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When your world is upside down

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There was a knock on the door right after Sora got home from school. Sora opened it to find Riku standing there. His hair was dripping wet from the rain outside, and his clothes were sticking to him, and the overall effect was that he looked kind of miserable. Then again, Riku always looked like that, these days. Some lingering effect of being "tainted" with Ansem's soul, or maybe just because he felt bad about the things he'd done while he was possessed. In any case, he hardly ever looked happy anymore.

"I know who the last member of Organization 13 is," Riku said, staring at Sora far too morosely for someone who had good news. "I think I've known for a long time. I just didn't want to be right." He didn't move to come in. He just stood there, barely sheltered by the roof's overhang.

"Well?" Sora asked. "Who is it? Don't look so worried- it can't be that bad. We've taken down Ansem already- there can't be anyone more powerful than him in their ranks, right? I mean, he had that whole soul thing going on.”

He expected Riku to cheer up. It didn’t work, probably because Riku now had the soul thing going on, having absorbed Ansem's powers during the whole possession event last year.

"It's you," Riku said flatly. "You're the last member of Organization 13."

Sora laughed. "Good one, Riku."

Riku's face remained sad, and a little angry. Sora's laughter died. "Wait- you're serious? Riku, I'd never join Organization 13. I'm one of the good guys, remember? I wouldn't be a supervillain."

Riku said, "Tell me, Sora, what were you doing at nine last night?"

"Doing homework," Sora answered, genuinely puzzled.

"Funny. I called your house around then, and your mom picked up. She said you'd stepped out."

Sora frowned. "What?"

"You know, I didn't see you turn in any homework today, either."

Sora opened his mouth. He closed it.

He felt like the facts were escaping him. Because yeah, he remembered doing homework last night, for hours. But he also knew that Riku was right- he hadn't had anything to turn in today. And he didn't know how both of those things could be true at the same time. Even Sora wasn't that bad at homework.

"I don't understand," Sora said.

"I saw you," Riku snapped. "Your mask slipped. I saw your face, Sora. Stop playing dumb.”

Sora just shook his head, feeling like the world was slipping out from under him. He'd been doing homework. He wasn't a supervillain. He was a hero. He hadn't been out last night. He'd been safe in his room, trying to pull his grades up enough that he didn't have to repeat this year (again).

"I think that there's something wrong with me," Sora said, feeling suddenly dizzy. "Riku-"

And then there was a feeling like someone pulling him backwards, and his own voice said, "Dammit, you had to let him know something was wrong, didn't you?"

And then there was a bright light, and Sora's last thought before he whited out was that this was way more familiar than it should be.

Then he was gone.