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The Forsaken Ones

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One night, Severus Snape found himself sitting around thinking what a waste it was that although nearly every wizard in Britain considered him the worst sort of villain -- a dark sorcerer, a murderer, a Death Eater -- he had nonetheless spent the past year as celibate as a virgin priestess. For everything that he had done and been accused of doing, he thought he should at least be having wicked, wild sex. Preferably very soon.

Unfortunately, his list of desirable partners offered more frustrations than prospects. Lucius Malfoy was in Azkaban, and Remus Lupin was with Greyback (though not, Snape hoped, with Greyback), and Harry Potter was presently at Hogwarts -- not, of course, that Snape thought seriously about shagging The Boy Who Lived, except that sometimes he did. There were a few other possibilities, since most of the Dark Lord's followers were in Snape's debt for one reason or another, but they were mostly an unappealing lot these days. And Wormtail, who was conveniently ensconced within Snape's house at Spinner's End, wasn't even worth considering except as an absolute last resort.

However, Draco Malfoy was hidden in Snape's cellar, safe and warm and probably very, very bored. Although Draco was the child of his oldest friend -- and of Narcissa, who would come to Snape in tears if she learned of any lascivious behavior toward her treasured only son -- he was still a teenage boy, and a very attractive teenage boy at that, living miserably shut away from others of his age. For Draco, a little lasciviousness might be an act of kindness.

So after sending Wormtail out on a pointless and dangerous mission calculated to take hours, Snape locked all the doors and snuck down to the cellar, where he found Draco lying on his cot playing with his nipples. The younger Malfoy stopped immediately, blushed and tried to pull his shirt closed when Snape crept up on him, but Snape shook his head.

"Idle hands, Malfoy?" he asked. Draco did have very nice nipples and Snape supposed he could not be blamed for playing with them. "Do you need something to do?"

Draco immediately perked up, Snape noticed, in more ways than one. "Is there something you would like for me to do, sir?"

How Snape enjoyed the way Draco called him sir! Particularly now that he was no longer young Malfoy's professor. "I've been feeling rather...tense," Snape told the boy, stealing a glance at Draco's muscled chest, hairless except for the dusting of golden curls around those rosy nipples. "Being cooped up in this house, I thought that perhaps you might be well."

Snape let his voice trail off, for after this none-too-subtle declaration, Draco was studying him, forgetting to hold his shirt closed and allowing Snape a glimpse of more curls, the ones on his lower body that led down into his trousers. "There must be a potion to cure tension, I could help you with that if you wanted," Draco said with a frown before noticing where Snape's eyes were fixed. "Or there's always shagging."

Snape lowered his brows, for although this remark was delightfully blunt and straight to the point, he still could not be certain that Draco was inviting Snape to shag him. "And are you feeling tense, cooped up in this house with me?" he inquired.

"Would I be lying around down here playing with my nipples if I wasn't a little frustrated?" Draco shot back, beginning to remove his shirt altogether.

It was a bit unromantic, Snape reflected, but he had always found ready-and-willing preferable to hard-to-get. He reached over to help Draco, unbuttoning the boy's trousers and allowing a small smirk to cross his face when the head of Draco's already erect cock poked above the waistband of his underwear. Snape raised an eyebrow at this. "You seem very eager. You aren't going to finish before we have properly started, are you?"

With a grin, Draco shrugged. "I might. I am a seventeen year old boy, you know." As if Snape could possibly need any reminder of the age of this delectable specimen! "But the great thing is, I can do it again fifteen minutes later. And fifteen minutes after that."

Snape considered the wisdom of these words. While he was tempted to argue that there was much to be said for quality over quantity, he could not disagree that making Draco come every fifteen minutes was a rather pleasant prospect. "What you're saying," he reflected thoughtfully, "is that I might as well suck you first, then allow you to recover while you are devoting your attention to undressing and preparing me."

Draco looked as if Snape had just given him a birthday present. "Oh, thank you, sir!" he exclaimed, shoving his trousers down his legs and arching his back to present his cock properly to Snape, who sat on the cot and leaned over to take a closer look. It was a fine, thick cock that Snape thought he might enjoy having in his arse at some future date, but not before he had properly shown Draco his place beneath Snape (in every sense).

