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01-06 Eun Chan with ridiculous helmet hair.Eun Chan leaning forward to stare at half-naked Han Kyul toweling off his bare legs.Eun Chan with her tongue sticking out and her hair blowing in the wind.Eun Chan and Han Kyul in their fancy suits, doing a special handshake.Eun Chan and Han Kyul, checking their watches in perfect handsome sync.Han Kyul whispering dramatically into his phone. Text: showtime.
07-12 Eun Chan looking up while carrying a blue chair on her back.Eun Chan making a fist in front of the mirror. Text: 화이팅!Eun Chan holding a finger up as Han Kyul leans forward and fiddles with the face shield on her helmet.Han Sun smiling; Han Sung making a gun with his fingers.Eun Chan sticking her tongue out at Han Sung's dog.Eun Chan binding her breasts.
13-18 Eun Chan lying on her back, looking sweaty and exhausted.Eun Chan in bed, rubbing her eyes.Eun Chan hugging a pillow and looking dreamy.Han Kyul with his shirt open, beckoning to Eun Chan; Eun Chan smiling back.Eun Chan in a hoodie, reaching out; Han Kyul beginning to stir from sleep.All the princes walking together.
19-24 Sun Ki looking disbelieving.Eun Chan lying back, lit by the red glow of a lamp.Han Kyul putting on sunglasses; Han Kyul looking very pleased with himself.Hong Gae Sik kicking Han Kyul off a rock and into the river with the other princes.Eun Chan in girl drag, peeking around a door and scrunching up her face.Eun Chan holding a toy dragon up to her face and laughing evilly. Text: ㅎㅎㅎ
25-30 Eun Chan wiping tears from her eyes.Han Kyul brushing his hand over Eun Chan's eyelashes as she sleeps.Han Kyul laughing as Eun Chan sniffs the coffee bean in his hand.Eun Chan holding her hand up, about to karate chop Han Kyul's arm.Eun Chan smiling to herself as Han Kyul is pressed up against her in the subway car.Eun Chan wearing headphones in Han Sung's recording studio.
31-36 Eun Chan looking up as she shoves yet another piece of food into her mouth.Han Kyul sitting in his bathtub and brushing his teeth forlornly.Han Kyul frantically patting his face in front of the mirror.Han Kyul grinning helplessly.Han Kyul closing his eyes as Eun Chan kisses him.Yoo Joo, Han Kyul, and Eun Chan sitting outside in front of a gorgeous view of the mountains.
37-42 Han Sung on the phone, looking confused.Yoo Joo lying on her stomach, eyeing the sock she found under Han Sung's bed.Yoo Joo looking uneasy.Eun Chan and Han Kyul's grandmother smiling and posing for the camera.Han Kyul holding his hand to his lips and looking shocked.Han Kyul with his hand on Eun Chan's jaw, holding her down on the bed next to him.
43-48 Eun Chan lying on her back in a window at night.Han Kyul's grandmother pursing her lips and holding a cup of tea.Han Kyul grinning down at Eun Chan, who is covered in tissues and yawning.Eun Chan shouting; Han Kyul in the passenger seat, throwing up his hands and screaming.Han Kyul and Eun Chan walking together on the beach.Yoo Joo looking devastated.
49-54 Han Kyul pausing in the middle of shaving, looking reflective.Han Kyul tipping his head back.Eun Chan drawing gently back from a kiss.Eun Chan sliding her hands up Han Kyul's back and moving up to kiss him.Han Kyul looking giddy as he hugs Eun Chan.Eun Chan and Han Kyul, about to kiss again.
55-60 Sun Ki, his hair in a little ponytail.Eun Chan, her eyes blank and swollen from crying.Han Kyul in harsh shadows.Eun Chan crying.Eun Chan and Han Kyul looking up to see each other; Han Kyul resting his head on Eun Chan's shoulder.Eun Chan in her helmet.
61-66 Eun Chan braiding Eun Sae's hair.Han Kyul at his mother's memorial, teary-eyed.Han Kyul pausing in brushing his teeth to eye Eun Chan dubiously.Han Kyul holding Eun Chan's face with both hands.Han Sung smiling down at a sleeping Yoo Joo.Yoo Joo looking lovingly at Han Sung's arm wrapped around her.
67-72 Han Kyul staring at Eun Chan as she works.Han Kyul whispering in Eun Chan's ear.Eun Chan holding Han Kyul's face in both hands as Han Kyul shrugs.Han Kyul hugging his grandmother.Han Sung looking at the sonogram.Min Yeop holding his hand to his mouth and hiccuping.
73-78 Han Kyul lying with his head thrown back.Han Kyul whistling and stroking the headrest of the passenger seat in his car.Han Kyul pinching Eun Chan's cheek.Eun Chan beaming and hugging Han Kyul back.Sun Ki looking sad but not surprised.Eun Chan wiggling past the threshold of the door.
79-84 Eun Chan hugging Han Kyul from behind.Han Kyul turning around to hug Eun Chan back.Eun Chan running her hands down Han Kyul's body as he looks scandalized.Eun Chan crying.Han Kyul with his arms folded shyly, half-naked and smiling.Eun Chan waking up the morning after and blinking sleepily; Han Kyul making a show of staring at her.