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Special Touch - Connect Four

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Life had been a bit of a whirlwind. Norman’s show would be wrapping up soon which meant that there was a lot to get done before we headed back to New York. The top of my list was to spend more time with my parents, dad was feeling pretty good and mom had gotten back to her quilting group so there wasn’t much for me to worry about. We had been over for dinner twice this week, once for mom’s birthday and once because she tricked us back with homemade fried chicken and her deep fried brussel sprouts. Norman had been packing up a few things, but much was going to stay here in Georgia. I was going to need a UHaul truck for everything I wanted to bring back to New York.

I walked around the house, this was such a great little place. I thought back to the apartment I had been sharing with Mandy when I had first met Norman all that time ago. It had been a tiny little two bedroom with no real view, near the center of town. Now I was creating this life with the man I loved, living in this great bungalow. It was a culmination of both our worlds, his more minimalist style of living mixed with my southern touches. Corners filled with show related gifts, his collection of random masks and closets filled with my too many outfits. We had really made a home for ourselves here and I loved it. I thought back to living with Mandy and our discussions of our futures, how we wanted to find some nice southern boys to marry and big sprawling houses to live in as we settled into pretty typical small town life. For Mandy that dream was coming true, she and Tom were living together now, they had moved into a little place that his family owned. Tom works for a trucking company and she is talking about having kids, she is living the life we had talked about since we were in school together.

And then I met Norman and my whole world changed. Not only did my ideas on love spiral into something new but I learned that I wasn’t destined to stay with both feet in small town Georgia. This would always be home but a piece of me loves and embraces New York City. I think we are two sides to a coin that way. His heart will always be in New York, but he can’t deny his love for this place. I think about this dynamic often as we pack up from one home to go back to the other. Somehow he has landed a life that allows him the luxury of living this duel life and so have I. I have to remember to return Tonya’s email, she is happy to have me back to the massage office in the city in a few weeks and though I don’t necessarily have the pack of regulars I would like to have, it is great to have a career that is all mine. This may not have been the life Mandy and I talked about years ago, but it has become the greatest life I could ever imagine.

I was in the bedroom sorting clothes to pack when Norman came home from work, it was well past dinner time, almost time to get some sleep. “Hey pretty lady.” I had heard him shuffling through the house and now he stood in the door way with his hat and boots off, no shirt or belt, this meant there was a trail of stuff down the hallway. His hair was hat-matted and disheveled, but he wasn’t too much of a mess, he had cleaned up before leaving the set but he needed a shower for sure.

“Well hello handsome.” He leaned against the door frame looking exhausted as he dragged off his cigarette. “One more episode?” They had hoped to finish today leaving only one more episode to be filmed for the season. He nodded. They were apparently a few days behind schedule but now that they were coming into the home stretch of it all, there was the light at the end of the very long and hot Georgia tunnel.

I crossed the room and offered him a hug. Norman shook his head, “I’m really gross.” He may not have been covered in fake blood and guts but he was sweaty from head to toe and covered in road dust.

I pulled him by the pinky, “Come on, I’ll help you get into the shower and mix you a cocktail.”

He made a sound that reminded me of a purr. “That sounds fantastic.” I dragged him across the room and it the bathroom. He got undressed as I turned on the water, working his jeans off like a twelve year old boy, using one foot to push down the other leg. He held the toe of his sock with the opposite heel and pulled out of them. He was beyond tired. I stole the cigarette from his mouth, kissed him and told him I’d see him in a few minutes. He cracked his knuckles and got in the hot shower.

I finished his Parliament Light, not something I often did and crushed it out in the kitchen as I looked through the refrigerator for left overs. I wasn’t sure if he had eaten but I figured he nibble at something either way. I pulled out some Asian dish we had whipped up last night and then fixed him a rum and coke. His phone was on the island and it was vibrating over and over. Not one to normally snoop at his phone, I wondered who was trying to get a hold of him. Two missed called and three text messages. Some from work, but a call and a text from Andy. I didn’t open any of them, just put the phone back down on the counter glad it wasn’t his son with an emergency or something like that.