Despite his unpleasant living conditions, the boy kept himself clean and reasonably well-groomed, and Snape could smell the arousal in the drop of fluid that welled at the tip of his cock. "If you grab my neck or try to shove my head down, I will bite," he warned, tilting his chin and tasting the purplish cock-head, which twitched happily against his tongue.

"N-no, sir...I won't sir..." Draco gasped, though he did arch his back even more, lifting himself closer to Snape's face. Snape did not wish to appear overly eager -- he did not want Draco to believe that he would be manipulated merely out of a desire for sex from an attractive teenage boy, a very attractive teenage boy -- but it had been a long time since he had tasted cock, particularly such a nice one with tight balls below and a firm belly beneath.

Grasping the base in one hand, he engulfed the head of the cock with his lips, sucking and licking the sensitive crown while he stroked up and down the throbbing shaft. "Oh, sir...oh it's good, sir..." Draco gasped, beginning to rock his hips before he recalled Snape's orders to behave himself and made an effort to still them. One hand made its way into Snape's hair, though it did not venture as far as the back of his head, and Snape enjoyed the feeling of the fingers stroking and stuttering as he moved his hand and tongue faster.

It did not take long before Draco was moaning, shifting his hips from side to side to stop himself from thrusting into Snape's mouth. "Oh, I'm...sir, I'm..." Of course you are, thought Snape smugly as Draco shuddered and cried out, "Oh, oh, OH!" His hips went still the moment before he convulsed and began to spurt into Snape's mouth. The taste was rather bitter and unpleasant, but Snape swallowed it anyway, feeling nostalgic; it had been just as long since he had swallowed a mouthful of come as it had been since he had sucked cock, which he supposed was to be expected.

Draco was breathing heavily. When Snape glanced up at him, removing his mouth from the softening cock with a sucking noise as he slurped the head clean, the boy's eyes were glazed over. "Ohh, thank you, sir," he panted. Snape gave him a moment to recover, rising to find the secret store of the fine lube he kept among the wine bottles in the cellar, disguised as a particularly poor vintage so that Pettigrew wouldn't get into the stash. Draco was just as delightfully responsive as he had hoped, and he felt certain that this Malfoy arse was as worthy of his best lube as the boy's father's.

When he returned to the cot, Draco was still half-sitting, half lying and gazing at Snape with half-slitted eyes, but now the look was seductive instead of dazzled. "If I had known you liked to suck cock, we could have done this a year ago," he said suggestively.

"A year ago you were my student," Snape said shortly, beginning to tug at the first of the great many buttons on his robes as a means of distraction. He was certainly not going to admit to Draco Malfoy that he had often imagined fucking the young Slytherin in his bed at Hogwarts, or over his desk, or in the potions pantry, or tied to a strut beneath the Quidditch stands.

With a small sigh of regret, Draco reached to help Snape with his clothing. Of course a simple spell would have unfastened all the buttons at once, but Snape enjoyed watching the small furrow of concentration as Draco carefully undressed him, pausing to look at and stroke the skin he exposed before moving from one sleeve to the other and then to Snape's throat and chest.

"I'd have let you fuck me when you were my Head of House," Draco said with a wicked grin. "My father suggested that I neglect no area of my education while I was at Hogwarts and he told me that you were the only teacher at that school worth his stipend. I'm sure you could have taught me a lot."

Snape had to bite back a groan. Putting up with Potter and his obnoxious Gryffindor friends would have been so much easier had he known he had Draco's arse to return to in the evenings! "You seem to have learned certain skills anyway," he murmured as the boy leaned in close to put his lips on Snape's throat, kissing and sucking just beneath his pulse. A pair of curious thumbs found and began to stroke his nipples...clearly Draco had practiced this skill, on himself if no one else.

