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It wasn't exactly customary to leave two people alone with a suspect in a murder case without backup, but that was exactly what had happened. Sheriff Emma Swan and Detective Ruby Lucas stood in the station hallway, looking at each other.

"What now?" the sheriff asked seriously, her arm brushing against the detective's.

"I don't think I can go back in there."

"Why the hell not!?"

"She is gorgeous. It's making me sweat!"


"What? I'm just being honest."

Emma paused at this and looked around the hallway to make sure they were alone. When she discovered that they were, she spoke again.

"I suppose she is fairly pretty."

"Fairly pretty?" Ruby gaped. "She's flawless."

"Hey! Quit drooling and get back in there!"

"Don't get jealous, baby," the detective cooed, stepping closer and cupping the woman's face in her hands.

When their lips touched, the sheriff pulled away and shoved the other woman's shoulders until she stumbled back.

"Not on the job! And you, wolf, are in the dog house now."

"Don't lie and tell me you weren't thinking it too."

"I... Look, just shut up and get her to confess, alright? Do your goddam job."

The detective chuckled, grabbed a handful of the sheriff's ass, and turned to enter the office again. Emma's face was red when she reappeared in front of the bars of the holding cell.

"Now," Ruby started. "Let's try this again. Are you ready to confess?"

"I didn't do it!" the woman shouted, then gritted her teeth.

"Unfortunately, we don't believe you," the sheriff interjected, staring straight into the suspect's eyes.

"Come on, Regina," the detective said slowly. "This will be a lot easier on everyone if you just tell us what happened."

"I was home. By myself."

"You have no one to corroborate that story, so we have no choice but to assume that you're lying. It all points to you. It only makes sense."

"Where is your proof, wolf?"

Ruby growled and stepped closer to the bars.

"Don't test me, witch."

"Detective Lucas," the sheriff scolded. "That's enough."

Emma's eyes grew weary as she stared through the bars at their suspect.

"She's right," Ruby said, to Emma's shock and horror. "We should focus our time on collecting more evidence. We're not going to get a confession out of her."

"So we leave her here and come back to check on her tonight?" Emma questioned.

The detective nodded her head.

"You can't hold me without proof!" the woman in the cell cried desperately. "You have to release me!"

"We have enough to hold you. Just not enough to convict you. Yet."

"You're both ridiculous. I hope you know that," the queen quipped.

"Mhmm. Thanks for your input," Ruby said nonchalantly. "We'll see you later, your majesty."

With that, the two law enforcement officers turned and left, leaving the queen to sit quietly behind the bars of the cell, brooding.


"She is so hot," Ruby groaned, dropping her head directly on the table at Granny's diner.

"Oh, shut up, and stop drooling," Emma snapped, slamming her coffee mug down and watching as its contents splashed over the side of the mug..

"Nice, Swan," the detective laughed, using her napkin to wipe up the mess. "Can you go one day without spilling something?"

"Nope," the savior replied dryly. "Probably not."

Ruby laughed again, shaking her head as she leaned in slowly, reaching for Emma's hand. When their skin brushed, Emma smiled involuntarily and pressed their lips together chastely, saying, "You are positively wicked, Ruby Lucas, and I shouldn't be kissing you."

"What, are you ashamed to be seen with me in public?"

"No!" Emma cried. "Not at all! I just... You're a little shit."

"But I'm your little shit," Ruby retorted with a grin.

"Seems to me like your the queen's little pet now, darling."

With a blush, Ruby turned her face to her food and took a few bites before replying.

"Don't lie and say you weren't thinking about fucking her, too," the detective whispered.

With a blush that matched Ruby's, Emma averted her eyes as well, mumbling, "Maybe, but that's none of your business."

"You're my lady, and you think your sexual fantasies are none of my business?"

"I... I'm sorry... I just..."

"Yeah, yeah. Save it, Swan. I know exactly what you were thinking. You're embarrassed. Ashamed of your own desires. Have you ever considered that maybe it's normal to be attracted to someone other than me? I don't really care, as long as you're still attracted to me. You are, aren't you...?"

"Of course! Don't be stupid, Ruby."

"I was just checking," the detective sighed. "You never know."

"You should know."

"Well, in case you haven't noticed, we haven't fucked in a month."

"I... I'm sorry... It's just been busy, and I've been tired, and-"

"I get it."



"I'm still attracted to you, if you're thinking I'm not. I always will be. I can't help myself."

"Then what's the real reason you haven't fucked me?"

"I don't know. It's just been crazy lately, with all this shit going on, and I... I'm sorry."

"Forget it."

"No. Look, I'll try harder, okay? I'll make time."


