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Shadows Of The Past

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A/N: Transformers is the property of Hasbro, I do not own it or any references made to Madacascar. Will's name is the same as it in English as Cybertronian because it is easily translatable, referring to one's strength of character.




:Memory Log:

I shuttered my optics once, then twice, then thrice, to make sure I was seeing and had just heard right. Laying on five medical berths were five mechs of varying colors and still offline. They were all grounders and I felt rather indignant that my Sire couldn't have at least given them wings, though if I said that, his sparkling or not, I'd probably end up losing my own wings.

The largest one was black and purple-like 'Warp, only not not winged, or as pretty-a flashy yellow one, a dark gray one, a deep red one, and the last being blue and white.

I looked over at my Sire. "So you mean to tell me that because I wanted friends, you made me some?" I summarized.

"I saw an opportunity and I used it to make an elite combiner team." My Sire said. "You're needs are irrelevant to me." he added gruffly.

My Carrier boldly patted my Sire on the cheek plate. "Aww, you're so sweet to think of our sparkling's needs. No matter how much you deny it." he said in a sickly sweet tone.

My Sire wrapped an arm around my Carrier's waist. "I'd offline you if you were any other mech, but I have other ways to deal with you." My Carrier purred with what sounded like anticpation, wing's quivering.

I let out a noisy intake to get their attention before they started to interface right on the floor, and I so did not want the image burned into my processor. "So what did you make them like?" I asked wandering over to the gray one, leaning in close to examine him.

I heard a switch behind me being turned on. "Overbearing, like you." I threw him a glare before feeling two arms suddenly wrap around my waist and pull me down. "...and perhaps I over did the protection programming."

"Ya think?" I hissed as I tried to pull myself from the gray mech's grip, but one of his servos sudddenly found it's way to my wing struts and I shivered. "Hey! No touchy my wings you ground pounder! I don't know you like that!"

"Would you like to?" The gray mech purred in a strange accent.

"Why did you think making my sparkling's friends molesters would be a good idea?" My Carrier sounded amuse, disgusted, and annoyed. All at the same time.

"Our sparkling is rather...flirtatious, and this way he'll stop bothering my troops." My Sire explained.

"I am not flirtatious!" I cried indignantly. "I just like the way some of them look. I'm still a virgin even!" I yelled and pushed down on the dark gray mech. "Now let me go!" I felt a large servo grab me by the scruff of my neck and pulled me from the gray mech rather roughly. I was dropped on my aft and I looked up to see that it had been the big black and purple grounder that had pulled me off.

"Will." I turned my attention to my Sire. "These are the Stunticons, your...friends."

:End Log:



"Hey bro, you okay?" Robert asked sitting down beside me in the area of Diego Garcia for the soldiers.

I looked over at my adoptive little brother. "Just remembering something fom my past." I saw his eyes turn sympathetic.

Ever since N.E.S.T was formed to hunt down Decepticons still on Earth he knew how much it must have hurt me to help in my faction's destruction. "I pray to Primus that the Stunticons never come here." I whispered.

"Who are they?" Robert asked curiously.

I glanced around, and upon seeing that all the other soldiers were busy, I continued. "My Sire built them to be one of his elite teams, but also because I had complained about not having any friends. Before coming to Earth, I was closest to them, other than my Creators." I explained quietly.

"You're saying that your real old man built you friends?" Robert repeated shaking his head. "They as crazy as you?"

I smirked ruefully. "My Sire wanted them to be overbearing like me, so yes, they are 'Crazy' in a sense." I felt my mood dampen. Though they were crazy glitches, they were my crazy glitches.

Robert placed a hand on my shoulder. "Go home Will."

"What?" I asked surprise. Had I become so easy to read?

"You heard me, go home. I'll cover for you." Robert assured.

I nodded and ran out into the hall. I looked around, for people and cameras, and satisfied that I could see none, I disolved my holoform.

Doing this always felt funny, but I was sure I'd get used to it eventually. I felt my holoform reforming and looked up at the quaint two story house before walking up the porch. I looked into the reflective window in the door at my apperance. A tan, slightly muscled, light brown-haired army man with misty gray eyes stared back at me. The gray color of my optics were the only thing I had icluded in making my holoform, since it was a pleasant reminder that my Carrier had wanted me to be different. Unique.

I knocked on the door. "Honey, I'm home." I called, thinking back to one show I had watched while staying with the Epps.