I heard the water turn off as I warmed up the stir-fry in the wok on the burner. By the time he came down the hall toweling his hair and dressed in just his plaid sleep pants, I had put a dish together and set it next to his phone for him. I had poured myself a drink as well and we finally shared a kiss. He pulled me close and we kissed at the island, his hands roaming my body till he gripped my ass then lifted me up onto the cold granite. His hand knotted into my wavy hair as I buried my mouth at his defined collar bones. I wrapped my legs tight around him as he whispered, “Now this is a proper hello.”

We sat in the kitchen and talked while he ate. It was starting to get cool in Georgia, so much so that we couldn’t enjoy food on the patio any more. The shower had done him good, we chatted about me wrapping up work here in town over the next few weeks and setting back up in New York. He asked if I minded moving for the winter, I think he liked to make sure that this bi-state living situation was still working for me. Not that it would have changed anything. I wouldn’t expect him to stay in Georgia for the winter when his son was north and I sure as hell wasn’t going to let him go. It was a good thing that I was happy with things the way there were now.

His phone buzzed again, “It’s been going off for a while.” He put a fork full of food in his mouth then picked it up.

There was an undeniable smirk on his face and I simply raised an eyebrow waiting for him to divulge whatever the message said. Finally he wiped his mouth and leaned back in the chair. “Andy and Gael want to get together before he heads to London for the winter.” He scrolled through the other text messages that had been piling up. “Um, the kids are leaving in a few days and Gael is going the end of next week.” He started to scratch at the scruff on his face. “Like all of us get together.” He was almost shy with his words.

I dramatically leaned into him, “You mean like sex?” I exaggerated the word sex and this made him laugh and filled his face with that genuine smile that he didn’t always show.

“Well, the word hasn’t actually come up yet, but I’d hope so.” It had been a while since he and Andy had done more than kiss or share a blowjob. Norman had come home a few weeks ago and told me that he had sucked Andy off one morning before they got to filming. I guess I should have been angry or jealous but the thought of it had just turned me on, it always did. “Maybe you could call Gael and feel it out?”

I thought that was rather funny as she and I were friendly but not close. She had her friends and I had mine, our common ground was the men in our lives but there was no doubt that there was an attraction between us. I nodded as he put his plate in the sink and rinsed it off.

We headed for the bedroom and he finally collected his discarded accessories and clothing as we went. I moved the piles of clothes off the bed and somehow got startled when his cat reached a paw out from under the corner of one of Norman’s black t-shirts. I hadn’t realized he was there and it made us both laugh as Norman climbed on the bed and started to cuddle his best friend.

“I’m off tomorrow, what do you want to do?” I had seen it on the calendar but there had been no way for me to take the whole day off.

I piled clothes on the chair in the corner then joined him on the bed. He was laying on his back with Eye playing with his hair. I straddled him trying not to disturb the cat too much, but when I made the bed sink he went running. “I have to work till lunch, but then I’m free. Want to go out to the river for a picnic?” There was a little spot we had found when we were out driving one day, a place even I didn’t know and I had lived around here my whole life. It had become our own special place.

He nodded his head as he moved a pillow under his head then laced his fingers in mine and pulled me down for a kiss. I rocked myself against his half stiff erection and kissed him. When he had walked in the door an hour ago I thought for sure he’d be asleep by now, but the shower and some food seemed to have breathed new life into him. We kissed for a while rubbing against each other like teenagers.

“Hey,” I licked his neck as he played with my hair. Taking the pile of waves and gathering it all into a mound on my head then letting it all tumble down till he did it again. “Do you want to have sex with Gael?” I thought back to the morning after the four of us had been together and how she had expressed a desire to have sex with Norman, but I had no idea if the feeling was mutual.

Norman stopped playing with my hair but left his fingers tangled in it. “Um, that’s a loaded question that I am not touching.” He rocked against me trying to distract me from the question. I have to admit, it was working, and it had been a few days since we had been able to sneak some time in together, especially naked time, which was our favorite. “I want you Holly.” His voice was raspy and dripping with sex. “I want you to ride me and fuck me and make me scream out your name.”

I had to laugh, he may have been one to talk during sex, moan and growl for sure. But he had never screamed out my name or anyone else’s. That just wasn’t Norman’s style. I shook my head at him. Oh, not that I didn’t think riding him was a lovely idea, but I wanted something else, and though I thought he might be a bit tired, I was pretty sure he wouldn’t say no.