"We have to go back to the station tonight to check on the tedious Madame Mayor. By the time we get home-"

"Forget it," Ruby snapped, dropping her fork on the table and standing up after grabbing her jacket. "I'm going to go look for evidence to put this bitch away."

"Ruby, let me come with you."

"I don't really want to be around you right now."

"We were fine a minute ago. What happened?"

"Your jealousy. If you're not going to fuck me, I don't see why I can't-"

"Why you can't what, Ruby? What do you want?"

"You know what, Swan? I'll level with you. I've been thinking about her for a while. I just never realized how serious it was until we locked her up and I watched the rage in her eyes. It's just so-"

"Just fuck her then! See if I fucking care!"

"Are you jealous because she turns me on, or because you want in on the action, too?"

"I... I don't know," Emma admitted, shame turning her face a deep shade of red.

Finally, a smirk appeared on the detective's lips.

"Why don't we just..."

"Don't say it. I know what you're thinking, and you'd better not say it. It's not going to happen."

"Maybe we could just-"


"Why? I'll always be yours. You're not going to lose me just because we-"

"She'd never go for it."

"How do you know? I think she's totally homo."

Emma paused.

"You think so?"

"I do."

"We'll discuss this later. Right now, we need to get going."

Ruby shrugged.

"Fine, coward. That's fine."

Emma scowled at her, but left the diner in silence.


The two entered the station around eight o'clock that night, having settled the days quarrel, both exhausted from their pursuit of the evidence they simply couldn't find. By the time they paused in the hallway outside of the office, there were dark circles under both of their eyes. They both hesitated, with Emma's hand on the doorknob.

"So what do we do now?" Ruby pressed anxiously, staring at Emma.

"We have to release her. We have no choice."

The detective sighed and flipped her hair out of her face, causing Emma to stare back at her with parted lips, her hand slipping from the doorknob. Her tongue darted out to wet her lips, and Ruby instantly noticed. This, of course, inspired her to step forward, closer to her lover.

"Ruby," Emma sighed, but said nothing else.

The woman smiled slyly and pressed the savior against the wall and moving their bodies together, shoving a knee roughly between Emma's thighs. This earned a soft moan from the blonde, as her own knees went weak under the friction and pressure. As soon as their lips crashed together, Emma's hands moved up and down Ruby's sides, then roughly over her breasts.

"Wait," Ruby gasped between kisses. "Emma, let's... I really want to-"


"Let's go inside."


"Let's finish this inside."

"In front of Regina?!"

"Uh-huh," Ruby whispered. "Doesn't the thought turn you on? Don't lie to me."

Emma blushed and looked away, but Ruby lifted her chin and looked intently into her eyes.

"Come on," the brunette whispered. "I want you to fuck me. I want us to turn her on. To make her want us."

"Then we release her?"

"Yeah. Let's just have a little fun first, huh?"

"I... I'm nervous. I've never... I've never fucked in front of anyone else before."

"First time for everything, right?"

Swallowing hard, Emma nodded her head and turned towards the door, shaking hands reaching out to open it.

"Let's get this over with," she mumbled.

"You're gonna like it when I fuck you. You're gonna like it when she can't stop staring."

Weakly, the blonde nodded again, trusting her lover, and entered the room, making her way over to the cell.

"Well?" she asked the alluring mayor, who was staring with a scowl. "Ready to confess?"


"Hmm. That's-"

Emma was cut off by the feeling of Ruby's arms wrapping around her from behind, her hands slowly making their way up to her chest, where she groped her gently. When Ruby pressed herself against the sheriff's back, the blonde let out a satisfied sigh, shut her eyes, and leaned her head back against the woman's shoulder.

"Ruby," she whispered, just loud enough for the queen to hear the desire in her voice.

Involuntarily, the brunette behind the bars licked her lips as Ruby pulled the blonde backwards until her back was pressed against the desk behind them.

"Emma," Ruby moaned back as her lips fell to the savior's neck.

The queen's eyes widened as she watched, unable to tear her eyes away.

When Ruby's hand slipped between Emma's legs, the murder suspect pressed herself against the bars of the cell, gripping them until her knuckles turned white from the effort.

As Emma felt the detective's hand unzip her jeans and slip her hand into her panties, which were soaked with lustful longing, she began to moan, causing the woman to stroke harder and faster. To the queen's surprise, Ruby lifted her eyes and locked them with Regina's. No matter how hard she tried, the mayor was unable to pull her gaze away as Ruby's seductive smile warmed her core and filled the space between her legs with heat.

"What is it, Regina?" the detective cooed, still refusing to unlock their gaze, and still stroking Emma, her touch roughening and making Emma's moans increase in volume with each movement. "Like what you see? Can't close your mouth?"

