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The Derek/Stiles Podfic Anthology ITPE2014 for Crazybutsound.

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For Crazybutsound #ITPE2014

Fandom:Teen Wolf
Beta: Knight_tracer
Cover Images: Cath

derek stiles itpe2014 podcover 0 - Intro [0:38] Music: Ella Fitzgerald, The Man I Love
five things podcover1 - Survivah - 5 Times Stiles & Derek's Classmates Noticed They Were in a Committed Relationship and 1 Times Stiles Noticed [19:42] Music: Miles Davis, The Man I Love [MP3]
gave your smile podcover 2 - Sarageek16 - Gave Your Smile to Me [33:01] Music: Joni Mitchell, The Man I Love [MP3]
sad etsy boyfriend podcover 3 - Paperclip - Sad Etsy Boyfriend [33:49] Music: NYC Gay Men's Chorus, The Man I Love [MP3]
human after all podcover 4 - Starsandgraces - Human After All [40:53] Music: Lisa Hannigan, The Man I Love [MP3]
time traveling werewolf podcover 5 - TheFeelsWhale - The Time Traveling Werewolf's Confused Spirit Guide [31:10] Music: Harry James, The Man I Love [MP3]

Mediafire link to zipped mp3s: Here (60.9 MB)
Mediafire link to m4b: Here (75.4 MB)