Like I always told you to."

It was then that he nearly snapped, the transfer papers in his hands held up, and one moment away from being burned in front of the both of them. It was so rare now that he lost his temper like that but not her - not threatening to take her away.

He knew that was what it would be. Marriage wasn't something he'd allowed himself to consider much, aside from in memory of Hughes, who'd wanted nothing more for him to settle down, and be happy. But with the prospect of it in sight, and the possibility in reach, he was more angry than ever. Without her as his subordinate, he'd maybe gain a wife, but he'd lose a partner. The thought of that was terrifying. And the panic that had gripped his heart must have been evident - as Grumman leaned back in surprise. The reaction wasn't one he'd expected, and certainly one he hadn't predicted. After years of orchestrating a relationship with his granddaughter through Roy, he supposed he'd forgotten to consider Roy's feelings on the matter. Of course, it made sense; he'd wanted Mustang to protect his only family, and now, he was attempting to take away Roy's most direct method of doing so.

"…General." He said quietly, kindly.

Roy froze, the realization of what he'd been doing dawning on him, and he lowered his gloved hand, tension slowly relaxing from his arms and shoulders, but gripping the papers tight enough to crumple them at the edges all the same.

"You love her." It wasn't a question. "And you wouldn't marry her if it meant losing her as your subordinate?"

Roy had no answer, and in response, coal black eyes narrowed.

"Surely you knew that I wouldn't have her transferred out of central?" Grumman probed.

The papers dropped to the floor. "I don't have anything to give her. We're not getting married."

"-You're a General of Amestris, a restorer of Ishval, and you could more than take care of her and any family you had,"


Grumman stopped, this time shock crossing his face. He'd put up with the General's outbursts so far, but he'd always assumed…but then, he didn't know the whole truth. He'd missed out on so much.

"I haven't reached my goal. I've murdered people, killed children and you'd have me bring one into this world without atoning for that fact?" Roy said, his voice wavering under the hard tones of certainty. "You think I have something to give her, now?"

The silence in the room was suffocating. Roy avoided the gaze of the older man before him. Grumman watched in pure fascination, examining the way his protege's hands trembed in their white gloves for a moment before they tightened into fists. His next words were pained - "Please reconsider your request, Fuhrer Grumman, Sir."

The transfer filed was dropped before the end of the day, but it wouldn't be the last time fate would intervene on Roy's behalf.