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The Ark and the Desert

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In 1996 on a small planet whose name translated as 'dirt', the 3rd planet out from a sun call Sol, a war had begun. A war that would reshape the history and the future of this small speck of rock. This war would later be called the Eugenics War by the survivors. The war was the result of a scientific attempt to improve the Human race through selective breeding and genetic engineering, to ensure the continued survival of the 'primary species'. The war devastated parts of Earth, by some estimates officially causing some 30 million deaths among the 'primary species' alone, and nearly plunging the planet Earth into a new Dark Age.

Records from this period are fragmented, but what is known is that the wars' roots lie in a group of Human scientists' ambitious attempt to improve the Human race through selective breeding and genetic engineering and while again ensuring the survival of the 'primary species;' Homo Sapiens Sapiens. At this time on Earth there were in fact two species of the human race living on the planet. Homo Sapiens Sapiens, referred to as Muggles by the second species, and Homo Sapiens Veneficus, referred to commonly as Wizards (males) and Witches (females). This second species, Wizards, were further along the evolutionary ladder than their counter parts. These Wizards and Witches were capable of manipulating the ambient energy found in all living things. This energy they called magic, allowed them to do things that the other humans, Muggles, would consider to be against the laws of physics. This made the Wizards dangerous in the eyes of the Muggles.

During the 1940's the planet was plunged into what was called World War II. This war, while primarily happening in the Muggle nations, had an effect on the Wizarding nations as well. A powerful Wizard called Gellert Grindelwald began to plan to find the Deathly Hallows and wield their new-found power as the Master of Death, leading a Wizarding revolution with the aim of ending the International Statute of Secrecy and creating a benevolent global order led by wise and powerful witches and wizards. Grindelwald was a complex figure, highly idealistic but marred by sociopathic tendencies and his links with the Dark Arts; a revolutionary operating outside the law. He was not a wanton killer or torturer, but he and his followers (in a single-minded and unpopular quest; one's allies must often be unsavory characters) committed numerous crimes, including several known murders. In 1945, at the height of his power, Grindelwald's former friend and lover, Albus Dumbledore, confronted and defeated him in a legendary duel. Though Grindelwald was stopped, his rise to power and attempted revolution led to the Muggle Government, of the then known as United Kingdom, to bring together a group of top scientists to find a way to ensure that should another magical war break out, the Muggles would have a way to protect themselves.

And thus the Agument program was created.

The scientists began to work on creating the Aguments in the 1950s, during the cold war era in the hopes that they would lead Humanity into an era of peace in a world that had only known war, both magical and not. Though it wasn't until the late 1970's that the scientist' were able to successfully create the first Agument. The Aguments, a race of "supermen," were mentally and physically superior to ordinary Muggle men and women, and to many Wizards as well. They were five times stronger than the average person, their lung efficiency was 50 percent better than normal, and their intelligence was double that of normal Humans. They also had enhanced senses, including an ability to hear beyond that of Muggle and Wizard capabilities. Only the magical race called Werewolves could match the Aguments enhanced senses and strength. As amazing as these new creations were, their creators overlooked one important aspect of the Aguments genetic engineering; the personality of the Augments. Along with their superior abilities, the Augments were aggressive and arrogant, flaws which the scientists were unable to correct at the time, due to the infancy of the science. One of the Augments' creators realized this, writing that "superior ability breeds superior ambition." That same scientist was ultimately killed by one of his own creations.

By the year 1996 the Aguments had shucked the control of their creators and Government sponsors while they were distracted by a new magical civil war that had begun in the United Kingdom. The Aguments free of the strict control of their creators for the first time, saw the world as it was and decided that they could lead it, rule it, better than the Muggles were. The Aguments were still young and though they had been taught science, tactics, and all manner of things related to war and peace. However, their creators had not yet taught them about magic and Wizards, the main reason the Aguments had been created in the first place. This allowed the Wizards to bring an end to their own war while the Muggles were just being pulled into their own.

The Augments rose to power and held dominance over a large portion of Humanity for much of the 1990s and early 2000s. Among the most notorious of these superhuman conquerors was Khan Noonien Singh, who in 1997 became the "absolute ruler" of more than a quarter of the planet, from Asia through the Middle East. The following year, a group of fellow "supermen" followed in Khan's footsteps, and simultaneously seized power in over 40 nations. Some Muggles were treated as little more than slaves by the Augments. Khan considered himself a prince "with power over millions," and unlike some other nations ruled by Augments, under his rule there were no massacres and no wars of aggression until he was attacked; he was thus among the most admired of the so-called "tyrants" into the 23rd century.

The majority of the magical population had thought at first that they would be safe. And they had been until another Augment had decided he wanted to take over Khan’s kingdom. The resulting battle had whipped out two muggle villages and had then spread to a wizarding village and the local magical school. Nearly four thousand magical people, more than half of them children, had been killed. The surviving Wizards and Witches had lashed out decimating the two fighting armies before fleeing to other wizarding communities to spread word. But for the Wizards living in the United Kingdom, they had been too late. An Augment calling himself Anghus Camalus Aileanach, who had been in the battle over Khan's Kingdom and had witnessed the magical retaliation, learned of the Wizards and saw them as a threat to his status as the being of the Supreme Species of Humans. Seeing Wizards as both a threat and potential ally, he gathered all the intelligence the Muggle Government had gained on the Wizards population and began to track them down. Those who refused to join him were systematically tortured, killed, and left either impaled or cruixified, in areas that the Muggle Government believed was near a wizarding village.