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The Snowball Effect of a Weekend's Entertainment

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Sephiroth glanced over the pictures on the walls with distaste. He hated going to places like this, but it was easier than a relationship and besides, he had a fondness for cats. They affected him in a way that full humans didn't. He wasn't like some people, though, who just thought they were mindless slaves. The hybrids were interesting in their own ways and Sephiroth appreciated how obvious they were with their needs. There was no need to beat around the bush with a cat.

"Have you decided?" the burly man at the front desk asked.

Sephiroth frowned. He hated being rushed in choosing, but he saw a good candidate. He liked the unique coloring on him. "This one," he said, pointing at the picture of the blond cat with startling blue eyes.

"That one's pretty, all right, but he's not easy to handle. Why not—"

"I'd like this one," Sephiroth said again, putting his accustomed authority into his voice. He tried to not draw attention to himself in these places—not that visiting a cathouse was frowned upon much, or even unexpected, but it still seemed skeevy and tended to cause rumours in polite society.

"All right, all right, no need to get pushy." The man got up from behind the desk holding a file. "He's not trained for oral, preparation is required for him, and he's a bit jumpy unless you can convince him to relax. He'll probably try to fight you."

"Has he been abused?" Cats tended to want sex. Anytime, with anyone. That's what made them so popular in the sex industry.

The man nodded. "We're not sure where he came from, but he was skittish when we got 'im. Then a couple customers roughed him up a while back and he hasn't settled down since. He's fully healed now, mind you," he added quickly. "Looks just like he does in the picture. The owner's thinking of selling him if he doesn't start behaving, though."

"I see."

"If you want to change your mind—"

"No, I'll give it a shot."

"Okay, I'll set you up in room 12. Do you want us to prepare him or would you rather do it yourself? We can deliver him to you with a plug in and ready to go."

Sephiroth shook his head; when he finally got around to visiting the cathouse, he liked taking his time, and besides, being prepared by the staff probably wasn't the best way to get the cat to relax. "I'll do it."

"There's lube in the room, then. But remember, it's not optional with him. You'll be charged extra for any injuries if you don't prepare him well enough."


"Just give me a few minutes to bring him out." The man turned and disappeared down the hall.

Sephiroth sat down to wait, and it wasn't long before the man came back with the key for room twelve.

"Sixth door on your right. Have a good time."

"I will, thank you. What's his name?"

"Oh." The man seemed startled, as though it wasn't a common question. "He answers to Cloud."


Sephiroth shut the door quietly behind him, locked it, and glanced around the room; there was no sign of the cat. He heard a soft sound in the far corner of the room, behind the bed, and figured that was where he was. Ignoring it for now, Sephiroth unbuckled his coat and hung it up on the rack, then took off his wide belt and draped it over the back of the chair. He took a small jar of lube out of his pocket—he hated the cheap stuff they provided here—and placed it on the nightstand after unscrewing the lid.

He sat down on the far side of the bed where he could see the end of a tail and the tips of the cat's ears poking out from behind the second nightstand. "Hi, Cloud." Sephiroth spoke in his most gentle voice, but the ears twitched and the tail disappeared from sight. "My name's Sephiroth. Do you want to come out here where I can see you?"

There was no response, so Sephiroth leaned back on his arms and waited. After ten minutes or so, he saw some movement and a pair of gorgeous blue eyes peered out from behind the nightstand. They saw Sephiroth looking and quickly disappeared again.

Sephiroth stood and took a couple steps closer to where the cat was and finally got a look at him. His pale, lean body was curled up and trembling and his eyes looked nervously at him. Cats never ceased to amaze him; Sephiroth knew that they were just a sick experiment done by a scientist who thought he could make a profit off them, but they were the most beautiful creatures Sephiroth had ever seen. It was their eyes that really drew him in. Their slit pupils were so similar to his. And this cat's eyes outdid the rest.

He crouched down so he was near its height and held out his hand, close enough that the cat could lean over and sniff it. To Sephiroth's pleasure and surprise, that was what he did. Cloud sniffed him a couple times, then bumped Sephiroth's fingers with the side of his face.

