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Six to One

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Ji'im yelled over the massive roar the falls, "Give up She'lok, the Altrusians are destined to die in the path of something huge."

She'lok ignored her. All of her mental energy, which was considerable, was dedicated to replacing the crystals in the pylon in exactly the correct sequence to repel the asteroid currently hurtling towards the planet." She succeeded – there had been no doubt – but this meant she was in no position to stop Ji'im from shifting the Time Crystals.

The vaulted spires and gleaming hatchery domes of the Altrusian people shimmered and disappeared to be replaced with a dense jungle.

Ji'im darted out of the door. She looked back. "Oh, She'lok," trilled Ji'im, her head shifting from right to left, as if she were one of their lizard ancestors scenting for carrion and not highly evolved, "civilizations die. It's what they do."

She'lok heard the whine that indicated that the pylon was not long for this world. The blast lifted her off her feet and singed her tail, flinging her fifty feet into the tree line. There was a distant roar. She watched in fascination as a Tyrannosaurus Rex like some remnant of a less civilized age lurched out of the jungle and to the burning remains of the pylon.

She'lok waited for the creature to decide burning plastic was not to its liking. The valley where she found herself was sadly prehistoric, Jurassic specifically. Massive dinosaurs were littered around the place like something out of a museum. A deadly museum. She even encountered Sleestaks, the primitive ancestors of her own people. They were idiots. She explained that she was from the future three times before sighing and demonstrating the complex concept of fire. They scurried into the shadows.

She eventually located a cave where she could take shelter in the porous limestone. A cave that already had an occupant. A creature with a hairy head, but wearing, if She'lok was not mistaken, and she was rarely mistaken, a machine loomed wool garment.

The creature raised a sharpened stick. "Great, another Sleestak. Stay back."

She'lok arched a brow ridge at that evolutionary slur. She looked the creature up and down. "Given the industrialized nature of your clothing, I perceive you are not from this era either."

The creature's round eyes widened. "What you can talk? How are you speaking English? None of the other Sleestak spoke English."

"That is because I am not a Sleestak, you mammal." She'lok waved a hand at the creature. "Also, I am no more speaking this English than you are speaking Altrusian. However, the fact that we can understand each other means there is more than one pylon in the valley. Try to keep up." She considered the creature. There were a great many things that she should ask but prurient curiosity got the better of her. "I've seen mammals in zoos of course, but never one with your level of cranial development." She licked her lips, "I've heard that they come in two genders, which are you?" It was something of a perversion of hers, but she'd always been fascinated by the idea of gender dimorphisms in lower life forms.

"Uh…" the creature lowered her stick. "There are six genders. I'm an Alpha male."

She'lok's heart skipped a beat because she had never even considered such a bounty. She twisted the scanning crystal on her right hand and after some evaluation cast the image on the wall. "What could the possible purpose of this be?"

The creature coughed. "My raft goes over a waterfall and takes me to the Lost World, and the first creature I meet who doesn't try to eat me is a pervy lizard. I'm John by the way, and if you could not project a picture of my cock on the wall, that would be lovely. I don't even know you."

She'lok nodded. "You're correct." She cast an image of a pylon on the wall. "Have you seen one of these? Perhaps near where you came through."

John leaned against her stick. "There was one those at the bottom of the waterfall in the middle of dinosaur infested Sleestak territory."

She'lok looked out of the cave at the gathering dark. "There's another Altrusian who wants to destroy the world. Want to come help save it?" She grinned. "It could be dangerous."

John scratched her head. "So is sleeping in this place. I'll come."

The journey was fabulous. They were almost devoured multiple times. Flesh eating plants, giant insects – the hive had been fascinating. John kept being amazed by the simplest thing that She'lok did. A child of three could have determined that the bees would be distracted by pollen. She quite liked it.

John killed multiple things. She was very good at killing really.

There was admittedly the matter of She'lok's egg. "I can't palpitate it out of my pouch myself, and I have noticed that you have very nice opposable thumbs. John's thumbs were lovely really. She'lok should perhaps have explained that passing an egg was not without its physical rewards. Otherwise no one would eat the fertilization polyps. It did mean that they – John - had to carry it, but it felt good to have the thing out.

She offered to return the favour, but John was a mammal and didn't lay eggs. Although She'lok couldn't help but notice that John's cock expanded during the night and was often engorged in the morning. John refused her offers of help with that.

It didn't matter.

They were crossing a field of giant scarlet flowers, which for once were merely pretty rather than trying to eat them, when one of the flowers puffed a golden cloud of pollen on them. To She'lok's delight, she was finally able to get a closer look at John's cock. It became very engorged and developed a rounded tumor at the base before liberally striping She'lok's leg with white viscous material. It was salty and somewhat bitter. John's cock responded interestingly to manual stimulation, much like palpitating a pouch.

Afterwards, John didn't want to speak of it. She'lok gathered up a gourd's worth of the pollen.

John muttered, "Pervy lizard," but she was smiling.

They finally made it across the valley.

They used torches to fight their way through the Sleestaks, but unfortunately Ji'im had gotten there first and declared herself their god. It would have worked but for the egg in John's pocket. The Sleestak fell down before it, which made sense. Their unevolved eggs certainly didn't shimmer and glow.

Ji'im screamed, "Get up you idiots," which was when the Tyrannosaurus Rex ate him, being far stealthier than She'lok could have imagined.

She pushed John into the pylon and adjusted the time crystals. The fetid jungle and the Sleestak village wavered and disappeared. Only to be replaced by the spires of home.

She looked over at where John was clutching her egg. "We should drop that off at the hatchery for a brood specialist to handle. Then I'll see if I can figure out how to take you home."

"Ta," said John picking up the pollen gourd from where she'd dropped it on the floor. "Maybe later."

Which as it happened was never, which was fine.

It was all fine.