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Something is bothering Stiles (and Derek)

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Filtered colors come streaming into view as an abstract image comes into focus with the help of the light that's beaming through the huge Art Deco windows of his top floor penthouse apartment. The stained glassed windows with solar paneled technology are a fine addition to the new look of his living space. He rolls around his thin Cuban cigar across his lips and is enjoying the aroma while taking in the light display which is creating a myriad of colors and shapes by his new penthouse portals to the outside world. Stiles, his adopted son, will appreciate the addition to their home. He turns away and starts to busy himself when his best friend Vera comes in to remind him that Stiles eighteenth birthday was in a few days so they had to purchase something extraordinary and unique for the young man. They both know Stiles doesn't like surprise parties so Peter and Vera decided to keep the festivities to a minimum. Just the four of them. You might count three, but there is a fourth party arriving soon. Peter and Vera seem happy with the appearance of the penthouse home that Stiles has not seen now in almost 4 months.

Stiles left early in August to start his sophomore year in college. Tomorrow, they will be celebrating his eighteenth birthday. Peter and Vera both have some concerns and they have discussed this over at length and Vera knew all along what the situation was being cause by. She just wanted to give Peter the chance to 'get his shit together' and tell her in a conversation. Before he left, over the summer they had noticed a change in Stiles. Peter knows precisely what is bothering him but he's not sure how to bring this sensitive subject up. Vera suggested maybe Peter get some reading material on what to potentially expect with the new adults of Stiles' generation, but Peter decides against it. Vera even offers to sit down with Stiles and break the news to him the best way she knew how, by being honest and answering all the questions that he might potentially have. Because, she without a doubt, actually KNEW all the answers to the questions he might have. Peter said he would think about it but he had been subtly mentioning to her that he would think it would be a great idea if they both spoke with him and that she did the speaking. Peter present for support and hopefully to fill in any gaps in the discussion.

Stiles and his adoptive father Peter have written letters, shot emails back and forth and even had weekly phone calls where Stiles spoke to both him and Vera. They both noticed the lack of investment in a simple conversation so much so that there was almost no conversation on Stiles' part. It's like trying to pull a tooth out of a rabid werewolf when they were trying to get him to speak. It just wasn't happening. At times they got light conversation and off the wall topics of discussions but mostly it was dead empty silence on the other end of the Vidcom. Not having something to say or jabber about is extremely un-Stiles-like. Peter feels Stiles starting to slip away from him so that is why this weekend is occurring. Losing Stiles to something that is correctable is unacceptable and he'll do anything in his power to prevent that from happening.

Now, how Peter became "Uncle Peter" and Stiles' adoptive parent is interesting to say the least. Many years ago, Peter's best friend was Claudia (Stiles' mother). Their friendship began with a coffee shop collision while both of them attended the University of Pittsburgh. She was a junior and a year ahead of him. It was never anything more than a deep platonic relationship. Even though she was human, she was unlike no other person he'd ever met. She was secretly part of the supernatural community so she already known about werewolves and this made it incredibly difficult for her to find anyone to date. Peter knew someone who would be perfect for hear as a partner, John Stilinski.

John was the Sheriff for Beacon county, Pennsylvania back home where Peter had grown up. Peter met John when he was hired by his sister Talia, when she offered him, and he accepted, the job of patrolling the Hale territory. Talia wanted him patrolling at least every other day and every day when the Hale family went on vacations. john needed to know about the existence of werewolves, so Peter stepped up and was the one to educate him all about the supernatural. John has lived in Beacon Hills all his life and he wasn't oblivious. To Peter's disappointment, John already knew about werewolves as well as other supernatural beings that existed.

When Peter thinks back fondly of his friend John, he had 'a thing' for him also. He swore to Claudia that if she didn't give him the time of day, he might ask John out and see what he says. John was an exceptional man and he treated Claudia as though she was God's gift because, he actually thought she was. After introducing them, Claudia became very involved with John and fell in love quite easily. It wasn't long after that when wedding bells were heard throughout all of Beacon Hills.