I heard hurried footsteps and my darling Sarah answered the door, her beautiful blue eyes filled with disbelief as she reached out and grabbed my shoulder. To make sure I was really there. "Will?"

I smiled. "Do you know any other Decepticon who would ally themselves with humans?"

Sarah smiled as she playfully punched my arm. "As long as you'll always be my Decepticon."

I hugged her tightly. "Always." I loved Sarah because she was like me, yet so very different. She was stubborn and possessive like me, but could also be sweet and caring. Soemthing I could only do on my better days, since I still had Decepticon coding in me. And while I hoped most of it was from my Carrier, I also saw my Sire in me at times.

Sarah pulled back looking slightly depressed, her happy high had been short-lived apparently. "How long can you stay this time?"

I shrugged. "Maybe a good hour or so. And that's if Robert can come up with a good excuse. Not like the last time when he said I had diarrhea." I snorted. Sarah giggled. "It's not funny, I had to avoid the Hatchet all day just so he couldn't scan me to find out I wasn't human."

Sarah looked down as she led me inside the house. She never liked the fact that I was keeping the biggest secret of all from the Autobots. "You could always tell them you know." she said it in a whisper, but I heard her crystal clear.

"We've been over this Sarah," I really didn't like talking about this. "I may not be as violent as some 'Cons, but that won't matter if they find out I am a 'Con."

"Then why don't you just joing the Autobots like that Wheelie did?" Sarah questioned.

"Sarah, if I just suddenly up and join the 'Bots, not only will it make them distrustful of me, they could also want to know who my Creators are. And that would make them really suspicious of me."

"Were you Creators really that bad then?" Sarah questioned. She had heard what they were like from my own accounts of them rather than what other soldiers had described them as.

I gave her look, but before I could answer, a little voice screamed, "Dada!" and a little blond femme came stubling into view. My pride and joy, Annabelle. She was bigger than the average three year-old, but I chalked it up to her being a techno-organic.

I picked up our little femme. "How's my little princess today?" she giggled at the nickname. Little did she know how true it was.

I saw Sarah give me a look of her own that said,'We are so not done talking about this.' That look made me flinch.

My wife could be down right scary when she wanted to be. And was the scariest look yet.



After spending a wonderful hour of playing, "Paint Dada as many colours as you can," I had my holoform reappear at Diego Garcia, completely paint free of course.

I casually walked down the hall, waving at some soldiers politely. 'That's it Will,' I told myself, doing something from one of Annabelle's children movies that I had watched with her. 'Smile and wave.'

"Will!" I heard Robert call from behind me and I looked over my shoulder at him.


"I'm glad you're back man, 'cause that pissant Galloway's here looking for you." How in the Pits is that good news? "And I can't keep stalling for you."

I nodded. I really appreciated any time Robert covered for me so I could see my family. "Where is he?" Robert looked away uncomfortably. "Where is he Robert?" I asked more forcefully.

"In the hangar bay." Robert answered quietly.

I felt my eyes harden. "Where the Autobots are?" Robert nodded hesistantly, since brother or not, I was still a 'Con. A rather mello one, but even I could have a hotstreak. "That bastard's probably gonna try and humiliate me in front of the 'Bots and N.E.S.T." I paused for a moment. "I really should kill that bastard."

Robert patted me on the shoulder. "We all want to kill him. Though you know how much paperwork it would cause, not to mention you could get arrested."

I smirked darkly to myself. "The 'Bots will probably stop me before I can give him the aft-kicking he deserves." I really can't believe I'm really related to the Prime, as he is my "Uncle" as the humans call them. I almost had a spark attack when I found out he was here on Earth.

"The longer you keep this to yourself the more there gonna distrust you when they find out." Robert said quietly.

"If they find out." I corrected. "I'm not some easily replaceable mech like Wheelie, if the other 'Cons found out that I'm here they'll either try and kill me thinking I've gone traitor or "rescue" me thinking I'm a prisoner and appease my Sire. So believe me when I say it's better for everyone if no one knows I'm the Decepticon heir." I muttered.

"I know." Robert pointed out. "So does Sarah and our parents."

"Yes, but you all family." I placated just a bit at that, before I put on my game face. "It's time for me to go face that slagger Galloway." I said departing for the hangar bay. I heard Robert call out a quiet, "Good luck."

If that bastard wants a show, I'll give him a show.

I smirked darkly to myself again. Decepticon heir indeed.