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5 Times Steve Marked Tony + 1 Time Tony Marked Steve

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Tony doesn’t even think about. He just stumbles down to get coffee the next morning, wearing sleep pants and nothing else - everyone here is family and they’ve seen his arc reactor a billion times anyway.

And hadn’t that taken a while to get used to. That he had people, other than Pepper and Rhodey and Happy and people he created that actually wanted to spend time with him, get to know him and not the Tony Stark the paparazzi reported on every other day.

But as they’d slowly trickled back into the tower after New York, all of them broken and healed in their own twisted ways, Tony knew he’d do whatever had to to keep these people safe. He had Hawkeye’s back during his trials with the WSC, and he made sure that he and Natasha had grief counseling for Agent’s death.

He made sure that Bruce and the Hulk were seen rightfully as the heroes they were, and he viciously cut down every rag and TV Show that talked about them with even a hint of calling him a monster. He made sure that Erik Selvig and Jane Foster and Darcy Lewis had protection and whatever mental health care they needed.

He gave Steve all the Howling Commando’s memorabilia he had, the old reel-to-reel movies of his Dad and Aunt Peggy and the Commando’s, the old TV recordings of interviews, the even rarer pictures his father had had. He makes sure that Steve gets an actual introduction to the world.

Takes him out and shows him hot dog carts and museums and art shows and broadway. Flies them to Italy to properly taste gelato and proper Pizza. Somewhere along the line, he and Steve shifted from friends exploring the world, to something more than friends, all lifted by a kiss given beside the Nile River.

Steve had been terrified at first, and then Tony explained about the differences in thinking, and how he was happy to keep this quiet (if there was a this ) if Steve wanted. But Steve was adamant that he wasn’t going to keep Tony hidden like some kind of shameful secret.

And so they didn’t hide their relationship, they just didn’t...advertise it either, it was no one’s business but their own. And so when people caught on, they were both upfront about it, and Tony and Steve unwittingly because the faces of the LGBTAQ+ (ect ect ect Tony can’t remember all the letter’s honestly) movement.

It struck up serious questions about how could being queer be wrong if it was Captain America? Tony was happy to be at his side, and he had every intention of staying by his side. And so Tony found out another fact about their good Captain.

Steve was possessive. He bought Tony little trinkets and jewelry, and wanted him to wear them, so that other people would know Tony was his. Tony finally had to tell Steve that he was only going to wear one piece, so he needed to pick which one he wanted him to wear.

Steve had taken him seriously, and spent a few days thinking, before he presented Tony with his dogtags. Tony had been breathless - he knew how much these meant to Steve, how important they were to him.

Tony had kissed him senseless, and then put them on.

But back to the case in point - his Team is watching him with raised eyebrows, before Natasha looks pointedly at the dogtags around his neck.

He blushed bright red, and ignored the smirks from his teammates. “Oh, all of you shut up!” Tony barked, embarrassed, but turning towards the door when Steve walks in, and Tony doesn’t miss the flash of smug pleasure Steve gets when he sees Tony in his dogtags.

Tony doesn’t take them off again unless Steve does it for him.