One day just before his college graduation, Peter noticed an odd if not funky smell slowly getting stronger on Claudia. Being Peter, he never pursued asking her about it since he was so wrapped up in his studies and Claudie was enjoying being married to John while both were busy raising a now 6 month old Stiles. His flippant decision not ask her about the smell when his wolf was nudging him to do so, has been the source of tremendous amount of guilt for him. It's the type of guilt which will remain with him throughout the rest of his life. Finally after graduation, he finally asked her and she promptly went to see her private healthcare provider with him in tow.

To their dismay, there was something wrong. Claudia and Peter kept her illness to themselves for years before eventually telling John. Peter begged her to include John, her husband in the knowledge of her illness but she would just say that "Stop it Pete, NOW. I have my reasons for not telling my husband." He was eventually told that she wanted to enjoy as much of life with her son and husband before having to deal with the insidiousness of her illness. It eventually would wreak havoc with her memory, her personality and her ability to personally relate to others. These thoughts scared the living shit out of her as she dreaded the day when these symptoms would begin to interfere with the three men who made up her world; infant Stiles, husband John and Peter.

Claudia had made sure from the get go that how she was raised would be imprinted on her family to the best of her ability. They were one of those touchy-feely families. She made sure that all of them knew how much she loved and cared for them and taught her son and her husband to display and acknowledge their own love towards each other. The family in all easily knew what consisted of a physical display of love. It started and ended with warm pats on the back, long strong breath-stealing hugs, affectionate kisses to the forehead and personal invasion of space with someone you loved. She always insisted on a hug-n-kiss before going to bed. Peter was always impressed with Claudia and how she went about making her families do special things. This way of life that Stiles had grown up with was so... what is the word... "Lycanous", "werewolf-like"?

For business purposes and business purposes alone, Peter had decided to leave two years after Stiles was born and moved to New York City since his career was taking off. Claudia was doing well and had no signs or symptoms of her illness plus she had a great support system. She had her husband, son and coworkers and he didn't feel bad when he decided to make the move. She never begrudged him for leaving. Her medical secret would remain between the two of them until it couldn't be kept any longer. He was elated that Claudia had a family and they both remained very close.

As for her illness, it progressed to an almost snails pace. She didn't really start to display any significant symptoms until Stiles was the age of seven. There was only so much her own supernatural powers could do to help prolong her life. When the symptoms started, it didn't take long for the illness to take over her being as the atrophying cells of her brain started to shrivel up like grapes left outside in blistering heat over the course of a month. The last 4 months of her life were a living hell that Stiles and John had to live through but which Peter tried to provide support also.

The fronto-temporal dementia took her life when Stiles was only 8 years old. This wasn't only a personal tragedy for the remaining Stilinskis but Peter was devastated by the loss of his best friend. During the remainder of his life, John never remarried because the intense heartbreak over the loss of Claudia remained and his sole purpose was to try and raise his son the best he knew how and to hopefully make his deceased loving wife proud of his efforts. He never did fully recovered from her loss and remained single and didn't even entertain the idea of even looking at another love interest throughout the rest of his life.

Peter can remember how elated John was one day when he told him that his nephew and Stiles had finally met for the first time. Since Peter made an active decision to help John after Claudia's death, his nephew Derek liked the smell that Peter had on him whenever he would go to visit his sister Talia. Peter knew from the tiny spike of sexual interest that Derek had to be smelling Stiles. Derek made a point of nagging Peter for the umpteenth time to take him with him until his sister Talia pulled him aside. She excused herself along with Peter from the living room and entered into the reading den where there were sound proof wall and she gently closed the doors. That is where being gentle stopped. She grabbed Peter by the arms and begged, "For God's sake Peter, will you please take Derek over to the Stiliniskis one of these days. Derek is running around the house like a lost pup after you have come over to stay here after visiting the Stilinski residence. Don't even act like you don't know what the hell is going on with my son. I happen to remember quite vividly a similar response by you whenever you first met Sam when you went to your first wrestling match in high school. Someone in that house you go visit is Derek's mate. As luck would have it and if the past is any inkling of what the reality of this situation is, it is his TRUE SOULMATE. You have to do something to help me. He is driving me absolutely crazy. Please, one of these times that you go to visit, take him with you just so he and the young Stilinski boy can meet each other. Derek is shifting quite frequently and is constantly out in the preserve running when he is not in school and on the weekends. He keeps searching for that scent and him not finding it is starting to affect his mood.