“That’s a great idea baby,” I wiggled against him as he dug his fingers deep into my hips and listened, “But I really need to get down on my knees.” He nodded, he was begging for more details as his cock stiffened and worked against me. “Need you to bend me over and fuck me hard.” A smirk touched his lips and his eyes got wide. It wasn’t often I detailed my desires. “Claim my pussy.” His grip at my hip tightened. “Can you do that for me Norman, make me yours?” I knew I couldn’t necessarily push him to be out of control, that was always up to him. But I knew he could take me hard and that was just what I really wanted from him tonight.

“Fuckin’ mine.” His eyes shifted from playful to dark as he suddenly lifted me off of him as if I were the lightest feather. He flipped me on to the bed and I tried not to laugh as it all startled me a bit. I was still fully dressed but he was just in his sleep pants, commando underneath. Tented in the front, he got off the bed and stood next to it. “Stand up.” I obeyed.

I got off the bed and stood in front of him. Dominate Norman filled the room instantly and it made my panties wet. He grabbed my chin and pulled my face close to his. “Last chance. Sure you don’t want it all nice and sweet?” We hadn’t had sex in a while, I appreciated the question.

“No Norman. I want it rough and dirty.” I peered into his eyes as I said it.

He kissed me, hard, mouth to mouth as he gripped a fist full of my hair. “Mine.” The word gritted out of his mouth. “All. Fucking. Mine.” I wanted to touch him, but for some reason I didn’t. It was as if I thought I might need permission to touch him. He let go of me and walked once around me then stopped and spoke in my ear. “Take your clothes off.”

I have to say, I was surprised. He very much enjoyed stripping me, always had. He was usually one to take his time unwrapping the package. I closed my eyes and tried to channel my inner stripper. My hips started to sway and I tried to seductively pull my top over my head. I was no good at this type of thing, but if he wanted it, I would try. I let my top fall to the floor and then I started at the straps of my bra, sliding them down my arms then I unhooked the back and held the cups with my hands. Norman had been circling around me with a freshly lit cigarette.

Now he stood directly in front of me waiting for me to show him more. It was exciting to be undressing for him, as if he hadn’t seen me naked a million times over. I wiggled the bra showing him a glimpse of my underboob then hiding it again. I did this twice as he dragged on the cigarette and smirked. Finally I let the colorful material fall away and I showed him my 38D’s waiting to see how he would respond.

Nodding his approval he spoke, “Play with your nipples.” My hands caressed over my flesh then I began to tweak and twist and I did what he commanded. He stopped me, pulled one hand away replacing his mouth for my fingers and sucked hard, then lavished his wet tongue on my skin and then moved to do the same on the other. When he was done he stood back up and watched again as I pulled at my hard nipples for him. I was really no good at putting on a show, it just wasn’t my thing, but he seemed to be enjoying it so I pushed on.

I slid my hands down my breasts and over my stomach to the button on my jeans. I popped it open and worked down the zipper as he came around the back side of me. I pealed the jeans over my hips and ass bending a bit as I went. There was that sound, the one that came from deep inside his chest when he was aroused and approving. When they were finally on the floor with my shirt I looked over my shoulder to him and started at my panties.

“No.” He shook his head like he was scolding me. “On your knees.” How the hell did he still make my body ache and my pussy weep after all this time together? I debated the bed but opted for the floor. I needed it hard and rough. I looked back and he was stepping out of his bed pants.

Norman knelt behind me, pressing his body to mine as he grabbed at my hips and pulled me where he wanted me. I moaned out a yes that only encouraged him to man handle me more. His body moved away but his mouth found my hips and ass and then, without warning I felt his hands at my panties, ripping them at the seams and yanking them off my body.

“You’re drenched.” He discarded the panties but hand his hand along my sex.

“Yes.” I was panting already.

He smacked my ass, “That’s a good girl.” I loved it when he got dominate and dirty.

He rubbed the tip of his cock along my slit, edging it in, pulling it out, finding my clit then sliding back to my slit. Over and over tormenting my hot flesh as I began to whimper and plead for him to fuck me.

“You want this?” He edged the tip inside me then held it there. Held me in place as I tried to push back against him. I nodded. “Tell me how much you want it.”

