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The year is 2046.

Much of the world’s medicine has advanced so much that almost every disease has been completely wiped out. Or we are getting there. People are living longer, people are being saved from life or death situations, doctors are making more money than ever before. People are being thankful. Malpractice is a thing of the past.

Everyone is happy.

That’s what we thought, at first. I know I was content with my life, could have changed a few choice things, but nonetheless, it was my life, and I had to live it.

She’s taught me that sometimes people cannot be saved, and that you shouldn’t worry about it because if you are strong, you will say it is human error, that it isn’t meant to be, that a Greater Being has had to take them away. I believe it. I truly do. I think that we, as doctors, shouldn’t bother ourselves when we make mistakes. When we do everything we can, we do everything we can.

I remember the stories she used to tell me when I was younger of a man she once knew. She said that their powers were similar, and they both saved people, but she stopped. I always asked why she had stopped, and she never answered. One time, I overheard her tell another man that she was ridden with guilt, and I didn’t understand back then.

Now that I am much older, working and researching, I understand.

Guilt and GUILT were similar in that they both caused people extreme pain. They both caused people to feel horrible about themselves, and I think that is the reason why she had to stop helping people by operating. She helped people a different way instead.

Her GUILT is gone, and her guilt is gone.

The other diseases are cured. They will never come back.

The year is 2046, and my name is Alyssa Breslin.

I’ve almost died, and I hate seeing other people die.

The year is 2046, and a new disease is on the rise.

It is everlasting. It is undying. It is unstoppable.

We are doing everything we can.