Trust me, I know the crazy ass shit you went through when you finally realized after a couple wrestling matches that the scent that was affecting you was Sam. Peter you were like an uncontrollable horny hamster. I am your sister and I may not have said anything at the time but trust me, the entire house knew that you were incessantly masturbating because you would not get up the nerve to introduce yourself to Sam. And dear brother, if you remember, that is when I intervened and introduced the two of you after a wrestling match one day. Mom and dad didn't make me do chores for six months because they didn't have to deal with our adolescent urges in the house anymore. So, please, just do this for me. Introduce the two of them." She blinked her eye lashes very fast and gave puppy dog eyes as she looked up at her brother.

Peter smiled at his sister and agreed that he would do it in the very near future but the very near future was taking over on it's own terms. It fulminated every so quickly when the entire family could not find Derek over the weekend. He wasn't seen after school on Friday and he still hadn't come back home by Sunday afternoon. Hunters, that is what they were worried about as well as that faction of CERN anti werewolf fanatics.

If Peter remembers correctly, this particular day was only 5 months after Claudia's death and Stiles had not spoken a word or even made a peep to anyone. He paid complete attention to his father but he hardly ever spoke to him. John had just become Sheriff when he was routinely patrolling the Hale property. He came across Peter's 11 year old nephew, Derek, in the preserve who wasn't so much hurt but scared. Derek had been able to remain hidden from a lone CERN mercenary hunter. Derek was filthy and had dried blood on his arms. He had immediately ran into the Sheriff and oddly sniffed his clothing. John thought he recognized the young boy especially when he resembled Peter a bit and the bruises and cuts he had were already healed. John decided to take him back to the Stilinski residence.

When he walked through the front door, he introduced his son to the young disheveled man. All Stiles could do was stare at the ripped, torn clothes and the mix of blood and dirt that remained on Derek's skin. and all Derek did was stand by the doorway while sticking his nose up in the air and incessantly sniffing his surroundings. Before John decided to make any phone calls, he watched them from the kitchen door after he excused himself and told Derek he would get him a glass of water to drink and be right back.

After watching for awhile, all he could secretly do behind the kitchen door is feel his heart swell and his mood elate. He had reasons for being elated. This was the day that Stiles despondency was crushed and it was ALL because of the young man standing in the foyer, Derek. John was so stunned to hear his son's voice that it brought to tears because his son,... his son was talking again. Peter remembers how John described that there was something special between Stiles and Derek and how it was an awfully beautiful thing to witness.


Stiles was sitting on the couch staring at the television set when his father came in towing Derek in behind him. John introduced them, "Stile, this is Derek. Derek, this is my son Stiles." John looked at the two of them and neither of them said anything at first. "Hey Derek, I am going to go into the kitchen and try and contact your parents or maybe your Uncle Peter, Okay? Can you just hang out here with Stiles while I do that. If you want something to drink or eat, just ask Stiles and he will get you whatever you need." John walked into the kitchen leaving the two boys alone. Before John had time to pick up the phone to begin calling, he heard it. Stiles voice.

(Stiles) "Hey."

(Derek) "Hey." and there is silence for about a minute...

Stiles gets up from the couch where he was watching Ren and Stimpy reruns and walked over to where Derek lingered by the front door where you took your shoes off. Derek was holding back from crying but tears welled up and ran down his cheeks. He had never experienced being hunted before and it was overwhelming for him at the moment. Stiles said nothing about the tears and acted like they weren't even there.

"So, what happened to you?"


"Oh really? Yeah, It looks like nothing." waving his hands over the disheveled Derek.

A perturbed Derek spoke up, "Okay, I got lost in the woods." Stiles could see through that lie immediately but he didn't say anything.

"Well, sorry you got hurt.", Stiles had to clear his throat a bit because of weeks of not using his voice and continued, "What's your name again?"

"Derek..." He offered little information for Stiles to work with. If words weren't working, then he would do what came naturally to him, express himself by his actions.