"Uh..." the queen blurted dumbly, her eyes lowering to Ruby's hand and watching it move between Emma's legs.

"It's okay, baby," Ruby drawled. "You can watch."

"Fuck," Emma moaned, her legs shaking as her walls clenched around Ruby's fingers, which had slipped inside her just moments before. "Don't... Don't stop. I'm gonna-"

"Yeah, honey. Come for me."

Gaping at the scene, the queen felt her mouth water as she was held captive by the scene. She fought the urge to touch herself, but allowed herself the pleasure of sliding her hands over her own thighs. At the slight friction and heat, she stumbled back and sat down on the cot behind her.

"Come on, 'Gina," Ruby whispered. "Touch yourself."

"No!" the queen shouted, finally finding the strength to make noise.

"It's okay, honey. Just do it. Just give in."

The detective was grinning as she spun Emma around and pulled their hips together roughly.

"Emma," she started, her voice low and wildly seductive. "Fuck me for our queen."

"No, don't," the queen whimpered, finding herself painfully desperate for release.

"What's the matter, your majesty? Scared to please yourself?"

"I don't... I don't want to," the woman lied, beads of sweat forming on her forehead from the effort of denial.

"Liar," Ruby laughed playfully. "Or is it that you want to be touched?"

Ruby let out a soft cry as Emma jerked her jeans all the way down to her ankles., then lowered her own. She let out a similar but louder noise as Emma plunged her fingers between her folds, which were drenched in desire.

"Do you want to be released, Regina?" Emma asked huskily, without turning around to face the desperate woman.

"Yes," the queen moaned. "Yes."

"Say please, darling," the blonde teased.

"Please. Please, Emma. Please, Red."

The use of Ruby's nickname made her smirk, but it was quickly wiped off her face when Emma picked up her pace and increased her force.

"Yeah," she groaned. "Emma, yes."

Exasperated, the woman in the cell attempted to shake the bars, crying out in anger.

"LET ME GO!" she screamed, kicking the bars that held her captive.

Ruby, shoving Emma away roughly, sauntered over to the cell door, jingling the keys in front of Regina's face.

Emma lifted her soaking fingers to her lips and sucked off the cum, shutting her eyes in ecstasy.

Ruby turned to grin at her, seeing this, and felt her thighs burning.

"You like that, Em?" she questioned seductively.

The blonde just nodded and smiled, saying, "I want more."

"Give 'Gina a turn, baby. I think she wants some too," the brunette replied, then turned to the mayor, a grin still plastered on her face. "Is that right, my queen? Do you want some?"

The queen simply gaped at her, her face growing hot with desire.

"Tell me what you want, darling. Say it."

"I... I can't," the mayor moaned, shutting her eyes and slamming her head against the bars.

Ruby reached out and stroked her cheek, almost lovingly.

"Say it," she demanded sharply, even surprising herself at her forceful tone.

Since when did she dare to be so forward with the queen? Perhaps, it was because the woman was so completely vulnerable. Ruby could hear the woman's desperation when she ran her finger down from her collarbone to the cleavage between her breasts.

"I want to feel myself inside you and Miss Swan."

"Good," Ruby mused. "Now, show me how badly you want it."

With that, Ruby swiftly unlocked the door and found the mayor throwing herself into her strong arms, which supported her weight fully as their lips crashed hungrily together. The queen's hands wandered roughly to the detective's breasts and groped hard, causing Ruby to grin and let out a soft, satisfied moan.

"There ya go," the lustful detective managed, then opened her eyes and turned her face to the sheriff. "Come here, baby."

Emma obeyed with a smirk, stepping behind the queen and pressing her body against the woman's back. Ruby moved closer, sandwiching the mayor between them.

"Finish me," Ruby husked into Regina's ear and smiling at Emma over the woman's shoulder. "Fuck me."

The queen said nothing, but plunged her fingers between Ruby's thighs, which were soaked with her lust. They were so, so ready. As soon as Emma heard Ruby whimper contently, she jerked the queen's slacks down below her knees and slipped her hands under the woman's shirt, digging her nails into the mayor's back and dragging down. This made the brunette cry out as she gasped and collapsed forward into Ruby's arms. Emma pressed their warm bodies tighter together and slid her fingers between the mayor's legs, stroking softly, but the queen only stopped moving her fingers inside Ruby for a short moment as she felt the electric shock from the pleasure Emma had just brought her. Then, Regina began to involuntarily grind her bare hips against Ruby's, moaning loudly at the friction. Emma matched her movements until the queen was panting. When the orgasm crashed over the three of them, nearly at the same time, Regina collapsed into Ruby's arms, and Emma collapsed against the queen's back, each of them exhausted from the exertion. As she rode out the waves of ecstasy, the mayor continued to grind her hips, savoring the last sensations of the incredible wave that crashed over her, leaving her gasping for breath.

