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Don't give up on me

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It had been 2 years since Gail and Holly finally adopted Sophie , at first life was perfect , The pair had gotten engaged , Gail became a detective and Holly got a promotion,
Sophie has settled in quickly and their little family was born ..

That was until Gail got stabbed at work, the recovery was slow and Holly done her best to be there for her fiancée , tried to support her and love her back to health.
Gail took it badly being unable to live her life normally , she became distant and cold towards Holly , Their love life was none existent , holly couldn't remember the last time Gail had kissed her ?

One evening Holly broke down telling Gail she missed her , she missed what they had , she no longer recognised the women stood in front of her , she felt like she was sharing a bed with a stranger . Gail has no words of reassurance for the doctor .

The only thing that hadn't changed was Gail's love and warmth toward Sophie .
The child would spend hours just led in bed with Gail watching movies and playing child friendly video games while she recovered .
Holly would catch glimpse of the " old Gail , when her and Sophie would be messing around , part of Holly smiled as she witnessed their bond , the other part of her felt hurt that Gail wasn't the Gail she use to be towards her ...

Once Gail was back on her feet and back to work things didn't change . She began working long hours and Holly almost forgot what she looked like ..

" we need some help " she suggested one night on the rare occasion Gail was home before bed time . " we need couples therapy maybe "?

Gail point blank refused stating she had enough of shrinks to last her a life time . She said she didn't want someone prying into their lives someone asking them questions about their sex life , wanting to get inside their heads , and that they would be fine .

Holly tried her best to make things better , even arranging for Sophie to stay over at her uncles the night so the couple could try reignite their flame , remind each other of how in love they were . She spent all day cooking Gail's favourite meal , setting the table with beautiful flowers and candles . Soft music playing in the background .
Gail had said she would be home at 7pm .. 7 came and went , then 8 .. Then 9 , finally at 9.30 Gail strolled through the door smelling of alcohol ..
When holly asked where she had been ? The blonde shrugged explaining how she had gone to the penny with her work colleagues for a couple of drinks .. Her " I don't care " attitude was the finally strew for Holly .. She couldn't take it anymore ..
" Gail I can't do this anymore ?" She cried ..
Gail looked around noticing the effort. Holly had gone too " well if you would of said you were doing all this I would have came home earlier " she shrugged .. not seeing she had done anything wrong .

" I'm not happy " Holly admitted "you can't be either"? She asked
Gail sat silently giving Holly no reaction was like she wasn't there, like Holly was speaking to herself .
" do you want to be with me Gail "?

Gail again didn't answer she just drew imaginary circles on the table she was sat at .
" Gail ? Holly said raising her voice " say something please ?"

Gail looked up in to the dark eyes she loved so much . Except they were full of sadness and pain , tears blurring the beautifulness of them .. Gail had no words , something had died inside her and in her eyes she was saving Holly .

Holly choked back her tears " I'm giving up on you "

Gail watched on as Holly packed an over night bag , she was going to stay at Steve and Traci's the night with Sophie leaving Gail alone in their big house . With only a bottle of bourbon to keep her company ..

" Its over , I can't do this anymore ! " I love you more then anything in this world Gail, but your not helping " you won't even try , you keep pushing me away and I'm done " Holly cried one afternoon while Sophie was at school . " I'm going to stay with Rachel for a few days then find an apartment "

What about Sophie "? Was the only thing Gail said
" This is Sophie's home Gail! " she belongs here "but I'll be here every night to put her to bed , then when I get my own place we will have to make arrangements , she's my daughter too! , I want joint custody "
Gail agreed not even considering fighting Holly , she was both their child and needed both of them .

Holly explained to Sophie that she had to leave promising to be there as much as she could , Sophie cried not understanding why one of her mommies was leaving her ?

Gail told Sophie that she was a jerk and that they needed to be apart for now . Promising that they both loved her very much and her life wouldn't change .
if anything it would be better , she would have two homes which meant two bedrooms , double the gifts on birthdays and Christmas .

Hot left with a heavy heart . Finding it harder and harder to be around Gail everyday while she was visiting Sophie . She hadn't offered Holly no reason for the change in her or explained why she didn't fight for them .

2 months later Holly finally found the perfect 2 bed apartment ..

" Hey " she smiled as Sophie opened the door " you ready to see our new place "?
Sophie nodded waving Holly in so she could get her stuff .
" Holly?" how are you sweet heart ?" Elaine Peck asked
" Getting there " Holly nodded taking a seat in the kitchen .
"Tea"? Elaine asked
Holly smiled " please " so ? Where's Gail "?