He reached out and petted down Derek's hair that was sticking up but... Derek started to jerk away but then instinctively relaxed and permitted Stiles to pet him because the young boy's touch set Derek at ease. He strangely felt safe and protected. Within seconds, he was leaning into Stiles' warm hand and making a purring noise. Stiles giggled to himself quietly. Of course Derek heard but he didn't mind. Stiles took his hand away and he swears he heard a soft whimper come from Derek.

Stiles was blushing. So, he looked around the house not knowing what to really say so he blurted out, "Well, do you want to come upstairs with me so we can get you cleaned up?" Derek was hesitant but eventually silently nodded. Stiles softly but firmly grabbed Derek's hand. Still a bit frightened, Derek squirmed his hand out of Stiles grasp stepping back.

John witnessed this and wasn't sure what Derek might do. He thought Stiles might be upset but then, as Stiles always does, he surprised him. Stiles took a step back and both boys gawked each other for about 3 minutes straight. This was interesting to John because he had never seen Stiles stay still longer than 30 seconds. The two boys tilted their heads as they tried to figure the other one out.

Stiles looked at him confused but he knew deep down, Derek was still freaking out. As for Derek, he wasn't use to physical affection from anyone else but his immediate family. The affection he was getting from Stiles felt, ... different but good just the same. On top of everything else that happened that day, this just confused Derek. Derek felt warm all over and his skin tingled where Stiles touched him. His heart rate was rapid and he felt skipping heartbeats causing his chest to swell. His throat became tight and his breathing would catch if he looked at Stiles too long. He couldn't explain why Stiles was affecting him this way.

With a strong sniff and huff out, Derek stepped into Stiles' personal space. Stiles didn't mind. John almost went into the living room because he doesn't want these two kids fighting, that's all any of them need right now. John stopped and continued to watch from the doorway. Derek offered a huge bunny-tooth smile and Stiles smiled back. Then Derek spoke first this time.

"Uhm, ... Hey again." this time his voice was warm and affectionate but still a little sad.

"Hey, Derek." Stiles smile grew wider than John had ever seen before.

Stiles offered his hand (palm up) to Derek. He grabbed it and literally fell into Stiles body and rested his head in the crook of Stiles neck. Despite the 3 year age difference, Stiles wasn't much shorter than Derek. Derek swung his arms around for a full body hug. Stiles responded in kind by hugging Derek back. Stiles was physically showing Derek that he didn't mean any harm to him and that he cared for him.

Stiles leaned his head onto the side of Derek's and simply said. "It's going to be okay. You're a strong werewolf. You're safe now; I'm here for you." John heard some small whimpering coming from Derek as he noticed Stiles slowly rocking the two of them back and forth.

Stiles tried to put him even more at ease, "You know, you and I should become best friends."

Derek looked up in shock with tearful piercing blue-green eyes, "Huh?"

"Friends, ... I said we could ..." Derek quickly interrupted Stiles.

"No, not that.", Derek wiped his eyes with the cuff of his shirt, "So, what? You know about...?" as the question lingered.

"Don't be stupid, of course I do. It's no big deal. You are Peter's nephew.", they both stepped back from the hug. Derek looked at him in disbelief not knowing exactly if Stiles and he were actually talking about the same thing. He began to open his mouth to try and clarify because he doesn't want to bring up a subject like werewolves to someone he just met unless he is absolutely sure he can discuss it. Clarification of the subject never came because as he looked back to Stiles, he seemed a little embarrassed but then he pointed over his left shoulder, "So, if you are so inclined Derek, we can our way upstairs to my room. I have some clothes you can change into." Stiles gets the oddest jolt of excitement as he remembers something, "Oh, I have this orange and blue T-shirt that's too big for me. It should fit you. I'll get you a wash rag and towel so you can get cleaned up before your parents or your uncle come to get you. I'm sure my dad's already called them."