"Yes, but I've never bottomed to anyone," whispered Draco, sending his cool breath blowing across Snape's ear, so that Snape was unsure whether it was the gust of air or the words themselves that made him shiver. "Of course I shagged whoever I pleased, but I couldn't imagine letting some teenage oaf put his cock in me, and all the men I knew were either teachers or friends of my parents. I always hoped you'd be my first."

There was no way Snape could hold back a groan at that, even though he warned himself again that the boy could be lying, trying to manipulate him. Then again, what did Draco have to gain by manipulating him? The only things in the world young Malfoy wanted were to rescue his father from Azkaban and spare his family the fury of the Dark Lord, and Snape was already his ally in both those goals.

Besides, Draco had no way of knowing that Snape had dreamed of being his first since the boy had entered puberty. "I promise I'll be gentle," he said, even though a part of him wanted nothing more than to thrust into Draco as fast as possible.

"But not too gentle." Draco grinned at him as if he had read the thought, making Snape wonder yet again whether Bellatrix had taught her nephew Legilimency. "I want you to fuck me like you own me."

Snape felt heady, again wondering whether it might be from Legilimency or if it was merely pure lust. Draco was pushing the onetime professor's underwear down his legs and looking at his cock, which was pointing straight at the boy's face. "Would you like me to prepare that for you, sir?" Draco asked. Wordlessly Snape handed him the bottle of potion, watching and trying not to tremble in anticipation as Draco poured some lube into his hands and rubbed them together. He placed one palm on either side of Snape's cock and slowly began stroking them up and down along the length, retracting the foreskin and brushing his fingers over the head.

As excruciatingly pleasurable as it was to be touched this way, Snape knew it could not continue or he would disgrace himself by exploding in Draco's hands...and unlike the teenager, he would not be ready for another go in fifteen minutes. "That will be sufficient," he said, trying not to gasp as one of Draco's hands closed about his cock and squeezed lightly, sliding up and down in the slippery potion. "Give me the bottle and get on your hands and knees."

With an expression bordering on smugness, Draco handed Snape the lube and turned, wiping his hands on a corner of the bed sheet before facing the head of the cot with his arse angled toward Snape. His face had betrayed no nervousness, but when Snape slipped an oiled finger between the boy's buttocks in a direct line from the back of his balls, his breath hitched and his hips jerked forward involuntarily, pulling him away from Snape's hand. "It's going to be difficult to take your innocence if you won't even let me touch you," Snape pointed out. "I've already told you that I'm not going to hurt you."

"Sorry, sir," muttered Draco, settling back in his previous position and spreading his legs a bit more widely, as if to demonstrate his receptiveness.

"If you want me to slow down, you need only tell me so." Again Snape moved his finger along the furrow, finding the tight pucker and teasing it with a fingertip. Again Draco's breath hitched, though this time he drew in a breathy gasp. A moment later his legs moved even further apart and his back arched to invite Snape's explorations.

Snape did not insert the fingertip until he had Draco moaning, already hard again -- the boy was as good as his word -- and whimpering, "More, I'm ready for more." At that the teacher pushed in the finger, feeling Draco tense, then forcibly relax, easing himself down onto the invading digit.

"That's not so bad," Draco muttered. Smirking slightly, Snape bent the finger, probing until he felt the rounded bulge inside Draco. "Ahh!" the boy cried out, tightening and then going slack to push back onto the finger. "Again!"

"Are you giving me orders, Malfoy?" Snape inquired, wriggling his finger inside Draco again and enjoying his moan before the surprised hiss when without warning Snape inserted a second finger. Merlin, this firm young arse was tight! Snape's cock twitched hungrily, eager to bury itself in the longed-for hole. "Relax, and push," he instructed, and the boy obeyed, arching in an effort to make Snape touch him inside in that same spot.

Draco was perspiring, a faint sheen of sweat making his back shine in the dim light of the cellar room. Snape feared that if he made the boy remain on his hands and knees for too long, he would grow uncomfortable in the position. Summoning Draco's pillow, he used an Engorgio charm to inflate it, then pushed it beneath the boy's chest, letting Draco shift his weight forward. In this more relaxed position it was easier to stretch the hole to admit a third finger, though Draco whimpered in protest at first and asked him to stop before calming himself and telling Snape to go on.

