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'You promised.'

'A bet, Sam, and I lost. Doesn't mean anything.'

'Still. Here we are.'

'Quit the smug shit – '

'Hey, your date's already here!'


'Stop growling. Don't look so frantic, either. Dude. It's just dinner with someone you like. No biggie.'

'No biggie?! Sammy, it's a DATE. Fuckin' ANGEL date. And if that wasn't efreakingnough, he's picked vegetarian! What the hell am I supposed to eat in there?!'

'Um, you could always eat – '

'Don't! Don't say it. I'm serious.'

'What? C'mon, Dean, I've seen how you two look at each – '

'Shuddup, Sam.'

'Have fun! I won't wait up!'