Derek's eyes remained blue for almost a full minute while he stared at Stiles. Derek didn't realize his eyes were glaring as they were but Stiles picked up on it and mentioned nothing. Stiles knew Derek's secret but Derek wasn't really sure if Stiles knew his secret. It all became confusing and the seemingly easiest thing for him to do was to take Stiles hand and head toward the steps. Stiles did not reject the offer of his hand and began intensely blushing when he abruptly stopped and gently grabbed Derek's shoulders. Not out of characteristic for Stiles but a shock to Derek, he kissed him on the cheek for no apparent reason. Derek was smiling now and the shed tears were a distant memory. Affection bloomed across Derek's face and was evident in how his body reacted to Stiles.

John quietly watched his son interact with Derek. Stiles had become Stiles again, "After you get cleaned up, if you want, we can watch one of the Star Wars movies. Whichever one you want to see, I gottem all. My favorite is Star Wars the Force Awakens. It is sweeeet!" As Derek is quietly nodding, Stiles figures he better ask because, you know... not everyone has seen the movies. "Oh, I meant to ask, have you seen them already?"

Derek turned to stone with eyes the size of antigrav basket balls and gave Stiles an 'I-can't-believe-you-even-asked-me-that'-look and said. "Are you serious? Of course I have. That's crazy. Who on this planet hasn't seen Star Wars?"

Stiles let out an 'OMG-I-Know'-gasp at Derek, "Oh thank gosh. I knew you were normal. Just, don't even get me started. My best friend Isaac? He's never seen a single movie."

"Are you, (now leaning forward whispering directly into Stiles face), fucking serious? He hasn't seen any of them? You got to be joking. Is there like, something wrong with him?", Derek quirks his right eyebrow when he sees Stiles laughing at what he said. He wants to make Stiles laugh more because the scent he has been in love with for months is coming directly from Stiles and he wants to just drown in it. "So this Isaac character that is your so called friend, what planet is he from?", Derek grips Stiles' hand tighter but ever so affectionately, and moves impossibly even closer to him. Stiles grabs his muscular forearm and tugs encouraging Derek's move.

"Wow, that's the question for all questions. I'll ask Isaac when I see him next time." (they both laugh). "That won't be for awhile because Isaac left for the whole summer so he could stay at his Aunt's home in Nebraska." Stiles winks at Derek, "So you know what that means?", Stiles thinks nothing of it when he leans into Derek and purposely whispers in his ear while his lip (accidentally) brushes up against the lobe and cuff of Derek's ear. "That means you have to be my best friend. Do you think you are up for the challenge?"

Trying ever so hard to hide his ever growing boner and mask the goosebumps coursing over all of his skin, he simply responds, "Cool, I never had a best friend and I am definitely up for the challenge."

Trying to think of a way not to jump onto an eight year old and have his way with him, Derek decides to make frown and make a face of disgust, "I'm usually stuck with my creepy sisters. They do nothing but tease me constantly. It's like some game of torture for them.", He grunts then flips his frown upside down, "You know, my family house is smack in the middle of this huge preserve. We have tons and tons of acreage and our property even has a couple of lakes. We should go skinny dipping sometime." Oh fuck, did he just suggest skinny dipping with Stiles? But Stiles doesn't even think a thing about it, "oh my god, I have always wanted to do that. Do you have one of the tire-swings hanging over the water so we can jump in the deep areas?

Their voices became so distant that John only hears the occasional eruption of loud laughter that would escape from Stiles. That noise was music to his ears. From their very first meeting, John knew there was something special between these two boys. Even at a very early age, John and Claudia would discuss what they would do if they ever found out that Stiles was gay. It actually wasn't even a topic of discussion really because the love and joy that Stiles brought to the both of them could and would never be challenged. They would love him like no other parents could and love him no matter what the circumstances. As John smiled to himself at his memories, while he continued to watch them, if he didn't know better, he'd swear that the looks they gave each other were identical to the looks that he and Claudia would share.

(End flashback)

So, the story continues with how Stiles became Peter's adopted son. Stiles and Derek continued to become the best of friends growing up. When Peter moved to New York, he started up his own private medical technology company. He devised a blood test to check and see if a human would be able to take a werewolf bite and survive. This was extremely valuable for all werewolf packs and it would hopefully prevent any future deaths if a human wasn't compatible with having "the bite". His small company became a huge corporation within 2 years and when he developed the quick-stick Den-Mark test, wealthy was not an adequate word to describe how well off Peter had become. He had a special bond with Stiles after he became friends with Derek because he was seen over at the Hale residence on many occasions. He felt the need to always try and help the Stilinski's financially but they wouldn't think of it.

