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Cast Me Away

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It is a normal day, ordinary and peaceful, when the stone first becomes aware of a presence in the woods around it. Two presences, actually—one human, and one unliving but radiating a magic so powerful it all but eclipses all sense of the human. The stone almost quivers with longing for the magical entity.

And then the human is there, and the magical entity—a sword, more beautiful than anything the stone has ever seen—is raised above the stone’s surface. It could be just the sunlight gliding over the stone, but the stone suddenly feels very warm.

I am Excalibur, the sword says, and you look very strong and safe.

The stone feels even warmer. I am a stone, it replies, wishing it had a glamorous way to introduce itself.

The human says something, and magic crackles through the air.

This one wishes to put me in you for safekeeping, says Excalibur hopefully, and the stone thinks of holding this shining length of magic-drenched steel within it and almost forgets how to speak with how much it wants that.

Please! it says finally, as the human finishes spellcasting and lowers Excalibur towards the stone. Where they touch the stone goes molten, opening itself around Excalibur, shuddering at how Excalibur’s presence shifts its entire being.

Excalibur makes a high, pleased sound, almost beyond hearing, as it slides deep into the stone’s welcoming self. The stone is overwhelmed with pleasure, trembling around Excalibur’s blade, and as Excalibur sinks in to the hilt sparks fly from the place of their joining.

Afterwards, they rest together peacefully, and Excalibur tells the stone tales of dragons and kings, and the stone welcomes Excalibur to its new home.