"That's it," he murmured quietly, "I'm not going to hurt you." He reached a little bit closer and scratched under the cat's chin a couple times. Cloud closed his eyes and tilted his head back slightly, and Sephiroth took the opportunity to shuffle forward.

Cloud's eyes flew open at the sound of Sephiroth's movement and he drew away.

"No, no. Enough of that. I'm not going to hurt you," he repeated. He shuffled forward again, pinning Cloud down in the corner between the nightstand and the wall. His legs were starting to cramp from crouching, and he didn't want to play this game all night. He murmured soothing noises and leaned over to wrap his right arm firmly around Cloud's waist.

Cloud squirmed and yowled, but Sephiroth kept up his murmurs and used his left arm to keep him from thrashing too much as he picked him up. He sat down on the bed; Cloud's knees were in his lap and the rest of his weight was on the bed. He began scrabbling at the blankets and Sephiroth noticed with a frown that his tail was clamped down tightly between his legs.

"Shh, shh, it's okay. I'm not going to hurt you." Sephiroth kept his right arm tight around Cloud's waist, preventing him from escaping, but used his free hand to rub small circles in Cloud's back. "Just relax. You're okay." He reached around and stroked Cloud's head; the softness of the fur on his cat ears made him smile. He scratched them gently, then went back to rubbing Cloud's back.

Eventually Sephiroth felt Cloud's struggles slow down and his breathing became less panicked. "Good boy. That's better." Sephiroth moved his free hand closer to Cloud's buttocks and, taking note of the slight tensing up Cloud did at that, began rubbing the flesh there. He stroked Cloud's lean thighs, admiring the strong muscles; Cloud was probably an excellent jumper. He couldn't really see the more interesting parts with his arm still around Cloud's waist, but from the feel of the soft genitals bumping into his arm, he had chosen a very good specimen. Now if only he would relax enough to move his tail.

If he hadn't had enhanced hearing, Sephiroth was sure he wouldn't have caught the soft purr that suddenly started.

"You like that, do you?" he said with a smile, continuing to massage and stroke Cloud's hindquarters, though the purring stopped as soon as he spoke. He ran his fingers ticklishly up one thigh, prompting a squawking noise and a squirm that wasn't intended to get him anywhere. He glanced back and saw Cloud looking over his shoulder, his blue eyes staring intensely at him.

Sephiroth looked Cloud straight in the eyes, then bent his head and placed a soft kiss on his ass cheek while running his hand up his inner thighs. He tilted his head to the side so he could look at Cloud's face again; Cloud eyes were wide and disbelieving. In response, Sephiroth looked away again and planted a series of wet, sloppy kisses on Clouds ass, then traced a circle with the tip of his tongue.

The purring started up again, much louder this time, and he could feel the vibration of it. He could also feel Cloud beginning to harden against his arm and noticed the tail beginning to relax a bit. He brushed over it experimentally and was pleased when it seemed to move into his touch.

"Good kitten," he murmured between kisses. He loosened his hold around Cloud's waist slightly and Cloud didn't take advantage of the opportunity. He kept his arm ready to clamp down, not wanting to have to start this all over again, and carefully gripped Cloud's tail, lifting it very gently. "Good kitten. You're such a good boy." The purring had stopped again and Sephiroth felt Cloud's muscles tense, but he didn't try to fight it as Sephiroth passed the tail over to his right hand and held it up, exposing his anus.

The jar he had placed on the other nightstand was just within reach and Sephiroth grabbed it and set it down next to him. He dipped the pad of his thumb in and exhaled on the cool gel a few times to warm it up.

"Stay still now," he said and pressed his thumb gently against the tight ring of muscle. He didn't push, just rubbed the puckered flesh like he had been doing to the rest of Cloud's body earlier. Cloud made an odd noise that sounded like something half way between a purr and a yowl. "Good boy, just stay relaxed for me." He spread the lube around and used his knuckle to apply some slight pressure to the perineum. "I'll make you feel good too."

That was something Sephiroth disliked about being associated among those who preferred cats to humans. He knew that many just took their pleasure from the hybrids without a care for them. Cats were created to want sex and they could climax without much attention, but Sephiroth knew that they liked it when their human partners showed some affection. If they just wanted a hole to fuck, there were toys out there to fill the need and Sephiroth didn't understand why people would treat a living creature like one instead. Maybe his empathy came from being treated like a lab rat all the time.

