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01 Deu cracks her knuckles. 02 Deu holds a bottle of booze out threateningly. 03 Deu with her ankles tied, sitting in the ocean, holding up a bottle of booze with her feet. 04 Deu practicing a form.

05 Deu stands on her hands. 06 Deu's lips curve in a smile. 07 Split screen: Deu struggles to her feet, backlit by the sun, and Deu stands confidently in front of a golden field. 08 Deu looks back over her shoulder, her hair all wet.

09 Split screen: Deu flips up and kicks Kee Kwai in the head, and Deu stands unsteady on her feet, but triumphant. 10 Blended image of Deu and Sanim both drinking the extra-powerful booze. 11 Deu smiles, the wind ruffling her hair. 12 Deu looks alarmed, her mouth bloody.

13 Deu looks up, blood running from the corner of her mouth, lit by red light. 14 London kicks Deu in the head. 15 Deu gazes at Pai and supports her while they walk. 16 Deu holds Pai as she cries.