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To be perfectly honest--and there’s no point in not being perfectly honest, as far as Finn’s concerned--Finn hadn’t ever really given much thought to PFLAG from the moment Kurt first told him about it to the point where Kurt informed him they’d be having the first meeting on the following Tuesday. Finn’s all about supporting Kurt, and he’s all about everybody getting educated and being cool with gay people, but he just didn’t think too much about PFLAG.

He doesn’t think about PFLAG much until the first meeting, that is, when all it takes is one look at those teensy little freshmen to know that there’s a damn good reason for PFLAG and an even better damn reason for Finn to go. That tiny Casey kid? Who’s he got looking out for him? His giant scared eyes at the first meeting makes Finn think that the answer is probably “not much of anybody,” and it’s becoming increasingly clear that between school and home, Casey takes a lot of shit, and Finn doesn’t like it. Not one bit.

So Finn’s not really coming to PFLAG to support Kurt any more. Kurt knows Finn loves him and has his back, but those other guys (and girls) maybe don’t have that. Maybe each of them has a situation as bad as Casey’s, maybe even worse, and PFLAG might be the only safe spot in their day.

Finn knows he can’t really be the bodyguard for the world. There’s only one of him and he’s already pulled in a billion different directions. He can’t walk each of these kids to class. He can’t ride home with them. He can’t confront their parents. He can’t fix the world for them. What he can do, though, is give them that safe place. He can show them that not everybody is an asshole, that straight people who care about them are out there. He can enforce the rules of privacy they established in the first PFLAG meeting.

It’s not enough. It’s not everything Finn wants to do. It’s something, though. It’s what Finn can bring to the table. Getting a smile or even better, a laugh, out of someone like Casey? Sometimes that does feel like almost enough to make the whole world seem like a better place.


It’s not anything like Rick expected. Nobody’s making out or doing each other’s hair or anything. Nobody’s dressed in drag. Everybody’s wearing normal clothes, mostly. There’s nothing creepy or weird or particularly queer about sitting around in a circle with everybody and then having a snack after. Hell, he even learns some stuff, which surprises him.

Rick doesn’t really hate the gays. He just didn’t give them much thought before. He didn’t think about them as people; it was more like the gay was a concept, something gross that Rick didn’t want to think about too much. The gays were just out there somewhere, being queer. Not a part of Rick’s circle. Not in Lima, other than Hudson’s brother.

Kurt. His name is Kurt, and he’s actually not a bad dude if you get past the clothes, which are still just pretty fucking weird, and that annoying little thing he does with his hair. Weird clothes and fussy hair, but he welcomes Rick in and treats him decently, even answers his probably stupid-sounding questions. Kurt doesn’t have to do that, but he does it anyway. Johannson and Fordham and Rick haven’t done anything but make fun of Kurt all year, and Kurt still treats Rick like a decent human being, not like some kind of lowlife that’s being forced to sit through meetings because he was a party to something horible.

And yeah, Rick’s still not down with watching two guys make out. It makes him uncomfortable, and he isn’t sure why, which makes him even more uncomfortable, and now he feels a little guilty on top of it, which makes him just that extra bit more uncomfortable. But maybe he oughta feel a little guilty. He’s said some awful shit to people and about people, and looking around the PFLAG circle, Rick has to admit that they are people. Not some gross concept. Not some stereotype to make fun of. People with faces and problems and pain. They’re individuals, not the butt of some nasty joke Fordham’s telling or some scary group of guys who want to kidnap Rick and either have buttsex with him or make him change his wardrobe.

Maybe there’ll be a point where Rick doesn’t feel uncomfortable. He’s not there yet, but maybe he’s getting there. Slowly.


Miles Brown never thought about going to a PFLAG meeting. Hell, six months ago, he didn’t even know what PFLAG was. That was one of those things that a football player in Lima, Ohio just didn’t know about, and he probably would have continued down that path if it weren’t for, well, the seniors on the football team.

Four of them were in the glee club, too, and tight, and Hudson’s brother was the resident school queer. Miles doesn’t mean it in a mean way; he’s pretty sure Hummel would own the title with the smile. Karofsky’s not in glee club, and there used to be way too much tension there, but this year, it’s all gone, and the five of them are all in PFLAG.

So Brown knows it’s not social suicide for a wide receiver to show up at PFLAG, because the five of them have been there from the beginning, and then he heard Coach and Rickenbacker were attending, too. Sure, it’s some kind of punishment for Rickenbacker, better than being kicked off the team, but that’s six of the starting roster plus Coach, and if anyone asks? Miles’ll talk about his lesbian second cousin in Bristol outside Philly.

Miles doesn’t go the first time he intends to go, though, right after Puckerman gets beat up by those two sophomore screw-ups, and it still takes a little courage to walk in the door. Miles isn’t gay, but he’s pretty sure he’s not straight, either. There’s a few friendly faces in the room, and he decides the safest course is to sit between Puckerman and Hummel, who seem to get along pretty well.

Puckerman’s greeting is a little terse, though, and Miles can’t help but feel a little uncomfortable with the way Hummel seems to trying to decide if he wants to attack him or merely glare at him until he moves. Well, Miles isn’t going to move; he doesn’t know why Hummel nor Puckerman seem not to want him there, but the meeting’s open to everyone, and he’s staying.

Even Hudson seems startled to see Brown there, and his head bends towards Puckerman’s almost as soon as they sit down.

Miles can’t help but feel like he stepped into something he was completely unaware of. Once the meeting starts, it seems to mostly disappear, but it was still odd. Maybe he’s not been as discreet as he thought he had been; he’s just been trying to figure out what’s going on in his own mind, and he knew someone like Puckerman wasn’t going to beat him up.

He probably should have kept his mouth shut about those bruises, though.