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"Fuck," Dan mutters as he opens his eyes. He peers down at Jones, his head pillowed against Dan's shoulder and his arm wrapped around Dan's chest, his hand resting at the crook of Dan's neck. Jones lets out a hum and moves his thumb slightly against Dan's skin. "Fuck."

"Hmm?" Jones murmurs, not opening his eyes, but rubbing his face into Dan's shoulder and pressing a kiss there.

"Jones...Jones...wake up."

Dan lifts the duvet and peers underneath at their nakedness before dropping his head back onto the pillow with a thud. Jones's eyes flicker open as he clings to Dan again after being jostled by Dan's movements.

"Morning, Dan."

"Fuck. Jones....last night..."

"What about it?"


Jones lets out a chuckle and runs his fingers down Dan's chest to where the dried spunk covers his lower belly. He peeks under the duvet to look down at himself and sees that his torso is in a similar state. "Well, not proper fucking. Just a bit of snogging and handjobs. It's not like we were bumming or anything."

"And you're not freaking out about this at all?" Dan says through his hands covering his face. He wants to get out of bed and run away, but that would involve standing up. And he could either use the duvet to cover himself, leaving Jones naked on the bed or he could leave Jones with the duvet and have to cross the room with Jones's eyes on him. And he knows Jones would look, too.

"No. Why should I be? We were pissed, we snogged, we got each other off, then fell asleep. It's not like we murdered anyone." Jones continues rubbing Dan's belly as he speaks, his circles getting wider, letting his fingers trail teasingly through Dan's pubes. Dan grabs his hand and finally looks at him.

"Jones," Dan warns.

"Have you ever been with another bloke before?"

"What?...I....No, I haven't. Never thought about it before, really....Why? Have you?" Dan holds his breath waiting for the answer. He doesn't want to think about why it suddenly feels very important to him.

"No. Snogged a few. And I guess I'd fancied a couple boys before. But not seriously." Jones's eyes drift down bashfully as he continues, "I never used to think another bloke could make me hard. But I'd be lying if I said I hadn't fantasised about this before. Never thought you'd be up for it though. Pissed or sober." He pauses and places his hand on Dan's chest before he speaks again, softer than before, "I do like you, Dan."

Jones shifts his hips as he finishes his confession, pressing his erection into Dan's thigh. Jones doesn't really do subtlety. Dan closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. He can feel Jones's eyes on him and, for perhaps the first time in his life, he ignores all of the warnings in the back of his mind and turns onto his side, wrapping a hand around both his and Jones's lengths.

Jones gasps at the contact, then smiles and leans up to press a kiss to Dan's lips before covering Dan's hand with one of his own. It's much more intense now that the lager has worn off and they're both focussing on what's happening. Jones buries his face against Dan's throat, nipping and sucking at the skin while moaning Dan's name breathily.

"Dan...I'm gonna..." Jones warns before moving his hand to clutch at Dan's shoulder as he comes with a moan. Dan keeps pumping both of them, milking the last of Jones's release from him until Dan, too, comes with a grunt he tries to muffle into the pillow. Dan flops back onto his back as Jones curls back into his side.

"Reckon we'll need a trip to the laundrette after that," Jones sighs against Dan's chest. "Do you have to go to work today?"

"It's Saturday."

"Oh yeah."

"What about you? You have anything on today?"

"Not really. We could probably both use a shower." Jones lifts his leg over Dan and lies on top of him, squirming a bit until their cocks are nestled against each other. He begins grinding his hips against Dan's before continuing, grunting slightly between words, "I guess we could share since there's not usually enough hot water for two showers in a row. And I'm not having a cold one."

"Can't we stay here just a bit longer?" Dan puts his hands on Jones's bum to press him closer and urge him on. Jones lets out a shuddering moan at the feeling of Dan's hands kneading his flesh. Jones buries his face against Dan's neck and carries on thrusting against him until his breath stutters and he comes in hot spurts. Dan is getting hard, but doesn't feel like he'll be ready to come again so soon. He thinking how much younger Jones is when Jones bites and sucks where his neck meets his shoulder.

"Ow. Jones, for fuck's sake."

"Come on, old man. I don't want to spend all day lying on these spunk covered sheets!" Jones says, sitting up, his legs straddling Dan's hips and bouncing slightly. Dan takes in the sight of him, pink cheeked, hair a mess, spunk glistening on his belly, before he's throwing the duvet off, getting out of bed and tugging at Dan's hand to get him to stand up.

"Jones...what about Christine?" Christine. The girl Jones has been seeing the past few weeks. Dan supposes a more conventional person might have called her his girlfriend. He feels a pang of guilt for forgetting about her until just now. He doesn't make a habit of getting off with people who are involved. Even when he's drunk. At least not that he can remember. And definitely not when he's sober.

"Well, if you don't tell her, I won't," Jones says, pressing a kiss to Dan's lips before pulling him toward the bathroom.