I took a breath and tried pushing onto him one more time, but he smacked at my ass again. “Oh god Norman, I need you. Please baby.”

Norman pressed his solid body against me and rasped in my ear. “You’re mine. Now beg me to fuck you.”

I had never really done it before, sure I had whimpered out my needs and told him how I wanted him to take me, but I had never begged for sex because he wanted to hear me do it. My brain spun with things to say and finally the words came out of me. “Please Norman, please fuck me. Fill me up and make me yours.” I pushed back toward him but he didn’t give me enough movement to allow it.

“You want my cock, you have to beg for it.” He teased the tip along me flesh again.

I nodded, I understood. “My pussy belongs to you. For you to fuck and use.”

He used both hands to gather my hair then he fisted it, pulling my head and making my back arch to his touch. He slid his free hand between my legs and slid three fingers inside of me, I was so wet and open for him there was no resistance as he fingered me. “Fuckin’ mine Holly. This is mine.”

I bit my bottom lip as I wondered if he was tipping the scales to being out of control. “It’s yours Norm, my body belongs to you and I need you to fuck it.” He fingered deeper, till he was stretching me open and twisting inside me of. “I need you to fuck me like some slut, only good for fucking.” We had never really crossed the line of degradation before but the words coming out of my own mouth were turning us both on. It seemed so easy when I knew how much he loved me.

He pulled my hair a little tighter, “Yeah? You need this filled up?” His fingers pushed deep and I tried to nod my head. “Good.”

Then it all happened fast, he pulled his fingers out and brought them to my mouth, he pushed them in and I sucked his fingers clean, licking off all the taste of myself. He let the tip of his cock edge inside me then he trusted till he was fully buried and I cried out around his fingers. He started to pump, his balls slapping against me.

“Dirty. Whore.” He punctuated each word. He took his fingers from my mouth and pushed down at the middle of my back, “Face down.” He pushed till my cheek was on the carpet and my ass stood proudly up. He slammed harder into me and I was moaning out.

“Fuck Norman. Fuck me harder. Please, I need it.” How we had gone from tired-Norman and pleasant conversation to this was beyond me, but it felt incredible. My face on the floor, my hair being pulled, a good sound fucking, it was more than I could ask for. It was hard and raw and when I came he eased up on the hair pulling but not the thrusting. He kept my hips high as he mumbled out dirty words, more for himself than for me. When it was time for his orgasm he pulled out of me and shot warm ropes of cum on my back. It felt like the perfect ending to our sex and I collapsed to the floor panting and smiling.

Eventually he cleaned me up, scooped me off the floor and crawled into our white sheets, pulling the fluffy comforter over us as we snuggled together. He kissed my shoulder and mumbled a goodnight as I drifted off to sleep.


The phone rang four times before I heard a hello on the other end.

“Hi Gael, it’s Holly, how are you?” I was finished with my day and was settled into my car with a cup of tea and a cookie from the coffee shop nearby. I was going to meet Norman by the river for a picnic that he had texted and told me he already packed.

Her voice was light, “Hi, I’m great, how are you?”

We hadn’t talked in a while, for all we shared and had in common, we weren’t close but it was always great to have a chance to talk and catch up. We chatted for a while about packing up and leaving Georgia for the winter. It was a different dynamic for her, going back to England meant reunited with her family and friends. For me it was saying goodbye to my loved ones for a more isolated living situation.

“Norman tells me you guys want to get together next week.” I had told him that I would work things out with Gael.

I pictured her sitting in the living room as we talked, the scene of our intimate encounter. “We would love that.” She always sounded so confident, something I found very attractive about her.

“How about our place?” We rarely had people over and I had never hosted a dinner party of any type, but I really wanted to whip up a meal and share some laughs. We made arrangements of time and she offered to bring dessert.

“And Gael,” She made a sound that let me know she was listening, “If you’d like to pack and overnight bag, don’t be shy.” We hadn’t spoken of sex at all, I mean, how do you bring that up in conversation. But I did want her to know that it wasn’t out of the realm of possibilities for the evening.

“We’d like that.” We said goodbye and I sat back in my truck, maybe over thinking things a bit.

