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The Scent of Roses in December

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The last thing Gai ever expects to wake up to was a rough knock on his door and a voice demanding breakfast. He quickly looks around his room, finding it unfamiliar and having no idea of where he is, much less what he is doing, other than obviously serving breakfast. He probably is a chef at somebody's estate. "Just a moment, Master," he says, looking around his room frantically for his uniform and trying to find it before he gets himself fired.

Gai hears a laugh from the man on the other side of the door, and then the man is walking away, from the sounds of it. Gai looks in the wardrobe, but there's no chef's outfit there, either. Plenty of decent shirts, t-shirts, pants, and bandanas, but no uniform. There's some kind of bulky cellphone-like device with an action figure of some kind beside it, a replica of some Ranger's device no doubt, but he doesn't recognize it. Beside it is some kind of goldish anchor on a chain, and he slips it on, hoping it will bring him luck. Dressing in his best clothes, he closes his door, not surprised that there's no lock.

There are other doors, some half-open, most rooms bigger than his. He walks down the hall, passing by a bathroom, and then there is a door at the end, opening into a staircase. He uses it, trying to figure out where he is.

The staircase ends in some kind of living room, with people scattered about. Some look at him for a moment before returning to what they're doing. "Good morning, Gai-san," a young woman in a pink dress says as she sips at some tea.

The room has portholes for windows, he notes absently. There's a door that seems to be a kitchen, and as he looks around, everything starts to make sense - he lives with a bunch of other people, and it was his turn to make breakfast.

No wonder the guy was laughing! It doesn't explain why nobody bothers to close their doors, but it does explain that, at least.

He heads into the kitchen, noting how small it is as he starts to put something resembling breakfast together. There's a book there not in his handwriting that details the morning's breakfast, so he follows it, and after a while, manages to put it together. The girl in pink comes in to help serve, and soon they're all sitting down at the table.

A girl in yellow passes the guy next to him - a tall, slim man with a long ponytail - a copy of a paper. He looks at it briefly and hands it to Gai.

Gai can't read most of it, but he glances through it, only stopping at the wanted posters. The one that catches his eye is the one of what has to be a Sentai team, with a pirate theme. He goes through the pictures, spotting each of the people at the table with him.

The last picture is him. He has no idea what currency the bounty's in, but he really doesn't care. Whoever put out the posters is obviously the enemy of this group, the bad guys. He had to have joined this group willingly, knowing full well that they had a pirate theme. It wouldn't have been his first choice, but if he was called, he was called, and at least these had to be the good guys, right? There were evil teams, but they were rare, and these people didn't feel evil.

He has to wonder how he was chosen, but he's so glad he was, finally. Even if he doesn't remember anything about them at all.

Maybe today will be a quiet day, with no bad guys. He hopes so. While he knows how to fight, he has no clue as to what weapon he uses. At least now the thing on his dresser makes sense - he should get it once breakfast's over, just in case.

He studies the black-and-white pictures. The man at the head of the table is, given his name, the captain of the team, Marvelous. He's the one that woke Gai up when he asked for breakfast, the one with the highest bounty. He seems to be a happy, enthusiastic sort, from what Gai can tell, and Gai isn't complaining that he got a nice guy for a captain and Red, even if Marvelous is awfully fond of his breakfast.

The man who handed Gai the paper is Joe Gibken, the one with the next-highest bounty. He'd been doing pushups when Gai had come downstairs, the serious warrior type that was always good on a sentai team. Gai hadn't seen him crack a smile yet, but maybe he would at some point in the day. Or maybe not. Some sentai members were grumpy, and as long as they protected peoples' smiles, that was okay.

Ahim de Famille is the girl that helped him with breakfast. Her picture makes her look as grumpy as Joe, but she seems sweet and nice and a girl that he'd totally like to go out with. He wonders if they're dating, or if they've put that aside to save the world. Or if he hasn't tried at all.

The other girl, Luka Millify, is the one who had brought the paper to the table. She'd been looking through some jewelry when he'd come to the table, which made her at least fit the theme of pirates where Ahim didn't. She seemed vivacious and laughing, fitting with Marvelous, and Gai thinks that it isn't so bad to be on a team with her.

Gai had seen Don Dogaiger, the only person with a lower bounty than his, working at some kind of podium. He's clearly a mechanic, from what Gai can tell, or ship's navigator. It all makes sense. This is a ship's crew, as odd as it sounds, and Gai is the cook.
Living together, fighting together. This was what Sentai teams do. He feels like screaming to the heavens that he's on a team, but he contents himself with a silly grin at just being there.

"Gai-san?" Ahim-san asks, and he looks over at her questioningly. "You're being very quiet."

"That's a bad thing?" Luka-san retorts.

Ahim-san is the heart of the team, obviously, the sweetheart of the bunch. He's obviously the morale guy, the loud one. Maybe he shouldn't restrain himself. "I'm just so glad to be part of this team!" he exclaims. Luka shoots Ahim a look, as if to ask why she had to ask. He bounces up, swirling around with hands to chest.

He wishes he remembered how he got here, on this team, but he's not going to complain. It occurs to him that he should tell them that he has amnesia - after all, that seems to happen to someone every couple of teams or so - but he doesn't ever recall the happy-go-lucky guy being the one hit over the head, or whatever happened to him. Besides, why make them worry?