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Lay You Out

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Frank loves fucking Gerard on his back.

There's just something about having Gerard under him, laid out all pale and wanting, legs spread and gorgeous supple thighs hitched up around Frank's hips; fingernails in his shoulderblades, teeth in his neck, heels digging into his ass. Gerard defines demanding with every line and limb and inch of himself, from his low, urgent moans to his frantic hands, push-pulling at Frank to get him closer, further, exactly where he wants him.

And Frank follows, because he's so fucking easy - such a slut for this guy - and because it's so, so worth it when he gets it right, when he's got Gerard hips in his lap and his legs pushed back, the angle hard and sharp and fucking perfect, just fucking right for Frank to really get his weight into it, folding Gerard in half and pounding in roughly until Gerard cries out - rewards Frank with fingers yanking his hair and grabbing his throat, scratching angry red welts down his chest.

Frank likes that it's rough. He likes that Gerard gives it back, doesn't just take it, makes him work for it. Frank likes Gerard on his back so he can hold Gerard's eyes as he fucks him, watching them burn fierce and intense and defiant into his. Frank likes that he can kiss him, lose himself in the sloppy wet heat of Gerard's crooked mouth. Frank likes Gerard on his back so he can see his expressions, watch his beautiful weirdo face twisting with pleasure; his slack jaw and endless neck as his head tips back, surrendering that gorgeous white throat to Frank's mouth.

And Frank especially likes Gerard on his back so he can catch every single one of his incredible noises, every breathless gasp and whimper directly in Frank's ear, rising steadily in pitch as Gerard gets close.

And Frank loves that sometimes he doesn't even have to touch him, that Gerard can get off just on this - on violent kisses and the slapping of skin and Frank's cock in his ass. Frank loves seeing Gerard come, feeling every inch of him tense up, back arching and hips kicking up against Frank's, teeth drawing blood from Frank's skin or lip. But god, Frank loves feeling Gerard come even more; feeling tight, clenching heat spasming around his cock as Gerard writhes.

It's more than enough to pull Frank into his own orgasm, and Frank loves that he can ride it out pressed against Gerard, face in the damp crook of his neck and chests stuck together sticky with sweat, feeling a rapid pulse against his tongue and answering thuds of an equally frantic heart against his sternum.

...But of course, Frank is probably just reaching here, since when it comes to Gerard, there isn't a single thing he doesn't love, anyway.