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    The Where No Woman Femslash and Queergen Summer Exchange

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  • Women of Star Trek (womenofstartrek) by cosmic_llin

    28 May 2016


    This is a collection for stories and other fanworks focusing on the women of Star Trek.

    Finding fic about women characters in Star Trek is often an exercise in frustration - their tag is usually full of stories in which they play only a minor part, and it can be tough sifting through it all to get to the stuff that actually focuses on the character you want.

    This collection is a place to gather stories, vids, art or other fanworks that focus mainly on the women characters of the Star Trek universe. You are very welcome to add works to the collection, including (especially!) your own. If I've added some of your relevant works but not all, do feel free to add in the ones I've missed.

    This collection is moderated - I check regularly for submitted works, so your suggestions should be accepted within a few days at most. I will never reject submissions unless they look like they are completely incompatible with the aims of the collection.

    I have not read every story in this collection, so if you spot something you feel is inappropriate, please let me know!

    (Open, Moderated)