"My saviors," the queen whimpered, shutting her eyes and letting her head to drop to the detective's shoulder.

Surprised at this, but unwilling to let the shock to let them pull away, Ruby and Emma wrapped their arms protectively around the mayor, and as Ruby kissed the woman's collarbone, Emma kissed her shoulder blade.

"I knew you couldn't say no," Ruby said with a satisfied smirk. "I knew you wanted us."

"I didn't know," the mayor whispered shyly.

Emma smiled and kissed the woman's other shoulder, then moved her hands up and down her sides until she felt Ruby's hands slide over hers.

"That was so..." Regina started.

"Sexy?" Ruby teased.


"Intimate..." Emma chimed in, then felt her cheeks grow warm from the confession.

Ruby just smiled and kissed the top of the queen's forehead and squeezed Emma's hand.

"I could get used to this," Emma said, unable to stop the second confession from slipping past her lips.

Ruby's head jerked up as she met Emma's gaze, and her mouth went dry from shock and surprise.

"I want to keep her," Emma whimpered, leaning in further to brush some hair away from the queen's neck and kiss her there.

The mayor whimpered back, finding herself unable to speak.

After a moment of hesitating silence, Ruby whispered, "I do too."

"I want more of you both," the queen finally admitted, gripping Ruby's hips protectively.

Emma, seeing this, did the same to her queen as the three of them remained entangled.

"That can be arranged, if you really want it," Ruby told her, smiling over the woman's shoulder at her first lover.

Then, Emma abruptly moved away. This caused the mayor to turn her face towards the sheriff, looking confused.

"Did you do it?" Emma blurted out, staring the queen down with serious intensity.

Ruby's grip on the mayor's hips tightened in anticipation of the answer.

"No," the queen replied, her voice low and stern, wearing seriousness on her face.

"Then kiss me," Emma finally said after a long pause.

The queen obeyed and moved their lips together, this time more tenderly, tasting the faith Emma had in her. Suddenly feeling a pang of jealously, Ruby grabbed the woman and turned her around, kissing her slower, but pressing hard against her.

"I'm glad we locked you up," Ruby mumbled against her lips, her smile spreading.

"Um... Me too, actually. But do you believe me, too?"

She sounded nervous, so Ruby continued her encouraging smile and kissed her again to give her the reassurance she knew the queen needed.

"I do."

"You're letting me go?" Regina asked anxiously, hope flashing her eyes.

"Only if you go home with us," the detective teased, reaching behind the mayor and squeezing her ass.

Seeing this, Emma did the same, wearing a grin from ear to ear as she watched the queen nod. When she leaned in and pressed her lips to Regina's ear, the woman sighed happily and reached behind her to brush her hand against Emma's abdomen.

"You two are the only ones who trust me. The only ones who have shown me any kind of affection, and... and I felt something... strange..."

"What?" Emma asked curiously, tilting her head slightly.

"Tenderness. Caring."

The other two women looked startled, but realized that their queen was right. Unintentionally, they'd poured more than lust into the encounter, and there was no turning back now. They'd slipped just a little too deep - literally - into the beautiful monarch, and now, neither could pull away.

"I think, without trying, we've grown rather fond of you," Emma explained absently, her thoughts muddled.

"I know I have," Ruby told them.

"I don't want anyone to hurt you," Emma said. "When we questioned you... It's just that... All the evidence..."

"I'm being framed, Emma," the queen said sharply. "I'm tired of hurting others. I'm tired of letting myself down."

"I'm happy to hear that," Emma told her. "I'm proud of you..."

The queen blushed and turned fully to wrap her arms around the blonde in a tight embrace.

"Thank you, my sweethearts, for believing in me, even if it was difficult."

Ruby rubbed the woman's back affectionately, then squeezed her shoulders gently, making the queen sigh happily and shut her eyes as her head dropped to Emma's shoulder.

"You gave me faith in people today. I can't explain it, but when you both touched me... I felt it."

"We're not going to abandon you until you push us away, Regina," Ruby promised softly, stroking the mayor's dark hair from behind.

"Exactly," the sheriff confirmed, then let a sudden grin spread over her lips. "Besides, after that incredible fuck, how could we?"

Ruby nodded enthusiastically and kissed the queen's neck softly.

That night, when the three found themselves in Regina's bedroom, entangled in each other's arms on the woman's overly-luxurious king size bed, they knew that everything had changed, for good.