My life had grown to this place where I was inviting another couple over to my home for sex with the man I loved. It was sexy and exciting and I was happy about it all. I put the truck in drive and headed over to the river where we were going to have lunch together.

Norman was already there, a blanket by a tree, a cooler and a pile of pillows, the same ones we had stuffed in the back of the pick up when we had gone to the drive in. He was laying back playing on his phone and I parked next to his jeep. I loved when he took over everything, made all the arrangement, packed everything we’d need, it was a nice change. “Hi baby.” He was still focused on his phone reading something, I asked if he was reading a fan fiction story, he had stumbled on a few recently that he thought were pretty good.

I went over and laid down next to him.

“This one’s set in Woodbury,” The fictitious town on his TV show. “Rick just killed the Governor.” Andy’s character and the fictitious leader of that town.

I pulled his arm close and lazed my fingers along his forearm. “Who they got you paired up with?” So many of these stories had his character fucking someone even though he was single on the show. Men, women, younger, older, it didn’t matter. The fans just wanted his character to get laid and these stories often did it, in graphic detail.

“You don’t want to know.” He laughed as he shut down his phone. That usually met it was a more obscure coupling that made him a little uncomfortable to think about. “But the fight parts are really good.” He pulled me close and kissed my hair. “I hear we have a date coming up.” Good news spread quickly.

“I invited them to our place.” We hadn’t actually talked about that.

His hands roamed my back, “I heard, that will be cool.”

We watched the water, picked at food he had bought, drank down a beer or two and just visited. He had grown very fond of Georgia and the thought of going to New York seemed a bit exhausting for him. He was looking forward to being back home, seeing his friends and especially spending time with his son, but it was getting harder and harder for him to leave here, or at least that is how it felt to me. Georgia had a way of doing that to a person. Just after we packed up his jeep he dragged me to the edge of the water and we took pictures together, finally one of just him that he posted to social media.

He scrolled through them as we walked along the water, “I think I want to frame this one.” We did look cute. “So about the four of us.” I didn’t say anything, just listened. “It’s just dinner, but what if it’s more.” I know he was hoping for more. I really thought I should have offered him some type of free-pass night with Andy but I hadn’t. He took my hand and played with my fingers as we stood on the bank of the river watching the water.

“Is it okay if we all hook up again? Yeah.” It felt like I had graduated. As if all of our shared adventures and naughtiness were just stepping stones. I didn’t need to over think things any more or struggle to wonder what it would mean if we tried something else new and different. Besides the four of us had been together before. “You know Gael wants to… be with you.” His head snapped up. I snickered, “well she does, we talked about it when you guys were making breakfast that morning.”

In many ways all of the fame and the fans were still no match to his shy and humble ways. “Me?” He seemed blown away. “You mean us. She was completely into you.”

I nodded, “Maybe, but she would love to be with you. Don’t seem so shocked, you’re not a bad looking guy.” He knew that a pile of woman on social media pages were constantly offering him sex, I didn’t know why he was surprised when someone he actually knew was interested as well.

He covered his face in embarrassment, “That’s crazy.” Sometimes his naïve nature was sexy as hell. We were quite as he let it all sink in. “Do you want to… with Andy?” I shrugged my shoulders. Andy was handsome and rugged, sexy, charming and had an accent that made my panties damp. What wasn’t there to want about Andy? “It’s ok if you do.” He was back to holding my hand. “Shit, I wanna fuck Andy.” He said it under his breath in his joking tone.

“Is that where you want the night to go?” Andy had taken him before, but Norman had never been the one to do the fucking. Oh the things we never seemed to talk about.

Norman shrugged a little and kept walking. I could tell his brain was spinning. “Wouldn’t mind.” He mumbled it as if telling me was a bad thing. “Don’t know if that’s Andy’s thing.” I really wasn’t surprised that they had never talked about topping or bottoming, switching. But apparently Norman was game for either.

I stopped at a good sized rock and stood on it making myself stand taller than him for a change. I kissed his forehead as he often did mine. “Norman, if the night gets interesting, I don’t want either of us to hold back.” I used my higher vantage point to take off his hat and run my fingers through this silky hair.

“So me and Gael?” He was feeling out the situation.

I nodded. “I will never deny you anything, I love you.” He tipped his head up and we kissed.