The previously tense muscles were all but a pile of goo in Sephiroth's lap as he dipped his index finger into the jar. His finger slid into Cloud's hole smoothly; Cloud was tight, but not clenching up. The purring died off and was replaced with the sounds Sephiroth knew well from previous cats he had been with. Cloud was quieter than most, but the soft noises he was making told Sephiroth that he was happy with what he was feeling.

He added a second finger and thrust gently, probing around for the gland that had been tweaked when the hybrids were created. He knew he had hit the over-sensitized area when there was a loud, protesting yowl and Cloud's head banged into his arm. Cloud had twisted his upper body around and was glaring angrily at Sephiroth with his teeth bared.

"Sorry! I didn't mean for it to hurt." Sephiroth backed off for a few moments before very gently brushing over the area again. That got a better reaction and Cloud went back to relaxing on his elbows. Sephiroth shook his head, marvelling at the sensitivity. He always had to be careful not to press against cats' prostates too hard if they weren't nearing orgasm, but it usually just caused a bit of discomfort if he did, not pain.

"When are they going to stop messing with you guys?" he said, mostly to himself. "You're good enough the way you are. Aren't you?" He leaned down and kissed Cloud's rump again.

Feeling certain that Cloud was in no mood to go anywhere, Sephiroth let go of his tail—which stayed up, out of the way—and moved his hand to the hard flesh between Cloud's legs.

At his first touch, Cloud mewled softly and rocked his hips forward into Sephiroth's hand. Sephiroth chuckled and stroked him several times before reaching back to cup his weighty ball sac in his palm. He rolled the delicate flesh over his fingers, prompting more mewls that were beginning to sound a bit desperate. Cloud didn't seem to notice when Sephiroth added another finger to his ass, though it might have had something to do with Sephiroth taking a firm grip on his cock at the same time.

"Set your own pace, Cloud." He spoke slowly, though he thought it might not be necessary; this cat seemed fairly intelligent. And when he held both of his hands still, Cloud began moving: back to impale himself on Sephiroth's fingers, and forward to thrust into his hand. "Good boy."

Sephiroth leaned back a short ways so he could get a better view of the cat on his lap. There was a drop of pearly white pre-come forming and Sephiroth rubbed his thumb over it, spreading it around and carefully pressing his blunt nail into Cloud's slit. "Look at me," he ordered, his voice huskier than usual. He wished he had taken his pants off before he started this, or at least undone them. They were uncomfortably tight at the moment.

Cloud turned his head towards him and looked at him with eyes glazed over with lust. He was worrying his bottom lip as he worked his hips and Sephiroth stretched so he could kiss him without moving his hands. Cloud balked at his approach, clearly unsure of what he was doing.

"Nobody's kissed an adorable thing like you before?" Sephiroth took his hand off Cloud's cock, prompting a protesting whine. "Just for a minute," he assured him.

He cupped Cloud's cheek in his hand and pressed his lips against Cloud's. He obviously didn't know how to respond, so Sephiroth lightly squeezed his jaw to coax him into opening his mouth slightly and slid his tongue in. He could feel the sharp incisors and was careful to avoid them. Cloud seemed to get the picture and began hesitantly kissing back; his rough tongue brushed against Sephiroth's. He liked the way cat tongues felt, but he was glad that they weren't as rough as a real cat's. Receiving oral sex from a cat was interesting enough as it was.

When he pulled away again, Cloud attempted to follow him, prompting a laugh. "Was that nice?" he asked. Cloud nodded in response. "You're pretty clever, aren't you? I'll kiss you again, don't worry." For the moment, however, he returned his attention to their earlier activities.

He spread a small amount of lube over Cloud's erection so it would slide more easily and began stroking him again in time with his thrusts. Cloud's breathing grew heavy and he began clawing at the blanket on the bed. Sephiroth chanced a firmer touch to Cloud's prostate and felt the cock in his hand jerk. He did it again and Cloud yowled, thrusting hard into Sephiroth's hand as he came.

