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One Last Time, One Last Fight

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01. The Fifth Day — The Airborne Toxic Event
But these nights are like a dream I can’t shake
And there’s your hair and there’s your head
There’s your empty place on the bed
I wish I could scream myself awake
But I won’t go back to what I was
I know now that you are lost
It’s your choices that make you a man
Your frozen mind begins to thaw
You think my god my god my god
Where was it I began?

02. Dead Man’s Will — Calexico and Iron & Wine
May my love reach you all
I lost it in myself and buried too long
Now that I come to fall
Please say it's not too late
Now that I'm dead and gone

03. Sister Song — Perfume Genius
Don't you worry your head 'bout a thing

Drive on, drive on
My special one
Don't you stop 'til you know you're gone

04. If You Were Me — Frightened Rabbit
Time passes
I accept the blame
And I accept that you might never care to see me again
At least we can shake off some shame
Still I quiver like a dying leaf in a violent wind

05. Humiliation — The National
The surprise of the week
Is that I never heard the sound

Tunnel vision lights my way
Lead a little life today

06. Home — Mumford & Sons
I ran away in floods of shame
I'll never tell how close I came
As I crossed the Holland Road
Where you went left and I went right
As the moon hung proud and bright
You would have loved it here tonight

Spin me round, just to pin me down
On the cover of this strange bed

07. Like a River Runs — Bleachers
And I wanna get up
To the rhythm of a wild, to the rhythm of a wild heart
That beats, that beats like a drum

When I fall asleep I can see your face
What I lost in you I will not replace
And I could run away, I could let them down
But I will remember your light

08. Into Dust — Ashtar Command
It was you breathless and tall
I could feel my eyes turning into dust
And two strangers turning into dust

09. Half Moon — Blind Pilot
It's not hard to live like a ghost
I just haunt all that I've wanted
And leave what I don't
I dreamt a trail up to the sky
And my brothers built propellers
Just to see how far they'd fly

10. Brother — Lord Huron
How long have I known you, brother?
Hundreds of lives, thousands of years
How many miles have we wandered
Under the sky, chasing our fear?

Some kind of trouble is coming
Don't know when, don't know what
I will stand by you, brother
'Til the daylight comes or I'm dead and gone

I've shared my life with you, brother
Since I recall, you've been my friend
You say we're not like the others
Still we must die, all things must end

I know we can't stop what's coming
But I will try, oh how I'll try
Will you fight with me, brother
One last time, one last fight

Don't turn away, don't tell me that we're not the same
We face the fire together, brothers 'til the end
Don't run away, our time will come but not today
I stand beside you, brother, with you 'til the end