"I'm going to fuck you now," announced Snape, kneeling behind Draco and putting a bit more lube on his very eager cock. "I find that it's easier to take the stretch all at once, so I am going to push inside and then withdraw partway." Draco nodded his assent, biting his lip in apparent fear of screaming, and Snape aligned himself before thrusting the thick head of his cock into the still-tight hole, not stopping until he was sheathed halfway inside Draco.

"All right?" he asked.

"I -- oh -- fuck, please move!" Draco begged in a throaty voice that might have been thick with pain or desire or both. Snape obliged him, sliding partway out and back in, reaching beneath the taut body to find the bobbing erection. When he thrust again, he slid his hand up and down the shaft in the same movement, and Draco let out a soft sobbing noise. "Yes, do that, don't stop..."

It was unimaginably arousing to hear young Malfoy speak that way; Snape was very grateful he had put the boy on all fours, facing away from him, so that Draco could not see his face. He did not know how long he could last and pressed up on Draco's hip with his free hand, trying to angle the channel so that he would maximize contact with the sensitive spot inside. He knew he had succeeded when the straining body suddenly tightened and quivered, cock jumping in Snape's hand.

Oh, so hot, so blissfully responsive... "Draco," he groaned helplessly, speeding up his thrusts and the movements of his wrist.

The boy did not even manage to warn him this time; his head flew up, his thighs trembled once, and then he was crying out, very nearly screaming, as he coated Snape's hand and the pillow beneath him with hot come. The internal contractions were more than Snape could withstand, and with a few uncontrollably punishing thrusts, he followed Draco not long after, giving the tight arse its first taste of being filled. He was the one who had to bite his lip this time lest he should cry out his joy, his gratitude, his delight at having been the chosen one for this task.

Grunting, Draco collapsed against the now-wet pillow, giving an uncomfortable wriggle until Snape reluctantly slid his half-hard cock from within Draco's arse and rested it between the buttocks as he slumped over the relaxed body. He did not want to let go of Draco yet, which was somewhat distressing. He had no business getting attached to Lucius' son, no business thinking of this as anything other than a shag to relieve tension and make their lives in this hovel bearable.

"Thank you, sir," Draco whispered. His voice shook slightly, making Snape wonder whether he too was embarrassed or whether he had strained his vocal chords crying out when he came. "Was that...was it good?"

Snape very nearly scoffed that if Draco couldn't tell the answer to that question, he was truly an innocent, but then he realized that whether the boy was asking out of politeness or an arrogant desire to hear Snape admit how much he had enjoyed it, at least it meant that Draco could not read his mind. "Of course it was," he said as dryly as he could manage. "You're very responsive. When you've had more experience, I imagine that you're going to be exceptionally good at this."

Twisting his head, Draco attempted to peer back at Snape over his shoulder. "I don't want to be 'exceptionally good' at it," he objected. "It's not like I'd ever bottom to most people." This cheered Snape far more than he would ever have admitted. "Next time can we do it face to face?"

Next time! Snape hid his smirk against the damp sweet skin between Draco's shoulder blades. "Certainly, if you wish," he agreed, thinking that next time he would need to be certain to close his eyes at the climax. He scarcely trusted himself not to blurt out whatever words came into his head, let alone to silence his thoughts.

Beneath him Draco was wriggling again, and Snape reluctantly slid off his back. Before he could rise from the bed, however, the boy asked hopefully, "Will you stay and keep me company for a while, sir?"

The question surprised Snape, and at the same time he could not keep from smiling. He tried to turn the smile into a knowing smirk, but Draco was already smiling back.

"I suppose that I could do that," he said slowly, lowering himself fully onto the cot. It wasn't as if he had anything else pressing to do, and it would be foolish to let Draco grow bored again so quickly. Besides, the boy had asked so nicely, and called him sir so respectfully, and after all he had chosen Snape for his first time. Reaching out, Snape slipped his arm around the warm shoulders and let Draco curl up against him.