"Good boy," Sephiroth said, slowing down as Cloud began to soften. "Good boy."

Cloud's front half collapsed on the bed—his hips were still held in place by Sephiroth—and began purring happily. He looked back at Sephiroth through lazy eyes.

"Don't fall asleep on me," he said with a smile. He was sure Cloud would be ready to go again in no time. He let his fingers slide out of Cloud's ass and gave him a gentle push. "Go sit on the bed." Cloud yawned widely and stretched his back before moving off of him to sit on his knees on the bed.

"Shit." Sephiroth had glanced down as Cloud moved and noticed the mess on his pants. He jumped up, looking around the room for something he could use to wipe the come off the leather before it stained. He grabbed a hand towel out of the small bathroom and began wiping angrily. He should have taken them off.

A soft noise made him look up. Cloud's ears were flat against his head and he seemed to have shrunk down to about half his original size. He was trembling again and eyeing the corner where Sephiroth had first found him.

"Shit," he said again. "I'm not mad at you. You're a good boy." Cloud continued to tremble and Sephiroth sighed and lowered his voice. "You're a good boy. You didn't do anything wrong." He dropped the towel and sat down, reaching out to stroke Cloud's head. Cloud inched forward and nudged Sephiroth's shoulder with his head, seeming apologetic. "That's it. They're just pants. I'm not going to get mad at you over something like that. Besides, I'm the one who put you there. It's my fault." He wasn't sure if Cloud understood what he was saying, but his tone of voice seemed to be working, and Cloud perked up again.

"Good boy." He leaned in and kissed Cloud again, stroking his soft ears as he did so.

He stood, leaving Cloud slightly breathless, and pulled his boots and pants off. He chuckled as Cloud's eyes grew wide at the sight of his erection. "I'll be gentle," he said as he walked around the bed to get the lube. He faced Cloud as he slowly spread some over himself, watching his face intently. Cloud was still eyeing his cock nervously, but he dropped a hand between his legs and mimicked Sephiroth's actions, stroking himself back to hardness.

When Sephiroth stepped forward, Cloud automatically turned and got on his hands and knees, holding his tail out of the way.

"No," Sephiroth said after a moment's thought. "Lie on your back. I want to be able to see your face." He'd be able to tell if he was hurting Cloud a lot more easily if he was on his back.

Cloud looked confused, but rolled over and, at a nudge from Sephiroth, spread his legs obligingly. It wasn't very common for people to want to take cats on their backs. Cloud probably hadn't had much experience with it, if any.

Sephiroth knelt between Cloud's legs and ran his hand firmly over his chest and stomach. He paused to play with Cloud's erect nipples, pinching the pink buds between his fingers and tugging gently on them. Cloud arched his back and tried to sneak a hand down between his legs, but Sephiroth pushed it away.

"Not yet. I'm going to be inside you when you come again." He teased him a while longer, tickling his stomach and toying with his nipples, then pushed his fingers into Cloud's ass once more, wanting to make sure he was thoroughly stretched and ready for him.

"Naooow," Cloud let out a long whine that sounded oddly similar to the word 'now'.

Sephiroth paused in confusion. "Did you say 'now'?"

"Naow!" Cloud thrust his hips up wantonly and grabbed at Sephiroth's shoulders.

Shrugging, Sephiroth set the oddness aside; he would think about it later when he didn't have a horny cat under him begging to be fucked. "Okay, okay." He withdrew his fingers and lifted Cloud's hips up with one arm and lined himself up. He thrust in quickly and smoothly, watching Cloud's face for signs of discomfort, and waited for a few moments for the strong muscles surrounding him to relax. He needed a moment to calm down and adjust to the heat of Cloud's body, as well. Sure, he had all night, but he didn't want to end this first time too quickly.

When Cloud lifted his legs, wrapping them around Sephiroth's waist so he could use them for leverage, Sephiroth began moving. He thrust slowly at first, but gradually began to move faster since Cloud was clearly capable of taking it. Cloud let out little grunts and whines with each thrust, but his face said that he was enjoying it. Sephiroth laughed as a strand of his hair fell over his shoulder and caught Cloud's attention. He reached out a hand to bat at it several times, so Sephiroth leaned down and caught a nipple between his teeth, biting firmly enough to provoke a yowl and bring Cloud's attention back to him.

