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The SeeBee and the SpiderKing

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Jimmy's Ma shot his Da with his Da's own gun when Jim was but a year old.

His aunt raised him up.

She was a sorry soul, Beta instincts always trying to mother him. Always knowing he was the cuckoo bird in the nest. He'd used that sorry guilt. Made her buy him a computer. He'd made her buy him all sorts of things she didn't understand and kept the keep out on the door.

They both called it quits when he was sixteen and his Alpha presentation put the cap on what he already knew about himself.

He ruined her credit to get started. Tech wasn't cheap.


Jimmy from IT slunk out of his Netops cave where he'd been laying the sweetest Blackhat action to work its way through Bart Technical. The hardest attack to defend against was the one that came from inside.

For the people who were real, he wasn't named anything so stupid as Jimmy. He was SpiderKing. Everyone was in his web. He was the Napoleon of hackers. He was the Caesar. He was the best. He'd hacked into thirty separate financial institutions this year and with a little bug in Bart's routers, he'd have a back door pass into at least a hundred more.

Molls, one of the developers, was nattering on about the next UAT release and he really couldn't care a flying f when they went into developer territory, and there was Sherlock Holmes, SeeBee himself.

Hacked the London exchange when he was nine. At eleven, he'd cracked a key vulnerability in whatever lame cryptography the world thought was safe at the time and had electronic bees flying around half the government computer monitors. They still cropped up time to time.

SeeBee with his hands flying over a keyboard. All the blinds drawn and the light of his monitor shining on the angles of his face. SeeBee moved on his ergonomic blue ball chair. A sound that went straight to SpiderKing's prick.

SpiderKing wanted to yell, "Look up. SeeBee, the SpiderKing is right next to you," because they were rulers electronic. They chose their own names. He wanted to give himself a quick stroke, because he wasn't getting blue balls just looking at him. SpiderKing might be an Alpha, but he'd always figured rutting was for mouth breathers. But maybe what he'd needed all along was a Beta man. This Beta man.

SeeBee glanced in the other direction. "John, I said I'm not breastfeeding it."

There was an Omega slicktail sitting in a chair with his legs up. Disgusting creature was as enormous as a whale. "I heard you the first time Sherlock. I also said as anyone who didn't delete Sex Ed, it doesn't work that way for male Betas. But you have been working round the clock since I entered my third trimester."

Molls had drifted over to the Omega and pathetic Beta that she was, she looked like she desperately wanted to ask to touch the disgusting mound. Instead she said, "John, Sherlock, this is Jimmy. He's my…" she smiled shyly, "he's the one I've been telling you about from IT."

SeeBee, who hadn't looked to see that SpiderKing was standing there, said, "I always work these hours."

The Omega chuckled. "You cleaned the kitchen. Face it, Sherlock. Instincts kicking in. You're trying to provide for the baby. Also, my apologies. Pleasure to meet you Jimmy. Molls speaks very highly of you."

SeeBee grunted and finally looked in their direction. "Ah, there you are Molls. I could use a coffee, and John needs more juice."

The Omega groaned. "Sherlock, the baby is playing bongos on my bladder as it is. Molls, you don't need to bring me anything."

SpiderKing wanted to scream at the slicktail not to call SeeBee Sherlock. It wasn't his name. He cleared his throat. "So, SeeBee, I didn't know you'd joined us here at Barts. Also, haven't seen you darkside for a while." There should be enough to tip SeeBee off that SpiderKing was a fellow darkcode rider.

SeeBee's eyes, shimmering with monitor light, scanned over him. Another guttural sound as SeeBee moved on his chair. SpiderKing could feel it in his bones. His prick gave a jolt.

"Hmm…" said SeeBee and his voice, SpiderKing had known his code was excellent, but his voice was delicious. "I've gone into the private sector recently. After," he glared at the room's security camera, "Big Brother finally got out of my way."

The Omega groaned and SeeBee leapt up, his blue ball rolled against SpiderKing's legs. He surreptitiously placed his hand on the warmed space where SeeBee had been sitting. "What? Have you gone into labour? Is it starting?" SeeBee was staring into the Omega's eyes and clutching at his hands.

"Relax, Braxton Hicks contractions." The Omega heaved himself to his feet. "Gotta walk it off." He looked down. "I can't even see my own feet."