As for Stiles, when he was 12 years old, the unspeakable happened. John was killed. Peter knew that John was quick-stick Den-Mark test positive and would be able to take the bite if it was ever offered to him. But, time was not on their side. Even "the bite", with the nature of John's injuries, wouldn't be able to save his life. The location and severity of the single gunshot made getting "the bite" not even a viable option. John was dead within less than a minute. To make his fate worse than could be imagined, John wasn't even on duty and it was a bizarre accident from a stray bullet from a CERN hunter fanatic trying to kill a random known local werewolf.

Stiles had lost two parents before he was a teenager. When the sheriff died, Peter was surprised to find out that there were no Stilinski's left. Peter became Stiles legal guardian so he moved him from Beacon Hills up to where he was living, in New York city. Stiles and Derek protested as did his sister Talia. But he thought that after all the crap that Stiles had dealt with in Beacon Hills, maybe a change of atmosphere would be best for him. Peter has been taking care of him since then and has absolutely no regrets. Stiles and Derek got to see each other during holidays and kept in contact via Vidcom and Holo-texting.

Stiles may be human but Peter loved him as if he were his own son. At the age of almost thirteen years old, he was officially and legally adopted. He actually changed his last name to "Stiliniski-Hale".

Stiles was an impressionable and intelligent young man. But, back then, it was a daunting challenge to get their new interpersonal roles identified. Stiles and Peter has some learning to do if this adoption was going to work out. Peter remembers arguing with Vera, his android personal assistant, just a few days after John's death. They had been out partying when Peter got his dates mixed up and dragged Vera home with him so they both could meet Stiles upon his arrival. It seemed so long ago and Peter was a nervous mess.


"Vera, what in the world am I going to do with a boy who is about to be a teenager? I don't know anything about parenting. What in the hell were Claudia and John thinking? He'd be better off at an animal shelter than living with me.", he gasps while looking at Vera, "Are you even listening to me? Do you think you could please for one second, take that glass of liquor away from your lips and pay attention to what I am saying." (Why in the fuck did he program Vera to be able to drink and actually have her neural network affected by alcohol only to make her actually get intoxicated)

"Uhm? Yesss." he hears her mumbling through bubbles in her martini glass. Peter snaps his finger, calls out "Sober up Vera." and now she is sitting up straight in all her perfectness acting normal and lighting a cigarette while peering at Peter now. She has this staunch slightly aggravated look to her face but she is paying complete attention to Peter.

"Thank you!!, Now, you know I can barely take care of myself let alone a boy who is soon to become a teenager. I have barely seen Stiles over the past few years. Oh my God, what's he going to think about his Uncle Peter? Vera!! He's due here any minute, what the fuck am I going to do? VERA !!".

Just then, the butler Mister Okee is standing in the hallway offering up a small cough to get Peter's attention. "Ah, Mister Pete? Visitor we have.", He swings his arms to the side bringing into view a frightened boy from around his back and he presents him. Beside him stood the cutest twelve year old boy who looked grief stricken, sad and lost. Stiles looked all around the penthouse taking in his surroundings and Peter could tell by the look of amazement that he hadn't been anywhere quite like his posh penthouse. Stiles was tall and lanky. He must be going through that awkward growth-spurt stage just before puberty. (See, he did know SOMETHING about children!!)

Peter was taken back because he hadn't seen Stiles in almost three years, and now he looks so different. Peter couldn't help but stare at Claudia and John's boy who was in Khaki shorts and an oversized flannel shirt while sporting a short buzz haircut. Peter does remember those large amber-gold eyes and moles that speckled over Stiles' pale skin. For a brief second, Peter saw Claudia looking back at him. The resemblance was so striking that he dropped his martini glass.

Vera shot up and hiccuped, "Oh Peter,... what a waste of fine liquor. You dropped that martini and killed it,... the poor thing. You should be ... [hiccup] ashamed of yourself. Murderer." that is all she got out before passing out onto her mink coat on the feather-stuffed cushions of the huge couch. Peter had barely heard her yammering."Oh Vera, shut up. I'll deal with you later."