"Pay attention to me, not my hair," he growled. "I'll let you play with it later if you want." He swept it back, out of the way, and nearly laughed again at the disappointed look on Cloud's face. It didn't stay for long, fortunately; Sephiroth hit Cloud's prostate dead on with a well-aimed thrust, and the hair was immediately forgotten.

Cloud let out a surprised squawk when Sephiroth lifted him up and sat back on his bent legs so Cloud was straddling him. He pressed firmly on Cloud's lower back so he was snug up against him and whispered in his ear, "Ride me."

Cloud wrapped his arms around Sephiroth's neck and put his well-muscled legs to good use. His cries got louder and louder as his erection rubbed between their bodies, and Sephiroth was hard-pressed to not release himself into the warm tightness just yet. He distracted himself by fondling Cloud's tail and nibbling on his neck, but Cloud tightened and loosened his muscles in a rhythm that was difficult to ignore for long.

"Cloud, come. Now," he gasped out.

Cloud's strong arms gripped him even tighter as he bounced a few more times before crying out. Sephiroth felt several spurts of sticky warmth between their bodies and bit his lip, mustering all his self-control as Cloud's ass quivered around him.

"Good boy," he said with a grunt, then tipped Cloud back so he was on top again. Cloud's legs dropped to his sides and Sephiroth lifted them up high over his shoulders, pushing them back towards the headboard and nearly bending Cloud in half in the process. He showed no signs of discomfort, though. Cats were amazingly flexible; Cloud stretched a little further and braced his toes against the headboard, leaving Sephiroth's arms free.

Up on his knees with a firm grip on Cloud's hips, Sephiroth pounded hard into his ass. His eyes darted between Cloud's face and the sight of his cock sliding in and out of that gripping hole. Cloud smiled widely then, a mischievous smile, and reached up to grasp his softened member. He shuffled his legs a bit, getting a better grip with his toes on the headboard, and began stroking himself.

Sephiroth watched, fascinated. They had tried to talk him out of a prize like this because he was a bit difficult? "Yeah," he found himself mumbling, "Get yourself hard again."

Cloud grinned, showing off all his front teeth. He played with his nipples with his unoccupied hand and slowly began hardening once more. He looked less desperate after coming twice and put on a good show for Sephiroth, who was still holding onto his self-control by a thread. He could last until Cloud came a third time; he had to.

Cloud's tail startled a yelp out of him when he felt it begin rubbing up against his balls. The soft hair tickled, but the bone provided a nice firmness to the touch. Shit—he wasn't going to—he would. Cloud was fully erect again; it wouldn't take him long to finish.

"Make yourself come, Cloud. I want to feel you quivering around me again."

The grin was back again and then Cloud closed his eyes and began jerking himself faster. The sound of his breathing grew louder.

"That's it," Sephiroth said, trying to encourage Cloud to come faster. "You're so good."

"Nyaa!" Cloud cried out. It was a somewhat pained sound—he really hadn't given Cloud enough time to recover—but he still had a small amount left to ejaculate.

Sephiroth let himself go and slammed his hips into Cloud, gripping him hard enough to bruise Cloud's hips. He let out a strangled cry of his own as he spilled himself into Cloud's clenching hole. His breath came in gasps and his vision blurred slightly as the pleasure coursed through his body. He had to let go with one hand and brace himself against the wall as he continued to thrust, wanting to drag out the sensations.

Eventually he slowed and finally stopped, shifting back to make space to lower Cloud back onto the bed. "Good boy," he murmured. "You're a very good boy." Cloud felt boneless in his arms as he pulled out and set him down in a comfortable position. "You all tired out?"

Cloud nodded and yawned, then curled up and began purring.

Sephiroth smiled and reached over to the nightstand. The drawer held an assortment of toys, each in a sterilized package. He selected a decently sized plug that would keep Cloud stretched, but not be uncomfortable, lubed it up, and gently eased it in.

Cloud cracked open an eye at his actions, but when Sephiroth didn't do anything else except pull a blanket over them, he closed it again and snuggled up close to Sephiroth's side.