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Going the Distance

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When Weiss opened her eyes from her peaceful slumber, she expected a serene view of the rising sun and a gentle breeze through the window, inviting her to peacefully begin the day’s activities.

She received a healthy dose of disappointment. The room was pitch black, with a freezing air blowing through courtesy of the AC, that chilled even the Ice Queen her right to her core. She glanced at the clock on her nightstand. 4:16. She sighed in defeat, and searched for the source of the noise that woke her.

A nasty creak rattled in her ears. It didn’t sound like a door, or a sound produced by a voice, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. After listening carefully, she found it wasn’t on Blake and Yang’s side of the room, so it was definitely near her. Weiss peeked under her bed as the creaking sounded off again, unable to comprehend how Ruby couldn’t be waking up from such a horrifyingly obnoxious noise.

How in the world could Ruby not... Ruby!’ Weiss realized what the sound was and dreaded what was about to happen.

She looked up to find the ropes holding up Ruby’s makeshift bunk bed snapping. The flimsy ropes gave way and the bed came down just as Weiss rolled out of her own and hastily created a glyph under it, suspending it in the air. She maintained it long enough for her to grab Ruby, and then the bed fell with an enormous crash that forced a cringe from her. Weiss tumbled onto the floor, the sweet, soft, safe floor, with Ruby securely tucked in her arms.

Another loud thud from behind made Weiss' heart skip a beat. Yang had fallen out of her bed with a yelp, as Blake jolted from her sleep, ears twitching.

Yang quickly recovered, jumping up and pointing her finger at Weiss with such intensity and so emblazoned with anger she thought a hole would be shot through her. The flame that was slowly gathering at the end made her realize that that turn of events wasn't far off.

“What the HECK is going on here Weiss?! Hey, paws off my sister!”

Weiss' jaw dropped. That brusque blonde, always jumping to conclusions without a second thought... Holding Ruby’s still-sleeping body princess-style, Weiss shook her for emphasis. "I JUST SAVED HER LIFE!”

Blake, calm as always, asked, “Weiss, care to tell us what exactly what... happened?” She was currently surveying the damage, which consisted of two smashed beds and snapped ropes haphazardly lying around.

Yang crossed her arms, not caring that she was yelling. “Yeah! Want to tell us exactly what… went down?

Weiss grit her teeth with a glare and rattled Ruby in her arms toward Yang. She was not in the mood for her games. “Now, is not, the time. And hey, it’s not my fault! It was your dunce-of-a-sister’s idea to have these bunks! The ropes supporting hers snapped and nearly crushed me flat!”

"Alright, easy! Don't get all angsty just because you woke up on the wrong side of the bed. And the worst part is, I'm not getting my beauty sleep. Well, not that I need it anyway, am I right?" Yang tossed her golden locks over her shoulder, earning a sigh from Weiss.

Ruby squirmed in her savior’s arms. Amidst the bickering shouts, she mumbled, “W-Wait, but Princess Cookie can’t, can’t I have one more? I saved you, just lemme have, one more cookie please?" Ruby soon opened her eyes and rubbed them tiredly, finally deciding to wake up. She almost fell out of Weiss’ arms when she realized she was in them, unaware of how her life was in danger just moments ago.

“We-Weiss! Why are you holding me? Why are you all awake?” She turned her head left and right, trying to understand what was going on, when she gasped at the sight of the broken beds. “AAAH! MY BUNK! MY PRECIOUS COOKIES!”

Silence. Perplexion. Curiousity. The other three girls looked dumbfounded. Weiss was worked up enough already, but that… It was too much. Her frustration quickly broke down into an odd mix of anxiety and relief.

With a sigh, she told the tale. “Okay Ruby, I’m carrying you because your bunk snapped, but luckily I was awake so I wasn’t FLATTENED! There was an extremely loud crash, so Yang, Blake, and I’m sure anyone else inhabiting this building are awake as well. Now my question to you is what does this whole fiasco have to do with your precious cookies?”

“Well… I may or may not have stashed away a bunch of sweets under my mattress so you guys wouldn’t find out.” Weiss saw the guilt on her face, clearly fixated on her poor cookies being lost, but it was just such a cute look. “But thank you for, you know, saving me and all Weiss! I’m sorry!”

Weiss sighed again after chuckling about the cookies. “It’s fine, no one was hurt, miraculously. What this does mean though is that we have to replace the beds, get rid of your crushed cookies, and probably bake some more with you.”

“Really?! Let’s go make them now!” Ruby threw her arms up in the air, gleaming with excitement, ready to avenge her fallen soldiers after they had been blown up on the field.

However, Blake decided to chime in and halt her plans for the moment. “Ruby, did you not notice what time it is yet? Look out the window.” She motioned towards the world outside, that was currently blanketed in dusk and early-morning dew.

She glanced out at the darkness, and looked back at Blake completely unfazed. “Your point being?” Her short series of blinks only further illustrated her innocence, with a hint of obliviousness.

Weiss did not understand where the charisma of this girl came from. At this point, she would’ve slapped anyone else who would’ve said that in this situation. “We can’t go bake cookies at 4:20 in the morning Ruby.”

Yang quietly snickered behind her, prompting a raised eyebrow from Weiss and Blake.

Ruby continued to fight for her cause. "Well why not?" She didn't really see an issue with the time, and after all, they didn't have classes tomorrow.

Weiss' response was just filled to the brim with sarcasm. “I’m sure if our dysfunctional little group went to go and just, just bake at 4:20 in-"

Yang scoffed, and all eyes turned to her, who only shrugged her shoulders in response. “What? It’s 4:20! Gotta respect in the AM and the PM!”

"...-If our dysfunctional little group went to go and just bake cookies this early in the morning we’d risk blowing off our limbs and a hole through the Academy.”

Ruby looked up with a frown. “So Princess Cookie wouldn’t give me one and now my Princess won’t gimme any? Doesn't seem fair. I DEMAND A RECOUNT!"


Wait, wait just a moment.

Did Weiss hear that right? ‘Her Princess? And for what reason am I her Princess? I haven’t done anything. Why am I blushing?! Confound you Ruby!’ She looked away so Blake and Yang wouldn’t see, but couldn’t come up with anything to ward off the looming threat of Yang saying something. Weiss nervously sputtered out, “Ruby, it was just a dream.”

Yang finally decided to enter the fray, much to Weiss’ dread.

“The Ice Princess, my liege, would you two like a moment of privacy?

Weiss glared at her, but it didn’t faze Yang or the evil grin plastered across her face. Weiss had been holding her princess-style in her arms for a good three or four minutes, she was being complimented, she was being hailed as Ruby's Princess. Yang had all the tools she needed to sprinkle a bit of misery around. Blake smiled along at the amusement, and awkward silence filled the room as they all patiently stared at Weiss and awaited her coveted reaction.

She quickly flipped Ruby onto her feet, turning to face the two and attempted to escape embarrassment, irritation filling her voice.

“Yang, for the love of Dust, it’s not like that!”

The blonde only snickered, which irritated Weiss even further.

The innocent victim continued to plead her case, but as she was going through it, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to argue against it. In fact, she found herself not wanting to argue against it. Having Ruby in her arms felt... comfortable. Did she want it to be like that? Like-

She cut herself off, realizing what she was imagining. ‘Oh boy, it’s getting worse. In fact, it’s incidents like these involving Ruby that make me feel like... this.’ A mental sigh allowed her to drop that subject for the time being and get her priorities straight. ‘One thing at a time Weiss. Escape judgement.