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A Love Across the Times

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August, 2010
I have inspired many a literary work in my time, the majority of which spawned to existence from my inventions. Of course those were my brother’s attempt at launching himself into the laps of as many ladies of the land as possible. It did,however, hold the handy benefit of letting me hide in plain sight. This was a great benefit once I joined Warehouse 12... But none of that mattered to me after the loss of my daughter, and the never ending pain I thought would follow me forever. I was just woman out of time, misplaced to an era I thought would be better. And while my release into this future world wasn’t entirely on the up and up, it did lead me to meet someone who would reignite the spark of hope in my soul.

I probably didn’t leave the best first impression on her.

I had her partner at Tesla point, stuck to the ceiling of my old Victorian home. Not my best moment, but you have to admit a rather memorable one. Her expression, her body language, her everything... all changed upon learning the truth about HG Wells.

A woman. HG Wells was a woman and was standing in front of her. An unforgettable one I’d like to think. A mixture of confusion and exhilaration spread across her face, it was almost like a spark leaping between us even in that face off. I have had many lovers in my time on both sides of the gender divide, and all of those affairs have started with that spark. One that only happens when there is an undeniable pull and passion between two people. It can be based off of too many things to be categorized or dissected. You eventually learn that it is a thing of life and to fight it is pointless, it is better to go along for the ride and enjoy it.

Though I doubt telling her in that moment would have lead to anything other than being shackled and hauled back to the Warehouse to be re-bronzed. An outcome I wasn’t really enthusiastic about and would have liked to avoid at all costs. Which is how I ended up in the circumstances of working with a rather villainous man in hopes of retaining my freedom for as long as possible. That situation probably also didn’t endear myself to her either as it did end in him dying from my direct actions.

It seems however that Victorian charm works rather well, even in a future day and age. Somehow I talked her into letting me assist her on a rather interesting artifact hunt. Thru no doing of my own the Fates set things up to allow me not only to redeem myself in her eyes, but allowed me a rather dramatic moment. If I do say so myself, in a rather heroic display, I rescued us from certain death. The feeling of flying came more from having her in my arms then from the fact we were dangling from a grappling hook. One that stayed with me even as our feet touched the ground once again. Given where we ended up last night it seemed leaving that grappling gun behind for her was the right choice.


Arms snaked around Helena’s neck as Myka leaned over the back of the chair to rest her chin on her shoulder. “And what are you working on now?” she murmured, still sleeping and draped in only a button up shirt.

Closing the diary Helena turned her head to kiss Myka’s cheek before rising from the chair. “Just recording my time since re-entering the world. A bit of reflection does the soul good.” Tucking the diary into a draw of the desk she looked Myka over. “How is it that you remain an impeccable vision even when only half awake?”

Smirking as she closed the distance between to pull Helena close, Myka tilted her head to the side. “Must be your imagination, no one is that good looking in the morning.”

“No?” Helena teased as she walked them back towards the bed.

“Nope, not even the great HG Wells.” Myka retorted.

“Well even perfection has its off days.” The two laughed as they fell back on to the bed, Helena hovering just a fraction away from Myka’s lips. “Though beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

They held eyes for a moment more before their lips met, igniting the room in a passion that left both of them breathless and wanting more. An urge that built into a incessant hunger that seemed to consume them as everything else just faded away. Movements turned hurried as they fell deeper into each other, diving head first into it together.