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Adventures in Muppet Treasure Island

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It was a good Saturday for Peach and Cherry. They had just left in the morning for a vacation cruise with their parents and after the ship left the girls had time for themselves while their parents would be doing adult activities. Peach and Cherry often caused mischief together on deck with the others, watched movies, played video games and told stories together.

Peach and Cherry looked out to view the ocean with some of the other passengers. "Nature is beautiful even in your tears, eh Cher?" Peach asked as she looked out at the view and turned to Cherry who looked a little green in her face. "You okay, mate?"

Cherry wheezed and shut her eyes tight as sweat beaded down her face and she breathed in and out slowly. "Sorry... I get a little sea sick sometimes..." Cherry replied with her voice sounding sick.

"Ah, you'll be okay. Just calm down and think of non-stomach threatening thoughts," Peach said as she gently patted her friend on the back.

Suddenly it got dark and a storm came. Cherry looked around and saw the other passengers quickly evacuating to go inside.

"Peach, we better head back in!" Cherry yelped.

"Relax, I'm sure it'll blow over soon." Peach reassured her as she got to the end of the bars as the wind blew her long brown hair. "I'M QUEEN OF THE WORLD!" Peach laughed as she waved her arms out.

"Peach, knock it off!" Cherry rushed behind Peach and held her back to prevent her from getting into trouble. The ship hit a rough wave and it caused the girls to fall in without life vests! "Oh no! I can't swim!" Cherry cried.

"It's okay, Cherry. I'm here." Peach held Cherry close as the storm really did get worse and the girls were floating way past the cruise line.

"CHERRY!" Cherry's mother cried out.

"Cherry Girl!" Cherry's dad yelled out.

"Peach you get your butt over here this instant!" Paula, Peach's mother snapped.

The girls then lost their sight as it got darker and darker each minute. They both then eventually blacked out and floated along the open ocean. A wave came up much later and Cherry and Peach washed up on shore. "Ugh... My back..." Cherry sat up and moaned.

"What a ride," Peach laughed. "You okay, Cher?"

"Yeah, I'll be okay." Cherry said as she dusted her clothes seeing they have gotten torn and tattered.

Peach looked back and saw a place called Benbow Inn. "Where are we?" Peach asked.

"I don't know, but we better find help and new clothes." Cherry said as she and Peach ventured into Benbrow Inn.

Cherry and Peach walked over and knocked on the door. They waited for a moment they were welcomed to a boy who looked a little bit older than Peach. "Can I help you?" He asked.

"Well, my friend and I need some help. Can you help us?" Cherry replied.

"I can try. You both kind of dress like boys," the boy looked down and observed the ripped pants.

"It's kind of our style back home." Peach said.

"I'm Jim Hawkins," the boy said. "Come and meet some of my friends."

Cherry and Peach walked in and met Jim's friends who appeared to have been strange creatures including a blue one and a slightly bigger rat than average. They both wore clothes. "Hey Jim, who you got there with you?" The blue one greeted.

"Who are you girls?" Jim asked as he looked back at the teenage girls.

"I'm Cherry," Cherry said as she pushed her glasses back. "My real name's Cinda, but Cherry kind of stuck after a while. But don't call me Cinda Girl, that's reserved for my Daddy."

"My name's Peach," Peach said.

"Nice to meet you girls," the blue creature smiled. "I'm Gonzo and this is my good friend, Rizzo."

"Whoa, you girls look like you were in a wreck or somethin'." Rizzo said as he looked up at the girls.

"Yeah, it was pretty rough how we ended up here." Cherry said as she put her hands behind her back. "We were on vacation with our parents, my Mom won a raffle ticket for a cruise with some guests and Peach and her mother came with us. We were hanging around like normal but then a storm hit and we fell into the water and got washed up here. Do you mind if we stay here a while?"

"I think you should talk to Mrs. Bluvridge about it." Gonzo replied.