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Death to Sparkle-Pires!

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They were all assembled in the Scooby Club House (AKA, third floor lounge, which was restricted to the original Scoobies and their guests) watching the dear-God-is-that-big TV. The group were all standing, watching carefully (translation: scowling) as the recording played.

“It’s all fake,” Spike pronounced eventually.

“I shit you not,” Xander declared, “that is exactly what happened. No special effects, no Photoshop, nada.”

Dawn wandered closer to the screen, hand outstretched, hypnotised. “They’re so pretty,” she murmured.

Buffy picked her sister up by the waist and dragged her back. “Are they demons?” she asked.

“Um… Maybe?” Xander offered.

Buffy grunted.