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Eric dragged her into the room, and when it slammed shut, there was a sort of finality.

He threw off his cloak and Sookie licked her lips nervously, not knowing whether or not this would lead to sex. Knowing Eric, and knowing herself, it probably would. If it had been in front of Andre, she would have been too embarrassed and insisted that there be no sex.

But they weren't in front of Andre right now. They were alone in a hotel room with no one in sight. Andre had said that he would be listening at the door to make sure that the deed would be done and over with, so she supposed that contradicted the statement, but still.

"It'll be easier for you if you're aroused," Eric said after a minute, gazing intently at her.

"So I suppose I'll be having sex with you after all." She gave him a nervous laugh.

"Shh," he said as he walked forward and kissed her.

They sank onto the bed, her lips joining with his. He could taste her breath, and he tasted it, wanting more, feeling, lunging for it. The mortality of her, the humanness, her breath, it all sank into his immortal self, her beauty flowing in through streams of sunlight.

He pushed back her hair, felt her neck with his fingers, and she kept on kissing him, realizing that she'd wanted this more than anything and had been longing for it for such a long time, no matter how much she denied it.

She wasn't aware that they'd already shimmied out of their clothes, but she was glad that they had. Eric leaned back against the bed and stretched out almost lazily, and she followed, pressing her body against his, her eyes taking in his delicious form.

She swung her legs over him so that she was straddling him. A mischievous smile crossed her face, and she moved until she found herself sitting atop his cock.

He muttered something in that language that she didn't know. "Come here," he said after a minute of silence in which they gazed at each other.

Her blonde hair fell across his face like a curtain as she lowered herself onto him and their noses grazed before she kissed him. Warm and light, like fire meeting ice, tasting, hungry, wanting.

Eric's skilled tongue found it’s way between her set of perfect lips, and for a minute they were just kissing, and they were content. She'd missed this: the feel of him against her, his laugh, the look in his eyes, the chemistry between them.

And so they melded together, finding each other, finally together after being apart for so long, too long. She yielded to him once more, letting herself get lost in the smell and feel of Eric.

She was unable to speak when he bit into her creamy white neck, and she did the same for him.

They lay together for a while, their breathing the only audible sound.

She wanted to speak, wanted to say that she'd missed this too much, that no person in the world could ever replace him for her.

"I wish I could remember," he said after a long time.

So did she.