Elaine explained that Gail had a Coarse to go on out of the city so she offered to watch Sophie
until Holly collected her
Holly shook her head , this had been the 3rd time that Holly had collected Sophie and Gail wasn't there .
" out of town ?" And she didn't think to tell me "? I mean what if something happened to Sophie "?
Elaine gave her a sympathetic shrug
" I don't know what's happening to her Holly " ? She doesn't talk , she only contacts me when she needs me to watch Soph "
Holly is mad " it's not good enough Elaine " Gail needs to grow up "

Elaine and Holly spoke for a while more until Sophie was ready to leave . Saying goodbye to her grandma Sophie happily skipped to Holly's car

Holly wasn't going to let her anger towards Gail ruin the weekend she had planned with her daughter. Instead she would wait until her and Gail could have it out face to face .

" Baby girl ? " Gail squealed as she opened the door taking the child into her arms for a hug " I've missed you "
Sophie wanted Holly to come inside so they both could show Gail her new clothes
" we need to talk " Holly fumed folding her arms across her chest .

Gail told Sophie to head upstairs and put her new things in her closet
" I already know your not happy ok ? Elaine has already beat you to it " Gail said rolling her eyes, putting the kettle on .
" so you don't think I need to know when you're taking a trip out of town ?"

" Gail sighed " it was a spare of the moment thing ok Holly "?
" bullshit Gail " Holly snapped " you just do what you always do " and that's what's best for Gail " she ranted " what if something had happened to Soph"?, to me ?,to you even"?
" to me ?" Gail frowned " like what death by text book " she smirked
" oh I don't know Gail ? Like maybe getting stabbed " Holly snapped "you do remember that bad shit happens to you right " ?
Also " ? she continued " why ask your mom to have Soph when I am fully capable of taking the day off work "
Gail cringed at the reminder if her stabbing , " look I didn't call you, and I should have , I'm sorry ok ? "

Holly shook her head" what exactly are you sorry for Gail "?
Holly watched Gail as she stood unable to give her an answer " you can't even look at me "?

" all done " Sophie smiled as she hugged into Holly " mom I had the best weekend "
Holly played with the little girls braids " I did too baby " she smiled leaning down to kiss her head " I have to go now "
" no " Sophie sulked " I don't want you to go yet "
" Moms probably got stuff to do Soph " Gail answered for the brunette .
Holly's eyes burned through Gail who was looking directly at their daughter .
" No baby I don't " nothing I have to do is more important then you ok ?" But I do have to go and get some paperwork out the way so my evenings are free for us to hang out " the doctor smiled stroking Sophie's beautiful dark skin.
" I'll come get you Tuesdays after school ok?"
"Actually Tuesdays not good " Gail interrupted .
Holly was furious with her ex partner but didn't lose her cool infront of Sophie .
Bending down so she was eye level with the child she smiled stroking her hair " I'll pick you up from school and we can go for dinner ok "? Maybe a movie "?
Sophie smiled throwing her arms around the doctor " I love you mommy "
" I love you too sweetheart , gimme kiss ?"
Sophie kissed her mom and heading into the sitting room after asking Gail if she could watch TV ..
Holly turned to Gail with tears in her eyes " don't you ever tell me I can't have my daughter "

Gail shook her head " she has the dentist "
" then I will take her " Holly snapped " don't you think this is hard enough on me not being with her everyday"? "Without you telling me when it's convenient or not "? She added

Gail sighed " I'm not the one who walked out "
Holly couldn't believe what she was hearing , checking Sophie was out of ear shot she approached Gail " are you fucking serious"? You think I wanted to leave"?

Gail sniffed looking at the floor
Holly shook her head , she knew there was no point in trying to have it out with Gail,she was like a spoilt child when it came to anything she didn't like .
"Yeah I left "Holly cried tears flowing down her cheeks" but you walked out on me way before I left this house "
Gail swallowed hard she knew Holly was crying but didn't have the guys to look up and see it for herself .

Sophie " Holly called out wiping her eyes " I'll see you Tuesday baby "
" and If it's no much trouble for you to text me before about her dentist appointment ? Or shell I call your mom ?"
" Tuesday 4.15 " Gail muttered
Holly huffed shaking her head waking out of the house practically running to her car ..each encounter with Gail got harder and harder , she was more closed off then ever before

Still as beautiful as she ever was ..but Holly was struggling to see any of the women she was madly in love with ..
And why can't she look at me? Does she hate me that much ?
Does she even have any feelings for me ?
Holly wiped the steady flow of tears from her eyes starting up her car pulling off Gail's drive ..

Gail watched Holly pull away from the bedroom window , her own eyes stinging with tears .
" you ok mom"? Sophie asked from behind her
Gail nodded " yea baby .. I'm fine " she lied ...