Stiles focused on where the martini glass dropped and Peter looked apprehensively at him. Their eyes locked; they recognized each other. Something special was unknowingly communicated between the two of them. Something that was definitely felt deep inside his chest and caused a swelling that made it difficult to take a deep breath in. Peter felt an emotional connection him, he saw his best friend's son, Stiles.

The gaping lasted about fifteen seconds when Stiles squinted his eyes and gave Peter the most heart warming smile he'd ever seen in his entire life. He couldn't help it as tears surfaced and threatened to fall. At that point, it was all over. All his insecurities and worries just floated away and were of no concern to him. He was going to do right by this young man. He moved toward Stiles and away from the broken glass then he quickly dropped and knelt in his Armani suit and hoped Stiles was feeling the same connection. Stiles ran across the room and flew into his warm arms and gave him the tightest most warm and true hug he had felt in a very long time.

"Uncle Peter. I missed you." Those simple words made Peter's heart melt like a candle being lit with a blow torch. The tears came as he hugged him tightly .

(End Flashback) (presently)

Currently, they live on the top floor of the fourth tallest building in New York City. Drawn back from his memories, Peter dried his eyes and walked over to the huge windows leading out to the spacious patio of the penthouse. The green vibrant garden on the patio was in it's splendor but there were grey clouds looming in the evening sky. It had just rained and the sky was a bright, crisp yellow that made everything in view glow and look spectacular. It was dusk and the buildings were starting to blink their light display. They hung low throughout the city and patches of fog littered the cityscape.

It was getting late. He looked around the skies and noticed that air traffic was getting worse. One large Cruise Airship (Blimp) just left for an overseas flight and all the fan fair and fireworks for it's departure had subsided. Another smaller blimp had swooned in and was actually docking at the Chrysler building but there where still 3 other blimps in a holding pattern waiting for notice that docking is clear. Stiles was on the last Blimp that docked and he should be arriving within the next 20 minutes. Peter was accompanied by Vera and the looked in wonderment at those airships. He hopes maybe he can take Stiles for a cruise sometime in the near future.

Peter knows that Stiles and Derek have remained in contact with each other but from a werewolf standpoint, it was easy to see that both of them were miserable and he should have had them meet awhile back to become reacquainted but, Peter was too busy. Now he has two teenagers going through, issues of their own, and maybe both of them just need a friend.

Peter watched Stiles develop into a bright and handsome young man. Stiles has been living in Chicago for the past several months as part of a scholastic advancement project at college. This was something they both knew would broaden his horizons and to take his mind off the every increasing internal pressures he was dealing with, Stiles jumped at the opportunity. Claudia and John had talked many times in front of Peter about the types of education they wanted their child exposed to and Peter's intentions where to provide him with the best education that he could get. "Knowledge is Power!!" Claudia would say.

When Stiles became his, he was given everything the world had to offer and that his Uncle Peter could provided. Expense was never an issue when it came to Stiles, or Derek for that matter. He never did ask for much. He was humble in that way. Material items were of little concern to him. That seemed to bother Peter a bit. [this was probably the only way in which the two were completely different]. Stiles was always grateful and appreciative of any and all gifts he received. He would sincerely say,"You really didn't have to get me anything, I'm happy with what I have. You are the most important person to me."

As for Peter, he appreciated the finer things in life. What was the sense in having money if you didn't spend it. The Hale family never was considered wealthy until Peter went to college. The land they owned in the preserve was extremely rich in resources. Like fossil fuels that were many hundreds of feet directly underneath the Preserve. These particular fuels were important for the Blimp corporations, space shuttle flights to any of the three Mars Colonies and they were the primary energy source for the transporters which were in almost every household now. The Preserve it self consisted of almost 17 square miles, all of which they owned. He wasn't born wealthy but he was able to get a taste of what it was like before he went to college.

Stiles had once told his Uncle Peter that all he ever needed was a place over his head, food, clothing and of course, his Uncle Peter. Peter got a chill of excitement knowing that Stiles should be arriving any minute now.