SpiderKing wanted to sniff that it was the slicktail's own fault for opening his legs for any Alpha that wanted to rut with him, when SeeBee said practically the same thing because they were on the same wavelength. His gorgeous hands tightened around the Omega's elbow. "If you hadn't gone away for the weekend with Gruner, he wouldn't have been able to..."

The Omega smiled up at SeeBee. "Then I wouldn't have needed a bigger flat and moved in downstairs. My own fault for not taking the damned AfterHeat... and being the downside of thirty. Last chance and all that."

SeeBee let go of the Omega – finally – and crossed his arms. Folding in on himself in a way that had SpiderKing wanting to wrap his arms around him and put his spider's kiss all over that gorgeous neck.

"Hey, it's okay," said the Omega, daring to his put own hand on SeeBee's shoulder. "It all worked out. You hacked into Gruner's private network and got the evidence that he slipped me something. Made it into more than just my word against his."

SeeBee folded himself even smaller. His gorgeous pale neck arching for SpiderKing's bite. "I just don't like to think about him. About what he did."

"You and me both, but," the Omega dared to hold SeeBee's face in his hands, "I got something wonderful out of it," he kissed him and it was only right that the slicktail was crying. When he finally moved away, he put one of SeeBee's gorgeous hands to rest on the disgusting curve of his sickening belly and SpiderKing just wanted to rip it off. Rip it off. The blue ball squeaked at the pressure of his fist. "I'd like to think we both did."

SeeBee briefly dashed a hand across his eyes, no doubt an allergic reaction to the slicktail's disgusting pregnant stench. SpiderKing was ready to vomit from where he was standing.

Molls sniffed, "Aren't they amazing. After all they've been through."

SpiderKing glared at her and if he'd had a death ray, she would have been ashes.

The Omega coughed. "Sorry about that mate. Normally I'm not such a waterworks. Pregnancy hormones have me up and down." He patted SeeBee's shoulder. "Now, I'm off to the loo before they," he waved at the security camera, "revoke my British citizenship."

The Omega and Molls left the room and SpiderKing – finally – was alone with SeeBee. Who turned his full laser attention on SpiderKing. He said in a deep voice just for him, "My connection's weak down here, could I borrow your tablet."

SpiderKing almost came in his pants at the thought. That was so intimate and they'd just met. He handed it over and got a graze of SeeBee's finger against his own as his tablet passed hands.

He held his breath as SeeBee moved through some screens. Made the tablet roll over and be his Omega. SpiderKing's breath was already coming fast when SeeBee looked up and said, "SpiderKing." It wasn't a question.

Still he had to ask. "How did you know?"

SeeBee arched an eyebrow. "You called me SeeBee, which is an online moniker that I haven't used in eight years." He glanced back up at the security camera. "You mentioned the darknet and," he turned the tablet around and there was a little bit of code SpiderKing had been noodling with, "this is better than a signature if you know what you're looking for."

SpiderKing let out a shuddering breathe. "Should I…" he didn't know what came next, "send you my deets."

"No need." SeeBee strode over to the door, and turned around and winked at him. "I'll be in touch."

SpiderKing squeaked with a sound that only dogs could hear, then glancing around, he closed the door and locked it. He felt wonderfully exposed, like a nerve. He jerked off on the blue ball.

He was going to be seeing SeeBee. He messaged his BFF OldShikari with the news, and got a, "!!!!" reply.

Which was true after a fashion. When corporate security appeared at his desk and escorted him out of the building where they handed him over to the authorities. SeeBee wasn't even there.

SeeBee testified at SpiderKing's trial speaking the most elegant explanation of SpiderKing's code. Too bad everyone there was too stupid to get it. He wanted to ask why.

He did ask why. When the trial was over and they were only two feet from each other.

SeeBee looked at him for a long moment. "Because I'm 221GreyHat now," and left SpiderKing standing there while he took a baby out of the disgusting Omega's arms and left. He left. 221GreyHat left.

SpiderKing was NappyCrime66666 now. He'd moved on. SeeBee was yesterday. He was ordinary.

Now TheWoman999, there was someone who knew how to code. NappyCrime66666 was just biding his time in prison. Biding his time. He'd show the world what he had if they let him near another computer.